A Little Covid Humor

I hope you are not tired of Covid Humor, this is compliments of Mike Pinch
From those still self-quarantining:

- I’m having a quarantine party this weekend! None of you are invited.
- All these people are worrying about a baby boom in the next nine months. Two days of homeschooling should nip that right in the bud!
- Now, when I’m watching any TV show or movie, all I can think about is how everyone is standing WAY too close together.
- I used to spin that toilet paper like I was on Wheel of Fortune. Now, I turn it like I’m cracking a safe!
- Quarantine Day 16. I’ve started taking calls from telemarketers. Some of them are actually quite nice. Jamar from Superior Life Insurance has a new baby.
- Grocery shopping has become a real life version of Pac-Man. Avoid everyone, get the fruit, and take any route possible to avoid conflict.
- My wife and I play this fun game during quarantine. It’s called, “Why Are You Doing It That Way?” There are no winners.

- When we come out of this and I ask you where you want to eat, I do NOT want to hear, “I don’t know.” YOU HAD 45 DAYS!

- Just bought six pounds of cheese. Won’t need toilet paper now.

- My car probably thinks I died.

- If your parents are over 60 and want to go out ... FORBID THEM! If they complain and say, “But everyone else is doing it”, tell them, “You’re not everyone.” IT’S PAYBACK TIME!

- If you believe that the Canucks will be playing hockey in two weeks, raise your right hand. Now slap yourself with it.

- Anyone else getting a tan from the light in your refrigerator?

-I just got pulled over by the cops. He said, “I smell alcohol. ”I said, “That’s because you are not respecting social distancing.”

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Photo Summary of the September 11th Meeting

President Camilla opened our meeting with a smile from almost 3000 miles away; who would ever have thought?
It was a treat to see Sammi McCubbins since we have not seen her in months.  Sammi did a very nice invocation.
President Camilla demonstrating the traditional invocation position, very nice.
A list of 100% attenders.  If you have a correction, let Cynthia Kennedy know.  I did let her know that I am only one year behind Walt, so 37 years not 36.
The picture on the left shows the original work party doing yard care on the Key Peninsula.  The second picture is myselfie, Margaret Campbell, and Mike Pinch as we finished the cleanup, blowing off her patio, sidewalks, and driveway and raking out her flower beds.  She was a happy lady.  One more yard to go.
Gunda Meissner, President of the Midday Club asking us to participate in their food drive.  It ended on the 16th so I hope you  helped out.  Jan bought peanut butter, tuna, and soup to contribute.
Ryan from the Puyallup Club was asking for golfers to support their major fund raiser.  They used to have an oyster  and crab feed but Covid made that impossible so this is their new effort.  Good luck Ryan!
Ed was reminding us of our GH Rotary Foundation and its Board membership.  The members are all members of this Club and they are:  Scott Junge, CPH Dave Gordon Bob Dragoo Ed Lindstrom Peter Stanley Dorothy Wimberly Dick Vanberg John Winslow and Tim Williams
Jim again reminded us that Saturday is Make a Difference day and we should support local merchants.  This week they are in the El Pueblito building.
This is just one of the businesses.
Dave did his Happy Bucks and fines an shamelessly promoted the Basket Brigade which is again on the move.
Speaks for itself.
Lee and Pam are in Florida and he introduced Steve O'Donnell to introduce the program.
Steve is very involved in emergency preparedness and that is the forte of our speaker, Curt Scott.  Curt is the brother of one of my college roommates. 
Curt lives on the Peninsula and internet is sketchy so this was the only picture I got.  We could only get reliable sound, but not video and sound.  Curt reminded us that we live near the Cascadia subduction zone and if it goes we will likely experience a 9+ earthquake which will change the entire face of the west coast.  He suggested we need to have a one month supply of water and food.  We have the food but not the water.  I wonder if beer would be a good substitute?
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Photo Summary of the August 28th Meeting

Please Note!  This story is ancient history but I hope you will enjoy the memories
Mary Ellen "Missy" Hill as one of our newest members led us in the Four or Five Way Test, #5 being "Is it Fun"?
This Toby Keith video was in memory of Al Bucholz who past away the previous Tueday.  Al's strongest memories at the end were about his experiences in WWII.  He was 95 in July so he led a full life.  He was also the last active Charter member of our Club.
PP Mike shared some of his memories of Al on the golf course and how Al's smile just made you feel better.
Tom Borgen reminded us of some of our history with the Courage Classic, now just the Courage and that one of our members has been continuously involved in putting it on.
Our Club donated $10K to Mary Bridge in Mel's honor and a nice brass plaque is placed in the Clinic recognizing his efforts.
Mel received a most appropriate trophy acknowledging his work, a fork with spaghetti and meatball on it.  Thanks Mel for all you have done and I liked the fact you gave Lorraine some credit, which she did deserve.
Gina Cabbidu from the Children's Home Society thanked the Club for our donation to help feed the hungry kids on the Peninsula.  She is a ball of fire and I was astounded how many things the CHS is doing.
PP Hal got to share one of his Covid projects, sanding and finishing his deck.  Looks great Hal, can't wait to have a glass of wine on it.
This is Captain Richard D. Rinehart who is Commander of Naval Base Kitsap.  He gave a very informative program on the various facilities he is in charge of.  The following pictures summarize his talk.
Wanted to let him know that Derek is an honorary member of our Club.
The traffic at Gorst being one of the Challenges.  Not sure I heard a good solution for that.  Maybe a bridge across the bay?
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New Member Notice

Posted by Annie Arbenz
Shannon Hadeed has been approved by the Board as a new member. Shannon's sponsor is Walker Allen and she is a family law attorney in Gig Harbor.
Linda Glein has also been approved by the Board as a new member. Linda's sponsor is Pam Peterson and Linda has been involved in numerous volunteer and business enterprises around the Puget Sound for years.
Please remit any comments or concerns about these new members to Annie Arbenz, Lyn Junge, or Dave Morris within 10 days of publication of this notice.
Notice Published on August 31, 2020. 
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Polio Update

We have 87 cases reported so far this year compared with a total of 176 for 2019, so running about the same rate.  Lot of hard work to be done in these two countries to get the job done.  Of the three wild type polio viruses only type one remains.
  •  Afghanistan:
  •  No wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) cases were reported this week. There have been 29 cases reported in 2020 so far while the total number of cases reported in 2019 remains 29.
  • Four cVDPV2 cases were reported; one in Badakhshan and three in Nangarhar. There are now 29 cVDPV2 cases in the country.
  • Pakistan:  
  • Two wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) cases were reported in Sindh bringing the number of cases reported in 2020 to 58 while the total number of cases reported in 2019 cases remains 147.
  • Seven WPV1 positive environmental samples were reported; three in Balochistan, one each in Khyber Pakhtoon and Punjab and two in Sindh.
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New Member Notice

Maryellen "Missy" Hill has been approved by the Board as a new member.
Missy's sponsor is Jill Guernsey and she is a project manager/consultant for non-profit projects.
Please remit any comments or concerns about these new members to Annie Arbenz, Lyn Junge, or Dave Morris within 10 days of publication of this notice.
Notice Published on 7/5/2020. 
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New Member Notice 1.6.2020

Frank Ralph has been approved by the Board as a new member.
Frank's classification is the owner and CEO of Fishgirl Seafood and his sponsor is Steve Skibbs.
Please remit any comments or concerns about these new members to Annie Arbenz, Lyn Junge, or Dave Morris within 10 days of publication of this notice.
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Friday 11/8/2019

Posted by Chuck Cuzzetto on Nov 12, 2019
Last weeks speaker was Brooks Stanfield.  Brooks is an EPA Emergency Responder (and a part-time marriage officiant). He shared his work in the Peace Corps and positive experience with Rotary.
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New Member Notice

Posted by Annie Arbenz
Bob Juranich has been approved by the Board as a new member.
Bob's classification is Museum Management/Aviation and his sponsor is Lee Smith. 
Jesse Young has been approved by the Board as a new member.
Jesse's classification is Politician and his sponsor is Walker Allen. 
Todd Meyer has been approved by the Board as a new member.
Todd's classification is Fire Fighter (Asst. Chief) and his sponsor is Mel Wick.
Robin Callahan has been approved by the Board as a new member.
Robin's classification is Philanthropic Services (Greater Tacoma Community Foundation) and her sponsor is Emma Conway.
Please remit any comments or concerns about these new members to Annie Arbenz, Lyn Junge, or Dave Morris within 10 days of publication of this notice.
Notice Published on 11/4/2019. 
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Friday 10/18/2019

Posted by Jill Guernsey on Oct 21, 2019
These are the notes from the 10/18/2019 meeting.
Of Note:
Mel’s grandson drew the blue chip (out of 15) and won $110.00!
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Friday 10/11/2019

Posted by Marti Anderson on Oct 14, 2019
These are the notes from the 10/11/2019 meeting.
The original document can be found on our new document server here:
Documents/Club/Activities/Weekly Meetings/2019-20/GHR 20191011 Notes.docx
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New Member Notice

Posted by Annie Arbenz
Christine (Chris) Pellett has been approved by the Board as a new member.
Chris's classification is Ornamental Plant Variety Introduction and her sponsor is Walker Allen. 
Kimberly Juranich has been approved by the Board as a new member.
Kimberly's classification is Museum Management and her sponsor is Lee Smith. 
A couple more are in the pipeline.
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Friday 9/27/2019

Posted by Chuck Cuzzetto on Sep 30, 2019

Slide show prior to the opening bell highlighted the Gig Harbor Film Festival, Key
Peninsula Farm Tour, OysterFest, Sip and Stroll, Aloha Rotary, and member pictures.
Opening Bell: at 7:21 a.m. by President Hodgins. Invocation: by Mel Santos. Pledge
of Allegiance:
lead by Jim Good. Song: “God Bless America” led by Hal Cline, Geoff Barcalow, and guest Larry Gaffney. Four Way Test: by Jordan Poore.
Visiting Rotarians: Coach introduced Michael King.
Guests: Ken Norbe, Chris Pellet, Kurt Grimmer, Dean Burke, Larry Gaffney, David Holsinger, Jesse Young, and Oliver and Rocky Pinch.
Opening Comments: President Hodgins talked about a replacement for ClubRunner being developed by Geoff Barcalow, and shared that the three Gig Harbor Rotary Clubs are exploring a sister city relationship with Bouda, Norway. He also noted that the
calendar reflected a light week.
  •  President Hodgins introduced a bylaw change regarding attendance put forth by the Board. A motion to approve was moved and seconded. A robust conversation was held about the importance of “expected” versus “encouraged.”
The motioner and the seconder agreed to a friendly amendment to change
“encouraged” to “expected.” The motion carried by more than a two-thirds vote.
  •  Lyn Junge presented two new members (Jordan Poore and Garry Schneider)
and their sponsors (Debbie Miller and Paul Alvestad, respectively). Duane Fister conducted the induction and presented the world’s newest Rotarians to the membership.
  • Norma Whitacre announced the 2 nd Career Fair at Henderson Bay High School on Wednesday, October 16, 9:00 – noon. She has 15 volunteers so far, and could use more. Mel Santos discussed his experience last year and encouraged others to participate.
  • Exchange Student Ann-Marie Botterud recapped her busy week attending cross country activities, visiting Seattle, and having fun with Spirit Week at school in advance of Homecoming.
  •  Rod Ladd announced that the International Committee meetings are returning to Timberland Bank.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Mr. Christopher Myers was the fine Fine Master. He fined Pam Peterson for her disparaging comments about a prideful club; Steve O’Donnell for his Gateway appearance; Larry Gaffney for his recruitment campaign; Jordan Poore and Garry Schneider for their first fine; Kurt Grimmer just because; Scott Junge for connecting his retirement to Foundation donations; Brett DeSantis for showing up; Scott McVay for his team “Couging” it (and then all other Cougars); Lutes’ Coyner, Duppenthaler, Jorgenson, and Buskirk (for Bonney) for losing; and Jim Rieck for just being a loser. Happy Bucks were shared by Howard Mackert, Cindy Reed, Bob Martin,
and Pam Peterson.

Drawing: Larry Olson ran the raffle. The pot was $547 and we are down to four chips.
Mike Pinch won the 10 free tickets for next week and Gary Pellet won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. He drew a white chip so the pot moves to next week.
Sharon Shaffer coordinated a presentation for 12 amazing nominees for our Star Award. Nominators for each of the nominees were given a few minutes to tell a little about each candidate. All twelve nominees were worthy of consideration. Membership voted and turned ballots in to Sharon.

Dean Burke, CEO of Travel Tacoma and South Sound Sports Commission, presented information about tourism throughout the County. The goal is to get tourists to visit our beautiful area, stay a few nights, and leave a pile of money. With a geographic theme of Mountains, City, and Sea, the area offers a lot for tourists. Some County-wide numbers:
$1.19 billion in tourism spending, 3.33 million overnight visitors, with 1.6 million room nights. Tacoma benefits from 45% of the activity, while Gig Harbor is about 4%.
President Hodgins ended the meeting at 8:35.
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Friday 9/13/2019

Posted by Jill Guernsey on Sep 17, 2019
Opening Bell by Pres. Hal at 7:30 am. Invocation: by Ron Roberts with a moving tribute to the 18th anniversary of 911. Pledge of Allegiance by Terry Brown. National Anthem led by Hal Cline. Four Way Test by Bob Ryan.
Visiting Rotarians: Coach introduced visiting Rotarian Blasé Gorm, aka Joyce Taylor’s husband (Skookum Club). 
Guests of Rotarians: Rep. Jesse Young; our speaker, Dan Lochner; Gary Pellett introduced his wife, Chris; Anessa and Reid Anderson, future host parents of Anne-Marie Botterud, our exchange student; potential member Jordan Poore; David Holsinger; and Michael Daniel.
Calendar – Upcoming events include:
            Harbor Hounds tomorrow (9/14)
            Auction Committee meeting next Tuesday, 9/17, at 6:00 pm at Lee Smith’s house.
Opening Comments:
            New Attendance Rule – Pres. Hal explained the proposed new rule which will be sent out (Note:  Hal is a self-described recovering lawyer so he likes things that read clearly and the attendance rules did not).  We need to vote on the proposal soon.
            Blue Badge Presentation – Lyn Junge gave a blue badge to Steve O’Donnell, who does way too many things to list here.  Has earned his blue badge in record time. 
            Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation update – Scott Junge told us what the GHF has been doing: 
1.         Creating a mission statement: To fund and to support charitable projects within our Rotary Club’s areas of service;  Community, Vocational, Education, and Youth. 
2.         Creating a vision statement:  Strengthening our community by encouraging generosity and connecting people who care with causes that matter.
3.         GHF Became a public foundation.
4.         GHF received a $14,000 refund from the IRS.
5.         Adopted policies (ie, investment and fund management policies).
6.         Awarded scholarships.
7.         Created a website which showcases what we have done.
8.         Created brochures and rack cards.
Scott reminded us that we are all members of the GH Foundation!
            Dave Morris mentioned the Conservation Easement 101 event at 6:00 – 7:00 pm, Sept 30th at Sehmel Park which will educate us on conservation easements.
            Oyster Fest – Blasé Gorm reminded us that Oyster Fest is October 5th – 6th in Shelton. 
            GH Film Festival – Betty Felker gave u an update, including over 100 entries
            STAR Awards – Sharon Shaffer thanked us for the response last week with names of potential nominees.  Keep those names coming in by Friday the 20th.  Nominee selected on 9/27 at our morning meeting.
            Dick Vanberg talked about nominating a Rotary Exchange student.  Sophomore year is the best year to go.  Call Dick for details.
Fine master Dave Cathers made all fine recipients within the last 6 months go to the front of the room, and those who didn’t stand were fined.  For those confused guests who thought that since they were sitting down they had to pay a fine, Holly from Cottesmore explained that they didn’t have to pay (it takes a village).
Happy bucks: Betty was happy to have hosted Ann Marie and others at a Dinners for 8 and encouraged us to invite her to dinner and get to know her.  Chris Ryan did an off the cuff about last weekend (lightening and football). Rodd Ladd is hitting the road again in his RV. Donna Lormor is happy to have a new hip. Marti is happy, period.  Annie is happy that her sister passed the bar exam. 
Raffle by Steve O’Donnell.  Free tickets to the film festival went to John Guardia, Steve Skibbs, and Bob Ryan.  10 free to Ben Paganelli.  Walker Allen drew a white chip, so he didn’t win.
Program:  Ben Paganelli introduced Dan Lochner from the USO Northwest.  Ben reminded us that in the past the Club has provided food to the USO.  Dan is the new manager of the USO Shali Center and is here to present some alternative ideas of what our club could do. 
The USO was founded in 1941 at the suggestion of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  United Service Organizations (6 organizations came together to form the USO). Local USO Northwest established in 1966 and includes WA and OR with 5 USO centers, including SeaTac, the largest. 
The USO is a non-government organization.  91 cents out of every $1.00 goes directly to programs and services.  In 2018 the USO served 830,000 military and their family members. 
The USO serves and supports active military members and serve meals at various times including homecoming and departure.  He showed a great slideshow and talked about ways our Club could help.
  • Become a Volunteer
  • Sponsor a specific event, such as a “No dough dinner” at the end of each month (for about $850)
  • Donation station (as with BMW NW)
Dan Lochner can be reached thru Ben or at mobilemanager@usonw.org
President Hal ended the meeting at 8:30 am. 
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Last Friday (9/6/2019) Marti Anderson 2019-09-06 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (8/30/2019)

Posted by Ed Lindstrom
Greeters: Dave Gordon and Scott Junge of Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation and Sharon Shaffer with Star Awards.
Opening Bell: President Hal Hodgins opened the meeting with a ringing of the bell at 7:21 a.m. Invocation by Don Rees; Pledge of Allegiance by Gary Glein. Song led by Randy Spitzer and Four Way Test led by Norma Whitacre.
Visiting Rotarians announced by Coach: Nate Johnson (Colorado Springs) Cindy Niemi (Tacoma #8) and Garry Schneider (Claremont Sunrise).
Guests: Jordan Poore, Danielle Shull, Stephanie Hall and Alan Anderson.
Opening Comments and Announcements:
            Parking Space Auction – Keith Harris
Don Rees was the highest bidder for September parking space.
            Courage Classic
            Hal Hodgins: Hal showed pictures from the ride and commented regarding the wonderful participation of the Club in supporting the ride with an opening morning breakfast for the riders. He acknowledged those in the Club that rode in the Courage including Hal, Tom Borgen, John Eddy, Debra Miller, Mel Santos, Mike Pinch and Randy Spitzer.
            Tom Borgen: Tom again thanked all the Club riders and volunteers for the morning breakfast. He invited the Club riders to make a few short comments. In particular, he thanked “the man” Mel Wick for stepping up and leading the breakfast organization. Our efforts help Mary Bridge serve approx. 400 abused children who are admitted to Mary Bridge annually, and the preliminary estimate of monies raised this year is over $360,000.
            Cindy Niemi: Cindy (Mary Bridge) and Stephanie Hall (Mary Bridge Courage Event Manager) again thanked the Club for its efforts and for his special involvement and effort presented Tom Borgen with the first annual “Courage Champion” plaque. Hal added his own thoughts and thanked to Tom for his leadership on the Courage.
            Paul Harris – Bob Martin
Bob awarded a Paul Harris (plus 4) to Buck Frymier.
            Gig Harbor Kayak Club - Alan Anderson
Alan, a long-time friend of the Club advised that the Kayak Club won the 2019 National Championship title in Georgia this month. Four or five of the Kayak Club team members, then travelled from that event to Hungary for the World Championships. All did well, but one member, Nevin Harrison (17 years’ old), competing against seasoned world and European champions, won her event (World Championship). In so doing, she qualified for the 2020 Olympics and is now the #1 ranked female canoeist in her event in the World.
Slightly used and clean clothes needed – Rod Ladd
Rod needs clothes to help pack boxes with items being sent to the Philippines.
Additional Comments by Hal:
Hal announced the passing of Sidney Rittenberg, a long-time friend of the Club. He also asked for volunteers to help with inputting documents into a new document retention system.
Fine Master and Happy Bucks: Peter Glein fined all the Courage riders for their not so “short” comments. Thus, there was no time left for additional fines.
Drawing: Howard Mackert won ten free tickets for next week and tickets to the Film Festival, and Marcia Harris pulled a white chip from 8 chips, to miss the pot of $349, all as handled by Larry Olson.
Program: Introduction of Speakers – Camilla Brocker
Exchange student Anne-Marie Botterus from Norway
Anne-Marie arrived about 1 ½ weeks ago and is living with Veronica Hooper’s family. She is a delightful young woman and jumped right in to help out last weekend in Cle Elm serving breakfast to the Courage riders. Anne-Marie presented a wonderful overview of her country and family from Nittedal, Norway. She circulated beautiful pictures of her family (all very blonde, go figure!) to supplement her power point presentation of the attractions and events in Norway. She has two sisters and two brothers. Her interests include cross country skiing, downhill skiing, biking, hiking and travelling. She is looking forward to her year with our Club and spending time with our members and their families in learning about our great part of the world.
Steve O’Donnell – Classification Talk
Steve was sponsored by Lee Smith and Tom Borgen. His wife is Julie O’Donnell to whom he has been married for 49 years. He previously worked in the investment portfolio business for over 30 years. Besides Rotary, his volunteer focus is with the Veteran Honor Flights and the Peninsula Emergency Preparedness Coalition (PEP-C). He provided information regarding emergent threats in our area and the need to “be prepared”
Hal adjourned the meeting at 8:33 a.m.
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New Member Notice

Posted by Annie Arbenz on Sep 03, 2019
Garry Schneider has been approved by the Board as a new member.
Garry's classification is Education-Administration and his sponsor is Paul Alvestad. 
Jordan Poore has been approved by the Board as a new member.
Jordan's classification is Accounting and her sponsor is Deb Miller. 
Any comments on the prospective new members should be directed to Annie Arbenz, Dave Morris, and/or Lyn Junge within 10 days after this publication.
Date of Notice: September 3, 2019.
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Friday (8/23/2019)

Posted by Chuck Cuzzetto
Slide show prior to the opening bell highlighted events including CISP, Mary Bridge, Dragonboats and Courage.
Opening Bell: at 7:25am by President Hodgins. Invocation: by Cindy Reed. Pledge of Allegiance: lead by Stan Eastberg. Song: “God Bless America” led by Hal Cline. Four Way Test: by Don Buchanan, assisted by Tim Williams.
Visiting Rotarians: Coach introduced Gary Schneider from Claremont and Nathan Johnson from North Colorado Springs. Guests: Robyn Denson, Glen Akramoff, Ed Lewis, Missy Hill, Kurt Grimmer, Chuck Cuzzetto, Jordan Poore, Angie Frautz, Veronica Hooper’s son Ken, and Pam Peterson’s granddaughter Brogan.
Opening Comments: President Hodgins welcomed Walker Allen back, thanked the club for supporting seven riders for Courage, and recapped the two events this week for Mary Bridge and Communities in School Peninsula. He also reviewed the calendar for upcoming events.
  • President Hodgins introduced our newly arrived exchange student from Norway, Anne-Marie. She said hi and reported she is staying with Veronica Hooper. She comes from a town just outside Oslo.
  • Scott Junge called the Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation meeting to order. He introduced the Board of Directors. Bob Draggoo shared financial information about the Foundation. Hearing no questions, the meeting was closed.
  • Tom Borgen reported on the Courage and planned weekend activities. He shared that Rotary has been supporting this Mary Bridge program for 28 years.
  • Sharon Shaffer reminded everyone that the STAR Awards will be held in February. She wants everyone to be thinking about good candidates and will be conducting a brainstorming session in a few weeks.
  • Cory Coryell shared that the work party scheduled at the KP Lutheran Church will be rescheduled.
  • Howard Mackert noted that there are still a few tickets left for the concert at Dave Morris’ house. The concert is scheduled for 9/15 at $100 per ticket. See Howard or Norma Whitacre to buy tickets.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Mr. Don Rees was the Finemaster. He welcomed back Walker Allen for a buck and then fined Juanita Carbaugh, Emma Conway and Dave Freeman for their vacations. He also fined Tom Borgen for his speech at the Mary Bridge plaque dedication. Happy Bucks were shared by Bob Lutschg, Cindy Reed, Sharon Shaffer, John Guardia, Jeannie Simmons, Marti Anderson, John Duppenthaler, Walker Allen, and Hal Cline.
Drawing: Steve O’Donnell ran the raffle. The pot is $318 and we are down to eight chips. Bob Draggoo won the 10 free tickets (I think) for next week and Stan Eastberg won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. He drew a white chip so the pot moves to next week.
Program: Dave Freeman introduced the Board and staff from PenMet Parks and Interim Director Glen Akramoff. Mr Akramoff talked a little about his background and PenMet Parks in general. He noted the the Director position is now open through October. He reported that they are looking at updating the Hales Pass facility and perhaps lights at Sehmel. He then shared the progress on their possible development of Performance Golf. He indicated the Park District is in the due diligence phase and just met with County permitters. PenMet has until September to decide whether or not to purchase the property. The property is 17 acres and would host a 170,000 square foot building. The tentative timeline, assuming they purchase the property, would be 2022. He reported that PenMet’s approach is, “Should we? Can we? Will we?”
President Hodgins ended the meeting at 8:26.
Notes by Chuck Cuzzetto
Friday (8/23/2019) Chuck Cuzzetto 2019-08-27 07:00:00Z 0

New Member Notice

Angela Frantz has been approved by the Board as a new member.
Angela's classification is elder care management and her sponsor is Walker Allen. 
Any comments on the prospective new member should be directed to Annie Arbenz, Dave Morris, and/or Lyn Junge within 10 days after this publication.
Date of Notice: August 19, 2019.
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Friday (8/16/2019)

Posted by Randy Spitzer
Before the Meeting:
Slide show prior to the opening bell. Included preparation for the upcoming Courage Ride and the Birthday Bash hosted by the Communities in Schools
Opening Bell: By President Hal at 7:27 AM. Invocation: by Mike Pinch. Pledge of Allegiance: by Hal Cline; Songs: O Canada and the Star Bangled Banner, led by Ivan Gorne; Four Way Test: by Jan Martin
Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by Coach: Ralph Flick, Mid-Day Club, Garry Schneider, Clairmont Sunrise Club.
Guests: Vicki Laidig, Brian McTavish, Exchange Student, Noah Flick, Dale Fitz-Roberts, Peggy Borgen, and Jordan Poole doing our slides.
Opening Comments: Walker Allen is recovering from back surgery at Cottesmore in room 201. He is glad to welcome visitors.
  • Calendar – Wednesday Mary Bridge Foundation Celebration/Rotary After Hours, Youth Services is next Friday, Saturday is the Courage Classic, Following week, board meeting on Wednesday
  • New Member Induction Introduced by Lyn Junge, sponsored by Walker Allen, induction performed by Bob Martin – our newest member is Gary Pellett.
  • Paul Harris Fellowship Presentations Jill Guernsey, Mark Hoppen +2, John Mitchell +3, Ed Lindstrom +4, Terry Brown +4
  • KP work party - Ben Paganelli announced the work party for next Saturday (during the Courage)
  • Jeannie Simmons – Youth Services needs help with Build-a-Bike project, requested help with tutoring kids
  • Gig Harbor Film Festival - Betty Felker announced the Gig Harbor Film Festival is five weeks away, they have a new web site, https://gigharborfilm.org/. Tickets for the opening night movie, Boom, are nearly sold out, they are $45/each.
  • International Convention Ideas When Lee and Pam Peterson attended the International Convention, she picked up an idea for a park installation of flowers that are chimes. They have the chimes, and are getting ready to install.
  • Community in Schools Dick Vanberg and Pam Peterson announced that Community Schools is hosting a “Birthday Bash” as a fundraiser Thursday, Aug 22, 5;30-9:00 at John Dunham’s house.
  • Courage Volunteers are still needed
Fines: Chris Myer was the Fine master. President Hal fined his first president $1, Chris asked for anyone connected to city government, “Why can’t we support the Canoe and Kayak club?” Also fined were: Dick Vanberg, Pam Smith, Gary Pellett, Bob Martin, Ivan Gorne, Paul Willett, Jeff Harris, Randy Spitzer, and John Eddy.
Happy Bucks: Dave Freeman’s grandson landed a huge fish, Bob Lutschg is celebrating his 80th and Bob Martin’s 86th birthday, Annie Arbenz announced that her husband qualified for the International Iron Man. Tom Stanfield announced that he and Jill Guernsey were recently married, not once, but twice! Jill thanked her bridesmaids, many of them from this Rotary Club for their performance of “Goin’ to the Chapel of Love.”
Drawing: Larry Olson ran the raffle. The pot was $272. Peggy Borgen won the 10 free tickets for next week and Bob Lutschg won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. He drew the white chip for $15.
Program: District Governor Maureen (Mo) Fitz-Roberts. Since joining the Rotary Club of Comox, she has been club membership chair, district membership chair, club president (in that order), district visioning chair and an instructor at PETS and at the Rotary Leadership Institute and now the District Governor. She believes that anyone in Rotary can accomplish anything! She gave an impassioned and enthusiastic speech:
Mo and her husband realized a couple of years ago that Rotary was in the top five of their family’s priorities. Her service as district governor is her response. She talked about Rotary’s collaboration with World Vision and many organizations like it are great examples of how Rotary leverages money and peoplepower to get great things done in the world. Her plea was to “connect” to help get things done giving several examples of Rotary projects across the world. Her story of Joy with the micro-loan program illustrated her point very well. The program requires the initial applicant to find seven people willing to “guarantee” the micro-loan, which when paid off is handed off to the next person in the group until all of them had set up successful micro-businesses in their community and had paid back the loan. She called on Rotarians to get more involved in the club by volunteering to serve in projects or leadership. On a serious note, discussed the importance of establishing “Youth Protection Processes” in all of our clubs. She also asked us to support efforts to help end the victimization of children and young women across the world by becoming sustaining members of the Rotary Foundation or by making a designation in your will to Rotary Charities. Finally, Mo called on us to attend the District Conference in Victoria; the training is invaluable. “Enhance the Joy,” she entreated us, by supporting Rotary charities and by volunteering at your club.
President Hal presented a token of appreciation to Mo and ended the meeting at 8:38.
 Notes by Randy Spitzer
Friday (8/16/2019) Randy Spitzer 2019-08-16 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (8/9/2019)

