Posted by Robert J Martin on Jul 15, 2019
Guy built this boat when he was 17/18 years old.  He did this under the supervision of Ed Hoppen in his boat shop on 6th Avenue in Tacoma.  This was before the Eddon Boatworks was created.  This Special Edition is to add to Allison Bujacich presentation on the current Eddon Boatworks and what they are doing.  The restoration of Guy's boat took 3 years and was all volunteer labor at the Boatworks.  Guy donated the boat when he was assured it would be restored and used to teach sailing.  He did not want his beloved boat to be a planter in someone's yard.  Enjoy the pictures, I sure enjoyed the event.
The volunteer staff polished the entire boat for this event.  The volunteer on the right is still working on the bow.  The pride in bringing this boat back to the water was evident.
88 year old Guy with the boat he finished building when he was 18.  Can you imagine the memories!
The two gentlemen on the left were in charge of the volunteers and Guy gave them much credit in getting his boat back in the water.
Someone forgot to tell Guy the champagne was for  the boat.  The good news is the boat did not sink and I don't think the volunteers wanted the boat banged up by a bottle of champagne.
This is Guy with his son, Chris and daughter, Lisa.  Lisa now owns the home Guy used to spend a month in each summer.  Guy now lives in the Parkshore Retirement Facility in Seattle, and is a happy camper.
This is son, Chris ready to take the Lightening for its first sail with his two daughters.  Very special for Guy.
And off they go into the sunset; not really but it is a nice thought.  I am sure it was a very special moment for Guy.