Posted by Marcia Harris
Call to Order: President Hal rang the bell, opening the meeting at 7:25 am.
Chuck Perry shared a thought for the day. Following the pledge led by Paul Alvestad, Hal Cline and Randy Spitzer led the club in “Amazing Grace” remembering the loss of Rotarian Al Weaver. Keith Harris led Rotarians in the 4 Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians: included Garry Schneider (Claremont Sunrise),, Bob Cairns (Port Orchard), Dennis Buschman (Tacoma Sunrise) and Gary Pellett (Medford Oregon).
Guests: This week’s guests included: Robin Denson, Jordan Poole, Nick Guardia, Naomi Mundi and Tammy Pilon
Featured Items
  • Past President Paul Alvestad surprised Jeff Harris, naming him the 2018-19 Rotarian of the Year. Lots of stories about Jeff’s life of community service and added the fact that he’s been sleeping with a Rotarian for 30 years.
  • Those celebrating August birthdays were recognized.
  • Hal Cline reminded Dinners for 8 hosts to complete their 2019 commitments.
  • Saturday, August 10th, Galloping Gertie Marathon
  • Monday, August 12th, International Committee meets at Rod Ladd’s office. Rod announced the Guy Falskow, a summer visitor to our club for many years, contributed to the clef palate project. The amount was sufficient to fund 4 operations, the last one completed this week.
  • No Community Service Committee meeting this month.
  • August 15th is the Rainier’s game and tailgate party, starts at 5:15. Join other area Rotarians in this fun evening.
  • August 16th reminder: District Governor visit.
  • Mark your calendar for the morning of Aug. 23rd, Courage Classic set up in Cle Elum & make your lodging reservations. The club will be serving breakfast to the 250+ riders the morning of the 24th. After clean up, President Paul will lead a hike through the Snoqualmie Tunnel.
Fine Master: Don Rees filled in for Mac Pinch. Lots of happy bucks including celebrating the 50th anniversary of Cottesmore.
Steve Skibbs won 10 free next week. Mel Santos had the winning ticket to draw a chip. It was white so the $224 pot continues growing next week.
Program: Bob Cairns (Pt Orchard) introduced speaker Naomi Muindi “Humanitarian Projects in Kenya Africa”
After sharing her impressive credentials, including being named a Nelson Mandela Washington Fellow in 2019, Naomi shared the situation in Kenya including how Rotary is making a difference.
East Pokot children are hindered from attending school due to: poverty & drought; non-existent parental education; migration and pastoral life style; lack of family income (90% of people depend on relief food). The area has a 4%literacy level and one of the highest poverty rates in Africa (67%). HAO (Hifadhi Africa Organization) is a development, advocacy and youth empowerment organization working to transform lives of slum dwellers, pastorialists and refugees. They transform lives through innovative education support and mentorships and provide knowledge & skills to address multiple and complex challenges. Primary Programs are: education (scholarships, e-learning, library, etc); Water sand dams, rainwater harvesting, storage tanks); livelihood (integrated irrigation farming, adopt-an-animal, distribution of relief food).
Rotary Funded Projects include: construction of sand dams; construction of a water harvesting system; student scholarships, $5,000 funded 30 needy students. This was the largest one time donation ever made to East Pokot.
Questions or further information? Contact: naomimuindi@hifadhiafrica.com or: naomindunge1993@gmail,com
Phone: 254707043000
President Hal adjourned the meeting at 8:31.
Marcia Harris, Scribe
Friday (8/9/2019) Marcia Harris 2019-08-13 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (8/2/2019)

Posted by Marti Anderson
7:25 - CALL TO ORDER – President Hal Hodgins
INVOCATION-Rod Ladd stepped in; PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Hal Cline; SONG – America the Beautiful with guest singer Gina Cibbadu (of the Children's Home Society) and Hal Cline; 4 WAY TEST – Dick Vanberg
VISITING ROTARIANS – Garry Schneider, Gary Pellett, Jenny Wellman, Ralph Flick, Cheri Johnson
GUESTS – Jeanie Simmons’ husband Kal, Delaine Morgan’s husband Max, Annmarie Huppert’s dad Steve, Noah Flick’s Mom Wendy, Don Buchanan’s wife Rosalie – was it family day?? And Marlene Druker guest of Dick Vanberg.
OPENING COMMENTS – Hal wanted to recognize the tremendous support from the whole Morgan family at the RAZ work party. The family that works hard together…. Is exhausted together??
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Cheri Johnson gave an update on GOLFERITAVILLA and thanked our club members for their support. Several members of our club won raffle items, but Bob Martin was the BIG winner.
Mel Santos added to last week’s VOCATIONAL REPORT which included Children’s Home Society helping with 1st Tee transportation, Annmarie Huppert is connecting with teachers regarding PTSD in schools, and Tom Borgen reporting on the skilled trades program
HOT AUGUST MORNING was cancelled due to the rain, but a couple noteworthy cars are in the lot for us to enjoy after the meeting.
WORK PARTIES- Ben Paganelli reported on the playground equipment being installed at the Key Pen Lutheran church. Another work project will be Aug 3, 9am.
Randy Barcalow reported on the planting party at RAZ last Sunday. There was also a dedication party at Wilkerson Farm last week. Randy was pleased to have added three Rotary signs to three projects in one week.
FINEMASTER – David Cathers stepped in at the last minute. Only a few fines, including $5 from Bob Martin for his big winnings.
Lots of HAPPY BUCKS - including Cindy’s visit to the Lucerne Rotary club in Switzerland and greetings from Melanie, Ralph Flick thanks to our club for our support of is son Noah, Peter Stanley enjoyed dinners for 8 at Norma’s, Ron Roberts $56 for 56 years of marriage
RAFFLE – Delaine Morgan won the 10 free next week AND the chance to draw for $196.00 from 12 remaining white chips, but didn’t get the blue chip!
PROGRAM – #1. Jenny Wellman gave us an update on the Gig Harbor Film Festival. In 2018 it had grown to three theaters, 100 films, 80 filmmakers, and doubled their 2018 attendance. This summer they hosted a Summer Camp, and are hosting monthly movie nights the last Wednesday of every month. GHFF received the Top 100 Best Reviewed Festivals on Film Freeway. 600 films were submitted this year. 100 have been selected, 95 filmmakers have confirmed that they are coming. Sept 26 -29.
PROGRAM #2. Our Exchange student Noah Flick, heading to Hungary in two weeks. What an amazing young man! Just completed his sophomore year at GHHS, loves photography and travel, and a member of the Dragon Boats. His family has hosted three exchange students. He enjoys the Rotary community (his dad is a member of the midday club), so he is ready for whatever comes his way. Noah also has a terrific sense of humor. If you missed this meeting… I’m sorry, you missed some great laughs. You can follow Noah at noahexchangeblog.com. –(without the “s”). Thanks, Noah. You make us proud!
Notes by Marti Anderson
Friday (8/2/2019) Marti Anderson 2019-08-03 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (7/19/2019)

Posted by Jill Guernsey
Opening Bell by Pres. Hal Hodgins at 7:30 am. Invocation: by Duane Fister. Pledge of Allegiance by Tim Williams. National Anthem led by Hal Cline. Four Way Test by Dave Freeman.
Visiting Rotarians: Coach introduced seven visiting Rotarians, Dan Powell (Tacoma Sunrise), Garry Schneider, (Claremont, CA), Gary Pellett (Medford OR), Larry Treleven (Tac 8), Joe Potts (West Liberty), Cindy Niemi (Tacoma 8), Don Hansen (Tacoma 8). Guests of Rotarians: Hal introduced Gretchen and his friends Ron and Judy Romines from CA; Stephanie Hall, today’s guest speaker (along with Cindy Niemi); Camilla introduced her family (nieces and a nephew and her sister and Dad the farmer); Angie Krantz from Olympic Alzheimer’s Facility; Rocky and Oliver (although neither his father or grandfather introduced them). And our favorite Judy Hosea.
Mystery Rotarian Picture: Don Buchanan 1959 PHS yearbook picture.
Calendar – Upcoming events include:
  • Golferitaville TODAY!
  • Celebration for the Wilkinson Farm Fence TODAY at 9:30 am.
  • GH North’s event, the Galloping Gertie half marathon is August 10th. Sign up at www.galloping-gertie.com.
  • Courage Classic August 24th.
  • Wine and Food Festival, July 27th.
  • Communities in Schools fundraiser, (Dick forgot to mention the date but he told us a great mentoring story).
  • Community Service Committee Work Parties, Saturday, July 20th, at Key Pen Lutheran Church, 10:00 am. Bring socket set and wrenches.
  • Community Service Committee Work Party #2, Sunday, 9:00 am, at Tacoma Narrows Airport for RAZ
  • August 2nd, Hot August Cars, 6:30 am, here at Rotary breakfast.
Fine master: Peter introduced Bernie Sanders, aka Bob Martin, and fined him a buck. Despite his reluctance to fine non-members he fined Larry Treleven for not wearing a shirt. And Dave Freeman for forgetting a few things. And Dick Vanberg for not knowing how to use the microphone.
Happy bucks: Dave Morris read letter from former Club member Dave Gillespie, Ann Marie reminded us of Hope Recovery and showed their newsletter. Bob Martin is playing golf again. Camilla is happy because her family (12 of them) drove out her to see her. Bob Lutschg is happy to have 7 people around a small table. Tom Borgen is happy because 40 signed up for the August 15th Rainier game. Peter is happy because Mac Pinch helped him sell a house.
Raffle by Larry. $160 kitty, chip drawn by Mel Santos, but he didn’t win.
  1.  Update on Courage Classic: Camilla introduced Stephanie Hall and Cindy Niemi from the Mary Bridge Children’s Foundation. Courage Classic ride. They talked about the changes made to the Classic over the past few years and apologized for not having Rotary as their partner when those changes were made. They are thankful that Rotary is back with them and doing rest stops (10 Rotary Clubs signed up; 8 rest stops). This year there is a Celebration on August 21st at Jackson Hall Auditorium, at 5:00 pm, to celebrate Rotary, and renaming the Safe & Sound Building to honor Rotary’s legacy of support (a $10 million endowment. to the Mary Bridge Child Abuse Intervention Dept.). RSVP by August 12th by email to jdeweese@multicare.org or 253.403.1369. Or online at https://bit.ly/2xx5ieg.
Stephanie talked about this year’s ride, a 2-day event. Dinner and finish at Icicle Village in Leavenworth. Our stop is at the Centennial Center. Camping at Cascade High School in Leavenworth.
Cindy talked about the Child Abuse Intervention Department, and other services offered by Mary Bridge, many of which are free (i.e., vaccinations and grief counseling).
  1. Mike Pinch and Larry Olson talked about this year’s Ride Across America. Their team, The Opportunists, was out of Florida, Vermont and some other state. This year, 700 participants were in the RAA. Ride started in Oceanside, CA. They rode across the country, not on freeways. Their team of 7 included 3 vans. They rode at night (7:00 pm to 7:00 am). The ride took over 7 days.
Larry Olson (aka “Oli”) told us about the contrasts in landscape, weather, and people and places along the way. Appalachia was a favorite.
President Hal ended the meeting at 8:32 am.
Notes by Jill Guernsey
Friday (7/19/2019) Jill Guernsey 2019-07-20 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (7/12/2019)

Posted by Chuck Cuzzetto
Opening Bell: at 7:25 a.m. Invocation: Duane Fister. Pledge of Allegiance: led by Scott Junge. Song: Hal Cline and David Cathers with “God Bless America.” Four Way Test: by Dick Vanberg. Greeters: none were noted.
Visiting Rotarians: Coach introduced Gary Pellet, Garry Schneider, and Joe Potts (the new Principal at Peninsula High School). Before the introduction of guests, President Hodgins made a special welcome to Lee Smith, rejoining us after surgery this week. Guests: There were several guests introduced. Those signed in included Michael Ewens, Ally Bujacich, Neva Smith and Ivan Zapp (Pam Peterson’s cousins), and Brogyn Morgan (Pam’s granddaughter).
Opening Comments: President Hodgins recognized Debbie Miller and publicly thanked her for helping him fulfill his responsibilities. President Hal also talked about the Courage Fundraising and Mike Pinch reported successful efforts thus far. The President also discussed his meetings with the other GH Rotary Presidents and some of their activities.
  • President Hodgins reported that mid-day’s Golferitaville is coming up July 19 and GH Rotary North’s Galloping Gertie Run is August 10 (they need volunteers) and Harbor Hounds is September 14
  • John Lantz shared news of the passing of Mel Smith. Mel recently relocated to the East Coast to be nearer his children.
  • Michael Ewens provided a brief update on the Guatemala projects and brought thank-yous to the club. He is working on a video and a blog about the projects.
  • Pam Peterson speaking for Lee Smith (because he couldn’t speak for himself) passed around a sign-up sheet for volunteering for the Wine and Food Experience. The event will be Saturday, July 27.
  • Ben Paganelli is looking for volunteers to form a work group to help the KP Lutheran Church (they provide services for the entire community, especial the KP youth). The first of three work parties is July 20 at 10:00 a.m. to assemble playground equipment.
  • President Hodgins reviewed the calendar for upcoming events, including the Women’s Wellness Expo at Sehmel Homestead Park on Saturday (Cars 4 Change will be present), and upcoming Committee meetings.
  • Cory Coryell seconded the need for volunteers on July 20 and added a need for help on Sunday, July 21, at the Rotary Aviation Zone.
Fines and Happy Bucks: John Winslow was the Fine-master this week. He fined Mark Hoppen (or Hopper) and Chuck Cuzzetto for knowing some of the guests. President Hodgins was fined for parking in the wrong spot. FM Winslow then provided a technical analysis of President Hodgins’ first meeting and fined Rod Ladd for not being the photographer last week and missing President Hodgins’ botched adjournment. Randy Spitzer was fined for cell phone interruptus, pleaded not guilty, but paid the fine anyway and Past Presidents Alvestad and Santos were fined just because. Lots of Happy Bucks, and lots to be happy for, including Howard Mackert (Cars 4 Change at WWE), Cindy Reed (Europe and the Big O), Annmarie Huppert (Speaking at WWE and Booth and Hope Recovery Golf tourney, David Cathers (Cruise and Visit with Frederick in Denmark), Coach (88th Birthday and Toy Storybook 4), Pam Peterson (Sharon Shaffer chauffeuring, Lee’s Surgery, and a Quiet House), Hal Hodgins (Help with his boat from John Eddy and Terry Brown), and Betty Felker (GH Film Festival September 26-29).
Drawing: Larry Olson ran the drawing. The pot was $133. Mel Santos won the ten free and guest Brogyn won the chance to draw. She drew a white chip so the pot moves to next week.
Camilla Brocker introduced Allison Bujacich, Community Development Director for the Gig Harbor Boatshop.
Ms. Bujacich started her presentation by stating, “There is a place for each one of you at the Boatshop.” She talked about some of the goals and strategies of the Boatshop including public programs and activities, passing down the working waterfront skill-set to the next generation, bringing the community together, and engaging and sharing the Gig Harbor maritime heritage and traditions. The ten-year-old nonprofit organization had over 5,000 visitors last year and offers about 6,000 hours of programming annually, with a focus on youth programs. They offer a wide variety of workshops and programs including boat restoration, livery (rental) services, community events, music, etc. Current major projects include the boat railway system and the House renovation.
The meeting adjourned at 8:29 a.m.
Notes by Chuck Cuzzetto
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Friday (7/5/2019)

Posted by Marcia Harris
Call to Order: President Hal rang the bell, opening his first meeting as GH Rotary President at 7:31 am.
Rod Ladd shared a thought for the day. Following the pledge led by John Ciccarelli, Hal Cline led the club in “My Country Tis of Thee’.
Bob Lutschg led Rotarians in the 4 Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians: included Blaze and Joyce Gorney
Guests: This week’s guests included: John Ciccarelli’s son Larry, Gretchen Hodgins & Pam Peterson’s son-in-law.
President Hal launched his Rotary 102 lesson with background on the history of the Rotary Wheel. Several designs variations were used until the official and current design was adopted in 1922.
Upcoming Events:
  • Monday, July 8, International Committee meets at Rod Ladd’s office.
  • Tuesday July 9th, Rotary after Hours, 5:30 at the Blend in Key Center + Gnosh Food Truck
  • Tuesday July 9th, Community Service Committee meets at Timberland Bank
  • Thursday, July 11th, the Rotary Foundation meets
  • Saturday, July 13th, Woman’s Wellness Conference is being held at Sehmel Park
  • August 15th is the Rainier’s game and tailgate party. Join other area Rotarians in this fun evening.
  • Mark your calendar for the morning of Aug. 23rd, Courage Classic set up in Cle Elum & make your lodging reservations. The club will be serving breakfast to the 250+ riders the morning of the 24th. After clean up, President Paul will lead a hike through the Snoqualimie Tunnel.
Birthdays: Walt Paulsen led the club in celebrating July birthdays with a round of Happy Birthday.
Fine Master: Chris Myers
Lots of happy bucks.
  • No raffle tickets were available for sale today, so Marcia will need to wait a week to collect her 10 free from last week.
Program: President Hal Hodgins: Looking at the Year Ahead
Hal started by describing the road to becoming Club President:
Year 1 – Vice President & Responsible for the Auction Fund Raisin Event
Year 2 – President Elect, responsible for weekly programs. Additionally, in year 2 the person is required to attend the 3-day PETS (President Elect Training Seminar) attended by incoming club presidents from the entire zone. It is a great learning experience. Then attended the District Conference in May followed by the RI Conference in June. This year it was held in Hamburg, Germany with 25,000 attendees. The wonderful part of an International Conference is the people you meet and the international connectedness around the globe.
Looking ahead to Gig Harbor Rotary in 2019-20, Hal plans to focus on how we relate to:
The World (outside world)
Our Inside Rotary World (club)
Support & celebrate the good things the club is doing
Focusing on the inside world goals include: With the support of Geoff Barcalow, create a reliable document storage & retention system, making it easier to access and retrieve club records. Strengthen the reporting of club finances, making the documents clearer and accessible for the whole club. And thirdly, focus on club engagement including outreach to every individual club member, encouraging involvement.
President Hal adjourned the meeting at 8:15 by whacking the bell off the podium! That really is one powerful gavel.
As the meeting closed, we were asked to keep Lee Smith in your prayers. He is scheduled for surgery on Monday.
Marcia Harris, Scribe
Friday (7/5/2019) Marcia Harris 2019-07-09 07:00:00Z 0

Photo Summary of the June 14rh (Flag Day) Meeting

Posted by Robert J Martin on Jul 03, 2019
PHOTO SUMMARY OF THE JUNE 14TH (FLAG DAY) MEETING ( This is another history issue.  I had hoped to have this out before Rod did
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    last Friday's meeting, but he is just too fast!)
The flag is just being raised with the bugler on the upper left.  Pretty moving for any patriot.
Our bugler did a fine job, and it was not raining!
After we retired to The Club and our sausage Pancake breakfast, President Paul opened the meeting.
I think Hal did the invocation and the song, all by himself.
Tom was probably promoting the polio movie Breathe,to be shown at Heron Key Maritime Room, but he might have been talking about the Veterans event in November and if he wasn't he should have.
Juanita is promoting the annual CISP fundraiser August 22nd.  If you have never been, they are a lot of fun.  Good cause and next to The Rotary Foundation, the best way to donate.
Tom continues to exhort us to participate in the Courage in August.  We have a good group of volunteers but an always use more.  Spend Friday night partying, Saturday morning serving breakfast to the riders, then do what you want.
This is Mel asking for participants in the Installation Banquet and golf tournament.  Which did both turn out to be great events BTW.
Colonel John Moist USMC Ret. did a presentation on the history and evolution of the US Flag.  The US flag is the only flag in the world that is programmed to change.  Col. Moist had Boy Scouts hold up the various flags as he described them.  I really enjoyed the information but wish he had not read the entire presentation.
I thought this flag was unique.  We are all familiar with the circle pattern, but I don't remember this flag with the single star in the center.  Unfotunately, I don't remember what that center star stood for.crying
Photo Summary of the June 14rh (Flag Day) Meeting Robert J Martin 2019-07-03 07:00:00Z 0
Some Final Schulz Philosophy Robert J Martin 2019-07-03 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (6/28/2019)

Posted by Jill Guernsey
Opening Bell: By Pres. Paul Alvestad at 7:30 am. Invocation: by Rod Ladd. Pledge of Allegiance: by Randy Spitzer. Song “If You’re Happy and You Know It” led by Hal Cline. Four Way Test: by Stan Eastberg.
Visiting Rotarians: Coach introduced from GH North Club, Pres elect Bob Anderson, Ashley Phillips, Poundstone and Rich Soulam. Guests of Rotarians: Lisa and Sophia Alvestad, Dave Freeman’s son Evan. Steve Skibbs introduced Gail Hall who did a mission in Guatemala. Delaine Morgan introduced her daughter Brogan, and niece Riley. Alan LaBaron and Gayla Jameson were introduced by Jeff Harris.
Calendar – Upcoming events include: Rotary Board meeting this week, and
  • GH North’s event, the Galloping Gertie half marathon is August 10th. Sign up at www.galloping-gertie.com.
  • Rainiers Baseball Party, June 29th.
  • RAH, Tuesday the 9th in Key Center, at Blend.
  • Tonight’s events: Golf game and Installation/Deinstallation of our Presidents. Hal Hodges Dance included at no extra Cost.
  • Golferitaville, Midday Club’s event, is July 19th.
  • Courage Classic August 24th.
  • Paul talked about a hike after the Courage Classic.
  • Jill Guernsey mentioned the Celebration for the Wilkinson Farm Fence on July 19th at 9:30 am.
Birthdays: Walt honored those that had birthdays in June including Mac Pinch, Rich Coyner, Hal Hodges, Brent Tayet.
Fine master: Mac Pinchfined a few people and then tried to sing the song we sang earlier (“If you’re happy and you know it …”), but without Rocky and Oliver it wasn’t his finest hour. Nevertheless, he was excellent as usual, especially when he fined Mel Santos for swallowing a highlighter. His best fine was of Cindy Reed (who is in Italy) for posting on Facebook a container of blueberries labelled “Orgasmic Blueberries”. Since Cindy wasn’t here to demonstrate, he passed them around for the rest of us to try. Needless to say, many did so. And, last but not least, he literally did a bowl cut on Pres. Paul and fined him as well.
Happy bucks by Rod Ladd for a great trip in his RV (unscathed). Sophie talked about her seaplane ride to Friday Harbor where she met a woman who lived in England a block away from where Sophie grew up. And Coach mentioned his wedding anniversary (66 years). Bob Anderson introduced Dr. Will Bogle from a Rotary Club in Guatemala.
Raffle by Donna. Marcia Harris won 10 free. $461 kitty drawn by Marcia as well, and she WON!!! Trifecta!
Program: Pres. Paul did his “Swan Song” for us and reminisced about his year as our Club’s president. Analogized it to eating a gallon of ice cream. He talked about his parents’ community service, and how it inspired him to get involved with Kiwanis Key Club, and Rotary over the years. As Club President he started with 18 objectives. We learned that his favorite movie is Enter the Dragon with Bruce Lee, and how it helps him to stay focused on the Club’s vision. He believes we’ve “hit” most of the objectives, including bringing the three GH clubs closer together. Also reworking ClubRunner, financial management improvements, Rotaract. He gave kudos to the Avenues of Service Committees and did shout outs to members who have put much time and effort into the things our Club does so well. He gave certificates in the form of scented car fresheners to committee chairs and many others as a small token of his appreciation. He concluded by saying this has been one of the best years of his life.
President Paul ended the meeting at 8:20 am.
Notes by Jill Guernsey
Friday (6/28/2019) Jill Guernsey 2019-06-30 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (6/21/2019)

Posted by Marti Anderson
Slide show prior to the opening bell.
Opening Bell: By President Paul Invocation: by Dave Freeman Pledge of Allegiance: Tony Michaelson Song: God Bless America led by Hal Cline. Four Way Test: Bob Draggoo
Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by Coach. Howard Svigals, Gary Pellett (Medford), Joyce Taylor Guests included Pam’s Auntie Joyce, her Exchange Student from years ago Anne Sophie, and son-in-law Max Morgan. Vinod Nair
Opening Comment: Movie “Breath” at Heron’s Key tonight. All three GH Rotary Clubs collaborating to support the fight against Polio. “De-Installation” next Friday, June 28. Howard Svigals, outgoing ADG – pleased to see how all three clubs are working together, kudos to our club for all our activities and contributions, we will be in good hands with Tom Borgen as new ADG.
  • Rotary Night @ Rainier’s Game
  • Hal Hodgins’ first meeting will be July 5 – yes, there will be a meeting
  • Need a few more volunteers for Courage.
  • Buck Frymier announced that the graduation of a group from the Prison Program at Yakima, sponsored by Yakima Sunrise.
  • Lee Smith – Wine Experience July 27
  • Vocational Service Award – Marcia Harris tried to define “gestalt” (together, parts make up a bigger, stronger whole) before surprising Dave Freeman with the Vocational Service Award for 2018-19. Dave’s contributions include: the Club’s “Field of Dreams”, “Head of the Harbor”, permitting and construction of Skansie Park Pavilion, plans designer for replacement of thrift shop, and a whole lot more. Thanks, Dave. Well deserved.
Paul Harris Presentations: Bob was pleased to present 10 – John Gardia, Chuck Perry (+1), Cindy Reed (+2), Deb Miller (+3), Peter Stanley (+3), Jan Martin (+4), Paul Alvestad (+4), Steve Skibbs (+5), Tim Williams (+6), and Duane Fister (+7).
Fines and Happy Bucks: Dave Cathers presented Hal with his gavel. Happy Bucks: Norma’s daughter graduated from GHHS, Bob Martin is pain free after 6 months, Peter Stanley use a clutch, however he ran off the track at 130mph – without injury, thankfully.
Drawing: Donna Lormor ran the drawing, Auntie Joyce won 10 free for next week. (Better extend you visit for that), Bob Ryan drew another white chip. Only 4 whites left.
Program: Committee reports – Club need note takers and looking for an understudy for Tim Williams. Youth – Jeannie introduced and thanked members. Duane Fister reclassification: Born and raised in Tacoma/Fircrest area. Graduated from Wilson High School, Electrician and ordained clergy. He shared some of his life’s lessons, several event’s that he doesn’t recommend, including being born a 3 month premie, being hit by a car while riding his bike, burning down his house. “I won’t do that again”
President Paul ended the meeting at 8:30
Notes by Marti Anderson
Friday (6/21/2019) Marti Anderson 2019-06-25 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (Flag Day 6/14/2019)

Posted by Randy Spitzer
Opening Flag Raising Ceremony and Flag Salute: By the Scouts at 7:03 am
Pancakes and Sausage Breakfast: Served by Gig Harbor Kiwanis
Invocation: by President Paul Alvestad.
Pledge of Allegiance: by Paul
Song: God Bless America, led by Hal Cline.
Four Way Test: by Donna
Visiting Rotarians: Gary from Medford; Howard Svigals, Jerry, John and others.
Guests: Many Cub Scouts, Emma’s kids Jack and Willa, and nanny, Natalia
Opening Comments: Thank you to GH Kiwanis for serving breakfast.
  • June 21:  We’re having a joint viewing with other clubs of the film “Breathe” at Herron’s Key in the Maritime Room.
  • Recognition of our bugler
  • Thanks to Ron: for the use of the facility today
  • Community and Schools: Annual Fundraiser is August 22, tickets are $20/ea
  • Courage: 38 members have volunteered so far; volunteers are still needed.
  • Rotarian Rainiers Game Night: August 15, 5:15 Tailgate, 7:05 First Pitch, Tickets are $18/ea
  • De-installation and Installation Golf Tournament and Dinner: Friday, June 28 – Horseshoe Lake GC. Check your email for details and registration information.
  • Introduction of Past Service Members: several members 
Program: John Moist, Marine Corps retired, gave an inspirational presentation about the history of the development of the American flag. A number of historic flag replicas were displayed throughout the presentation.
President Paul ended the meeting at 8:29
Notes by Randy Spitzer
Friday (Flag Day 6/14/2019) Randy Spitzer 2019-06-16 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (5/31/2019)

Posted by Chuck Cuzzetto
Slide show prior to the opening bell highlighted Rotary events including Rotary Vision, GH Dragon Boats, Parkland Rotary Golf Event, Mid-Day Golferitaville, BSA Night at Cheney Stadium, Women’s Wellness Expo, and Fatty Diet.
Opening Bell: at 7:25 am. Invocation: preliminary by Duane Fister recognizing the loss of Kathy Schuler, then Invocation by Jan Martin. Pledge of Allegiance: led by Todd Fletcher. Song: “God Bless America” started by the crowd, with Hal Cline and Annie Arbenz singing (and dancing) along. Four Way Test: by Don Rees (kind of). Greeters: none were noted.
Visiting Rotarians: Coach introduced Mary Gorman & Cheri Johnson from mid-day. Joyce Taylor arrived timely at 7:45. Guests: Guests included Michelle Matheson, Sharon Kresse, Karen Ray, and speakers Jeremiah Saucier and Sheila Niven.
Opening Comments: President Alvestad passed on opening comments because of the heavy agenda. (No one expressed disappointment.)
  • Tom Borgen reminded everyone to sign up to help with the Courage Classic. So far there are 30 volunteers.
  • Tim Williams needs new-member pictures and made contact with the members.
  • Bob Martin reported that we are only $1,000 short of our President’s goal of $20,000 for the Foundation. Bob would be happy if we hit $25,000 (would he really?)
  • Mel Santos reminded everyone of the de-installation/installation party at Horseshoe Lake Golf Club. He promised fun and everything else was a secret. The event starts with golf, using Mike Pinch’s rules.
  • Hal Cline took the mic to talk about Dinners for Eight, (after he promised in an email he would not take any time). He called on Annmarie Huppert for a spontaneous testimonial.
  • President Alvestad noted that there was not much on the calendar next week.
  • Pam Peterson Smith reminded all of us that volunteered for the opening day of the Downtown Farmers’ Market to show up on time, either 10:00 am or 7:00 pm (or possibly 7:00 am).
  • Cheri Johnson and Mary Gorman from the Mid-Day Club talked about the 15th annual Golferitaville, their club’s biggest fundraiser. They asked for our support, while reminding us that many Mid-Dayers attend our auction. The event will be Friday, July 19, at McCormick Woods. If you can’t golf, you can still buy a golf ball to be dropped by helicopter and win a cash prize. The golf balls sell for $20 and Cheri and Mary will be back next week to sell chances. Bring your money to the next meeting.
  • John Winslow introduced the local high school recipients of the McColl Scholarships. He called on each to share their community involvement and their university plans. Attending were:
    • Daniel Paganelli (Boston U)
    • Kelsey Turner (PLU)
    • Jake Flynn (UW)
    • Kali Woodward (Willamette)
    • Allison Dorny (UC Santa Barbara)
    • Annina Liebner (Cal St San Marcos)
    • Amelia Wright (UW)
    • Olivia Lynch (Boise State)
    • Amanda Wong (USD, with UW 2nd)
Over the last 20 years the club has provided 599 scholarships worth nearly $1.3 million.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Mr. Chris Meyers was the Fine-master and started the session by fining Don Buchanan for not hearing. Chief Busey warned about flying candy tomorrow as part of the fine session and President Paul had to pay a dollar because this was Fine-master Meyers last opportunity to fine him. Hal Cline paid for making Costco samples his lunch and Bob Ryan for sitting with Tony Michaelson. Bob Lutschg paid on behalf of all women and the upcoming Wellness Expo and Brent Tayet for not paying last week on behalf of his son. Speaking of sons, the fine session was interrupted by a call from Ben Paganelli and, after a little chit chat with his son Daniel, Daniel pulled a dollar out of his wallet for not paying tribute to his dad during his scholarship time (that should make for a fun Fathers’ Day in a few weeks). Mac Pinch, John Eddy and Sharon Shaffer were the final fines. Mac got congratulations, John got a doctor’s note to ride in the Courage, and Sharon a belated fine for her phone going off during an earlier presentation. Happy Bucks: Happy bucks were received from Duane Fister, Sharon Shaffer, Tom Stanfield, Bob Draggoo, Coach, Betty Felker, and the Fine-master himself for making UW #1.
Drawing: Larry Olson ran the raffle. The pot was $363 and seven chips. The ten free went unclaimed, maybe Dave Gordon, and Bob Martin won the chance to draw. He drew a white chip so the pot moves to next week. The winnings would buy a lot of golf balls to be helicopter dropped.
Program: Annmarie Huppert introduced our speakers.
Sheila Niven is the Clinical Manager of St Anthony’s Emergency Room. Ms. Niven talked about substance abuse and the opioid epidemic. She shared the definition of substance abuse and noted that it is considered a mental health disorder. Between one-fourth and one-third of patients in the hospital are being treated for substance abuse. She discussed the resulting gaps, including the impact on staff; with burnout, turnover and assault; lack of beds; and insurance coverage.
Jeremiah Saucier is the owner of Crossroads Treatment Center and the founder of Hope Recovery Center. Mr. Saucier described the challenges with recovery from addictions and the lack of adequate care. He described the process he is going through to open Hope Recovery on the Key Peninsula. He continues to work with the County Planning and Health Departments to get the facility going – maybe within the next three years. He expects the Center will be funded with grants, etc., to help extend the service beyond current insurance reimbursements. His goal is that every individual receive all the care they need to recover. He said we need to “get addiction out of the way, so that the person can live.”
President Alvestad ended the meeting at 8:30.
Notes by Chuck Cuzzetto
Friday (5/31/2019) Chuck Cuzzetto 2019-06-01 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (5/24/2019)

Posted by Marcia Harris
Call to Order: President Paul rang the bell, opening the meeting at 7:30 am. Following the pledge, Hal Cline led the club in “God Bless America”. Brian Buskirk led the 4 Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians: Larry Treleven, Tacoma 8.
Guests: This week’s guests included: Robin Foster (Ann Marie Hubert), David Holsinger (Sophie Perkins), Emily Randall & Sarah Myers (Hal Hodgins), Bill Cuery (John Duppenthaler).
Upcoming Events:
  • Flag Day club meeting, June 14.
  • Mark your calendar for the morning of Aug. 23rd, Courage Classic set up in Cle Elum & make your lodging reservations. The club will be serving breakfast to the 250+ riders the morning of the 24th. After clean up, President Paul will lead a hike through the Snoqualimie Tunnel.
  • Bob Martin reminded the club of the need for additional contributions to the Rotary Foundation to meet the club 2018 -19 goal of $20,000. Reminder to get your checks & contributions to Bob.
  • Camilla Brocker recognized Richard Evert from The Blazing Onion for their support of the Rotary Auction over the past four years.
  • Mel Santos shared that Brent Tayet’s son won the First Tee event last Saturday. Congratulations Dad & son.
  • The installation dinner & ‘president roast’ is scheduled for the last Friday in June at Horseshoe Lake. Mike Pinch is organizing the golf tournament where Mike makes the rules. Dinner - $25 Golf Tournament including cart - $40
  • Betty Felker was happy to announce that the ‘Dancing in the Classroom’ program will include five schools next year.
  • This year’s international conference is in Hamburg, Germany. In-coming President Hal Hodgins is attending. Mark your calendars; next year’s 2020 international conference is in Hawaii!
  • Thursday, August 15 is the Rainer’s game with a fun tailgate party planned. Cost is only $10. Contact Tom Borgen to register.
  • John Winslow announced that Rotary Foundation scholarship interviews were held this month. There are 18 student receiving recognition this year with $32,000 awarded.
Perfect Attendance Awards:
  • An amazing list of perfect attendance members were announced by President Paul. Topping the record book are: Bob Martin at 34 years & Walt Paulsen at 35 years. Kudos to all recognized!
Fine Master: Dave Cathers offered a number of interesting factoids including the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day. Also did you know the largest Rubber Duckie is in Sandusky, Ohio? Lots of happy bucks.
  • The Harris luck holds; Marcia has 10 free next week.
  • Bob Lutschg didn’t win the pot, but went home with an additional $15,
Program: Senator Emily Randall
Hal Hodgins introduced speaker, Emily Randall. Emily has a rich background of experiences. Her good friend Etta was a Rotary exchange student. Etta died in a bus accident in Bolivia. The ‘Etta project’ was launched in remembrance of her. Emily’s sister, a hydrocephalic, had a big impact on Emily’s life with an increased understanding of health care needs & the impact on families. She likened her first year in the legislature to attending junior high. Beyond the learning experience, the 26th district benefitted from a number of bills this year:
  • $1 m for The Mustard Seed Project
  • $4 m for the Russell Foundation veteran’s facility
  • Kopachuck Park improvements
  • Improved college access for all students
  • Added health care & mental health resources
President Paul adjourned the meeting at 8:30.
Notes by Marcia Harris
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Friday (5/17/2019)

Posted by Chuck Perry
Call to Order: President Paul Alvestad rang the bell, opening the meeting at 7:28 am.
Bob Martin gave a quick report on Polio. The world is at 18 cases reported this year as compared to 10 cases for this time last year. The new target date for World eradication is now set for 2023. Invocation: by Duane Fister. Pledge: by Delaine Morgan Song: Led by none-other than Hal Cline, "My Country 'Tis of Thee". 4 Way Test: Led by Sharon Shaffer.
Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by Jack Stonestreet; Bill Evans, and Ralph Flick. Sneaking in late and not introduced was Joyce Taylor.
Guests: This week’s guests included: Angie Frantz, a guest of Walker Allen; Gary Parker, a guest of Peter Stanley; Noah Flick, our outgoing exchange student; and David Holsinger, a guest of Sophie Perkins.
Opening Comments: Paul announced he had no opening comments, followed by cheers from the club.
  • Board meeting May 22nd
Attendance Awards: President Paul announced he was going to give out the Perfect Attendance Awards for the 2017-2018 Rotary Year which he had received from Cynthia Kennedy, the Club Secretary. He read from the list, the one-year awards and had the recipients come forward to receive the certificates and pins. However, the certificates were not in order of the list of years. After sorting through looking for the one-year recipients, it was obvious that this was not going to work in the amount of time available. After giving Coach his award, he sent the other recipients back to their seats and announced this would be done at the next meeting. At this point, it is so late in the year; we could wait five more meetings and give out the 2018-2019 awards at the same time.
Farmers Market set Up: GH Rotary is helping with the set up and take down of the Farmers Market on June 6th. (AKA: D-Day) Lee Smith passed around a volunteer sign up. If you did not sign up, and would like to help out, give Lee a call.
Courage Ride for Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital: Tom Borgen gave a report and asked everyone to save the date for this project. It is August 23/24 in Cle Elum. It will include a group dinner at the Sunset Café on Friday night and up early to serve breakfast to the riders on Saturday Morning. If you have an RV, talk to Keith Harris who is arranging a group camp, or make your reservations at the Econolodge under the GH Rotary group. The Club riders have two new additions this year with Mike Pinch and Randy Spitzer.
Victoria Conference Report: President Paul gave a report of the Victoria Conference from last weekend. Many attended and the conference was a great success. Pictures were shown of the trip and many of the activities.
Friends of Rotary: Camilla Brocker awarded a certificate of appreciation plaque to Gary Parker of Bar B Que 2U for their support for the Rotary Auction. This was the location of this month’s Rotary after hours.
Fines: Mike Pinch was filling in for Mac Pinch. He informed the club that Mac was out of town to propose. She said yes!!! Mike proceeded to have a long-time member and a red badger stand, and they were quizzed on rotary and club facts. The various red badgers won the quizzes. Happy Bucks were given by Mike for Mac’s engagement; Walker for his guest Angie’s Healthcare givers award for person of the year; Richard Pifer for promoting Noah Flick’s sale of car wash tickets; Peter for his doctor’s OK to now walk on his broken leg; Bill Evans for his grandson’s comment in the Husky Book Store, when asked what the magic word was? “Go Cougs” was his answer; Tom Borgen in praise of the commitment of member Brady Buskirk with his wife and new son at the conference; Bob Martin for closing on a new house; and Randy for a successful auction for his Choral Group Cora Voce.
Raffle: The Raffle was run by Annemarie. Cindy Reed won the 10 free for next week and Bob Ryan won the right to draw for the blue chip with $300 in the pot and 9 chips remaining. The Jeopardy tune was hummed by the club as he drew the chip. White chip was drawn for the $15 consolation prize.
Program: Club Happenings - Avenues of service reports:
  • Club Service: John Duppenthaler announced that Tim Williams is retiring as the Clubrunner administrator and keeper of the calendar after years of serving the club in this capacity. Rod Ladd is taking over for Tim.
  • Youth Services: Cindy Reed announced that our outbound student Noah Flick is scheduled to leave on 8/17. We have the four host families lined up and they are being vetted at this time. Two of the families are Rotarians and two are outside of the club.
  • International: Rod Ladd announced that a box packing of ten boxes of books and clothing was done last week and was sent to the Philippines. They should arrive in 45 days.
  • Community Service: Paul announced that the committee is working on a large project with Pen Met Parks. Soon to be announced.
  • GHRF: John Winslow announced that the Mildred McColl scholarship recipients have been chosen. The Peninsula students were awarded theirs last week and the Gig Harbor Students will be awarded next week at each school’s scholarship assembly. Only $38,000 of scholarships are being awarded this year. This is down from previous years. The Mildred McColl scholarship fund has given out $1,284,000 in scholarships over the last 19 years, for an average of $67,500, per year.
  • Past President: Mel Santos announced that the “Gavel Dinner” is scheduled for Friday June 28th at Horseshoe Lake Golf Club. There will be a golf tournament and a dinner and Roast of outgoing President Paul Alvestad as well as the installation of incoming President Hal Hodgins. Please mark your calendars and plan on coming. A good time will be had by all. The dinner is being catered by BBQ2U.
Program: Reclassification Talk: Dave Gordon:
Dave Gordon gave a great reclassification talk. Dave was born in November of 1946 and his family moved to Gig Harbor in 1950, before the new Narrows Bridge, to replace Galloping Gertie that fell down in 1940. He remembers taking the ferry from Titlow Beach to Gig Harbor/Point Fosdick. As Dave grew up in the Harbor, he also remembered the many trips across the new bridge with a toll of 50 cents for car and driver, plus 10 cents for each additional passenger. In high school, he had many trips across the bridge in the trunk of the car to save the toll money. He had a great childhood growing up on Horsehead Bay, prior to all the development. He attended kindergarten across the street from what is now Anthony’s Restaurant. His teacher was the famous Lucy Goodman. First through fourth grades were at the Arleta School, which is now a Pen Met Parks building on the corner of 36th and Ray Nash Drive. In 5th grade, Dave started to go to Harbor Heights grade school. He then went to Gig Harbor intermediate school, which was then renamed to Goodman Middle School, after Lucy Goodman. Dave then went to Peninsula HS and graduated in 1965. His job in high school was at Uddenberg’s Thriftway.
He went to the University of Washington. While at the UW, he worked as a house boy in sororities and even lived two years in Gama Phi. Originally, he was going to study ceramic engineering, but changed to general studies. After graduation, he was accepted into UW Law School. With an interruption from the Army, he went back to UW law. While in school he spent summers working on a fishing boat in Alaska.
As he was finishing up school, Dave needed his teeth cleaned. He heard of a free service available through Shoreline CC for their dental hygiene students. This is where he met his wife Lynn. They have two daughters. Dave was a law clerk for the Court of Appeals, prior to coming back to Gig Harbor and opening a Law office with Mike Misner. They were partners for 25 years. He then had a partnership with Paul Alvestad. And eventually retired from his law practice. He was instrumental in getting the Mildred McColl bequest into the GHRF and was also the attorney for the boy that was the beginnings of the Sexual abuse fund through the Mary Bridge Hospital. In retirement, he still enjoys volunteering and being a Rotarian.
Notes by Chuck Perry
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Friday (5/10/2019)

Posted on May 13, 2019
Call to Order: Past President Mel Wick rang the bell, opening the meeting at 7:30 am.
Past President Gary Glein threatened to read a chapter from his History of Rotary tome as the thought for the day. In the spirit of ‘is it fair to all concerned’, he substituted well chosen thoughts about the work of Rotary & our club. Brent Tayet led the pledge followed by Hal Cline leading the club in “God Bless America”. The 4 Way Test was led by Gary Glein who carries a copy in his pocket as an on-going reminder. He shared a story about a business negotiation situation when he used the 4 Way Test and the company’s mission to reach an amicable resolution.
Visiting Rotarians: No visiting Rotarians
Guests: This week’s guests included: Rudy Flores, introduced by Tim Williams and Mardi Glein, Peter’s daughter & Gary’s granddaughter.
Upcoming Events:
  • 5:30 Monday is an International Committee books & clothing packing party.
  • Tuesday: Community Service Committee meets.
  • Wednesday: Vocational Service meets at Timberland Bank.
  • Friday after Rotary the Youth Services committee meets next door.
  • May 16th, 5:30, Gig Harbor Yacht Club is the Alliance Volunteer Appreciation Party.
  • June 6th is the first day of the GH Farmer’s Market. Your help is needed with set up at 10am.
  • Mark your calendar for the morning of Aug. 23rd, Courage Classic set up in Cle Elum.
May Birthdays
Led by Walt Paulson, Rotarians celebrating this month include: John Mitchel, Scott & Lynn Junge, Chris Myers, Emma Conway, Randy Spitzer, Pam Peterson and Dave Morris.
Fines & Raffle:
John Winslow did a remarkable job filling in for Dave Cathers. Scott Junge offered happy bucks, celebrating Mother’s Day this Sunday, with a reminder that flowers are always a nice gift! 😊
Larry Olson had to pull a second ticket to find a 10 free winner (missed the name of the winner). The chance to draw (amid groans) went to Jeff Harris. He took home $15
Program: Mel Santos, First Tee
Mel introduced the two presenters: Brian Archer, Administrator and Allie Bourdoux, Program Director. First Tee is a national school program, open to youth 7 – 17 years old. The Gig Harbor program is co-sponsored by GH Rotary ($10,000) and the Peninsula School District at the elementary level. Using SNAG equipment, students participate in a skills challenge. The competition includes drive, chip and putt competitions. This year 6,000 PSD students were served.
The program builds skills & confidence for youth who might not have the opportunity to participate in the life-long sport of golf. Additionally, there are college scholarship opportunities. This summer First Tee is launching a new all-female class.
Past President Mel Wick adjourned the meeting at 8:30 am. Hey Mel, thanks for pinch hitting for Paul. A terrific job; just like when you were President!
Notes by Marcia Harris
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Friday (5/3/2019)

Posted by Jill Guernsey
Opening Bell: By Past President Dave Gordon at 7:30 am. Invocation: by Duane Fister. Pledge of Allegiance: by David Olson; Song: National Anthem by Hal Cline and Steve O’Donnell. Four Way Test: by Tom Stanfield.
Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by Coach: “The Lady” Mary Gorman, and Ralph Flick, members of the Mid-Day Club. Guests: Walker Allen’s sisters, Jackie and Eva; Tristan Lester, Cottesmore Remodel Project Administrator; Jerry Lee, Brookdale Administrator; Carrie Ann Ekberg, (Jack Neville’s daughter); former member Jim Hanson; Mel Wick’s friends Nancy and Woody Wright; Zianya Vizcaino, and Noah Flick, Rotary Exchange Students.
Opening Comments: by Pres. Paul Alvestad
  • Please participate in upcoming blood drives in honor of Howard Svigals wife, Elizabeth, who is undergoing cancer treatment and having a very rough time.
  • Geoff Barcalow is going to take over set up of the Club’s website, with help from a small but mighty committee.
  • Paul said something about the Dragon Boats and Richard Pifer jumping out of airplane. Stay tuned as it appears that we may know more about this next week.
  • Jeff Harris showed us the Rotary plaques that will face SR 302 and recognize Rotary’s contribution in building the Peninsula Gateway Park Pavilion.
  • Rod Ladd requested more gently used clothing to pack in the boxes going to the Philippines. Packing party is on May 13th at 5:30 pm at the Ladd-Pinch HQ.
  • Carrie Ann Ekberg invited everyone to the PenMetParks Women’s Wellness Expo on July 13th at Sehmel Park, from 8:30 am – 4:00 pm. She mentioned there will be beer and they need volunteers. Contact Annie Arbenz to volunteer.
  • Noah Flick thanked everyone for the opportunity to go to Hungary next year on the Student Exchange Program.
Inductions: Lyn Junge introduced Steve O’Donnell who is sponsored by Tom Borgen and Lee Smith. Tom said a few words about Kevin Bacon (7 degrees of separation) and we all welcomed Steve. Bob Martin did the honors.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Paul Willett was the Finemaster. David Olson paid a fine for sale of the Boys and Girls Club building to the School District. Brady Buskirk paid a fine for his namesake and their initials. Dave Gordon paid a fine for his Hawaiian shirt. Tim Toerber paid a fine for going to Paul Alvestad’s farm. Paul tried to get all Ford owners to pay a fine and we all ignored him.
Happy Bucks: Mary Gorman invited everyone to the Downtown Waterfront Alliance Volunteer Event on May 16th. Steve O’Donnell thanked all for joining the club. David Olson paid a buck for being here at same time as Emma Conway. Tom Borgen ‘fessed up about missing Dinners for 8 and paid $75 to the Club Foundation. Sharon Shafer thanked everyone who participated in the Rotary Dragon Boat race at the Paddler’s Cup last weekend! Todd Fletcher paid a buck for finally getting permits for the Cottesmore renovation. Noah Flick paid a buck for not being almost knocked into the water by one of the boats (not the Rotary boat) in the Dragon Boat races last weekend.
Drawing: Donna Lormor ran the raffle. Gary Glein won the 10 free tickets for next week and David Olson won the right to draw for $253 from the chips for the chance at the pot. He drew the white chip for $15.
Program: Hal Hodgins introduced Zianya Vizcaino, the Mid-day Club’s exchange student from Cozumel, Mexico. We learned that Cinco de Mayo is not a major holiday, but Day of the Dead is!
We learned that Cozumel is the largest of the Caribbean islands and is mostly inhabited by Americans who live there in the winter. Racoons and foxes live there too, but unlike the Americans, they don’t leave in the summer. Hurricanes occur frequently and in 2005 the island was severely damaged by Hurricane Irma (?).
Zianya showed pictures of the beach, the ocean and great places to see, including the reefs, where you may see turtles and dolphins, and the lighthouses.
She plans to study in Puerto Vallarta. Before she came to Gig Harbor she was Queen of the Navy in Mexico. She was also a part of the local Interact Club (her Dad’s Rotary Club has about 10 members), and the Scouts.
President Paul ended the meeting at 8:33 am.
Notes by Jill Guernsey       
Friday (5/3/2019) Jill Guernsey 2019-05-06 07:00:00Z 0

My first experience with dinners for 8, er 6

Posted by Geoff Barcalow
So we get the list of who, what when back in January and we are supposed to host in March. So, February flies past in no time, and I look at the calendar and I'm like what the heck, it's already 10 days into March and I haven't even reached out to the group to whom I am to host. So I send the first email and we begin the arduous task of coordinating schedules. We have vacation, they have vacation, I have work they have lessons. Seriously!?!? So our February dinner fell through and so our first experience is going to be as hosts. It's okay, if we can feed our extremely picky young ladies, we can feed 6 adults who may or may not have food allergies or dietary restrictions. Well, I guess I have to send that email too.
Somewhere in the middle of all this I realize that the dinner isn't really supposed to be scheduled until April. I'm not late I'm early, w00t! And suddenly this enormous weight is lifted, the Hal breathing over my shoulder kinda weight; (we kid because we care). 

So we settle on April 26th, sure its only 5 days after we get back from China, but Grandpa has already committed to babysitting. We can't turn back now. We get back from China, a day late because our flights were delayed and we spend the next few days re-syncing our clocks and debating what to prepare for dinner. We settled on yakisoba and pot stickers.
The evening of the event comes, and it's time to take the girls to Grandpa's but of course, the dance shoes (for Tap class) cannot be found. Too much time is lost looking for the shoes and we now have to deliver the girls directly to dance class instead of grandpas. I know this isn't about dinners for 8, but it happened on the same day and I hurt my back so just bare with me on this tangent. So, no shoes at the dance studio. We are looking through the box of loaner shoes and I'm bending over looking for the right size. After what seemed like 20 minutes we have a pair of acceptable but not perfect (because what else would a 6yo expect from a box of abandoned shoes). I stand up and something in my back goes "DONT YOU DO THAT" and I did it anyway. Something pinched and yeah, the rest of the night was uncomfortable (physically, not because of the company). And the next weekend was my first change in a month to do some yard work because we'd been in China and that was basically out of the question at this point. So, back to the dinner.
Randy and Laurie are right on time, Jill and Tom are right behind them within 5 minutes. So, we're just waiting on Tom B and his wife. So we're waiting, and waiting and waiting. 30 minutes passes and we decide to reach out, and he is completely unaware that we are having dinner. We offer to wait and he generously declines. So we have a lovely dinner and great conversation without him. The salad and cobbler were fantastic. We had our own wine and beer from Wet Coast (it shares a parking lot with the dance studio ;). It was a great evening.
Now, this isn't exactly Tom B's fault though. Somewhere back in March, he had fallen off the email chain. It was Myself, Jill, Randy and Tom (but it was Tom with an S) on the email chain. And, since everyone including Tom S replied to all my emails I never went any farther into the addresses to make sure it was actually the correct Tom that was replying. Live and learn I guess.
So that's my story; cheers to your next dinners for 8.
Geoff B
My first experience with dinners for 8, er 6 Geoff Barcalow 2019-05-06 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (4/26/2019)

Posted by Marti Anderson
Slide show prior to the opening bell.
Opening Bell: By Past Pres Betty Felker; Invocation: by Rod Ladd; Pledge of Allegiance: Betty Felker; Song: God Bless America led by Hal Cline; Four Way Test: Tom Borgen
Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by Coach. Guests included Walker Allen’s sisters and Brent Tayet’s three darling children
Opening Comment: The Club Board and Foundation Board have been working hard to officially clarify the relationship between the two organizations. It will be ready for club approval soon.
  • Service for Eldon Wiggs is this Sunday, April 28
  • Keith Harris auctioned off 2 VIP tickets to Saturday’s Rainiers Game. A real bargain at $50.
  • Friends of Rotary Honored: Ohana Coffee and Harbor General Store proprietors Bob and Kimberly Juranich, and Bob Johnson of the Pt Fosdick Antique Hanger, were thanked and honored for their contributions to the Auction, which were not adequately recognized at the time. Lee Smith announced that our videographer Josh Sherwin has been voted as an honorary member of our Club.
  • Kurt Grimmer – Paddlers Cup warm up and schedule.
  • Earlyact Video- Brent Tayett shared a short video proposed, written, and acted by the Artondale EarlyAct Club. Their projects this year included the Buddy Benches at Artondale, Letters to students affected by the fires in Paradise CA, 2080 books to ship to the Philippines, Recess Runners, and learning the 4-Way Test. Thanks to the GHHS Video Club for shooting and editing. Well done, all.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Peter Glein was the Finemaster. Fines included: Betty’s “loud” pants, Marcia Harris for (mis)spelling of Mercedes Benz, Tim Toerber for the increase in ramp accidents at SEATAC, and a few “dirty” jokes in honor of Eldon. If I could remember them, they were actually rated “G”. Happy Bucks: Buck read a note from Kathy Davis with good news regarding her health and treatment. Mike Pinch requested gently used clothing to help fill the boxes of books from the Earlyact. All books make the boxes too heavy.
Drawing: Annmarie Huppert ran the raffle. Marti Anderson won the 10 free next week and Mike Pinch drew a whit chip.
Program: Mateo Santiago. A Guatemalan’s Story. At the age of 18 Mateo left his home, with his cousins, little money, no idea how to get here, and not speaking English, to start a new life in the US. It was quite a journey. He has now become fluent in English, is an educator, and interpreter. He was not able to return for 16 years, but now returns several times a year to bring help with education, improving living and health conditions. He is working on his US citizenship and hopes to bring his wife and baby here as soon.
President Paul ended the meeting at 8:30
Notes by Marti Anderson
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Friday (4/19/2019)

Posted by Randy Spitzer
Slide show prior to the opening bell. Paul Alvestad’s “Cow-pocalypse,” Golferitaville.
Opening Bell: by Mel Santos at 7:30 am; Invocation: by Fred Labayen; Pledge of Allegiance: by Mel Santos; Song: National Anthem, led by Hal Cline; Four Way Test: led by all
Visiting Rotarians: None visiting
Guests: Bill Every (prospective Rotarian), Noel Brambila, Peninsula Youth Orchestra
  • Suits for Service Members: 60+ items of clothing have been collected so far.
  • Bovine Experience: The “Cow-pocalypse,” hosted by Paul was dampened somewhat by the rain, but he did have one family attend.
  • Board Actions: The relationship between the club and the club foundation is being clarified and finalized. There is a membership proposal being examined setting a 60% attendance requirement or “aspiration” to keep your membership active.
  • Perfect Attendance: You can now keep up with your own “perfect attendance” and your status regarding the “Rule of 85,” (years of membership plus your age.)
  • Calendar: See our online calendar (Clubrunner) for events happening this week.
  • District Conference: We viewed a video of District Gov. Craig Gillis singing about Rotary set to the tune of “The House of the Rising Sun.” The Governor also promoted the upcoming District Conference.
  • Cars 4 Change: We viewed a video featuring Howard Mackert explain the program.
  • Peninsula Youth Orchestra: Noelle Brambila appealed to the club members asking for help finding a new home for the Peninsula Youth Orchestra. They recently lost their “home venue” and have 100 middle-school aged string students on four different levels who need a meeting space on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00-6:00. They need at least 4 rooms with adequate space for each group. If you have a prospective site they might use, please contact Noelle at 253-534-5384. Their web site is: HarborPYO.org
  • Gig Harbor Film Festival: Betty Felker announced that the GHFF is now rated in the top 30 film festivals in the country; it was previously rated in the top 100. The festival has 500 film submissions this year (up from 160 last year.) The festival is starting a youth camp this summer to teach kids how to make films. Their gala fundraiser is scheduled for June 7 at Canterwood.
  • Paul Harris Awards were given to Ivan Gorne (+1) and Walker Allen (+3) Congratulations!
Raffle: Marti Anderson won ten-free. Mel Wick drew a white chip.
Fines and Happy Bucks: John Winslow was the Fine-master today. Coach was fined for criticizing the film festival. John Eddy was fined for promoting Marti Anderson Travel earlier in the meeting. Paul Alvestad, who has 10 more meetings to go to the end of his presidency, was fined for using the term “aspirational.” Jeff Harris was fined for delegating to Sharon Shaffer the placing of a nice article in the Gig Harbor, “Living Local.”* Mack Pinch was fined for promoting himself for the Penlight board. Mark Hoppen was fined for laughing at the District Governor’s singing. Hal Cline was fined for asking Annie Arbenz, “Are you pregnant?” (She gave a happy buck because she is not.)
Happy Bucks: Mel Santos reminded us that he is celebrating the ribbon cutting of his business next week to which we’re all invited. Kelly Busey announced that our club is graduating 18 students in the prison program. Donna Lormor shared her happiness that her Rotary friends in China noted that today is Paul Harris’ birthday, and that they are interested in a friendship exchange with our club. Cindy Reed reminded us that there will be a ribbon cutting for Heritage Distilling’s refurbished downtown tasting room next week; she also announced that she will soon be visiting Melony Meyer, our last Rotary exchange student soon. Mike Pinch announced that he will soon have a new grandson (Mack’s brother’s child.) Sharon Shaffer announced the paddlers cup is coming up on Sunday, April 28 at Skansie Brothers Park. The Dragonboat club is honoring cancer survivors and caregivers at 3:15 on the day of the festival. They need 3 more paddlers; contact Sharon if you’d like to paddle.
Vocational: The Vocational Committee is the only committee that serves wine and beer at their meetings. Come join the committee and enjoy the hospitality!
International: Our club has installed water projects in 15 villages in Guatemala and have 15 more to go. We also have a couple additional water projects we’re exploring in Uganda.
Community Service: Mary Bridge Courage is coming up at the end of August. We have a celebration planned for Veterans Day. We’re working on installing a Rotary Gazebo, working toward our Musical Instruments in the Park project, and a PenMet Parks project and Splashpad project.
Club Service: The club does not have a waiting list, so invite new members now. We have a Fireside coming up in June. Watch announcements for time and place.
Program: Reclassification Talk: Marcia Harris. Marcia presented her life’s journey using music titles and lyrics including: Janice Joplin’s A Mercedes Benz and Me and Bobby McGee, Hellen Reddy’s, I am Woman, Jim Croce’s, I Got a Name and Time in a Bottle, Judy Collins’, Someday Soon, Randy Newman’s, It’s Lonely at the Top, Whiney Houston’s, Greatest Love of All, Let There be Peace on Earth, Frank Sinatra’s I did it My Way, and Louis Armstrong’s It’s a Beautiful World. Editor's Note: Marcia was our 29th, and first female, president, 2002-03
*Living Local Article Cass-ie Riendeau is the Marketing Director of Living Local. Cassie came to the Star Awards banquet and wrote a three-page story about it in the March issue of the magazine. Because she is so impressed with the work Rotary does in the community, she offered the ad in the magazine for only $300 for the three Gig Harbor clubs ($100/club.) Cassie is a great friend of Rotary!
President Paul ended the meeting at 8:32
Notes by Randy Spitzer
Friday (4/19/2019) Randy Spitzer 2019-04-20 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (4/12/2019)

Posted by Chuck Cuzzetto
Slide show prior to the opening bell highlighted Rotary events including the District Conference, Courage, Parkland Rotary Golf Event, Mid Day Golferitaville, Master Calendar, and Mackert Automotive Women’s Car Clinic.
Opening Bell: at 7:32 am with PP Bob Martin presiding and welcoming with a “Did you know?” for those members who recall his reign. Invocation: by Duane Fister, substituting for Cynthia Kennedy. Pledge of Allegiance: lead by Bob Martin. Song: “God Bless America” started by Dave Cathers, substituting for Randy Spitzer, substituting for Dave Gillespie. Four Way Test: from a distance by Betty Felker. Greeters: none were noted.
Visiting Rotarians: Coach had no visiting Rotarians to introduce. Guests: Tom Stanfield introduced Amy Webb and David Charbonneau, both with Herron’s Key; Betty Felker introduced Stephanie Lile, our Speaker; Don Buchanan welcomed John Hogan with Uptown; and Al Bucholz introduced his daughter.
Opening Comments: President Alvestad invited Rotarians and their families to his place this Saturday at 9 am to commune with cows (must be something he learned in Pullman). No breakfast will be served and boots are a necessity. President Paul reviewed the calendar for the upcoming week. The GH Rotary Foundation retreat is next Wednesday. There are Vocational Service and Youth Service meetings next week. Next Friday’s meeting will be highlighted with Committee reports and a reclassification talk by Marcia Harris.
  • John Eddy thanked everyone for attending Rotary After Hours this week. Seventeen Rotarians enjoyed their time. Bob Martin is looking for pictures, if anyone has some.
  • Jennifer Hamilton reported on last weekend’s Sip N Stroll. She said it was the best one ever, sold out with more than 500 tickets sold, and 50 volunteers, including 24 Rotarians. She thanked everyone for helping.
  • Jill Guernsey reported that there will be a celebration of life for Eldon Wiggs, former member, lifelong Rotarian, and wannabe Comedian. The event will be at the Gig Harbor Golf Club, April 28, from 3-5 pm.
  • Camilla Brocker gave a quick recap of the auction. There were more than 300 tickets sold with an estimated gross of $140,000 and a preliminary net of $120,000. She also recognized some of the auction’s generous sponsors, including Uptown, Herron’s Key, and Edward Jones(x3).
Fines and Happy Bucks: Mr. Chris Meyers was a fine Finemaster. He started the session by debating with John Eddy about RAH – Chris said it was the easiest assignment. John suggested Chris should attend sometime and see. John paid a buck. Camilla was asked about her opinion on a Board change to make the auction chair serve two consecutive terms. She paid a buck instead. President Paul was fined for communing with cows. None of us were “mooved” with his effort to “hide” from his fine and although he tried to “steer” away from a fine, he didn’t put up much of a “beef.” Scott Junge was fined for being the PenLight Board Secretary because Board Candidate Mac Pinch wasn’t in attendance. Howard Mackert was fined for either researching or drinking carbonic water, the Scribe wasn’t sure which. Dave Gordon was fined for coming fully prepared to a Foundation meeting with a 2016 Agenda. At least he was familiar with the issues. Finally, the Scribe was fined for having a good looking family. Happy Bucks: Howard Mackert was happy to return to the track next week, and one other thing he couldn’t remember (maybe he was thankful for his great sense of recall). Rich Coyner shared a happy buck to announce a VA Forum next weekend at the Tacoma Dome and asked everyone to spread the word. Ron Roberts celebrated his return from Maui, Peter Glein just returned from Boston, and Betty Felker is home from Palm Desert. Dave Morris thanked Howard Mackert for the great concert at the Mackert’s house, with fabulous music.
Drawing: Donna Lormor ran the raffle. The pot is $117 and we are down to 14 chips. Steve O’Donnell won the 10 free tickets for next week and Jeff Harris won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. He drew a white chip so the pot moves to next week when we are sure Jeff will get to draw again.
Program: Betty Felker reintroduced Stephanie Lile, Executive Director of the Harbor History Museum. Stephanie thanked the club for their long-time support of the Museum and recapped her travels across the country, always returning to her roots in Gig Harbor. Her talk was titled, “What’s Up with That Boat?” She recapped the history of the Shenandoah and its journeys. The Shenandoah was originally launched in 1925 and has been through a few owners and renovations. It was donated to the Museum in 2000, moved to the Museum in 2003, and to its current location in 2010. The Museum is in the middle of a fund-raising capital campaign to restore the boat and to enclose the viewing area. The plan is to restore ½ back to 1925 and the other to a 1955-1970 version. The goal is to have the viewing area and the restoration process completed by 2025 to mark the Shenandoah’s 100th Birthday.
President Alvestad ended the meeting at 8:25.
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Friday (4/5/2019)

Posted by Marcia Harris
Call to Order: Soon to be President Hal Hodgins rang the bell for his first meeting at 7:30 am.; Annmarie Huppert provided lovely, reflective thoughts for our lives. The pledge was led by Larry Olson; Hal Cline led “God Bless America”; Randy Spitzer: the 4 Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians: No visiting Rotarians
Guests: This week’s guests included: Bill Everett, Chuck Jensen, Joanne Bucholz, honorary member, introduced by Al
Featured Items:
  • Hal shared this was his ‘trial run’ chairing a Friday morning meeting. Nice job Hal; you’re off to a good start.
  • This week’s up-coming calendar: Youth Services Committee after today’s meeting next door; Tuesday’s Community Service Committee Tuesday at 5:30; Rotary After Hours on the 10th, 5:30 at the Tides.
  • Cindy Reed, Youth Exchange Committee, announced that the 2019-20 exchange student is Ann Marie from Norway. Cindy is still looking for one more host family in the Peninsula High School attendance area.
  • Birthdays & anniversaries were celebrated with the help of Walt Paulsen. Among the named April were: President Paul, Mark Hoppen, Zach Lester, Peter Stanley, Debbie Miller and Don Buchanan.
  • Hal Cline celebrated 51 years as a Rotarian with a donation to the Floyd & Sandra Olson Foundation.
  • A Sip ‘N Stroll volunteer thank you is scheduled for May 16th was announced by Jill Guernsey.
  •  Camilla Brocker honored three Auction supporters with a thank you plaque: Columbia Bank & Allisha McVay for the Dessert Dash; Debbie Wittmers, event sponsor; Juanita Carbaugh, wine toss sponsor. Other businesses will be recognized at future Rotary meetings or at their place of business.
Fines & Happy Bucks – Finemaster Mac Pinch:
  • Sharon Shaffer recruited neighborhood guys to move a heavy table. No tips or employment benefits.
  • What is the difference between Club runner and a dating website? Contact Mac for the punch line & also proof that you actually read these minutes.
  • Emma Conway is happy about the treatment her son received at Mary Bridge.
  • Howard Mackert is celebrating Rhonda’s concert on Sunday.
  • Lee Smith gave kudos to Steve Skibbs for donating many men’s suits to help prepare men for interviews & employment.
  • Ben Paganelli was beaming, just having hear that his daughter Ann Marie has been awarded a full scholarship for the remainder of her college education.
  • Mel Santos was happy to announce his new office location at Rosedale & Skansie. A ribbon cutting will be announced soon.
  • Marcia Harris has 10 free tickets next week
  • Pam Peterson Smith went home with $15; the blue chip is still in the bag for next week’s raffle.
Program: Climate Change and the Pacific Northwest: What’s True?
Introduction of speaker, John Doherty, was prefaced by reminding the club that global warming is a Rotary issue of concern. The April “Rotarian” includes three separate articles on global warming and predicted future impacts.
John Doherty’s presentation was based on evidence & facts from respected scientific organizations like NOAA, ASA, etc. The purpose of his presentation was not to persuade but rather to share rigorously compiled scientific data and allow the audience to draw their own conclusions.
John linked his presentation to the Rotary 4 Way Test:
  • Is it the truth?
  • How do I know it is the truth?
  • Who and what information do I trust?
He concluded his presentation with two questions:
  • If global warming is occurring, why aren’t we taking adequate steps to delay the effect?
  • What do we care about?
STB President Hal adjourned the meeting at 8:30 am.
Notes by Marcia Harris
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Friday (3/29/2019)

Posted by Chuck Perry
The opening slide show had many slides of the auction, a District 5020 Calendar, and announcements about: Golferitaville, Boy Scouts night at the Rainiers, Mary Bridge Courage Bike Ride, and the District 5020 training and conference.
Opening Bell: By Past President Gary Glein at 7:30 am. Invocation: by Annmarie Huppert. Pledge of Allegiance: by visiting Rotarian Ray Schuler; Song: America the Beautiful, led by Hal Cline. Four Way Test: by Don Rees. Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by “Coach” Jack Stonestreet; Ray Schuler from Tacoma 8. Guests: Jeanne Peterson, guest of Buck Frymier, Steve O’Donnell, guest of Lee Smith and Tom Borgen, Rodney Tayet, guest of Brent Tayet, Rocky and Oliver Pinch, Mac Pinch’s boys, and Dick Vanberg’s two grandsons, Willem and Christian.
Opening Comments: Paul had a few announcements:
  • Gig Harbor North Rotary is working on a Gazebo project, which our club may join to assist.
  • Work is being done to form a Rotary Facebook with access only for Rotarians in the three Gig Harbor clubs.
  • The Attendance recommendation for the Club that was sent out has stirred a lot of discussion. Paul wanted us to know that the recommendations were precatory in nature. ( A legal word for wishes and guidelines, not cast in stone.) We currently do not have a waiting list for membership. So try to find some new members to nominate. If they are young, that is a bonus, but they don’t have to be, since we have two “Junges” already. (Pun intended)
  • The Courage Bike Ride for Mary Bridge is still a go, for August. They are still trying to figure out where they will need our club for help. More to come.
  • District Conference is scheduled for May, and our club has at least 11 attending and it looks like that may increase to 15.
  • Paul discussed the opening slides announcing the District Master Calendar, the Boy Scout night at the Rainiers, and Golferitaville. If you need additional information, shoot him an email and he or Aerin can send you out the links..
  • Club Calendar: Nothing scheduled for next week, but the week of the 8th has meetings every day. Please see the link to the calendar above to check the schedule.
  • Rotary Wisdom 101: None today announced, followed by much applause and cheering.
  • Career Fair: Norma Whitacre read a thank you letter from the Principal of Henderson Bay High School. The career fair went very well, with 24 professionals helping, of which 12 were from our club. Norma had Mike Pinch hand out Godiva chocolate to those volunteers at the meeting.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Paul Willet filled in for John Winslow. Paul collected a few bucks from Bob Martin for Oregon’s early exit from the NCAA Basketball Tournament, Peter Glein for Gonzaga’s performance in the tournament, Tim Toerber for being on vacation last Thanksgiving, which is one of the busiest days of the year for the airport,(Tim works for the Port of Seattle in Seatac operations), Tom Stanfield for not following his marketing training by getting close to the Mayor after she was Mayor, not while she was mayor and had the power. Happy Bucks: Paul gave the first happy buck for his daughter, Mattie, basketball performance as a freshman in college; Jeff Harris for something; Annmarie for a great dinners for eight; Buck for a new grandchild; Mike Pinch for something about a guitar; and Pam Smith for finally getting her last August dinners for eight dinner completed. (SEE, it is never too late to do a dinners for eight.)
Drawing: Larry Olsen ran the raffle. The pot is $215 and we are at 11 chips. The ticket was pulled and Gary Glein won the 10 free tickets for next week Jim Rieck won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. He drew the Blue chip to win $215.
Program: Deborah Jo Wofford, Superintendent of the Washington Corrections Center for Women, on what is happening with the Purdy prison.
Deborah started with the description of two bills being considered in the legislature this session. The first #5876, dealing with gender responsive classification system. There are 35,000 inmates in Washington, of which only 3,000 are females. The classification system used to classify inmates for the type of incarceration they serve is gender biased. This bill is to try to correct the bias. The Second Bill, #5120 is to increase the amount a sentence can be reduced for good conduct time up to 50% from the current 30%. Purdy has a capacity of 756 inmates. Actual counts are running 950 to 1000 inmates. Some inmates are being housed in Yakima County Jail, due to the overcrowding. The prison employs 530 employees, a major employer for the Gig Harbor area. There are 135 programs run at the facility for the inmates. The program run by the Gig Harbor Rotary has been very successful and is doing a great job. They are trying to expand the education programs at the prison, as well as Trades Programs, in order to help the inmates when they get out. Deborah feels that we need to actively start these programs to assist in release as soon as the women arrive. Some of the programs are only available in the last few years of a long sentence. She feels that working on these programs for the entire sentence will improve the current recidivism rate of 21% for women and 35% for men.
Notes by Chuck Perry
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Friday (3/22/2019)

Posted by Jill Guernsey
Opening Bell: By Past Pres. Ron Roberts at 7:27 am. Invocation: by Duane Fister. Pledge of Allegiance: by Terry Brown. Song led by Hal Cline and ably assisted by Mike Pinch. Four Way Test: by Tom Stanfield.
Visiting Rotarians: We have ZERO visiting Rotarians. Guests of Rotarians: Dana Webster, Josh Sherwin, Irene Torres, Jeremy Larkin, Cassie Riando, Vanessa Kirwood, Dave Krogel, Tom Taylor.
Pres. Paul took the meeting back over at 7:32.
Pres. Paul thanked guest Cassie Riando for the Gig Harbor Living Local Magazine’s article about the STAR awards dinner in February. As Sharon said, it wouldn’t have happened without Cassie!
Calendar – Upcoming events include: Rotary Board meeting this week, and
  • Guest Tom Taylor spend a few minutes talking about the YMCA’s Annual Campaign and all the great things the Y does including not turning anyone away! And all foster kids are free members.
  • Lee Smith asked for more volunteers for Sip and Stroll on April 6th. Signup sheets passed around.
(Rotary 101 Wisdom #14 by Pres. Paul: skipped and the applause was unbelievable.)
Bob Martin updated us on Rotary Foundation and the need for more contributions.
Paul Harris Fellows: Bob also awarded Paul Harris pins to Debbie Wittmers, Dave Gordon, and Hal Cline.
Pam asked folks to get ready to volunteer at the first GH Waterfront Farmers Market in June.
GigHarborRotaryFoundation.org website: Scott Junge introduced Dave Krogel who created the new website. Scott also thanked everyone who helped, including and especially Tom Borgen. Link will be sent out. Website shows Avenues of Service and shows many of the great things our club has done. Links to Club Runner and various Rotary foundations. Nice video re what we can do. Click to go to Donation page. Great website!
Fine master Paul Willet (in a very pink Hawaiian shirt) fined Marti for her green shirt last week, Walt Severn for being at Ace at same time as Paul was there, Kelly Busey for his son, Chance’s, social media post reference to Wham! (Chance is too young), and someone for too many acronyms. And of course, he fined Pres. Paul for Rotary #101, aka Rotary LOL, and Hal Cline for something last week.
Happy bucks include Chuck Perry reference to 864 pictures he took at the auction. The link to Flickr to see the photos is: https://www.flickr.com/gp/145750897@N07/N2gMyK
Chuck suggested you use Firefox or Chrome to open it so you get all the pictures. Ron Roberts thinks Gonzaga will win again and he is headed to Maui. Dave Gillespie went skiing last week and Peter Stanley broke a bone (leg/knee??) but is doing better. Mike Pinch is happy to have been invited to Dinners for 8 at Mark Roberts’ house. Sophie is happy no one charged anything on her credit card after she left it at the auction. Sharon had a happy buck for Cassie’s article about the STAR awards.
Raffle by Annmarie Huppert. Dave Morris won 10 free, Lee (again) won chance to draw, but lost.
Introduction of Program by Sharon Shaffer: Dana Webster, our Club’s STAR award recipient. As the recipient of the award, she received a Paul Harris fellowship and donated the amount she received to the Key Peninsula Community Council, represented here today by Irene Torres and Jeremy Larkin, officers of KPCC.
Josh Sherwin’s video for the STAR Award Event was shown (in part). Note: Randy Spitzer did the audio for the video. One of Dana’s major accomplishments is the KP Farm Tour in October, which she helped to organize. The video highlighted Dana’s many other accomplishments, including the KPCC community office.
Sharon presented a check for $1500.00 to Dana as a thank you for all she has done. Sharon noted that a portion of the award was from the Club’s Vocational Services Committee. Dana then donated the check to the KP Community Council.
Paul introduced the Club’s Committee chairs for a brief update.
  • Rod Ladd, Vocational Services Chair, mentioned a grant that allows us to pay for more cleft palate repair operations.
  • Corey Coryell, chair of the Community Services Committee, talked about the Courage Classic, Community Dock project, splash pad at Gateway Park, History Museum project, etc. He also talked about the Music in the Park project brought to us by Pam.
  • Richard Schmalz, chair of International Committee, talked about last week’s fundraiser at Fondi’s to raise money to send students to Guatamala to work on Rotary projects; and the Henderson Bay High School students job fair organized by Norma (kudos to Norma!).
  • Marti Anderson, of the Youth Services Committee, spoke for Chair Jeanie Simmons. Interact club includes middle and high school students. They did a great job helping at the auction.
Mel Santos thanked Sharon for her hard work on the STAR award event, and Cassie for her article in GH Living Local. Once again Josh Sherwin received a standing ovation for all the work he has done for our Club, and the fact that he charges us very little for what he does, so Mel gave him a bonus check. Several of us also announced upcoming videos that Josh is or has done, including this years Veterans Day Event on November 11, 2019, and the Cars4Change video he recently completed
President Paul ended the meeting at 8:27 am.
Notes by Jill Guernsey
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Friday (3/15/2019)

Posted by Jill Guernsey
Opening Bell: By Past Pres. Terry Brown at 7:30 am; Invocation: by Marc Jorgenson; Pledge of Allegiance: by John Ciccarelli; Song led by Hal Cline; Four Way Test: by Stan Eastberg.
Visiting Rotarians: Lou and Kathi Menendez from GH North.
Guests: Prospective member Steve O’Donnell.
Pres. Paul announced that from now until the end of his term Past Club Presidents will be asked to do the Call to Order.
  • New member Ian Warner is having health issues but hopes to be at next week’s meeting. Please contact Jeff Harris if you would like to help.
  • Liz Svigals, Howard’s wife (Howard is from Midday Rotary) was recently diagnosed with cancer. Tom Borgen is our contact if you would like to help in any way.
The Auction: Camilla received a standing ovation for a job well done. She graciously thanked everyone and called the event “magical.”
Calendar – Upcoming events include Sip and Stroll on April 6th. Lee Smith said we need more volunteers so please contact him.
Rotary 101 Wisdom #19 by Pres. Paul – Solutions and “the Big Picture.” Pres. Paul suggested that looking at the Big Picture before settling on a Solution may make life easier/better.
Inductions – Lyn Junge introduced inductees Delaine Morgan and Tom Stanfield and Duane Fister did a nice job of bringing them into the club. Their sponsors (Pam Peterson and Jill Guernsey) were asked to say a few words and they did. Delaine looked great and Tom blushed.
Attendance – Secretary Cynthia Kennedy passed around a draft list of those who have perfect attendance. If your name isn’t on there and you think it should be, please contact her: cynthiakennedy@kennedylegalsolutions.com.
Intergenerational Festival March 30th – sponsored by the GH North Club. Project leader Kathi Menendez and husband Lou talked a little about the program, doing something for the community, bringing people together, and building bridges, all in a day at the Boys and Girls Club. For more details, https://signup.com/go/rXSNSgz or email intergenfest@gmail.com.
Dinners for Eight – Hal Cline has been in charge of this wonderful program for years and, if allowed, would speak about it for an hour or two. But in just a few seconds (well, minutes) he did a nice job of encouraging people to sign up, especially red badgers.
Fondi Fundraiser – Rod Ladd reminded us to eat at Fondi’s on March 19th to raise money to send Interact students to Guatemala. Contact Rod if questions. You need to bring the coupon with you. Rod sent out the coupon last week and if you need another one, contact him: rodney_ladd.msn.com or 253.722.4746.
Guatemala Trip – Jeff Harris just returned from a trip to Guatemala in conjunction with a Rotary Global Grant for the Rachel Project. He described the trip as rewarding and inspirational.
Friends of Rotary – Jeff also introduced the new program, Friends of Rotary, which provides a plaque to those individuals/businesses which go out of their way to help Rotary. We are starting this program off by awarding Friends of Rotary plaques to the Restaurants and Sponsors of the Auction. And anyone can nominate anyone simply by contacting Jeff.
Finemaster Peter Glein fined Sophie (who wasn’t present) for leaving her credit card at the auction. Actually, he auctioned her card off to the highest bidder. See Peter for details. Other lost and found at the auction items were returned and members fined for leaving stuff there, except for Camilla who left her leg brace there and doesn’t want it back. Still wondering how Dorothy made it home without her shoes and why Rich Coyner left his pliers there.
Happy bucks delayed until next week.
Raffle – Larry Olson hosted. Somebody won 10 free tickets and Ben Paganelli didn’t win the jackpot.
Introduction of Program – Hal Hodgins gave us all little slips of colored paper so we could break into groups and talk about what our Club does best, what could be improved, etc. More to come about the survey results at a later date.
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Friday (3/8/2019)

Posted by Marti Anderson
Slide show prior to the opening bell.
Opening Bell: By President Paul at 730 am. Invocation: by Duane Fister. Pledge of Allegiance. Song: led by Hal Cline. Four Way Test
Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by Coach. Rick Olson. Guests: Mary Pablo, Max Morgan, Rod Tayet, Steve O’Donnell
Opening Comment: Apparently Paul was so surprised by Randy’s haircut that he dispensed with other comments.
  • Next week is full of committee meetings. Check the calendar
  • Rotary After Hours. El Pueblito, March 13, 530pm – 730p
  • Hal Hodgins and Camilla Brocker gave reports on their experience at P.E.T.S. Tom Borgen talked on his experience attending as Assistant District Governor
  • Birthdays – led by Walt Paulsen
  • Fondi’s Fund Raiser – March 19. 5-8pm, Proceeds to help support the kids going to Guatemala.
Fines and Happy Bucks: John Winslow was the Finemaster. Happy Bucks: Rod – Bob Martin and Jan getting ready for Friendship Exchange “DownUnder”. Brent for Rod inspiring the EarlyActors to collect books for International. Gary Glein, 10 days in Hawaii with his family. Pam, Dragon Boat Flea Market this weekend. Bob Lutschg has moved into his new home. Jim Rieck is a proud Grandpa.
Drawing: Donna Lormor ran the raffle. The pot is $120. Ben Paganelli won 10 free tickets for next week and Lee Smith won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. He drew the white chip.
Program: Camilla Brocker gave us a pre-auction pep-talk and ran through a power point with descriptions for all live auction items.
President Paul ended the meeting at 8:35
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In Memoriam Al Weaver Robert J Martin 2019-03-06 08:00:00Z 0

Friday (3/1/2019)

Posted by Chuck Perry
This Club meeting was run by the Peninsula High School Interact Club.
Opening Bell: By President Cassie McMurtrey, (President of Peninsula Interact Club) at 7:30 am. Invocation: by Rod Ladd, filling in for Veronica Hooper, with his old standby emergency invocation. Pledge of Allegiance: by Julie McMurtrey from interact; Song: God Bless America led by Hal Cline. Four Way Test: by Eliza Liebner of Interact. Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by “Coach” Jack Stonestreet; Zianya Vizcaino, an exchange student from Mexico, Ralph Flick, Midday, Mary Gorman, Midday, Becky Fontani and Leslie from Tacoma 8. Guests: Nora Mahany, Maxine (SP?) Mahany and Jessi, members of the Artondale Earlyact club, Steve O’Donnell, guest of Lee smith and Tom Borgen, David Holsinger, guest of Sophy Perkins, Noah Flick guest of Cindy Reed and the following members of the Peninsula Roteract Club: Cassie McMurtrey, Julie McMuertrey, Nina Liebner, Eliza Liebner, Emma Swainston, and Andy Ma.
Auction Update:
  • Overall Progress: Camilla Brocker was not available for a report, however it was reported that all is under control, with one last planning meeting for next week.
  • Wine Toss: Juanita announced that she needs more wine. Currently at 180 bottles and need 250. Will accept the rest at the next meeting, don’t forget to bring them. Looking for Large specialty Beers and a few more white wines.
  • Desert Dash: Nine more are needed and a signup was passed around.
  • Procurement: Randy Spitzer and Peter Glein were not at the meeting for a report, however it was reported we are light on donations and we are at the deadline. Make sure the items are entered on the system.
  • Ticket sales: Rod Ladd reported that we are at 280 and our goal is to reach 400, so we have 120 to go.
  • Set up and Teardown /Cleanup: Terry Brown sent around a signup for volunteers. Please sign up or call Terry to let him know what you can do!
Opening Comments: Cassie reviewed the activities and projects of the Peninsula Interact Club.
  • They will be at the Auction as volunteers to help with the auction as in previous years.
  • They are working with Purdy elementary school on an Arbor Day project. They plan to do a tree planting. Arbor Day is April 26th
  • Interact is very involved with InterGenFest. InterGenFest, is a community service event designed to engage seniors and youth, is scheduled for Saturday, March 30, 10 am - 2:30 pm, at the Cheney Boys & Girls Club. Sessions include smart phone tips for seniors, interviewing skills for youth, Talking Saves Lives and water color is not magic.
  • Cassie also announced that Paul had blessed the club with a BYE for the Rotary 101 presentations. This was greeted with great applause.
  • Perfect attendance awards: A list of recipients for perfect attendance awards for the 2017-2018 year ended 6/30/18 was circulated. If you recognize any errors on the list, like a missing recipient or the wrong number of years listed, please let Cynthia Kennedy know so that she can make the correction. Awards will be given out at a future meeting.
  • Suits for Service Members: A program sponsored by the Association of the US Army for collecting suits and dress clothes for US Army Veterans. The program provides suits for service members coming out of the service and needed for job interviews in the private sector. We will be collecting suits for the next couple of weeks at our Friday meetings to support this cause. The collection includes all dress clothes to include shirts, ties and dress shoes.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Chris Myers was the finemaster. He collected a few bucks from: Brady Buskirk, for a baby due soon; John Eddy for RAH next week; Lyn Junge for baby “Rose Dale”, new granddaughter; Alex Zarelli who did not have a dollar for a fine last week, and did not have a dollar for a fine this week –Joyce Tailor came to his rescue with two dollars; Howard Mackert for reminding Chris that St Patrick’s day is March 17, not the 15th; Mac Pinch was fined for his “fine” looks; Bob Martin for more stories than time with his presentation last week; Marcia Harris for her front page picture in the Gateway as a nominee for KP Citizen of the Year; Chris also mentioned that an article in the Gateway said that taking a Beta Blocker causes people to gain on the average 2.6 pounds, he then went on to ask Paul Alvestad “Just how many Beta Blockers is he taking”. A few happy bucks were then collected: Dave Morris for his daughter is expecting a baby in May, and his son is getting married; Paul Alvestad announced he was proud to be a Peninsula grad, after all the Interact Students announced they were from Peninsula HS; Mackert announced another concert by his wife; Sue Jensen was happy to be a Peninsula graduate; John Eddy was happy he went to Peninsula, however he graduated from Gig Harbor; Jeff Harris is leaving tomorrow for Guatemala.
Drawing: Larry Olson ran the raffle. The pot is $113 and we are back up to 15 chips. The ticket was pulled and Walker Allen won the 10 free tickets for next week Jeff Harris won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. He drew the white chip to win $15.
Program: Nina Liebner our outgoing exchange student for last year was introduced by Hal Hodgins. This was the report to the club of her year in Italy. She had a lifetime experience on her year abroad. She went to a city located in the mountains of Northern Italy, close to the border. The people of the town spoke half German and half Italian. Italy gave her a great exposure to history and art and allowed her to learn Italian. However the thing that she most loved of the country and her experience were the people she met and she can’t wait to go back. Nina showed a video of her many adventures over the year and the many places she visited. She made two very close friends from Australia and from Mexico that were also exchange students. She still speaks to them regularly since she has come back home. She was amazed at how big soccer is in Italy. She went to her first bigtime soccer game and came away with a very good appreciation of the game. She even has a souvenir scarf she brought home. She enjoyed her families in Italy. They were big and extended families and she had a very close bond with the Grandma of one of the families. The Grandma gave her a Teddy Bear, which she brought home as one of her fondest memories of the year. Nina was very emotional about her experience and thanked the club for the opportunity. She is happy to be home, however it was very difficult to leave. This was obviously a great experience for this fine young lady.
Cindy Reed then played a video the club has put together for recruitment of families and participants for the exchange program. 
President Cassie ended the meeting at 8:32
Notes by Chuck Perry
Friday (3/1/2019) Chuck Perry 2019-03-04 08:00:00Z 0

Friday (2/22/2019)

Posted by Chuck Perry
Slide show prior to the opening bell: Pictures of Club members and their travels; A schedule of upcoming District events. If you have photos of any Rotary functions, please share them with Paul and he will share them with the club during the opening slide show.
Opening Bell: By President Paul Alvestad at 7:30 am. Invocation: by Duane Fister. Pledge of Allegiance: by Derek Floor; Song: God Bless America led by Hal Cline and assisted by Randy Spitzer. Then Coach started a round of You are My Sunshine. Four Way Test: by Betty Felker with the extra “is it fun?” added. Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by “Coach” Jack Stonestreet; NONE Guests: Lisa Collins, Kimberly Graham and Tess Eisnagle.
Opening Comments: It was announced that the club had three attendees at the PETS conference: Hal Hodgins, Tom Borgen, and Camilla Brocker. The Calendar was discussed, with an auction meeting on Tuesday the 26th and a club board meeting on Wednesday the 28th. The last auction meeting prior to the auction is on Tuesday March 5th. Paul also blessed the club with a BYE for the Rotary 101 presentations.
  • Henderson Bay Career Fair: Norma Whitacre announced that the career fair was now scheduled for March 20th and all is looking good.
  • Suits for Service Members: John Guardia announced a program sponsored by the Association of the US Army for collecting suits and dress clothes for US Army Veterans. The program provides suits for service members coming out of the service and needed for job interviews in the private sector. We will be collecting suits for the next couple of weeks at our Friday meetings to support this cause. The collection includes all dress clothes to include shirts, ties and dress shoes.
  • Dancing Classrooms: Betty Felker announced that 3 of the 4 schools participating in the program have qualified to go to the district level. The district competition is at Todd Beamer High School in Federal Way on March 2, at 2PM. We are all invited and our support would be appreciated.
Auction Update:
  • Wine Toss: Juanita announced that she needs more wine. Currently at 140 bottles and need 250.
  • Desert Dash: A total of 40 deserts are needed and a signup was passed around.
  • Procurement: We are sitting at only half of what is needed for the 200 items for the auction. The time is now……..get your collections in.
  • Ticket sales: Rod Ladd reported that we are at 215 and our goal is to reach 400, so we have 185 to go.
  • Set up and Teardown /Cleanup: Terry Brown sent around a signup for volunteers. Please sign up or call Terry to let him know what you can do!
  • Presales: Marti Anderson announced that we will have some presales next week on some of the dinners.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Mac Pinch was the fine master. He extracted a few bucks and many laughs for: Zarelli’ greeting; Ladd’s “that’s nuts”; Bob Martin’s “old news”; John Eddy not knowing that Mac uses Polyurethane to keep the shine on his head; Juanita for blister pictures last week that gave Mac’s kids nightmares; 3 members at the same table wearing vest; and John Duppenthaler for his new office. A few happy bucks were collected: Lyn Junge for a 3rd grandchild, Anne Marie for a new grandson, Jeff Harris for a $1000 donation to the Olson Foundation from Midday Rotary, Mackert for the chamber China trip, and Randy for his choir concert this weekend.
Drawing: Annemarie ran the raffle. The pot is $220 and we are down to 9 chips. The first ticket for ten free was not claimed, so a second ticket was pulled and Dave Freeman won the 10 free tickets for next week and Marti Anderson won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. She drew the winning blue chip to take the pot. .
Program: Cub reports:
  • Club Service: John Duppenthaler we are planning a fireside in June.
  • International: Rod Ladd reported on a new project for three schools in Nicaragua we are partnering with the Grandview NC club to facilitate. We are doing 6 clef pallets in the Philippines. Jeff Harris reported the Rachel project is moving forward.
  • Vocational: Richard Schmalz reported of the success of the Star Awards and that we are working with the Yakima club and former member Jim Castino for expansion of the Women’s prison Program.
  • Community Service: Cory Coryell reported the next meeting is 3/12 and that the committee is trying to coordinate with each of the other areas of service.
  • Youth Services: Richard Piefer had former hosts of exchange students stand. He is looking for more hosts and wants members with hearts to volunteer.
Bob Martin and some Club History (reclassification talk) aka “The Real Program” after just more business.
Bob Martin was born in North Dakota, ya sure you betcha. Moved to Oregon in the second grade. Grew up to become a Dermatologist, one type of Doctor that can keep regular business hours. He joined Rotary in 1977 and came to the Gig Harbor Club in November of 1982. He served as President of GH Rotary in 1989. Bob proceeded to show a great slide show of club activities and members past from his years in the club. This was a great show, with pictures and stories of Floyd Olson (94-95 District Governor), Connie Schick, Tom Swayze, and the admittance of women into Rotary.
President Paul ended the meeting at 8:35
Friday (2/22/2019) Chuck Perry 2019-02-26 08:00:00Z 0

New Member Notice

Delaine Morgan and Tom Stanfield have been approved by the Board as a new members.
Delaine's classification is cosmetology and her sponsor is Jeanie Simmons. Tom's classification is marketing/sales (senior housing) and his sponsors are Jill Guernsey and Pat Schmidt.
Any comments on the prospective new members should be directed to Annie Arbenz, Dave Morris, and/or Lyn Junge within 10 days after this publication.
Date of Notice: February 20, 2019.
New Member Notice 2019-02-20 08:00:00Z 0

Friday (2/15/2019)

Slide show prior to the opening bell included Boy Scouts of American fundraiser March 7 featuring Joe Theismann (rhymes with Heisman), Courage Classic, and District Conference.
Opening Bell: By President Alvestad at 7:30 am. Invocation: by David Olson. Pledge of Allegiance: by Gary Glein; Song: “This Land is Your Land,” written by one the Guthrie’s, led by David Gillespie, and assisted by Hal Cline. Four Way Test: by Bob Ryan; Greeters: None noted.
Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by Coach; Barry Benson, Sharon Benson, and Jim Whitaker, all from Tacoma #8; and Karyn Giegrst, Passport, (Past President Joyce Taylor arrived during the meeting). Guests: Introduced included guest of Richard Pifer, Alan Anderson; son of John Winslow, Richard; spouse of Betty Felker, Robert; guest of Sophie Perkins, David; spouse of Juanita Carbaugh, Gary; and Mac Pinch’s superstars Rocky and Oliver.
Opening Comments: President Alvestad opened the meeting by reviewing the calendar. Upcoming meetings next week include Vocational Committee and Auction Committee, changed from Tuesday to Monday.
  • Rotary Friendship Exchange – two opportunities to participate with District 2440 in Turkey in April of 2020 (President Alvestad assured it was safe) and District 2220 in Russia this September (President Alvestad suggested a stay at a secret Trump Hotel and then asked for political forgiveness).
  • Rotary 101 – President Alvestad suggested the Courage Classic was more than helping Mary Bridge. He proposed that it also included Publicity, Camaraderie, Partying with Party Animals, Building Future Rotarians (Interact, Early Act, Boy Scouts), Family Participation, Exercise, and a Chance to Explore.
  • Career Fair – Norma Whitacre indicated that she has 20 volunteers and needs 4-5 more, especially in IT and Architecture/Engineering. She also stated that due to the snow school closures the date may be moved.
  • Boys and Girls Club – Emma Conway discussed the B&G Club sale to the Peninsula School District after the successful passage of the School Bond. She indicated that the Club will continue to provide services and thanked the Club’s Partners PenMet Parks, City of Gig Harbor, and the School District.
  • Cars 4 Change – Howard Mackert celebrated the delivery of the first vehicle for this program. The car will help the recipient get to school and family get to work. All the information is on Facebook. Howard said he needs followers.
  • Auction Update – Camilla Brocker recapped the Big Board. As of Wednesday, Sponsorship is at $16,500, goal $20,000; Restaurants 9, goal 10; Ticket Sales 110 (now 152), goal 400; Auction Items 29 (now 42), goal 200; and Wine Toss 93, goal 250. There is still lots of work to do. Camilla highlighted some of the great donations, including a 26’ Sailboat, Private Flight and Dinner to the San Juans, Dragon Boat Experience and Pizza Fest, Run with the Cops (4 hour ride without cuffs), 7 nights Desert Springs Marriott, Guided River Fishing Trip, and Gourmet Dinner with Wine for 10. She thanked Brent Tayet and his team for the highest value donations and Dick Vanberg for the most items.
    • Wine Toss – Juanita Carbaugh stated she needs more wine, or cash and checks would work.
    • Dessert Dash – Scott McVay announced that the signup sheet was distributed.
    • Procurement – Randy Spitzer said that members can write checks as well.
    • Ticket Sales – Rod Ladd’s “That’s Nuts” brought some cheers.
Fines and Happy Bucks: David Cathers was the Finemaster and started with a little quiz (former Jeopardy Champion Bob Ryan answered most of the questions) about the world’s oldest restaurant, oldest post office, location of Issac Newton’s tree, country time zones, and largest land mass city. If you want the answers, ask Bob Ryan. Happy Bucks: Fred Labayen (60 years marriage), Alan Anderson (won the raffle at the Star Awards and donated his winnings to Rotary), Rocky or Oliver Pinch (School Bond passed), Marcia Harris (seconded that), Sophie Perkins (sitting in the Captain’s seat on a recent flight – she didn’t say if the captain was still sitting there), and Scott Junge (for Cottesmore’s care of his mother).
Drawing: Donna Lormor ran the raffle. The pot is $212 and we are down to 10 chips. Gary Glein won the 10 free tickets for next week and Peter Stanley (from his 10 free last week) won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. He did not draw the blue chip and settled for the consolation prize.
Program: World Traveler Juanita Carbaugh
Juanita and her husband Gary, inspired by the movie “The Way,” completed the Camino de Santiago (The Way of St James – to the resting place of the Apostle James). She shared her travel experience with the club. There are nine total walks. The French way, their choice, is the most popular, with 60% of the “Pilgrims” venturing on this walk. The walk, about 800 kilometers, crosses the Pyrenees. The walk traces back to, at least, the 8th Century, and has grown in popularity over time, less than 2,500 walkers in 1986, and more than 300,000 in 2017. Only 6% of the walkers are from the US, 60% are male, and over 60% are 30-60 years old. Juanita said the 46 day walk taught her many lessons. The first day was 18 miles, nearly straight up the mountains, and started with a great deal of self doubt. Her first Lesson was to trust and let go. Lesson 2, slow and steady wins the race, she witnessed herself after several “hares” failed to make it to the end. Juanita shared her adventures with the scenery, food, art, and lodging; often resulting in Lesson 3: learn to laugh. Meeting people from around the world taught her Lesson 4: we are all connected. The final Lesson she had time to share was, that Vaseline can prevent blisters. The adventure ended with freeing herself of burdens by bringing a rock to represent the things you want to let go. She plans a return trip. Here’s a link to the Camino site. http://santiago-compostela.net/
President Alvestad ended the meeting at 8:32.
Notes by Chuck Cuzzetto
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Friday (2/8/2019)

Posted by Marcia Harris
Call to Order: President Paul rang the bell at 7:35.
Marcia Harris provided heartfelt thoughts along with a Valentine Day holiday reminder.
Hal Cline led “God Bless America. Bob Lutschg led the 4 Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians: Coach introduced the visiting Rotarian: Gary Schmitt from Sound Transit.
Guests: This week’s guests included: Steve O’Donnell (Lee Smith), David Holsinger (Sophie), Brent’s early-actors, Sue Horton and Walt Paulson’s brother Joe.
Featured Items:
  • President Paul shared a letter from the District Governor praising the 2/1/19 STAR Event.
  • This week’s up-coming calendar was shared; Tuesday’s international committee cancelled; add the RAH 5:30 Wednesday happening at the Tides (eventually cancelled due to weather).
  • District conference is scheduled for May 10 – 12. Early bird registration cost reduction is available through March 1st.
  • Tom Borgen shared the Courage Classic changes for 2019. Starting in Leavenworth, our club is responsible for breakfast. Details to follow.
  • Birthdays & anniversaries were celebrated with the help of Walt Paulsen.
  • Lee Smith announced that Sip & Stroll has been rescheduled for April 6th
  •  Camilla Brocker provided an auction update: nine restaurant sponsors, invitations are available, ticket sales & action procurement are priorities to make this another successful event. 38 desserts needed; contact Alisha McVay with your donation. Juanita Carbaugh, Marti Anderson & Annmarie Huppert are still seeking wine & designer beer/ale for the wine toss. Cheerleaders Rod Ladd & Randy Spitzer added energy to ticket sale & procurement member efforts. Reminder: it takes a whole club to raise the $$ needed for future community, international, youth & vocational service projects. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED NOW!!!
Happy Bucks:
  • Gary Glein had 3 happy bucks celebrating his marina remodel project
  • Tom Borgen celebrated Gary Schmitt & the Trades union involvement for the support of student educational work preparation programs
  • Jill Guernsey is happy that her new home remodeling is underway
  • Mel Santos was happy to announce his new office location at Rosedale & Skansie.
  • Lee Smith has 10 free tickets next week
  • Mel Santos went home with $15; no blue chip this week.
Latisha Sternod and her assistant Sue, shared the Catholic Community Services Mockingbird foster care program. They extended an appeal for help and/or help to support their programs. Both short and long term placement families are appreciated. There are 90 day and 6-18 month placement needs available.
Contact and additional program info: mockingbirdsociety.org Model
President Paul adjourned the meeting at 8:37 am.
Notes by Marcia Harris
Friday (2/8/2019) Marcia Harris 2019-02-13 08:00:00Z 0

Friday (2/1/2019)

Posted by Marti Anderson
7:25 – Paul Snyder, shared his thoughts and memories of his long-time friend, Al Weaver, who died last Sunday, January 22, 2019.
7:30A CALL TO ORDER – Paul Alvestad
INVOCATION – Keith Harris; PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Dick Vanberg; SONG – Hal Cline – both our National Anthem and O Canada in honor of DG Craig Gillis; 4 WAY TEST – ?
VISITING ROTARIANS – Howard Svigals GH Midday and Joyce Taylor Shelton
GUESTS – Paul Snyder, Jeanne Peterson, Amy Weaver, and Mary Weaver Chapin
  • Next Auction meeting – Feb 5
  • Avenues of Service committee meetings the week of Feb 11 – 15.
MEMBERSHIP - Induction of new member Derek Floor, sponsored by Annmarie Huppert. Blue badges for Norma Whitaker and Tim Toerber.
*******Words of wisdom from our District Governor Craig Gillis, an entertaining “number’s game” and push for the Conference/training in Victoria May 9, 10, 11.
  • Auction – need to sell tickets, get your auction items in, and bring wine for the wine toss.
  • Tom Borgen will send out a coupon for Fondi’s that is a fund raiser for the kids going to Guatemala.
  • Buck Frymier – another group is graduating from the Prison Program. Please sign the notes to them.
FINEMASTER – Peter Glein had an entertaining Trivia Game related to classifications – and most members with the chosen classifications missed.
Time for just one happy buck – Bob Martin. Thanks to all who stepped in to take pictures in his absence.
RAFFLE – 10- Free to Dave Gillespie. Gary Glein drew a white chip.
PROGRAM – TJ Hoisington, author and motivational speaker, introduced by Tony Michaelson. Inspired us to live with purpose, risk the unknown to reach your potential, and in all things, find something to be grateful for.
Notes by Marti Anderson
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Friday (1/25/2019)

Posted by Jill Guernsey
Opening Bell: By Pres. Paul Alvestad at 7:30 am. Invocation: by Jeff Harris. Pledge of Allegiance: by Geoff Barcalow. Song led by Hal Cline and assisted by Randy Spitzer. Four Way Test: by Mark Hoppen.
Visiting Rotarians: Dave ________, from ?; Barry Benson from Tacoma 8. 
Guests:  included Alberta Stave, Delane Morgan, Bob Johnson and Kim Juranich, Brent Tayet’s children (Oliver and Evangeline), Al Bucholz’s daughter Sue Jensen, Steve O’Donnell. 
Calendar – Upcoming events include:
  • STAR Awards dinner on February 1st
  • Sip and Stroll on February 9th.  Lee Smith said we need about 6 more volunteers. 
Rotary 101 Wisdom #14 by Pres. Paul – Leverage:  a potential example would be a change in the way scholarships are awarded to high school students.  If our Club, the Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation, and Communities in Schools for Peninsula partnered we could award more scholarship money to a student who demonstrated, among other great things, service above self.  This is not a done deal but rather an example of using leverage to do great things. 
Courage Classic - Paul and Tom Borgen talked about the bicycle race known as Courage (formerly Courage Classic), August 24, which will once again return to Snoqualmie Pass.  Tom updated us on a meeting that was held yesterday involving club members from the 17 Puget Sound Rotary clubs, and representatives from Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital Foundation.  Rotary will once again be listed as a prominent sponsor of Courage and the Rotary logo will be placed on the CAID (Child Abuse Intervention Department) building at Mary Bridge Hospital. 
Mel Wick is once again taking the lead on organizing a breakfast by our Club on Saturday, August 24th.  Prepare to enjoy pancakes, etc. 
District Rotary Training and Conference – 14 members of our Club registered so far.
2019 – 2020 Rotary Theme will be “Rotary Connects the World.”  No comment.
Galloping Gertie event and run by the Gig Harbor North Club is August 10th
Gold and Silver Raffle and Gala by the Puyallup Rotary Club is February 21st
Dave Gillespie announced the release of his 7th CD and handed out cards which has a link so you can download the songs on this CD. 
GHRF Election – as promised last week, Dave Gordon and Scott Junge supervised the election of 3 members to the Foundation board.  Incumbents Dorothy Wimberly, Bob Dragoo, and Ed Lindstrom were unanimously re-elected. 
Angel Guild President Alberta Stave thanked Rotary for constructing a new storage shed for the Angel Guild Thrift Shop.  She gave a shout out to Jeff Harris for his help, and let us know that the Guild is a non-profit organization which provides assistance and grants to numerous people and organizations on the Key Peninsula.  She noted that last year the Guild raised $116,050 for grants. 
Finemaster John Winslow fined Richard Pifer (who looked great in a cucumber avocado face mask), Dave Gillespie, Kelly Busey (as usual), Marcia and Jeff Harris, Fred Labayen, Mel Santos, Mark Hoppen, and Lee Smith.
Happy bucks today by Cindy Reed (one of many excellent photographers today), Brent Tayet, Juanita Carbaugh, Dave Gillespie, Lee Smith and Tim Toerber. 
Raffle – Larry Olson hosted.  Walker Allen won 10 free tickets and Hal Cline didn’t win the jackpot ($152). 
Introduction of Program – Lee Smith introduced Kim Juranich and Bob Johnson from the Point Fosdick Antique Aircraft Hangar at the Tacoma Narrows Airport.  (Auction will be at this location.) 
A little bit about the Hangar:  Brothers Bob and Bill Juranich have opened their hangars to the public Tuesdays through Fridays, 10 am to 4 pm.  Their collection of airplanes, motorcycles, cars, etc., is housed in over 12,000 square feet of space. Bob’s daughter Kim is the Event Coordinator and she thanked our Rotary Club for its help in getting approval to use the hangar as an event center. 
Master Mechanic Bob Johnson presented a slide show about the restoration of a rare 1929 Command Aire biplane. 
President Paul ended the meeting at 8:30 am
Notes by Jill Guernsey
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Friday (1/18/2019)

Posted by Marti Anderson
7:30 - CALL TO ORDER – Paul Alvestad
INVOCATION – Sophie Perkins PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Walker Allen SONG – Hal Cline, Cory Coryell and Annmarie Huppert 4 WAY TEST – Howard Mackert
GUESTS – Delaine Morgan, and others
AUCTION   Jan 22 –Committee meeting at Cutter Point. 6pm
Jan 23 – Board Meeting
Use of Rotary email list is for Rotary use only. Please do not use it for business or personal purposes.
ROTARY 101 – What qualifications for project approval and how to leverage the funds
SIP N STROLL – Feb 9, Noon – 4pm. Need about 20 more volunteers. Contact Pat Schmidt or Lee Smith.
STAR AWARDS – Feb 1. Please rsvp asap and need 9 donations for dessert auction. Please contact Sharon Shaffer.
DINNERS FOR 8 – Hal arm twisted the needed 40 couples. He is now correcting errors and resending the line-up.
FINEMASTER – Chris Myers was ruthless once again. Brady for his haircut, Bob Martin for pushing the Foundation and not promoting Polio Plus to Chris’s liking, Paul A for his NY resolution (will 10# weight loss make a difference?), Don B $1600.00 raised for Guatemala project, why not $16,000?
HAPPY BUCKS – Jeff Harris, thanks to volunteers who helped with the Angel Guild building. It’s done. Rotary pledged $6000. But we were able to “leverage” a donation from Home Depot and volunteers so only cost $5000. Tom Borgen, thanks to Coach for inviting him to judge DECA students. Ann Marie $5.00 for ribbon cutting at rh Wellfound Mental Health facility in Tacoma.
RAFFLE – Dave Gordon 10 free. Bob Martin drew another white chip. $127.00 currently in pot.
PROGRAM – Avenues of Service chairs each gave a brief update.
Club Service: Thanks to all the “unsung heros”, including photographers, scribes, fines, RAH, AV, raffle, introductions, Birthdays, etc.
Youth Services: EarlyAct Buddy Bench video, Interact working on getting a club started at Harbor Ridge and growing PHS, Dance now into the 5tyh school and becoming self-supporting.
International – Group taking computers to Guatemala over spring break, schools, “leveraged” $10,000 into $30,000 for Rachel project, cleft palate repair project, water project update
Community – Next meeting Feb 12. Just donated tents to Boy Scout Troop 282. Planning a party this spring for Wilkenson Park completion.  In the que: Courage, Tiny House, Musical Instruments in the Parks, Community Center, parklet, and Kayak Club storage racks. Would like to see if there are any senior citizen needs.
Vocational – Prison Project 5 classes / year with about 25 students each time, $8000 in scholarships, Cars For Change $11000 in donations, Mental Health Program
2nd Program: Ric Hansen-Mattson. Night to Shine, sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation. 5th year for World-wide Prom Night for people with Special Needs. 1st time for Pierce County Feb 8 at the GH Boys and Girls Club. DJ for dancing, food and beverage, hair, make up touch ups, limo rides, and red carpet entry.
Notes by Marti Anderson
Friday (1/18/2019) Marti Anderson 2019-01-21 08:00:00Z 0

Friday (1/11/2019)

Posted by Randy Spitzer
77:30 - Call to Order – Paul Alvestad
Invocation – by Bob Lutschg; Pledge of Allegiance – Scout, Will Potter lead the pledge; Song – Hal Cline – along with Bob Ryan, Peter Stanley, & Annie Arbenz joined Hal lead singing of the Star-Spangled Banner; 4 Way Test – Dick Vandenberg led the 4-way test.
Visiting Rotarian – Joyce Taylor, Shelton Club
Guests – Paul Alvestad, Boy Scout Weblos Pack 202 (Members and leaders included: Rob Porter (Scoutmaster,) Will Potter, Douglas Woolworth, Hudson Nadal, Carrie Knievel, Kerry Hirrs, Caden Conley, and a few others who did not sign in.) They presented the colors this morning and lead the pledge. Tom Stansfield, soon to be a new member, was our only other guest.
Rotary Foundation Scott Junge announced that GH Rotary Foundation will have election of officers at our next meeting, no new nominees have come forward so the officers currently serving will continue to serve when elected.
Calendar/Important Dates – Paul Alvestad went over the Rotary calendar. Upcoming events include: Star Awards, Sip-n-Stroll, Auction, District Convention and the Courage Classic. Visit the web site for dates and times.
Rotary 101 – Rotary Wisdom #12 – Paul Alvestad On Leveraging our Money: The International Committee was able to leverage $5,000 from the Olson Foundation with $10,000 from our club, plus contribution from the district, and Rotary International totaling another $45,000 plus a global grant of $140,000 for a total of $200,000 for their international project!
New Year’s Resolutions – Paul Alvestad New year resolutions: Bob Martin – walk without a limp; Camilla Brocker – survive the auction; Annie Arbenz – put her phone in a cabinet when she is at home; Paul Alvestad – put his credit card in the freezer.
Doodle – Paul Alvestad mentioned that Doodle is the new calendar app for the club.
Survey Monkey – Paul Alvestad thanked members who have already filled out the survey and encouraged the rest of the members to fill out the club survey. The board will use the feedback to make decisions about our future.
Sip-n-Stroll – Paul Alvestad reminded us that February 9 is the date of the next Sip-n-Stroll event; Lee (not present this morning) will be asking for volunteers to help out soon. Sip-n-Stroll events benefit our club and the Downtown Assn.
Communities in Schools – Dick Vandenberg The annual fundraiser is coming up. Stay tuned.
International – Rodney Ladd previously announced that the upcoming International Committee meeting is cancelled.
Star Awards – Sharon Shaffer asked that we sign up to attend this year’s Star Awards, Feb 1, 5:30-8:30 pm at Canterwood Golf & Country Club. 16 people have registered so far. Look for the next e-vitation in your email inbox and respond by signing up!
Henderson Bay Career Fair – Norma Whitacre announced that our club’s first career fair is coming up Feb 27. Norma is asking for 25 Rotarians to volunteer to talk about their professions. The students have chosen eight categories they’d like to hear about. This career fair will be interactive: involving the students in learning about what it is like to work in each profession.
DECA – Jack Stonestreet’s grandson announced the regional DECA competition, January 17, 2019 at the Tacoma Convention Center; he asked for two volunteers from our club to act as judges. Contact Jack if you want to volunteer.
Salmon Sales Results – Tom Borgen received a check from Don Buchanan in the amount of $1,600 from our holiday salmon sales to benefit international travel for students. Thanks Don!
Dinners for Eight – Hal Cline reported that we have 37 couples; he asked for three more couples to reach his goal of 40. He got 2 more couples today. He needs just one more couple to fill out the Dinners-for-Eight 2019 schedule. Email Hal to sign up.
Annual Fund/Polio Plus – Bob Martin reported that our club goal for the Annual Fund/Polio Plus campaign is $20,000 this year; we’re currently at just over $8,000. To that end, Rod Ladd was recognized today with his Paul Harris + 8. Way to go Rod!
Finemaster – Mac Pinch – Annie was fined for texting during the meeting and for guessing wrong on Mac’s quick “do monkeys eat bananas in the wild?” quiz (they don’t.) Richard Pifer was fined by John Winslow for taunting him on Facebook and for posting a picture of his cucumber facial; Richard was fined another buck for looking well-rested. Keith Harris was fined for having 100% score on the “Montana Survey;” Mac pointed out that Montana is known for the invention of the “tooth brush,” whereas everywhere else, the oral instrument is known as “teeth brush.” (groan) Marti Anderson, who recently served as the scribe, was fined for calling out Mac for having missed his turn as fine master the day she took notes. Pat Schmidt was fined for her New Year’s Eve posts of herself holding an oversized champagne bottle. John Ciccarelli & Sherlyn Iverson were fined for having not been fined in a while. Hal Cline was fined …well just because. Corey Coryell was fined for not coming up with a reason for not being fined fast enough. Chief Kelly Busey was fined for sending eight cops to a burger joint to make an arrest; Mac wondered if it might have had something to do with the half-price burgers being offered that day. Bob Martin and Camilla Brocker were fined for needing mechanical assistance (a cane and crutches respectively) to ambulate. Rod Ladd put in a happy buck for getting an application for a Rotary grant in early. Betty Felker put in a happy buck as she and her husband Bob are celebrating their 52nd anniversary; she put in another buck for anticipating the upcoming elementary kids dance competition. Peter Stanley put in a happy buck for the birth of his 5th grandchild. Bob Martin put in a happy buck for his wife, Jan, allowing him to drive again. Paul Alvestad put in a happy buck for having had his tree farm certified again.
7:59 - Raffle- Larry Olson Winning 10-Free was John Winslow; Gary Glein had the winning ticket, but drew a white chip – $15 is not such a bad consolation.
8:00 - Program – Camilla Brocker – Auction Kickoff
Camilla Brocker, our auction chair, showed up this morning on crutches, having recently fractured her foot skiing. She was unable to get her PowerPoint connected to the system; but soldiered on none-the-less with her presentation about our upcoming 2019 auction goals. The auction will be at the Point Fosdick Antique Airport Hanger. Our theme this year: The Sky’s the Limit. Camilla laid out five main goals: 1) Restaurants: Peter Stanley reported their goal to be 10-12 restaurants, 6 establishments have said yes so far, 2) Procurement: Peter Glein is still doing the back end data entry, he announced that the procurement deadline is February! Randy Spitzer and Sophie Perkins are coordinating and assisting the procurement team captains: Camilla offered the winning team an invitation to a barbeque at her home. 3) Sponsorships: John Mitchell reported that Timberland Bank is our Premier Sponsor this year, we’re about 1/3 of the way to our goal of $20,000. John asked us to let him know if you have a prospective sponsor he can approach, 4) Ticket Sales: Rod Ladd reported that we’re shooting to sell 420 tickets. Ticket prices are $75 for early bird and $85 late purchases. Our best sales have come from Table Sponsors (who buy a table and bring guests) and Table Captains (who take responsibility for selling tickets for one table.) 5) Auction Experience: The committee is looking to add an “auction experience” like we did with “First Tee” last year. Next Auction Committee Meeting: Jan 22nd at Cutters Point. Camilla closed her presentation with a personal plea asking every member to put forward their best efforts to help make the event a real success. Thanks for your leadership Camilla!
Randy Spitzer, Scribe
Friday (1/11/2019) Randy Spitzer 2019-01-16 08:00:00Z 0

Friday (1/4/2019)

Posted by Chuck Cuzzetto
There was no slide show prior to the opening of the meeting.
Opening Bell: By President Paul at 7:30 am. Invocation: by Peter Glein. Pledge of Allegiance: by Marti Anderson. Song: God Bless America, led by Hal Cline. Four Way Test: by Chuck Cuzzetto.Greeters: None noted.
Visiting Rotarians: According to Coach there were no visiting Rotarians. Guests: Jeff Harris introduced John Doherty, a future speaker. Dick Vanberg introduced his wife (he thinks), Jean. Mark Hoppen welcomed Steve O’Donnell. John Duppenthaler introduced Bill Every, a hearing specialist (which brought a round of “what’s” and “huh’s”). Marcia Harris introduced School Board President Deb Krishnadasan and kept her second guest a secret. John Guardia reintroduced his son Nick.
Opening Comments: President Alvestad was stumped as there was no one working the AV (I guess it’s AVD now – audio visual digital) until Peter Glein stepped in to help. President Paul mentioned the technology committee and finance committee and told everyone to be looking for a mid year survey. He really wants your comments.
President Alvestad then asked for Rotarians to share their New Year’s resolutions. He said that the club would evaluate how members were doing at the half way point and at year end (that brought a lot of volunteers). President Paul called on Mel Santos to offer a resolution. Mel shared that he has already started cleaning his garage. The President said he planned to shed ten pounds. Peter Glein seconded the garage idea and Rod Ladd added a pound to President Paul’s offering. On a serious note, Annmarie Huppert stated she is going to start a drug and alcohol center; and on an even more serious note, Scott Junge resolved to start smoking (and probably be Annmarie’s first client).
Announcements: President Paul reminded everyone of the upcoming District Conference and then shared Wisdom #11, Rotary 101 – Leverage: Financial Leverage – using money wisely, Organizational Leverage – helping other organizations in the community, Rotarian Leverage – building future Rotarians, and Internal Leverage – meeting members’ needs.
  • Birthdays: Walt Paulsen introduced members with January birthdays: Derek Kilmer, Tim Williams, John Eddy, Scott McVay, Randy Barcalow, Paul Willett, Tom Borgen, Dave Freeman, Richard Pifer, and David Olson’s wife; and then led the group in Happy Birthday.
  • Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation: Dave Gordon shared that elections for three seats will be held at the end of January. Incumbents Ed Lindstrom, Dorothy Wimberly, and Bob Draggoo, are all expected to run again. If you are interested in running let Dave or Scott Junge know by next Friday.
  • Star Awards: Sharon Shaffer informed the group that Star Awards’ Celebration is Friday, February 1, at Canterwood, and that tickets ($40) are available online now.
  • Dinners for Eight: Hal Cline is recruiting more participation in this program. There are currently 29 couples signed up, with 40 needed to make this work. Let him know if you are interested.
  • Henderson Bay Career Fair: Richard Schmalz thanked Norma Whitaker for her working getting this event started. This pilot career fair will be held February 27. There are 80 students signed up and Richard is looking for 20 volunteers to share stories and successes of their careers. There will be a meeting next Friday, after the morning meeting to discuss.
  • Rotary After Hours: John Eddy reminded everyone about Rotary After Hours, next Wednesday, 5:30 to 7:30 pm, at Hop n Drops (formerly Hop Jacks).
Fines and Happy Bucks: David Cathers was the Finemaster. He secured bucks from Dave Gordon for his ineffective microphone use, many members for not using the Y, Hal Cline for a new song (not), Marcia Harris for her secret guest, and Bob Martin for his hip (Bob couldn’t reach his wallet to pay the fine because of his hip), Happy Bucks: Sophie Perkins for her engagement and getting a new puppy (she gave the same amount for each), Chuck Perry for his family moving back, Al Weaver for his new heart valve (the President wanted to know if it was a cow valve as he has a special deal), Howard Mackert for not being able to hear while sitting next to a hearing specialist, and Peter Glein donated cash that Coach dropped in his car and suggested Rotarians short on cash consider giving Coach a ride.
Drawing: Donna Lormor ran the raffle. The pot is $347 and we are down to seven chips. Dave Gordon won the ten free tickets for next week and Marti Anderson won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. She drew the Blue chip and won!
Program: Marcia Harris introduced Dr. Art Jarvis, Interim School Superintendent, Peninsula Schools, to address the “State of Peninsula Schools.” Dr. Jarvis has over 50 years of experience in education and over 30 years as a Superintendent. He has been a Rotarian as far back as 1985 and has been a member in several clubs including South Whidbey, Tacoma, and Renton. He also noted that January was a School Board Appreciation month and thanked the Board for their volunteer efforts, singling out Marcia Harris and Deb Krishnadasan, who were present. As the Superintendent of the areas’ largest employer, Dr. Jarvis provided his perspective of the District from his “outsider’s eye.” He reported that he sees a beautiful school district with a wonderful staff. He found a well-run school system that was financially sound. He reported that he learned of quality kids, teachers, principals and staff. He stated that the staff may be too good, working around things that should be fixed. He saw working partnerships with the community. He reflected that good schools make good communities and that good communities make good schools. He noted that the one thing that did not make sense for this district and community was the inadequate facilities. He noted that 1,000 elementary students are in portables, and that nearly one-third of students and teachers, system-wide, are in temporary facilities. With the largest kindergarten class in 25 years this year, and no room for anymore portables, facility overcrowding, especially at the elementary level, is the biggest concern. He reiterated that this was so inconsistent with the rest of the District and Community, with nearly all of the School buildings in need of renovation or replacement. He stated that he recommended to the Board that they focus on unhoused elementary students first and proposed a Capital Bond to build two new elementary schools and replace two existing schools (Evergreen and Artondale), adding 50% more classrooms. He also talked about next steps, visioning for future schools. He posed a few questions: What should a school library look like? Should it have books? How do we build the classroom for the future? Dr. Jarvis then answered questions about the CenturyTel site, property the District owns, bonds versus levies, the 60% Capital Bond threshold, growth projections, previous elections, the no campaign, and academic results.
President Alvestad ended the meeting at 8:32 am
Notes by Chuck Cuzzetto
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Friday (12/28/2018)

Posted by Chuck Perry
Slide show prior to the opening bell. 21 pictures from a global grant on a Guatemalan water project. If you have photos of any Rotary functions, please share them with Paul and he will share them with the club during the opening slide show.
Opening Bell: By President Paul Alvestad at 7:31 am. Invocation: by David Gordon, who had forgotten he was on the schedule. So Rod Ladd pulled out a standby invocation which David read to the appreciation of the club. Pledge of Allegiance: by Scribe missed the assigned lead; Song: God Bless America, led by Hal Cline and assisted by Randy Spitzer. Four Way Test: by Ron Roberts. Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by “Coach” Jack Stonestreet; Howard Svigals, Dan Rioux and Kristy Rioux. Guests: Former Club President, Jerry Gibbs, Nick Guardia, and Terry Brown’s wife of 50 years, Lynn Brown.
Opening Comments: It was announced that Kathy Davis-Hayfield, a former member has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer; stage four.
Paul announced that the club is putting together two temporary committees for finance and technology to address club management issues. These committees will be formed in January and they hope to be completed with their charged tasks within a month. Paul announced that the next Rotary After Hours (RAH) will be January 9th. No other details available.
  • District Conference: Will be held May 9-12th in Victoria. Marti Anderson spoke on things to do in Victoria, as well as ways to get there. With the Canadian dollar @.73 of the US dollar, some bargains are to be had in transportation, lodging and entertainment. More to follow.
  • Fish sales: Don announced that today was the final day for fish sales.
  • Henderson Career Fair: to be held Feb. 27th .More information to follow.
  • Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation: Dave Gordon announced that the foundation will have two board positions up for election in a few weeks. Bob Dragoo and Ed Lindstrom have both announced that they will be running for reelection.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Paul Willett was the Finemaster. Bob Ryan and Marc Jorgensen were fined for sending out tax packets rather than a Christmas card, Gary Glein was fined for his Tesla, and questions if Duane Fister had to do any work on the car, since he was an electrician. Paul, while in San Louise Obispo, met someone who knew Bob Dragoo and Betty Felker, so they were both fined. Then Paul had a joke about the Huskies riding a roller coaster at Disney Land, why not just ride the band bus in Eastern Washington?  Happy Bucks: Terry Brown $50 for their 50th anniversary, Gary Glein for 47 years of marital bliss, Bob Martin for a new hip, Dan Rioux for this being the best Rotary club he has found. Tom Borgen and Cindy Reed had a few more happy bucks.
Drawing: Donna Lormor ran the raffle. The pot is $311and we are down to 8 chips. Cindy Reed won the 10 free tickets for next week and Marcia Harris won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. She drew the white chip for $15.
Program: Howard Svigals introduced Jacques Colon from the Pierce County Department of Health. Pierce County Rotary is looking for a new county wide project to work on since the ending of the Courage Classic. PC Rotary wants to partner with the Department of health to come up with projects to serve this community. Jacques explained that there is a difference between health equality and health equity. Longevity is directly tied to social economic areas. The area of higher land values tends to have higher life expediencies. So they are looking for solutions to get health equities. This was a very interesting program. For more information, go to www.tpchd.org/healthequity . You can also get a copy of the slide show with all the maps, etc. by requesting from Aerin at  rotaryalvestad@gmail.com .
Happy New Year!!!!!!
President Paul ended the meeting at 8:35
Notes by Chuck Perry
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Friday (12/21/2018)

Posted by Jill Guernsey
Tribute to Past District Governor Eldon Wiggs: Lee Smith did a lovely and moving tribute to our Past DG Eldon Wiggs (District 502, 1989-90) who passed away yesterday. Eldon had perfect attendance for over 50 years but was best known for his witty (and politically incorrect) humor. Eldon was a Rotarian at his core and passed his love of Rotary to his daughters Shannon and Deb Wiggs. He will be missed!
Opening Bell: By Pres. Paul Alvestad at 7:30 am. Invocation: by Gary Glein. Pledge of Allegiance: by Ivan Gorne. Song: National Anthem led by Hal Cline and assisted by Gretchen Hodgins. Four Way Test: by Terry Brown.
Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by Coach Jack Stonestreet: Ric Thompson from Parkland-Spanaway Club.
There were more guests today than I’ve ever seen before so if I left anyone off I apologize (ditto re spelling names). Here are the folks I heard: Tom Stanfield, Heron’s Key Marketing and Sales Director; Gretchen Hodgins (Hal’s wife), Jill and Ann Myers (Chris’ wife and daughter), Mary DesMaris, Downtown Waterfront Alliance, Mike Ketcham (former Club member), Gwen “Ladybug” Brown (Terry and Lynn’s granddaughter), Becky Good (Emma Conway’s sister), Sophia Alvestad (“first daughter”), Charles Paganelli (Ben’s son), Casey Guardia (John’s daughter), Interact members Nina Liebner, Eliza Liebner, Luis Mendoza-Bautista, Richard Winslow, and Cassie McMurtrey, Sunshine Singers Roger Tilsey, Lee Streeter, Delores Nilson, Bob Williamson, Scott Wood, Cherry Nelson, Jacquie Cerney, Peggy Braill, Suzy Reynolds, Lena Higgins(?).
Thank you to Cottesmore Servers Holly and Fay! We passed the hat (actually it as a bucket and raised $950.00.
Calendar – Paul Alvestad noted that not much happening this week because of the holidays.
Rotary 101 Wisdom #9 – Paul Alvestad noted that the District Convention will be in Victoria, BC, May 9-11, 2019. Beware the speed trap in Sequim!
EarlyAct Letters – Brent Tayet read some of the cards done by Early Act to the families in Paradise, CA, who were devastated by the recent fires.
Presentation – Mary DesMaris and the Board of the Downtown Waterfront Alliance (Peter Stanley, John Lantz, Pat Schmidt, Mike Henery, Chuck Cuzzetto) presented a check to Rotary for $12,000, for help with all the events they sponsored this year including Sip and Stroll. Note: the next Sip and troll is February 9, 2019 and volunteers are needed.
Donation Thank You – Lee Smith introduced and thanked Ric Thompson from LeMay Refuse/Waste Connections for help with raising funds and assembling bikes for kids this holiday season. They raised enough money to buy 508 bikes and helmets. Many children in our area will receive bikes!
Christmas Joke – Betty Felker – no explanation needed.
Raffle – Donna Lormor hosted. Pam Peterson won 10 free tickets and Bob Lutschg didn’t win the jackpot ($262).
Finemaster - Chris Myers was kind (must have been the season) in terms of fines.
Program - Hal Hodgins introduced the Sunshine Singers, led by Roger Telsey and with Lee Streeter on keyboard. Many songs were sung and a good time was had by all!
President Paul ended the meeting at 8:30 am
Notes by Jill Guernsey
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Friday (12/14/2018)

Posted by Chuck Perry
Slide show prior to the opening bell. None due to technical difficulties
Opening Bell: By Mel Santos, filling in for Paul Alvestad at 7:32am. Invocation: by Buck Frymier. Pledge of Allegiance: by Mel Santos; Song: God Bless America, led by Hal Cline and assisted by Geoff Barcalow. Four Way Test: by Richard Piefer Greeters: John Guardia. Visiting Rotarian: Introduced by Coach; Andy Ritting. Guests: Betty Proctor, Amy West, Tom Stanfield, Carina Pinch, and Steve O’Donnel
Opening Comments: Mel announced he did not get the agenda for this week and so he kind of winging it. Today’s breakfast is fancier than usual in celebration of the Holidays.
  • Holiday Party: Last Saturday at Canterwood. A wonderful time was had by all. Good food, games, drinks, and best of all great company.
  • Salmon Sales: Don Buchanan announced that sales will be going on at all the meetings until the new year. Tom Borgen announced that proceeds are going to support interact kids going to Guatemala for a service project. Salmon is $25 and Don has steelhead, wild king, and Atlantic available.
  • EarlyAct: Brent Tayet came forward to receive a box of key chains with the 4 way test on the key chain. Brent will give the key chains out to EarlyAct participants that learn the 4-way test. Key chains are a real fad with elementary age kids. They hang them on their back packs.
  • Star Awards: Sharon Shaffer announced that the Star Awards Dinner was coming up on Feb. 1st. Mark your calendars. Cost will be $40.
  • Auction: Rod announced that auction tickets will go on sale January 1, 2019.
  • Insurance: Hal Hodgins made the announcement that the Rotary blanket liability policy for events has to be arranged through Rotary. If you are a chair of an event that requires coverage under the policy, come and see him and he will show you how to get the insurance binder and coverage.
  • Angel Guild: Jeff Harris announced that next Tuesday the interior of the Angel Guild project is going to be completed. See him if you would like to help.
  • Prison Program: Another class is graduating. Please sign the certificates out in the entryway.
  • Rotary Foundation: Bob Martin announced that the year end is coming and if you want to get another tax deduction, you still have time to donate.
Fines and Happy Bucks: John Winslow was the Finemaster. Bob Martin was fined for his ugly Oregon Ducks Sweater. Then fined again for a duck call ringer on his phone. Chuck Perry was fined for the mound of food he had for breakfast; should have used two plates. Bob Martin was fined again for taking great pictures for the Captains Gig. He gets the good side of everyone. Geoff Barcalow was fined for not having “life 360” application on his phone to keep track of where his dad is traveling. John says he has used it for his boys and it works. Mike from Cottesmore was fined for his R2D2 Christmas sweater, it was almost as ugly as Bob Martins Sweater. Jeff Harris was asked if he knew ugly. He said yes and pointed again to Bob Martins Sweater. At this point, the collector of the fines just pulled up a chair by Bob Martin, since he seemed to be so popular for fines this morning. Sharon Shaffer was fined for being in two local magazines and quoted nine times about the Dragon Boats. She then put in a good word for the paddlers cup. Happy Bucks: Gary Glein for pictures taken by Rod Ladd, and then a mention of the Olson Foundation for yearend giving – Please support. Ron Roberts gave $10 for his wife JoAnn coming home from the hospital after ten days. She is doing fine. He also mentioned Al Weaver recovering after a heart surgery with a new valve. Buck Frymier for grandchild #12. Andy Ritting gave $10 for visiting a great club and for an award his granddaughter received.
Drawing: Eric McGinnis ran the raffle. Fred Labayen won the 10 free tickets for next week and Jeff Harris won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. He drew the white chip for $15.
Program: The Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation (GHRF)
Mike Pinch is the Member At Large on the Gig Harbor Rotary Board. One of the duties of this position is to serve on the GHRF board. He gave a history of the GHRF and made a comparison to “The Rotary Foundation” of Rotary International. Bob Martin was the president of GH Rotary Club in 1989. He saw the results of a foundation set up by Rotary 8, and said that is what we need to do. Ron Roberts and Dave Morris took the direction from Bob and the GHRF was formed. The Club set aside 10% of the budget each year for many years to help fund the beginnings of the GHRF.
Dave Gordon as a member of the GHRF, continued with additional history. Dave had an estate he was helping to administer for the Green family here in Gig Harbor. He suggested the GHRF as a solution to meet some of the requirements of proceeds from the estate to serve the GH Community. The Greens gave an additional $30,000 to the Foundation. The foundation balance grew to about $200,000 by 1999. In 1999, another estate that David was helping with wanted to leave the remainder of the estate to support scholarships for students of the Peninsula School District. This was the estate of Mildred McColl, which left approximately $1.4 million to the GHRF for this purpose. Over the last 18 years, the foundation has given over $1.2 million is scholarships per the instructions of Mildred McColl. The McColl fund still has over $1.2 million to support this scholarship program. This bequest was not required to be an endowment; however it is being managed as a pseudo endowment, with scholarship grants being made to match the income and a portion of the growth of the fund. Another bequest came from the Marvin Natucci estate. This was another approximately $600,000. The purpose behind this grant is to support education in the Gig Harbor Peninsula area. Not necessarily scholarships. This has been set up as an endowment. We are trying to grow the GHRF fund balance in order to serve the community and the ideals of Rotary. Service above self.
Scott Junge, the current president of the Foundation then spoke about the new marketing program and web site of the GHRF and how we are trying to get the fund to grow. The purpose of the growth goal is to expand the service of the foundation to the community, in all areas of service of Rotary. The new brochure was handed out for review. Al Abbot was the primary designer of the brochure and Tom Borgen has taken the lead on the new website. Watch for future information on this new website and marketing program.
When you are thinking about your estate and what you can do, remember the GHRF. If you have friends or family that want to serve the community with a gift from their estate, feel free to let them know about the GHRF.
Past President Mel Santos ended the meeting at 8:29
Notes by Chuck Perry
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Friday 12/7/2018

Posted by Marcia Harris
Call to Order: President Paul opened the meeting by ringing the bell at 7:31. In recognition of December 7, Pearl Harbor Day, President Paul honored Al Bucholz as the one remaining member of the club who fought in WWII; enlisted at age 18; Hal Cline led us in ‘The National Anthem’; President Paul let the pledge; followed by Dave Morris leading Four Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians: Coach introduced the two visiting Rotarians: Ralph Flick and Mary Gorman, both from the Gig Harbor Midday club.
Guests: This week’s guests included: David Holsinger (Perkins); Christal Chiu (Morris); Noah Flick and Zianya Vizcaino (Reed); and Bill Grubbs (Mary Grubbs).
Featured Items:
  • President Elect Hal Hodgins presented the proposed 2019-20 board of directors and officer nominations. Ballots were distributed and collected.
  • President Paul reminded us of up-coming events including the Saturday Dec. 6th holiday party, 5:30 at Canterwood and Rotary After Hours on Wednesday the 12th.
  • Paul’s Rotary 101 training was cancelled this week, followed by a round of applause. An aside from the audience whispered this was an early Christmas present.
Youth Exchange: Cindy Reed joined the club candidates in Victoria for the final round of next year’s outbound exchange students interviews and country assignment. The club had two students in the final round: Noah is headed to Hungary and Eliza to Spain. Congratulations to all! (Note, the Pt Angeles will serve as the sponsoring club for Eliza.)
Paul Harris Awards: Bob Martin presented Paul Harris recognition to Jan Martin, Jim Rieck and Ed Lindstrom, all at the Paul Harris + 3 level.
Star Awards: Save the date, February 1, 2019 at Canterwood for the annual STAR Award dinner.
December Birthdays: Walt Paulsen led the club in celebrating December birthdays.
Finemaster: Chris Myers was on a roll this week. Highlights included Dave Morris’ ‘stiffing’ his guest for breakfast payment; Pam Petersen stuffing the club election box with 10 ballots; Randy Barcalow judged this week’s winner of the ‘Ugly Sweater’ contest; Mel Santos for offering to join the board again (he’s missing last year’s weekly fines…); Jeff Harris for the Gateway front page re: the Angel Guild storage project. Lots of happy Rotarians this week. The good news included: JoAnn Roberts is on the mend & Brent Tayet’s sharing local Rotarian support and involvement in the California fires by the EarlyAct club.
Club Election Results: Vice President, Lee Smith; Secretary, Cynthia Kennedy; Club Service, John Dupenthaler; Vocational Service, Mel Santos; Youth Service, Jeannie Simmons. Congratulations to all and thank you for stepping up to serve.
Raffle: Dick Vanberg won 10 free next week; Jeff Harris went home $15 richer.
Program: Club Happenings: Jeannie updated the club on Youth Services activities, celebrating Noah, future youth exchange student; Interact at PHS; Dancing in the Classrooms Program recognized Betty Felker for her contribution to the program. Corey briefed the club on Community Service projects funded and underway.
Tim Toerber: Classification Talk
Thirty-six year old Tim Toerber has an amazing breadth of interests and life experiences. Born in Illinois, Tim grew up with Rotary as part of his life. His Dad is a 48-year Rotarian and in 1998 Tim was a Rotary Exchange student to Brazil. He stressed the importance of Youth Exchange in broadening international experiences and understanding during the high school years. Tim found Brazilian friendships that are maintained as close friends today. After high school Tim attended college in North Dakota (a school known for its airline & flight training) starting in 2001. Completing college, Tim pursued a career in the US Army where he was assigned to ‘Special Ops’ often referred to as the ‘Night Stalkers”. While in the military, Tim served in the Middle East (Iraq & Afghanistan), and in Korea. In 2009 he was transferred to WA State where he lived off base on a sailboat. In 2013, following his Dad’s example, he joined Pierce County’s Sunrise Rotary. Tim left the military in 2014 to start a family. Currently living in Gig Harbor and working with the Port of Seattle, he continues to travel extensively (recently returning from a business trip to Spain & Portugal). Still flying, Tim’s current ‘fun project’ is restoring a Thistle sailboat.
Thanks Tim and welcome to Rotary Club of Gig Harbor!     
President Paul adjourned the meeting at 8:35.
Scribe, Marcia Harris
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 Youth Exchange 2019

Posted by Robert J Martin on Dec 05, 2018
YOUTH EXCHANGE 2018-19 (Thanks to Cindy for the pictures and update)
This is Anina and Eliza Liebner.  Anina spent 2017-18 in Italy and now her sister Eliza is headed for Spain.  We have two students out this next year, but I think we are only hosting one.
This is Noah Flick, whose father is in the GH Midday club and Eliza.  Noah is headed for Hungary and again, Eliza to Spain.  Oh, to be young again.  My Granddaughter is loving Chile.
Youth Exchange 2019 Robert J Martin 2018-12-05 08:00:00Z 0

Friday (11/30/2018)

Posted by Marti Anderson
7:30 - CALL TO ORDER – Paul Alvestad
INVOCATION – Todd Fletcher; PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – John Ciccarelli; SONG – Hal Cline; 4 WAY TEST – Dave Freeman
VISITING ROTARIANS – John Hutchinson and Jerry ???
GUESTS – Pat Ciccarelli, (and others)
WOLLOCHET CLEANUP TOMORROW, Dec 1. 8a – noon. Followed by a stop at Wet Coast
ROTARY 101 – Wisdom #8. What is the Polio Fund? A sub-fund of the Foundation. If you wish to have some or all of your Foundation $$ go to Polio, just specify as such.
AUCTION – Camilla Brocker. We have a venue! Thanks to all who signed the petition, we will be at the new hanger south of the Hub (that’s to the left of the Hub as you are facing it from the road) where there are antique planes. Next meeting Tues Dec 4 will be there to check it out. 530p to tour, 6p the meeting starts.
BUILD A BIKE (with pictures) – Lee Smith 36 very nice bikes.
FESTIVAL OF TREES – Walt Paulsen – ready for takedown Sunday
USO SHOPPING & DROPPOFF – Ben Paganelli. Date and time TBA. If you are interested in helping out, contact Ben.
FISH SALES – Don Buchanan. Sales during the next couple weeks. Proceeds to help students going to Guatemala. Thanks to Juanita for her generous support.
BASKET BRIGADE THANKS – David Cathers. 1220 boxes, 475 volunteers. Thanks so much to all for donations and volunteers.
RI CONVENTION – Hal Hodgins is attending Rotary International Convention in Hamburg June 23-29 2019 and encourages any and all to join him. Early registration discount ends December 15. http://www.riconvention.org/en
NOMINATIONS – Hal also announced that Mel Santos will be Vocational Chair for the next two years. Youth Services chair will be announced next meeting, and voting for the full ballot will be next meeting.
JEFF HARRIS has stepped up as PR Dude for next year and took the pledge to serve VERY seriously.
ANGEL GUILD– Jeff Harris. New “TUFF Shed” built as a storage unit. Donations from Rotary and Home Depot, and several volunteers will install the interior walls, electricity and paint.
FINEMASTER – Mac Pinch ditched, Peter Glein stepped in a “pinch”. Fines included Dave Morris for his Husky jacket.
Happy bucks included the great news that Randy Barcalow got from his cardiologist. Get back out there and start building fences Randy!
Cindy Reed announced that Port Angeles Rotary will “adopt” our outgoing exchange alternate, so both our students will be able to do the exchange next year.
Cory Coryell thanked Hal Cline for providing his log splitter and volunteered Hal to split everyone’s logs.
Paul Willett got to watch his daughter, Maddie, play basketball at CalPoly, but didn’t get any time to brag on how good she did. But THAT’s not news. She’s HOT!
Juanita Carbaugh- Giving Tues, Communities for Schools raised $10,000 with thanks to the match from the Morris Foundation.
RAFFLE – Lee Smith, 10 free. Mel Santos drew another white chip.
PROGRAM – Ivan Harrell, Ph.D. President of TCC – Report on TCC Development. TCC has a variety of programs to serve many aspects of our community including the Women’s Prison Program, High School 21+, Running Start, and Men of Distinction. They work to serve the needs of the under-served, to help them stay in school. There are programs to help with housing, child care, transportation, and campus food-bank. All these programs help the students focus on learning. There are new and innovative programs for those going back to school for personal enrichment, or prepare for post graduate studies, as well.
Notes by Marti Anderson
Friday (11/30/2018) Marti Anderson 2018-12-01 08:00:00Z 0

Travelers of the month

Posted by Robert J Martin on Nov 27, 2018
Mike and Carina golfing in Mesquite, NV.  They also worked St George, UT over as well.
Rod and Shelley in Modesto.  With the smile on Rod's face, I am guessing they are leaving the Black Bear Diner.
Travelers of the month Robert J Martin 2018-11-27 08:00:00Z 0

Friday (11/16/2018)

Posted by Chuck Perry
Slide show prior to the opening bell. A great show of the Veterans day event, and information on the Star Awards. If you have any photos of Club events, share them with Aerin and she will put them in the opening slide show.
Opening Bell: By President Paul at 7:32 am. Invocation: by Betty Felker. Pledge of Allegiance: by Mel Santos; Song: Hal Cline was assisted by Coach and Walt Paulson on God Bless America. Four Way Test: by Dave Gillespie Greeters: John Guardia Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by Coach, Ray Schuler of Tacoma #8 and slipping in late was Joyce Taylor of Shelton Skookum. Guests: Johnathan Grady, Alan Anderson, Katie McKeever, David Holsinger, Steve O’Donnell, Tom Stanfield, Jim Hansen, and Luther Chan.
Opening Comments: President Paul’s opening comments; he wanted to remind everyone that there is no meeting on the Friday after Thanksgiving.
  • Calendar: Vocational Service meeting on 11/21; Board meeting on 11/28, an agenda will be sent out to all; Festival of trees set up and take down, 11/26 and 12/2, see Walt Paulson; Youth services meeting 11/30, next door after the meeting.
  • Christmas Party: Mel Santos, announced the Christmas party 12/8, look for invitation email and sign up. Only $30 each.
  • Rotary 101 Wisdom #7 – Paul Alvestad: Donate to Rotary Direct: www.Rotary.org/ ; Click red “DONATE”, button; Select cause; scroll down to finish information and check out.
  • New Member Induction: Paul Alvestad swore in (as a joke) a new member to the new member committee; Lyn Junge. Then Jeff Harris introduced new member Ian Warren for his induction. Ian is a co-owner of Cost Less Pharmacy in Purdy. Ian was raised in Spokane and is a WSU Cougar. We’ll find out more when he does his classification talk. Bob Martin did another fine job of the induction.
  • Breath Movie: Bob Martin announced a showing of the movie “Breath” on December 4, at Herron’s Key. This is a three Gig Harbor Rotary Club event.
  • Turkey Trot: The North Club is a sponsor of the Turkey Trot run on Thanksgiving Morning, come run or volunteer to help.
  • Basket Brigade: Dave Cathers announced that the Basket Brigade is Ready, Thank You!!!, come and help on 11/20 4 pm and 11/21 at 11 am at the airport.
  • Nominating Committee: Hal Hodgins announced the slate of officers for the club election in December: Vice President- Randy Spitzer and Lee Smith (this is the position to go through the chairs to become president); Secretary – Cynthia Kennedy unopposed; Club Service – John Duppenthaler unopposed; Vocational Service – TBA; Youth Services – still looking for candidate; At Large – Dick Vanberg unopposed; Public Relations remaining term has been assigned to Jeff Harris. If you are interested in running for any of these positions, please contact Hal immediately, to get your name on the ballot.
Fines and Happy Bucks; Paul Willett was the finemaster. He doled out a fine to Donna for her hair color, and to Chief Kelly for toll booth pictures request on a criminal case. Happy Bucks: Jim Rieck for his son’s new restaurant. Located in the old Brix 25 location. Coach (Jack Stonestreet) was happy for the Kansas Jayhawks and for all his Rotary Drivers that get him to and from the Rotary meetings. Jeff Harris for his and Marcia’s 44th Anniversary. Bob Lutschg for his wife being cancer free. Randy for his upcoming concert. Marc Jorgenson for his Lutes costume and Bob for a new hip replacement.
Drawing: Donna Lormor ran the raffle. The pot is $150 and we are down to 12 chips. Bob Lutschg won the 10 free tickets for next week and Jim Rieck won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. He drew the white chip for $15.
Program: Alan Anderson of the Gig Harbor Canoe and Kayak Racing Team gave a great presentation about how the team is doing. He was assisted by Katie McKever and Jonathan Grady, both paddlers for the team. The team has been going for 16 years. They have won 5 of the last 6 years national titles.
Training starts in November with 10 practices a week. They train through spring when their attention turns to various regattas. Junior worlds, Olympic Hopes regatta, Nationals, and a variety of other competitions.
The best way to get more information about the team is to visit their website: https://www.teamunify.com/Home.jsp?_tabid_=0&team=recwaghck
Alan said they all look forward to the Paddlers Cup in April. He hopes that the Rotary club will practice hard and win first in the Dragon Boat race.
President Paul ended the meeting at 8:32
Notes by Chuck Perry
Friday (11/16/2018) Chuck Perry 2018-11-26 08:00:00Z 0

Friday (11/9/2018)

Posted by Jill Guernsey
Opening Bell: By Pres. Paul Alvestad at 7:30 am. Invocation by John Duppenthaler. Pledge of Allegiance by Sharon Shaffer. National Anthem by Hal Cline and the Rotary Club Backup Singers. Four Way Test by Stan Eastberg.
Visiting Rotarians: Jacqui Curtis and Leslie Reynolds-Taylor, Port Orchard Rotary Club, and Larry Treleven from Tacoma Rotary 8.
Guests of Rotarians included Steve O’Donnell, Denise (last name unknown) from Bremerton, and prospective member Tom Stanfield.
Opening Comments by Pres. Paul included a rundown of the calendar for the next few weeks, and Rotary 101 Lesson #6 about our club endowment fund.
  • The Festival of Trees which benefits the Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital will be held again this year and Walt Paulsen could use some help with set up and take down of walls for the gift shop. He needs crew on 11/26 (1:00 pm) and 12/2 (10:00 am). Sign up sheets next week.
  • Basket Brigade. Dave Cathers needs help decorating boxes. Location: TNA hanger. Contact Dave for details.
  • Bike Build. Lee Smith needs 4 volunteers on 11/17 (Sat) at 8:00 am. Fun time at the LeMay warehouse in Tacoma. Contact Lee for details.
  • Tom Borgen needs volunteers for the Turkey Trot sponsored by the GH North Rotary Club. Thanksgiving Day, early in the morning. The Turkey Trot benefits are for our local FISH Food Bank. Contact Tom for details.
Finemaster Peter Glein looked a little tired this morning after taking care of the kids last night while Beth was at Girls Night Out. He tried to fine others whose wives/SOs got home around midnight but had no takers, so he suffered alone. He also fined everyone who voted and was roundly, booed but he did it anyway.
Raffle: Larry Olson did the raffle and, not surprisingly, Marcia Harris drew the incorrect chip.
Program: Hal Hodgins introduced today’s program: The Rotary Foundation, by Howard Svigals and Bob Martin. Excellent power point presentation by Howard and Bob did “the ask.“ Interesting points from the presentation included:
  • Charity Navigator has given The Rotary Foundation 4 stars (highest rating) for 11 years based on overhead (small) and what TRF does.
  • Howard talked about TRF’s 3 “buckets”:
  • End Polio Now (currently only 27 cases in the world) and $50M raised and matched by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation;
  • Annual Fund which goes for grants to support current projects throughout clubs (currently has $120M);
  • Endowment Fund to secure tomorrow. This is a “legacy” fund worth $1B (yes, Billion).
Closing: President Paul ended the meeting at 8:32 am.
Notes by Jill Guernsey
Friday (11/9/2018) Jill Guernsey 2018-11-13 08:00:00Z 0

Friday (11/2/2018)

Posted by Chuck Perry
Slide show prior to the opening bell. A great show of corn mazes across Washington and the Country. If you have any photos of Club events, share them with Aerin and she will put them in the opening slide show.
Opening Bell and Yell: By David Cathers for President Paul at 7:30 am. Invocation: by Duane Fister of a prayer written by Rotarian Jim Blair of Michigan. Pledge of Allegiance: by John Lantz; Song: Hal Cline was ready to start and lead the National Anthem, when someone started “This Land” by Woodie Guthrie. This is the second week in a row the National Anthem has been hijacked. Four Way Test: by Lee Smith Greeters: Geoff Barcalow Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by Coach, Bob Anderson of GH North, and Will Boegel of Guatemala. Slipping in late without introduction was Joyce Taylor Gorne of Shelton Skookum. Guests: David Holsinger as Sophie’s guest, Mary Grubbs’ husband Bill, and Glen and Diana Liebner with their daughter Elisa, who is our Club’s alternate student for the exchange program.
Opening Comments: President Paul’s opening comments; he wanted to remind everyone that there is no meeting on the Friday after Thanksgiving. He also mentioned that he would be contacting any members this week that owe more than $400 in Club dues. 
  • Calendar: Nothing is on the Club Calendar for the 1st week of November. However on the 12th we have the Veterans Day lunch Program, sign up now. Also on the 12th is the International Service Committee meeting. On the 13th, is the Community Service Committee meeting, as well as an Auction Committee meeting. Rotary After Hours is on Wednesday the 14th. The Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation meeting is on the 15th, and the Youth Services Committee meeting is on the 16th, after our regular meeting.
  • Rotary 101 Gestalt #5 – Paul Alvestad:
    • Youth Exchange - Students learn a new language, discover another culture, and truly become global citizens. Exchanges for students 15 to 19 years old are sponsored by Rotary clubs in more than 100 countries. Long-term exchanges last a full academic year.
    • STEP - The Summer Exchange program is a short-term exchange between families. The student lives with a foreign student’s family for approximately one month and then both students return to Canada or the US where the foreign student lives with the student’s family for another month.                         
    • Rotary Fellowship - International groups that share a common passion. Being part of a fellowship is a fun way to make friends around the world, explore a hobby or profession, and enhance your Rotary experience.
    • Friendship Exchange - Friendship Exchange is an international exchange program for Rotary members and friends that allows participants to take turns hosting one another in their homes and clubs. Selecting by District need to apply, deadline for app, one 5020 side
  • Classification Question: Paul presented slides of The Pringles logo man, classification of Potato Farmer; The Monopoly logo man, classification of game maker. Both of the logo men have very pronounced mustaches. The question that came up, is if these two possible members would have to have the approval of Tim Williams, as he has the classification of “pronounced mustache” covered. This bit of humor was appreciated by the club as we were reminded that this is the start of “Movember”. Movember is an annual event involving the growing of mustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men's health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men's suicide. The Movember Foundation runs the Movember charity event, housed at www.Movember.com . The goal of Movember is to "change the face of men's health."
  • Christmas Party: John Duppenthaler wants to make sure that you put the Party on your calendar for December 8th, at Canterwood. Details to follow.
  • Rotary Foundation – Bob Martin announced that the club collected and sent in $7,325 in the month of October to support the Polio Program for the Rotary Foundation.
  • Festival of Trees: Walt Paulson announced that you have an opportunity to help with the set up and take down of the Festival of Trees, for Mary Bridge Hospital. Set up is November 26th and take down is December 2nd. Please mark your calendars and give him a call for all the particulars of time and place.
  • Basket Brigade: Dave Cathers announced that the Basket Brigade is coming together and that boxes are available to decorate. They are still a little short on cash. A few people wanted to donate and so Dave passed the hat and collected $561. Of course he shed a few tears with these donations.
Fines and Happy Bucks: John Winslow, was the Finemaster. He fined Coach for receiving a golden whistle in recognition of 50 years of being a referee. Coach said he tried, but the whistle didn’t work. Marc Jorgenson was fined for an announcement of their CPA firm needing interns for the tax season. Jeff Harris was called out for not wearing his school colors. Jeff replied with something about underwear, but no one wanted to go there. November in conjunction with “Movember”, we have been requested to wear blue to the meetings. John wanted to fine everyone not wearing blue. It didn’t go over too well, since almost everyone was wearing something with blue. John tried for a few bucks from Boston Red Sox fans. Not many in this group.  Happy Bucks: Juanita Carbaugh read an email she received from former member Dennis Karjala. One of the Prison Program graduates that has stayed in touch with Dennis is now buying her first house and is just finishing up writing a book. John Duppenthaler was happy for his first week in a new office. Bob Anderson just took four RYLA students to Canada and he survived without incident. Chuck Perry was happy that the elections will be over this Tuesday and we can get rid of all the advertising.
Drawing: Larry Olson ran the raffle. The pot is $113 and we are down to 15 chips. The scribe missed who won the 10 free tickets for next week and John Duppenthaler won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. He drew the white chip for $15.
Programs: We were blessed with two great programs this week:
Opal House: Tom Borgen introduced Doctor William Boegel and his wife Diane. Will is a podiatrist and Diane is also in the medical field. They were in Guatemala on a mission trip and found a great need for help. Most of the wealth in the country is held by 17 families. Unemployment is rampant, and very little services are available to the population. This is a major cause of the migration of Guatemalans to the U.S. for employment. Almost 40% of the economy in Guatemala comes from remittances from family members in the U.S. sending money back to their families for support. These funds come from people living in the U.S. legally and illegally, with minimum wage jobs. The Boegels opened Opal House to help the people of Guatemala. It is an 80 acre farm employing locals, raising coffee and avocados. On this farm they also have a school to educate and feed children; an emergency shelter for up to 4 families in need of transition housing; an after school program for girls; a clean water program; and arrange for pediatric orthopedic corrective surgery for needy children. To find out more, please visit their website; www.opalhouseguatemala.org.
What’s New at Seatac Airport: New member Tim Toerber is a manager of gates at Seatac Airport. He gave a very interesting presentation about the history of the airport and presentation of current and future projects at the airport.
The airport was built and opened in 1944.
In 1967 – 1973, the airport went through major expansions, including the two satellite terminals, the underground trains, and the parking garage. With expansions, the garage has 13,000 parking spaces, the largest parking garage in the country.
In 2004 the new concourse A was built.
2008 saw the building of the 3rd runway.
The airport includes 24 million square feet of pavement.
The annual passenger count has now reached 47 million, that is over 120,000 per day.
Seatac is now the 9th busiest airport in the U.S.
The airport has seen 43% growth in the last 5 years and now has over 1400 “operations” per day. An operation is landings and take offs.
For more information, go to the website: https://www.portseattle.org/sea-tac
Tim is scheduled for his classification talk on December 14, so you can ask more questions then.
President Paul ended the meeting at 8:32
Notes by Chuck Perry
Friday (11/2/2018) Chuck Perry 2018-11-05 08:00:00Z 0

Friday (10/26/2018)

Posted by Marcia Harris
Call to Order: President Paul opened the meeting by ringing the bell at 7:33. The invocation/thoughts for the week by Rod Ladd; After Hal Cline tried to start off with the National Anthem, the raucous masses sang ‘God Bless America’ anyway; Pledge led by Fred Labayen; followed by Tony Michaelson’s lead of Four Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians: Coach introduced the two visiting Rotarians: Joyce & Blaise Gorny from the Shelton-Skookum club. Blaise, member and former president of the Skookum Rotary, had worked on the Auce hospital project, enlisting our club in the project. His wife Joyce is a former GH Club president.
Guests: This week’s guests included: Luther Chen (Howard Mackert); Glenn Olson (Sharon Shaffer); Donna Lee Cole (Mel Wick); and Jean Vanberg (Dick Vanberg).
Opening Comments, President Paul:
  • November 16, College Colors Day (wear your college colors or the colors you are supporting for your kid’s education).
  • November 23, no Rotary meeting
  • Rotary Gestalt 4A – clarification of the ‘family’ of Rotary clubs: Earlyact (elementary & middle school); Interact (High School); Rotoract (college & post high school); RYLA (leadership program for youth 13-30) & Passport Clubs (on-line clubs)
  • Rotary Gestalt 4B: World Polio Eradication Day is October 24th
  • RV Outing at John Wayne Marina Report w/photos
  • Hal Hodgins is nominating committee chair. Open positions include: Vice President, Secretary, Director positions: Club Service, Vocational Service, Youth Service, Public Relations and Member at Large (past board member). Contact Hal for more information if you are interested.
  • Basket Brigade: Dave Cathers. With Thanksgiving less than 4 weeks away, food and financial donations are needed; workplace posters are available.
  • Rotary Foundation: New Paul Harris Society (pledge of $1,000 yr) members were recognized: Bob Ryan, Stan Eastberg, John Dupenthaler, Tim Williams and Mel Wick.
Bob Martin reminded the club that Friday is last day to make a Polio Plus donation & receive club matching points (donation in their name).
Fines & Happy Bucks:  Doing the honors this week was Mac Pinch with his usual wry humor. Dr. John Dupenthaler was fined for his new office, and Dr. John Dunham for his upscale RV (one foot shorter than Rod Ladd’s!). Gig Harbor Harbor’s Finest recognized in the GH Times included: John Dupenthaler, Howard Mackert, Marti Anderson, and Pat Schmidt. Fines for ‘the finest’ were the order of the day. The best Halloween look alike costume went to Hal Cline as Leslie Nielsen (given annually to Hal). Dave Freeman was fined for his latest gianormus home remodeling project.
Happy Bucks: Cindy Reed celebrating back from three weeks in Europe; John Eddy was also celebrating, back from his trip to France; Dave Morris was happy to award Ann Marie Huppert her blue badge; Mike Pinch always grateful for his grandsons Rocky & Oliver (who were overlooked during the introductions). Pam Smith’s happy bucks are included w/the raffle results.
Raffle: Guest Blaise Gorne won 10 free next week (hope that means we’ll see Blaise & Joyce again soon!). This was a VERY lucky week for Lee Smith. His doctor blessed him as cancer free this week and he drew the blue chip for $294!  
Program: Latvian Hospital Project
President elect Hal Hodgins introduced our speaker Dick Vanberg, who shared a club project in Auce, Latvia, initiated in 1995, completed in 2003. Mike Jansvics, Shelton Skookum club, spearheaded the project which transformed a former USSR office building into needed area hospital. The project represents a truly international Rotary effort involving money and hands on labor from 8+ countries, districts and Rotary International matching funding. Dick was the first Gig Harbor Rotarian participant. Other GH Rotarians traveled to Latvia contributing labor and expertise to the effort. In addition to Dick, the participant list includes: Mel Wick, Ole Magnuson, Connie Schick, Blaise Gorny and Jerry Whalston. The completion of a modern, clean hospital facility in 2003 was celebrated with a ribbon cutting and community parade. This amazing project with 50,000 volunteer hours truly exemplifies Service Above Self!
President Paul adjourned the meeting at 8:35.
Friday (10/26/2018) Marcia Harris 2018-10-29 07:00:00Z 0

Photo Summary of the October 19th Meeting

Posted by Robert J Martin on Oct 25, 2018
Corey did a very nice invocation, although we all struggled to know when it ended.
Hal had the "Dave Twins" join him in singing.  Very nice addition.
Here is Presidential Paul with his agenda on the screen.  He is using visuals well.
Lee announced that Sip 'n Stroll was a great success.  Brady obviously looks up to Lee, Walker not so much.
I got to announce that the Gates Foundation is now matching Rotary donations 3 to 1 so $100. becomes $400.  I also announced that for the next week donations to the Polio Eradication program will be matched with Club points up to $100. so a $100. donation will give you 200 points toward a PH Fellowship.  Over $3,000 and counting.  Bring your checks or cash this Friday!
I don't think Chris is raising his hand to ask for permission to speak.  More likely he was reminding us that if we hear our name, we PAY.
PP Joyce had some Happy Bucks for another successful Oysterfest and the fact the Pinchs, Martins, and President Paul attended.  Saturday was gorgeous but Sunday not so much with light rain.
Betty was so pleased with the Duck victory over the Huskies.  Glad she didn't know what the Cougars were going to do to the Ducks the next day.  Ditto for me.
I didn't mind getting fined for being the color of a pumpkin, but didn't like the shape idea.
Each of the Service Chairs gave a brief State of the Committee speech.  Here John is telling us that Club Service is in great shape with lots of fellowship opportunities.
Corey let us know that the Garden Fence and the Chamber projects are complete.  The Rotary Aviation Zone is still developing; signage with a plane on top.
Here is Rod's best Rick King impersonation.  Rod let us know that the International Service Committee is hard at work sending clothes and computers to the Philippines, Rachel computer system to Guatemala, and another water project is pending in Guatemala.  Your Foundation dollars are making the world a better place.
Jeannie let us know that we have selected our outbound exchange student, Noah Flick but we still don't know the inbound student.  Interact and Earlyact are alive and well.
A couple of PR things have been purchased, this is a banner that can be used at projects and events.  Don't know why Dick couldn't hold up his end very well.
President Paul looking at a room stand that is easily portable and gives our Club some visibility.
Gary did a reclassification talk and as you might expect is was well organized and well presented.  He talked first about his family, Linda, two sons, and grandkids.  Then he covered his education in business and then his business career first in office management and then in ownership of Nortec Plastics which he eventually sold and became a business consultant and owner of two bowling lane businesses.  Probably connected to the fact he is in the Tacoma Bowling Hall of Fame with his 9 300 games; unbelievable!
Photo Summary of the October 19th Meeting Robert J Martin 2018-10-25 07:00:00Z 0

New Member Notice

Derek Floor has been approved by the Board as a new members
Derek's classification is insurance and his sponsor is Annmarie Huppert.
Any comments on the prospective new member should be directed to Annie Arbenz, Dave Morris, and/or Lyn Junge within 10 days after this publication.
Date of Notice: December 3, 2018
New Member Notice 2018-10-24 07:00:00Z 0

Corrected New Member Notice

Ian Warren and has been approved by the Board as a new members
Ian's classification is pharmaceuticals (owner of a pharmacy) and his sponsor is Jeff Harris.
Any comments on the prospective new member should be directed to Annie Arbenz, Dave Morris, and/or Lyn Junge within 10 days after this publication.
Date of Notice: October 24, 2018
Corrected New Member Notice 2018-10-24 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (10/19/2018)

Posted by Fred Labayen
President Paul rang the bell at 7:32am to start the meeting followed with an invocation by Cory Coryell then with pledge of allegiance by Annmarie Huppert. Hal Cline & David Gillespie led the singing with God Bless America, followed with the Four Way Test by Peter Stanley.
Visiting Rotarians: Coach announced visiting Rotarians: Past President Joyce Taylor, now with Shelton, & Bob Anderson from Gig Harbor North. Guests: Al Bucholz with his daughter Sue Jensen; Peter Glein with his wife Beth and their two kids Foster & Marty. John Lantz introduced Robin Callahan, guest of Emma Conway, who was not here. Steve & Joe Odsnell, guests of Lee Smith.
Announcements: President Paul highly praised the Rotarians who were awarded as Rotary Fellows who pledge $1,000 a year. President Paul noted the successful Oyster Feast which he attended. Paul also gave a warning to Ben Paganelli and new member John Guardia: “you are sitting at a table of lawyers”
Rotary Fellowship: Rotary Fellowship applications are available. See Paul Alvestad.
Veterans’ Day event: the forthcoming Veterans appreciation on November 12. Sign up online (link on our website calendar). Also see Ben Paganelli fora chance to join Honor Flights. Probably not in the B-17 a World War II bomber, flying somewhere? See Ben.
Christmas party: John Dupenthaler announced save the date for December 8. In keeping with our local Norwegian heritage, Fred Labayen was appointed by President Paul Alvestad as the official Pickled herring procurer for the Christmas party.
Banner: Since our Rotary sign is getting old and faded the need of upgrading was presented with a New Streamer and a Pull up sign. Credit to Sharon Shaffer. Also, our club banner is available for you to take on your trips to share with other clubs, to get one in return.
Board Meeting on October 24
Weekly programs: Hal Hodgins announced that there are only eight slots left for programs for this Rotary year (ending June!) so get your ideas to him soon.
RV Outing: Mike Pinch announced that 25 Rotarians are leaving in the evening on their respective RVs for a weekend outing.
Polio Day: Bob Martin announced the end of Polio Day October 24 and request donations within the week as any donation shall be matched times three by the Gates Foundation, and the club shall get credit for the funds raised. Rod Ladd immediately donated $1,000.
Star Awards: Past President Mel Santos announced that the Star Awards is still in the selection process and shall be announced later.
Suicide Prevention Coalition: Bob Anderson announced that great speaker and suicide survivor Kevin Hines will be at Peninsula High at 6:30 on Monday Nov. 5. Free!
Toastmasters: Betty Felker invited us all to the Toastmasters Wednesday 10/24 at noon to hear International Speaking Champion Kyle Hall. Harbor Place at Cottesmore.
Winter Sip & Stroll: Lee Smith announced the successful Sip and Stroll with over 400 participants. Thanks to all who helped.
Raffle: Larry Olson will give 10 free to John Dunham next week, and Bob Lutschg (wearing an Oban 14 rugby shirt) drew the whit chip so didn’t win $264.
Finemaster: Chris Myers as the finemaster and got the following guys fined Scott for the new landscaping of benches, Robin, Rotary fellows, Gary, Juanita welcoming her back, Followed with happy bucks Mark, Joyce for a successful oyster feast, Bob, John and Betty.
Club Happenings: John Dupenthaler announced the forthcoming Christmas party to be held on December 8. Recommends to develop more fellowship among members in sports and other group activities. Rod Ladd of International committee announced the continuous activity where we shipped 10 balikbayan boxes of clothes and computer to Father Vic brother in law of Mike. Cory Coryell talked about the Veterans Day banquet, and a project at the airport and the Angel Guild project. Richard Schmalz talked about the prison program and Star awards.
Speaker: Our guest speaker for the meeting Gary Glein was introduced by Hal Hodgins. Gary showed a very interesting career retiring at 63. So he joined Rotary and develop lots of friendship and expanded his horizon in business as well as his community service in Guatemala and locally.
There being no other matters to discuss the meeting adjourned at 8:35am
Notes by Fred Labayen
Friday (10/19/2018) Fred Labayen 2018-10-22 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (10/12/2018)

Posted by Chuck Cuzzetto
Slide show prior to the opening bell included pictures of Rotary events, Rotarian travelers, and Rotary gestalt.
Opening Bell: Open by President Alvestad at 7:28 am. Invocation: by Emma Conway. Pledge of Allegiance: by Mike Pinch. Song: “God Bless America,” by Hal Cline and speaker Honorable Justice Debra (aka Brenda) Stephens. Four Way Test: by Al Weaver. Greeters: None noted.
Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by Coach – Honorable Justice Stephens (Olympia) and Ralph Flick (GH MidDay). Guests: Hal Hodgins introduced his wife Gretchen, Honorable Justice Debra Stephens, her husband Craig Stephens, and Gig Harbor’s own Honorable Justice Charles Johnson. Ben Paganelli reintroduce John Guardia. Cindy Reed introduced Ralph Flick and his son Noah, our outbound exchange student. Jeff Harris reintroduced prospective member Ian Warren. Camilla Brocker introduced her mother-in-law, Omahan Betty Brocker.
Opening Comments: President Alvestad noted that the restrooms are now working. He also noted that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and was disappointed in the insensitive people that did not wear pink. He reminded the group that November is Rotary Foundation Month and men’s health issues month. For emphasis he shared a picture of Hal Hodgins celebrating “Movember” with a full beard.
  • Calendar – President Alvestad highlighted the upcoming meetings including the Auction Committee (meeting under a green awning), Vocational Committee, RV Group, and Youth Services. Check your emails and the website for more information.
  • Rotary 101 – President Alvestad reviewed Rotary Gestalt 1 and 2 and presented Rotary Gestalt 3, where there is fellowship for everyone from Gourmet Cooking to Magna Grecia (Great Greece). (Perhaps the two are related – do gourmet cooks use Great Grease in their cooking?)
  • Birthdays – Walt Paulsen acknowledged October birthdays, including Steve Skibbs, Annmarie Huppert, Chief Kelly Busey, Fred Labeyen, Cindy Reed, Sharon Shaffer, Debbie Wittmers, Howard Mackert, Al Abbott, Stan Eastberg, Gary Glein, and Tim Toerber; as well as anniversaries.
  • New Member Induction – Annie Arbenz introduced our newest member John Guardia and his sponsor Ben Paganelli. Ben shared how much he and John have in common and then either quit the club or went off on a scuba diving vacation, not clear. Duane Fister saved the day by conducting the induction and welcomed John as the “World’s Newest Rotarian” as of 7:46:45 am (PDT).
  • Veterans’ Day Event – Ben Paganelli returned to make sure Rotarians plan to attend the Veterans’ Day Celebration on November 12. Cost for Lunch is $15, free for Veterans. Ben encouraged the group to invite Veterans, Vet Techs and people who like animals.
  • Paul Harris Society Membership Presentation – Bob Martin shared some of the different ways to donate to The Rotary Foundation (TRF), including “Every Member Every Year,” “Sustaining,” and “Paul Harris Society Membership.” Bob introduced one-half of the GH Rotarians that are Paul Harris Society Members, those who choose to give $1,000 or more every year: Duane Fister, Jim Good, Rod Ladd, Ed Lindstrom, Debbie Miller, Jan Martin, and Don Rees. With the other half, introduced at a later time, this group helps the club meet its TRF $25,000 goal by giving more than half of that total!
  • Basket Brigade – David Cathers announced, without a tear, that this will be the 25th year for the basket brigade. Last year nearly 1,600 families were served. He encouraged local businesses and groups to come up with challenges to help raise items.
  • Sip ‘N Stroll – Lee Smith reminded everyone that the Sip ‘N Stroll is tomorrow. There are still tickets available and he could use a few more volunteers for backup.
Fines and Happy Bucks: David Cathers was the fine master. The group decided that Peter Glein, with one eye, would be safer on the road than Coach. Hal Cline was fined for forgetting the Honorable Justice Stephens first name (not an honorable thing to do). Cindy Reed was fined for her squirrel problem and reminded not to take it on an airplane. Paul was allowed to pass his $3 fine for his slides to someone else, but Mel Santos was absent. Annie Arbenz was fined for not wearing her badge as a good role model for new member John Guardia. Bob Martin and Rod Ladd were asked about an RV fire and Mark Hoppen was fined because “it’s been awhile.” Finally, Ben Paganelli was fined for pretending to not remember John Guardia’s name. Happy bucks were offered by Buck Frymier for Juanita Carbaugh’s pilgrimage and the latest prison program graduating class, and Steve Skibbs for the Boston Red Sox.
Drawing: Eric McGinnis ran the raffle. The pot was $237 and seven chips. Lee Smith won the 10 free tickets for next week and Rod Ladd won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. He drew the white chip for a consolation prize.
Program: The Honorable Justice Debra Stephens, Washington State Supreme Court, presented “Rights and Responsibilities Under Two Constitutions.” She introduced Justice Charles Johnson (to answer the tough questions). Justice Stephens spent some time on interpretation of the law, including “plain” language. Some examples brought back great “Schoolhouse Rock” memories of conjunction junction and the definition of the word “it.” She mentioned that ambiguity is a Justice’s best friend. She asked if a woman in a motorized wheelchair could go into a park. Coach quickly responded with, “no she can’t.” Other issues were not so clear. She compared the State and US Constitutions and finished by talking about the clash of rights and responsibilities under competing constitutional provisions.
President Alvestad ended the meeting at 8:35 am.
Notes by Chuck Cuzzetto
Friday (10/12/2018) Chuck Cuzzetto 2018-10-13 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (10/5/2018)

Posted by Marti Anderson
Call to Order – Paul Alvestad
Invocation – Hal Cline; Pledge of Allegiance. Song – Hal Cline - God Bless America; 4 Way Test –Mel Santos.
Visiting Rotarians – Coach. No one signed in …. again.
Guests – Steve O’Donnell, Tom Stanfield, Sue Jensen is back!, Speaker Lesley Mayne
Featured items:
Calendar – Something Rotary every night next week, including Rotary After Hours Wed El Pueblito.
Thank you note from Snoqualmie Days for Girls
Wear pink during Oct (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) and limit your fines to no more than $1. In honor of Men’s Health month in Nov anyone with a NEW beard finds will be limited to $1.
Rotary 101 - Clarification of 501 status - Rotary CLUB funds are 501(C)4 and not tax deductible, Charitable funds such as the Rotary Foundation 501(C)3 are tax deductible.
Star of The Year Announcement – Sharon Shaffer
Danna Webster, nominated by Ben Paganelli was selected from several great terrific nominations. A highlights from her qualifications: retired teacher, Past President, Vice Pres, and secretary of Key Peninsula Community Council; Key Pen Farm Tour Chair; Key Pen, Partnership for a Healthy Community Steering Committee; Key Pen Youth Council; Mustard Seed Fund Raising; Key Pen Writers Guild; Volunteer facilitator Key Pen Civic Center; Park Volunteer; Lions Club; Founding Board member of the KP Farmer’s Market.
Membership Committee – Annie Arbenz and Lyn Junge. There are two more members “in the wings”. Emma Conway FINALLY got her blue badge. Congratulations, Emma.
International Committee– Rodney Ladd. Computer packing party Monday 530p - 7p
Veterans Day Event – Jill Guernsey. Lunch at Ocean5, Monday Nov 12. Posters and flyers available. Vets free, $15.00 for non-vets. Come support them, please!
Nominating Process – Hal Hodgins. Committee: John Eddy, Debbie Miller, Camilla Brocker, Tom Borgen, and Hal. Please contact them if interested in any positions.
Finemaster – Paul Willett.
Happy bucks included: Cindy Reed, 3 countries in 3 weeks; Jan and Bob Martin SW Nation Park Hikes, Fred, grandsons wedding and a good Dr. report, Peter Glein $2. for 2 good (or almost good) eyes. And we are looking forward to more good medical news when his reports are complete; Bob Ryan just got back from a great trip to Austria.
Raffle – Donna Lormor. 10 free- Peter Stanley. Unsuccessful attempt at the blue chip and $270.00 – Lee Smith.
Program – Leslie Mayne – Permission to Start Dreaming – PTSD Foundation. Leslie’s path from losing her son Kyle to PTSD to forming a Foundation in his memory to help those struggling with PTSD, and the amazing work they are doing for Vets and 1st responders. This goes far beyond Race for a Soldier, with monthly meetings, workshops, retreats to help victims of PTSD cope. She shared a video, which unfortunately, we could not hear. We will send the video link through ClubRunner Website: http://ptsdfoundation.org/.
Friday (10/5/2018) Marti Anderson 2018-10-09 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (9/28/2018)

Posted by Alan Weaver
Opening Bell: Right on time at 7:30 am by President Paul Alvestad. Pledge of Allegiance by Dave Gillespie; Invocation by John Ciccarelli; Song “God Bless America” by Hal Cline and ably assisted by Dave Gillespie and Mike Pinch; Four Way Test by Tony Michaelson; Visiting Rotarians and Guests, unknown to this scribe who neglected to pick up the signup sheet but recognized Warren Zimmerman of the Gig Harbor Chamber of Commerce and regular guests of Dave Holsinger (of Sophie Perkins) and prospective member Tom Stanfield (of Jill Guernsey).
Various Announcements, Featured Items and “Stuff”:
  • Calendar: Nothing coming up for our club in the first week of October but on October 6th and 7th is the Shelton’s club Oyster Fest. Many of our members intend to attend. The second week of October will have at least four committee meetings.
  • Club Picnic at President Paul’s ranch and, as reported by him, had the good news in that no one became ill from the food.
  • Dave Crothers reported that the Basket Brigade of providing a Thanksgiving Day basket is gearing up and he requested volunteers to sign up.
  •  Warren Zimmerman of the Chamber of Commerce made what he called a “commercial pitch” for our members to sign up for one of two Chamber sponsored trips to Tuscany, Italy this fall for only $2,699 per person which includes air fare and hotels.
  • Communities in Schools/Peninsula chair head Dick Vanberg and his sidekick Ron Roberts reported that the committee is in need of additional math but mostly reading tutors for four local schools including Evergreen, Vaughn, Harbor Heights and Purdy. Both Dick and Ron have been active in the program for many, many years. The service involves meeting with the assigned student once per week for one hour after school on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.
  • Lee Smith who has coordinated volunteers for the Gig Harbor Sip and Stroll event for at least the last three years is again looking for volunteers. Last year over 700 tickets were sold and over $10,000 was raised for the project.
  • Peter Glein handled the Fines and Happy Bucks portion with not much material to work with except Betty Felker was more than overjoyed that the Gig Harbor Film Festival had been ranked within the top 100 of over 5,000 film festivals in the country.
  • Raffle handled by Larry Olson with Pam Peterson Smith winning ten free tickets for next week and longtime member Mel Wick striking out in his attempt to take the $205 pot.
            At 7:55 am Hal Hodgins introduced today’s speaker Jeff Langhelm who is the City of Gig Harbor Public Works Director (who grew up in Rosedale as a member of a large Langhelm family which lived near the foot of Rosedale Hill and who, also, is Dave Gordon’s son-in-law).
                To an attentive audience Jeff gave an extremely interesting speech but which was absolutely impossible to categorize or summarize because of the numerous projects discussed and the huge number of cost figures mentioned. Here are just a few. The population of the City of Gig Harbor has increased 30% in the last three years to just over 10,300 persons. He explained that for an average or bigger project to get completed, it must be on an approved list for several years in order to attract either federal or state funding. Two of the more interesting future projects (at least to this scribe) are putting in a roundabout at the intersection of Stinson and Rosedale Streets and building an overpass from near the old Strohs store south across State 16.
                Since Jeff had spoken to us about three years ago, he quit at exactly 8:30 am with absolutely no prompting from either President Paul or Hal. Meeting adjourned ten seconds later.
Scribe: Al Weaver
Friday (9/28/2018) Alan Weaver 2018-09-29 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (9/21/2018)

Posted by Chuck Cuzzetto
Slide show prior to the opening bell included Rotary Vision, pictures from Dinners for Eight, OysterFest Poster, News Tribune article and pictures from the Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting, and numerous past and present Rotary projects.
Opening Bell: Welcome by Mary Grubbs, open by President Alvestad at 7:30 am. Invocation: by John Duppenthaler. Pledge of Allegiance: by Mike Pinch; Song: “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee,” by Hal Cline (solo). Four Way Test: by Annmarie Huppert. Greeters: None noted.
Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by Coach - Blaise Gorne (Shelton). PP Joyce Taylor joined shortly after the start of the meeting. Guests: Mel Wick introduced his guest Donna Lee Cole, Al Weaver introduced Steve O’Donnell from the Bellevue Club, Sharon Shaffer introduced Glenn Olson, and Ron Roberts introduced his spouse Joann. Being the start of the campaign season, Judge Hogan introduced her guests Mary Robnett (candidate for PC Prosecutor) and Mary’s campaign manager Rachel; and Annie Arbenz introduced her guest Tim Lewis (candidate for District Court Judge). Not to be outdone, and to gain some “brownie points,” David Cathers introduced fine master John Winslow.
Opening Comments: President Alvestad noted that the restrooms are across the way and around the corner. He also referenced trees.
  • Calendar – President Alvestad highlighted the upcoming Board Meeting and the Skookum Rotary OysterFest.
  • Rotary Bucket List – President Alvestad recapped what should be on every Rotarian’s bucket list: (1) To attend an International Conference, (2) To attend a few District Conferences, (3) To hold a Rotary Office, (4) To become a Paul Harris fellow, (5) To include the Rotary Foundation in your will, (6) To attend OysterFest, and (7) To join in Rotary fellowship (how will be presented at a future meeting).
  • OysterFest – Blaise Gorne and Joyce Taylor reminded everyone to attend the Shelton Club’s OysterFest October 6-7. There are 50 non-profit food vendors, 16 Washington Wineries, monster microbrews, and entertainment. Joyce said the funnest part is the oyster shucking. The event is at the airport.
  • Rotary 101 – President Alvestad presented his “signature” action, a review of the Rotary organizational structure, including four separate entities: the Club, the GH Charitable Fund, the GH Rotary Foundation, and the Olson Foundation.
  • New Member Induction – Dave Morris introduced our newest member Geoff Barcalow and his sponsor Randy Barcalow. Dave wondered about the past success rates of father-son Rotarians. Duane Fister conducted the induction and welcomed Geoff as the “World’s Newest Rotarian” as of 8:48:10 am (PDT).
Fines and Happy Bucks: John Winslow was the fine master. Judge Hogan prepaid her fine but was fined again. Richard Pifer is off on another cruise (pictures to follow), President Paul was fined for his socks (after approval by PP Mel Santos). Fine master Winslow worked on a theme, without a lot of success. Hal Cline was fined for having multiple Facebook accounts and never-ending friend requests. Happy Bucks: Judge Hogan for Tim Williams work on a referral, Mike Pinch for Rotary’s polio eradication efforts, Mary Grubbs as she is retiring October 26, Sharon Shaffer for six nominations for Star Awards (committee of past presidents to meet next week), Randy Spitzer for a father-son 2,400 mile motorcycle trip, Howard Mackert for spending all day at the track tomorrow fulfilling auction promises, Coach for Rod Ladd coming through with corn today, Annie Arbenz for Tim Lewis running for Judge and for Zach Lester coaching her son in soccer, and Bob Lutschg for his trip to Wisconsin.
Drawing: Eric McGinnis ran the raffle. The pot was $185 and 10 chips. Randy Spitzer won the 10 free tickets for next week and Hal Cline won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. He drew the white chip for a consolation prize.
Late Announcement: President Alvestad announced that about 40 people attended the joint club picnic. He thanked everyone that helped.
Program: (Part One – Club Happenings) Corey Coryell, Community Services, started by inviting everyone to the next committee meeting on Tuesday, October 9, 5:30 pm, at Timberland Bank. Cory then briefly recapped some of the club’s current projects, including Wilkinson Fence installation, Chamber of Commerce remodel, Angel Guild shed installation, Veterans’ Day lunch event on November 12 at Oceans 5, Kayak rack storage project design, and parking day (on hold). John Duppenthaler, Club Services, talked about the “behind the scenes” work of his avenue of service, including songs, invocations, publications, photographs, and scribes. Jeannie Simmons, Youth Services, reminded everyone they meet on the third Friday of every month immediately following the Club meeting. She recapped Youth Services work in Outbound Student selection (applications due September 26), host family video production, dancing classrooms (more than 1,000 elementary students currently participating), Early Act (per Jeannie “excited little Rotarians”) and Interact at PHS (meet first and third Wednesday at 2:10 pm). Jeannie noted that getting involved in Youth Services helps you feel young again. Rod Ladd, International Committee, noted that they are all caught up and even canceled their last meeting. They meet the second Monday of the month. He summarized activity in water projects and the Rachel project. He thanked Geoff, the World’s Newest Rotarian, for his donation of 15 computers to help establish a computer lab in a Philippine High School. He also reported that he is working on a water retention/drip irrigation project update to be presented to the club. Howard Mackert, Cars for Change, noted they have had a few hiccups in the implementation of this program (liability insurance and drivers’ licensing). They have restructured and are now helping to sell cars, take donations, and help with licensing and car purchases.
Program: (Part Two – Reclassification Talk) Past President Ron Roberts shared his story (thus far) with the club. Born in Auburn, Ron attended Gonzaga after graduating from High School in 1957. He started as a Business and Finance Major at $1,500 per year for tuition, room and board. After three years, he entered law school (night school at that time). During law school he met his soon-to-be wife, Joann, also a Gonzaga student, pursuing a teaching degree. Shortly thereafter they married and started a family (not always at the most opportune times). For example, Ron gave up a job at Old National Bank so that he and Joanne could go to Great Falls, Montana, only to find Joanne was pregnant. After law school, before fulfilling a service commitment, Ron joined the law firm of Eisenhower & Carlson (he only applied to firms with more than one name, to improve his hiring chances). In July 1964, Ron sat for the Bar Exam while Joanne was preparing for Mark to join the family. Timing is everything. Ron joined the Military Police to serve his commitment to the Army. He trained in Fort Riley, Kansas, as a First Lieutenant, Executive Officer, and headed to Vietnam in August. Of course, Joanne was pregnant with Matt. His division was charged with base and convoy security. He left Vietnam in August 1966 as a Captain and was rehired by Eisenhower and Carlson. The firm had grown from nine to 30 attorneys. Ron served on the firm’s management committee and served as the Managing Partner before retirement in 1988. During that time Greg, Ben and Adam joined the family, now mom and dad and five sons, and lots more! Ron moved to Gig Harbor in 1978 and joined Rotary in 1989. He has chaired the Community Service Committee, been on the GH Foundation Board, and was President in 1992-93 (the year of the first auction). Ron was named Rotarian of the year in 1990 and remains very active in the club. He finished by showing pictures of his family and sharing how blessed he and Joann feel.
President Alvestad ended the meeting at 8:30 am.
Notes by Chuck Cuzzetto
Friday (9/21/2018) Chuck Cuzzetto 2018-09-22 07:00:00Z 0

Photo Summary of the September 14th Meeting

Posted on Sep 19, 2018
This issue comes to you from sunny Bruneau, Idaho and the Colyer Hereford/Angus Ranch.  Rod will be doing the next 1-2 issues.
Buck had the honor of ringing the Cow Bell to get the meeting started and he did very well, and for all of you Past Presidents, he didn't hit his thumb.
Camilla did a very nice invocation along the lines of "What you sow, so shall you reap" in a very positive sense.
President Paul leading us in the Flag Salute, I guess reminding us of the year past.  He seemed to know all of the words.
Had a trio leading us in God Bless America.  There was mixed feelings about the microphone not working during the song.
Coach did a rousing job of introducing our only visiting Rotarian, Judy Hosea.  Judy announced she and Tom will be leaving for several months to visit the Southeastern US.
President Paul reminding us that we have an event calendar on our website and we should be using  it.
If you have never been, this is a great event that supports many of the non profits in the Shelton area.  You won't believe how many ways oysters can be prepared.  Fun to watch the shucking as well; they are unbelievably fast.
Geoff Barcalow offering Mike 15 computers for Philippine schools.  Definitely a win/win situation and representative of th succcess of Rotary networking.  Thanks for thinking of the Philippines Geoff.
Finemaster Chris should be paid a buck for doing such a great job, but fined two bucks for being a lousy auctioneer.  Buck had two VIP passes for the GH Film Festival and for awhile it looked like they were going to go for $3.00.  But Rotarians came through and they went for $150., The money going for the Prison Foundation.
Can you guess what PE Hal is doing?
Jay did a great job explaining how Pac12 officiating works.  But even with 8-10 pairs of eyes on each play, things are still missed; maybe some league bias involved?  Nice informative program.
Photo Summary of the September 14th Meeting Robert J Martin 2018-09-19 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Social Opportunities

Posted by Robert J Martin on Sep 19, 2018
This is a Dinners for Eight at the Coryells.  Not only do you have great food, but you get to meet Rotarian spouses.
This is Dinners for Eight at the Olsons. Here you not only get to have the Fellowship but you get to see Marty's fantastic art, and Larry is no slouch either.  You have to participate to have these opportunities.
This is an Italian dinner purchased at the Auction, so not only do you have great food and company, but you helped support our Club's projects.  So come to the next Auction and buy one of these dinners.
Rotary Social Opportunities Robert J Martin 2018-09-19 07:00:00Z 0

Some Things to Think About---and Smile

Posted by martin on Sep 18, 2018
I don't have any neighbors bugging me, but this seems a simple solution.
Which one of these ladies is the blonde.  Answer later if you don't get it.
I thought this was funny!
And now the answer;  Note which leg is up.
Some Things to Think About---and Smile martin 2018-09-18 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (9/14/2018)

Posted by Chuck Perry
Pre meeting slide show: Included announcements for Film Festival and Rotary Picnic. Also included the Rotary International “Vision”: “TOGETHER WE SEE A WORLD WHERE PEOPLE UNITE AND TAKE ACTION TO CREATE LASTING CHANGE-ACROSS THE GLOBE, IN OUR COMMUNITIES, AND IN OURSELVES.” Also included were four pages from the club roster of the early 90’s: Bob Martin, David Gillespie, Al Bucholz, and Jerry Walston. Amazing how much hair they had, with little or no grey.
Call to Order: President Paul opened the meeting with a ring of the bell at 7:30. The Invocation: Camilla Brocker; Song: Hal Cline, with Corey and Peter led us in ‘God Bless America’; Pledge: led by President Paul; followed by the Four Way Test: Led by Past President Mel Santos.
Visiting Rotarians: Coach introduced the visiting Rotarians: Judy Hosea. Later in the meeting we were also joined by past president Joyce Taylor. She continues to run a little late.
Guests: This week’s guests included: Geoff Barcalow (Randy’s son) who’s company has donated 15 computers to the Philippine school computer project; Dave Freeman’s grandson Evan Margel; Dan Gregory, Former member Tom Stanfield, Ed Butler; Peter Weller, Deb Miller’s brother: Mark Avni; Oliver and Rocky Pinch; Gretchen Hodgins; Jay and Wendy Stricherz.
  • A meeting of the scholarship committee was held last week, which is part of the Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation. Another meeting will be held in October. Call John Winslow if you would like to be involved.
  • Paul announced that if you want to give public opinions or letters to the editor, that you do not give it as a Rotarian, unless it has been vetted and approved by the Club Board.
  • A three GH Clubs’ Rotary (adult) Picnic is coming Sept 16th at Paul Alvestad’s, 4:00 p.m. The cost is $10 each. A map was shown on how to get to the picnic.
  • Oysterfest is being held by the Shelton-Skookum Club on October 6th. Please attend if you can. They are also looking for volunteers. See Paul if you would like to volunteer. See their website for additional information: http://www.oysterfest.org/
  • It was announced that Howard Svigals is the new District Foundation Chair beginning July 2019.
  • Remember the Gig Harbor Film Festival for this weekend.
  • Buck Frymier purchased two passes to the entire GH Film Festival at this year’s auction. As it turns out, he was unable to use them and they were auctioned off, with the proceeds to go to the Purdy Prison program. Ed Lindstrom was the winning bidder @ $150.
Raffle: Run by Donna Lormor; Marti Andersen won 10 free next week (third week in a row). Mike Pinch had his grandson draw for $173. A white chip came out of the bag after a lot of work, and won $15 instead.
Fines & Happy Bucks: Chris Myers had the duty this week as the finemaster. He questioned guest Dan Gregory about his Eastern Eagles jacket, to see if he knew the famous Eastern football player; John Eddy. No such luck. John Ciccarelli was recognized for having the average age of table members at his table drop by 80 years, as the Pinch boys were sitting where Al and Joanne normally sit. Paul Alvestad was called out for a comment he made earlier in the meeting, about cows being struck by thunder. (Didn’t he mean lightning?) He was also questioned about the picnic being an adult picnic and what type of farm entertainment was going to be had? Chris talked about how past presidents each had different things they did at the meetings. He singled out Dick Vanberg about the Rotary Clap, and wondered if anyone else got it? Happy bucks were offered by Marti Anderson for Peace Through Travel, and over 200 kids in the Jr Sailing program. Happy bucks were also given by Ed Lindstrom and Judy Hosea.
Program: Jay Stricherz – Retired Pac 12 football Ref: View from the Field
Hal Hodgins introduced our speaker who is a retired football referee for the Pac 12, and is still involved with the Pac 12 referee training and rules committee. Jay grew up in Parkland and Enumclaw. His dad was a referee and very active in sports. His family values were: Faith, Family, and Sports. Jay started refereeing his Jr year of college. As with most referees, he started with young kids games on Saturday mornings and worked his way up through the system. Joining the Pac-10 referees in 1979. The Pac-10 had just been increased from the Pac-8 in 1978. He was a referee for 35 years. He thanked Coach (Jack Stonestreet) for his help and mentoring. He also mentioned that the Tacoma Athletic Association was to be honoring Coach for over 50 years as a referee. Jay went on to show many film clips to explain what referees are looking for and to explain how the 8 officials at each game work the game. Each ref is paid $3500 per game in the Pac-12. However all the expenses for travel food and lodging are the responsibility of the officials. The Pac-12 has seven crews of 8 officials. Each crew remains together for the season and each member of the crew keeps the same position for the season. Each game has between 6 and 13 cameras covering the game. These video feeds are available to two additional people in the replay booth. When a call is questioned, the replay officials watch the video feeds to make the final call. The program was followed by many very interesting questions. The program received many compliments.
Scribe: Chuck Perry
Friday (9/14/2018) Chuck Perry 2018-09-17 07:00:00Z 0

Maybe we do have an outgoing Exchange Student

Posted by Robert J Martin on Sep 13, 2018
This is Olivia Martin Gurley, an outbound exchange student to Rancagua, Chile from D-5080 (Spokane).  This was here arrival day with her 13yo Chilean sister.  Olivia happens to be my Granddaughter.
This is Olivia on in her school uniform on her first day of school on September 11.  I am sure I can convince her to send us some progress reports; I know I will get some.  Give me some feedback if you would like to know how her year goes.
Maybe we do have an outgoing Exchange Student Robert J Martin 2018-09-13 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary After Hours at the Greenhouse

Posted by Robert J Martin on Sep 13, 2018
We had a small but great group.  Here are the Hoppens and President Paul.
I think Jan must be laughing at one of my jokes; since John is not.
Just couldn't get Mel to pay attention to the camera.  Tim on the other hand is very photosensitive.
Rotary After Hours at the Greenhouse Robert J Martin 2018-09-13 07:00:00Z 0

Photo Summary of the September 7th Meeting

Posted by Robert J Martin on Sep 13, 2018
Brady did a very traditional invocation which I thought was great.  I think dave did to.
I am so happy to see that AnnMarie thinks the 4-Way Test is like a prayer because I agree.
Bill Evans standing in for Coach in introducing visiting Rotarians.  Don't remember any problems with names.
The Community Service meeting was also cancelled.  This calendar is on our website, but President Paul is bringing it to you each week.  RAH was a small group but very enjoyable.  Pictures to follow.
President Paul reminding us of one of our Club goals which Tom and Buck and others have been working very hard on.  We hope to see a new, better, and more functional website as a result.
Past President Betty reminding us of the upcoming GH Film Festival.  A lot of hard work goes into this and it makes GH a better community.  Thanks for your efforts Betty.
President Paul pays Mac's first fine, but not the last.
If we every have had a hot seat, this is it and Steve doesn't even look uncomfortable.  Cool under pressure!
Marti wanted to pay some big happy bucks but I don't know if that was for a trip for her or some other Rotarian.
Norma wanted us to know that there may be some tickets available for the Mackert concert/Buchanan salmon feed at the Morris Pavillion.
Hal is doing another great introduction of our weekly speaker, Carol Hendricks from the Snoqualmie Rotary Club.
Carol talked about the need for good menstrual health for school age girls in Swaziland.  The typical female will lose 3000 days due to menstruation in her lifetime, many of those during her school life.  The Days for Girls program provides reusable sanitary napkins for women and now they are being made in Swaziland, creating new jobs.
Just a summary.
Photo Summary of the September 7th Meeting Robert J Martin 2018-09-13 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (9/7/2018)

Posted by Marcia Harris
Call to Order: President Paul opened the meeting with a ring of the bell at 7:30. The invocation/thoughts for the week by Brady Buskirk; Hal Cline led us in ‘God Bless America’; Pledge led by Chuck Perry; followed by the Four Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians: Coach introduced the visiting Rotarians: Bill Evans, Pt Orchard, and from Tacoma Barry & Sharon Benson, Linda Kaye Briggs (former member of our club) and Judge Kathryn Nelson.
Guests: This week’s guests included: Jennifer Barthens & Carol Hinelrus (Hal Hodgens); Susan Wadrow (Dorothy Wimberly); Geoff Barcalow (Randy’s son); Bill Grubbs (Mary) and Dave Freeman’s grandson Evan.
Opening Comments: President Paul: Last week the Buddy Bench we dedicated at Artondale Elementary (thank you Corey & the Community Service committee); the Gig Harbor Rotary fund- raising web site is under development. It will provide access to making on-line donations to the Areas of Service and to the four Gig Harbor Rotary Foundations. Stay tuned.
September Birthdays – Camilla Brocker & Cynthia Kennedy (2nd), Jim Reick (13th), Veronica Hooper (14th), Gary Imel (16th), Juanita Carbaugh (19th), Vicki Hogan (23rd ), John Dunham (28th) and Duane Fister 30th). Anniversaries of Note: Ron & JoAnn Roberts (55 yrs); Buck & Kay Frymier (53 yrs); Terry & Lynn Brown (30 yrs); John & Nicole Duppenthaler (24 yrs)
  • The Rotary Club calendar is a work in process. A strategic calendar will eventually be on Dropbox.
  • Betty Felker reminded us of the G.H. Film Festival, September 13 – 16. There is an amazing array of 80 film makers. Don’t miss it!
  • A three GH Clubs’ Rotary (adult) Picnic is coming Sept 16th at Paul Alvestad’s, 5:00 p.m. The cost is $10 each; sign-up deadline Monday Sept.10.
  • The Gig Harbor Kiwanis provided the Flag Day breakfast. The Community Service Committee provided an $800 ‘thank you’ donation (our weekly breakfast expense). A lovely thank you was received.
Fines & Happy Bucks:  Doing the honors this week was Mac Pinch. Mac pointed our Vanberg’s thick hair & sparse beard and Scott McVay’s sparse hair & dense beard. Mac suggested they may want to trade ‘beauty secrets! Thankfully the Eastern Washington smoke has cleared. Worried though about the Key Peninsula smoke near Jeff’s property. It was noted that Bill Evan’s shorts were the color of ‘farmed salmon’. Happy Bucks: Cindy Reed is headed to Europe for three weeks; Dave Cathers up-coming Basket Brigade reminder, Norma Whitacre reminder of the concert & salmon dinner at Dave Morris’. A few tickets are remaining. Contact Norma.
Raffle: Marti Andersen won 10 free next week. Lucky Hal Cline had a chance to draw for $169. The white chip netted $15 instead.
Program: Carol Hendricks – Swaziland Days for Girls
Hal Hodgins introduced our speaker who serves as the Snoqualimie Chapter Director of the project. The ‘Days for Girls’, now an international program, was launched by the Snoqualmie Rotary club in November 2013 in Swaziland, Africa (with a population of 250,000 orphans). We learned that girls worldwide miss school 5 days every month during their menstrual periods because they don’t have access to sanitary napkins or alternative supplies. This project started by providing ‘a kit’ of washable pads, liners, shield, bags and panties. The kits last up to three years. The popularity of the solution has changed from ‘a poor girls choice’ to ‘a smart girls choice’.
Originally the Snoqualmie Club made and provided ‘the kits’. The program has grown and in 2017 they started a self-sustaining leadership team. They have started five Swaziland enterprise centers, making and marketing the kits. The program is becoming locally self-sustaining. One added bonus is that the women working in the project earn income too.
This is a project accomplishing the initial 2013 vision: Girls are no longer missing school. https://www.daysforgirls.org/
President Paul adjourned the meeting at 8:35.
Scribe: Marcia Harris
Friday (9/7/2018) Marcia Harris 2018-09-12 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (8/31/2018)

Posted by Fred Labayen
The meeting was opened by President Paul at 730am
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mark Hoppen; Song God Bless America by Hal Cline; The 4 Way Test led by Randy Barcalow
Visiting Rotarian: Joyce Taylor past President; Other guest: Jordan Poire guest of Debbie Miller; David Holsinger guest of Sophie Perkins; Scott Hohensinner guest speaker; Geof Barcalow guest of Randy Barcalow
President Paul announced the forthcoming Picnic on Sept.16 at 4pm
Outbound student exchange program presented by Cindy Reed showing the flyers criteria
Fining session by David Cathers and the following were fined:
Richard Schmalz birthday guy; Alec Zarelli, Richard Pifer(Timberland Bank), Mike Pinch, Bob Martin, President Paul
Happy Bucks: Bob Lutschg, Bob Martin, Cindy Reed, Sherry, and Pam
Raffle done by Donna Lormor
Guest Speaker introduced by Hal:
Scott Hohensinner. Talk was about Wheels for Water Ride across U.S. 0 states for 1,000 kids. The project raised $300,646 by Lifewater for clean water fo Ethiopia. Serve 9 schools and 9,000 children. It is an ongoing project. https://wheels4water.org/about-2/
Meeting adjourned at 8:30 am
Minutes taken by Fred Labayen
Friday (8/31/2018) Fred Labayen 2018-09-01 07:00:00Z 0

New Member Notice

Posted by Annie Arbenz
John Guardia and Geoff Barcalow have been approved by the Board as new members.
John's classification is life insurance/financial services and his sponsor is Ben Paganelli.
Geoff's classification is employee benefits and his sponsor is Randy Barcalow.
Any comments on either prospective new member should be directed to Annie Arbenz and/or Dave Morris within 10 days after this publication.
Date of Notice: August 28, 2018
New Member Notice Annie Arbenz 2018-08-28 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (8/24/2018)

Posted by Jill Guernsey
Opening Bell: By Pres. Paul Alvestad at 7:30 am. Invocation: by Marti Anderson. Pledge of Allegiance: by Gary Glein. Songs: Oh, Canada, followed by The Star-Spangled Banner, led by Hal Cline and assisted by Randy Spitzer. Four Way Test: by Fred Labayen.
Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by Coach Jack Stonestreet: District Governor Craig Gillis from Campbell River, BC; Katie Hopkins (North Mason); Howard Svigals (GH Midday). Guests: Tom Borgen introduced Erin O’Neill and Eric Morton from the Peninsula School District (PSD); Jill Guernsey introduced Tom Stanfield, Heron’s Key Marketing and Sales Director; Debbie Miller introduced Jordan Poore, with The Doty Group; and Scott Junge introduced former member Jim Hansen who has visited more than some of our “active members.” Pam’s daughter and son in law, Delaine and Max Morgan, joined us, as did Mel Wick’s nurse, Tina.
Opening Comments: Pres. Paul mentioned a few upcoming events, including Harbor Hounds (9/8/18) and the Courage Classic (8/25th and 26th). Todd Fletcher gave an update on the construction project at Cottesmore while we feasted on plastic plates.
  • Tiny House Project: Eric Morton (PSD) thanked our club for our $3500 donation for a welder for students in the Skilled Trades Pre-Apprenticeship Program. He presented a short slideshow showing the various activities and accomplishments by the students this past year, including building a tiny house. 14 students graduated from this program last year. Great job, everyone who was involved in this worthwhile program supporting students in our community.
  • STAR Award Nominations Reminder: Sharon Shaffer did an excellent job of reminding us that the nominees are to be non-Rotarians in the GH area who have shown, by action and deed, their commitment to improve our community in Rotary’s spirit of Service Above Self. Nominations due to Sharon or Al Abbott by September 14th.
  • Vocational Service Award Nomination Reminder: Marcia Harris also did an excellent job of reiterating the criteria for this award, which will be awarded to a Rotarian for commitment to community service beyond Rotary. Nominations due to Marcia or Richard Schmalz by August 31st (next week).
  • Mary Bridge Children’s Courage to Support Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital: John Mitchell reminded us that The Courage is this weekend (August 25 and 26) in Mossy Rock.
  • Three-Club Rotary Picnic: Pres. Paul announced that all three GH Rotary clubs will be hosting a picnic September 16th at his house near Horseshoe Lake. Cost $10 pp; details soon.
  • Thank you to Purdy Topsoil: Scott Junge passed around a note for everyone to sign thanking Purdy Topsoil for supplying gravel for the Wilkinson Farm Fence project. In a rare moment of seriousness, he pointed out that whenever asked for help the people at Purdy Topsoil have come through.
  • Randy Barcalow announced that tomorrow, Saturday, August 25th, is the last work project for the Wilkinson Farm Fence project. He asked us to bring shovels and wheelbarrows so we could fill the fencepost holes with gravel (from Purdy Topsoil of course). He also asked us to bring stapleguns. Chuck Cuzzetto is convinced that the stapleguns will be used to staple the gravel.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Paul Willett was the Finemaster. As usual there were a few unrepeatable fines, but we all took note of the fact that the Club policy has changed and instead of fining the current president, we will fine the past president. Mel Santos laughed and emptied his wallet again. Annie Arbenz wasn’t present but that didn’t stop Paul from fining her for completing the Canadian Iron Man. Of course he did mention that there was a discount because of the Canadian dollar. Happy Bucks: Betty mentioned that there may be a 5th elementary school signing up for Ballroom Dancing; Debbie Miller said her mother is happy at Harbor Place/Cottesmore; and Randy Spitzer said that there is a Tiny House project in South Kitsap School District also, and that they have a place to put the house once completed.
Drawing: Eric McGinnis ran the raffle. The pot is not huge, and we are down to a few chips. Pam won the 10 free tickets for next week and Lee won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. He lost.
Program: District Governor Craig Gillis did an excellent presentation. But the best news of the entire day was his announcement that our very own Tom Borgen is the next Assistant Governor Area 11 Designate! Congratulations, Tom! Two things to mention re the Governor’s presentation:
  1.  A wise person once told him that people don’t give TO Rotary, they give THROUGH Rotary.
  2. Youth – Please keep doing what you are doing and extend what you are doing. The Rotary Youth Exchange program is one of our most important programs because it helps to share life experiences throughout the world. He mentioned an exchange student from Jakarta that said that the number one thing he will take home is the clean water that comes from the tap! Something we take for granted that is so vital.
President Paul ended the meeting at 8:35 am
Notes by Jill Guernsey
Friday (8/24/2018) Jill Guernsey 2018-08-25 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (8/17/2018)

Posted by Marti Anderson
Opening Bell: By Dave Gordon, standing in for Paul Invocation: by Duane Fister. Pledge of Allegiance: by XX; Song: National Anthem led by Hal Cline
Four Way Test: by XX Greeters: XX.
Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by Coach – Joyce Taylor Guests: Rosalie Buchanan, John Guardia, Jim Sheehan, Gary, Jim Waddell, David Holsinger, Hillary Bridge, Geoff Barcalow,
Opening Comments:
  • Vicki Hogan and Dave visited Mel Wick over the weekend. He is now home and doing well.
  • Tacoma ½ Marathon- this Saturday
  • Fly In Drive In – Aug 25 @ Narrows Airport.
  • Star Awards – Sharon Schaffer is soliciting for nominees. Form on line and she will have some at next week’s meeting.
  • Jack Sparrow Concert – Aug 23, 530p – 900p.benefits Communities In Schools of Peninsula. Jim Borgen and Brett and Kathy Davis-Hayfields. 6209 Reid Rd. $30.00 Call CISP 253-884-5733 or peninsulaciswa.ejoinme.org/CISP2018Bash to rsvp.
  • Auction Committee meeting -Aug 28, 6pm @ Lee and Pam’s
  • Fence Project – Materials for sale. Lee bought the lumber. Contact Randy if interested in 100’ wire fencing. Next work party – perhaps the last on this project – is Aug 25.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Peter Glein was the Finemaster. Just back from ANOTHER vacation, so didn’t have any dirt on anyone.
Lots of time for Happy Bucks: Juanita- taking a leave of absence since she has lots of travel. Meeting with Derek Kilmer and concerned Rotarians regarding the whales/Columbia River Damn breaching.
Rod Ladd – Has his (4th) motorhome back.
Bob Ryan – Drove across the country with his son. Gave them time to connect and solve all the world’s problems.
Jeff Harris – Logging show on Key Peninsula this weekend.
Sophie Perkins – David went gliding this weekend – and lived to tell about it.
Howard  Mackert– Had a great day at the track, got to go fast and raise lots of money
George Bonney – Celebrated 40 year anniversary
Someone - sorry I didn’t catch who – Now has 3 sons over 50 years old
Tom Borgen – Thanks for all the support for “courage” riders
Pam Smith – Bittersweet. Back from France with 14 friends. Lost her dog recently, but Lee is picking up a new puppy this week.
Bob Martin – Celebration/ send off for his granddaughter going on a Rotary exchange to Chile
Dave Gordon – Back from a 2 week Baltic cruise
Drawing: Starting fresh with a full bag of white chips. Marti won 10 free tickets for next week and Sophie won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. She drew the white. So sorry, Sophie.
Program: Don Buchanan Reclassification Talk
Graduate of PHS. Attended Washington State College, College of Puget Sound, Olympic College, Central, FINALLY graduated from UPS in Fine Arts and Accounting. Was on the Tennis and sailing teams.
Worked for his Dad’s company, Buchanan Lumber in Olympia, which became a Log dump operation working up to 400 loads/ day. Then bought West Bay Marina, (lost all the docks in the Thanksgiving Day storm).
Had his own fish company which sold to the cruise lines, eventually morphed into Captain’s Choice smoked salmon.
Rotary Member for 43 years. 2 sons, both living in the area. Married to Rosalie (thank you for overseeing his wardrobe, Rosalie)
Tons, and TONS of community involvement over the years, over and above all his Rotary efforts. Rotary Lifetime achievement Award in 2015.
A couple quotes to take away from his “The more you say the less people listen”
Club Happenings:
Club Service: Focusing on member engagement and fast-tracking red badgers to blue
Vocational – Stars Awards, Mental Health Pilot Program, 1st Tee scholarships, Prison Transition Reentry Program. They meet the 3rd Wed of each month
Youth – Monday Aug 27, Artondale Elementary Earlyact Buddy Benches are dedicated, Interact, John would like more volunteers, Pam P and her daughter are working on Interact @ Harbor Ridge, working on host families for 2019-2020 exchange.
International – Lots of great work going on it Philippines, Guatemala, Africa, water projects, medical and literacy programs. Contact Rod if you have desk top computers to donate.
President pro tem Dave Gordon ended the meeting at 8:30 sharp
Notes by Marti Anderson
Friday (8/17/2018) Marti Anderson 2018-08-20 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (8/10/2018)

Posted by Alan Weaver
Opening Bell: Meeting opened by President Paul Alvestad by having past president of many moons ago Ron Roberts ring the bell from his seat. Pledge of Allegiance by John Duppenthaler; Song “God Bless America” by Hal Cline and our two British born members who added “God Save the Queen” at the end; Four Way Test by Bob Lutschg; Visiting Rotarians as introduced by “Coach” Jack Stonestreet (who tried to introduce last week’s visitors before being corrected) Mike Mitchel, Bob Anderson (GH North), Joyce Taylor (Shelton) and three invaders (from Tacoma 8) Don Hanson, Barry Benson and Fred Mathazi; Guests Dave Holsinger (of Sophie Perkins), Marc Silba, Gene Krebs and Guy Allen (all of Walker Allen) and Geoff Barcalow (Randy Barcalow’s son); and speaker Joe Piscatella. Greeters – none spotted.
President’s Comments:
  • Member Mel Wick is presently in the hospital recovering from a surgery and the Sunshine Committee of Allisha McVey and Dorothy Wimberly have been alerted.
  • President Paul displayed three screens which showed (a) the coming events for this week, (b) the list of brain storming ideas for club activities which are under consideration and (c) the future community events.
  • President Paul reported on the joint Rotary get-together at the Rainer’s baseball game which he enjoyed so much that he had to be reminded who won (Paul, it was the Dodgers).
Various Announcements:
  • Visitor Mike Mitchell pitched the second annual Rockin Rhythm and Blues Festival to be held on August 18th at the Sportsman’s Club for the benefit of soldiers and veterans – PTSD Permission to Start Dreaming http://ptsdfoundation.org/ .
  • Marcia Harris reminded us of the three awards granted by our club which are Star’s Award in February to a non-Rotarian, the Rotarian of the Year to a Rotarian as selected by the club president and the Vocational Service Award given in September to a Rotarian for extraordinary service over and above that given for Rotary projects.
  • John Mitchell reported on the coming Courage bike ride later this month in which we have five members participating and the club is handling the lunch portion on Sunday at Mossyrock between 9:30 am and 1:30 pm for an expected sixty riders.
  • Hal Cline was before the group again to remind those who are participating in Dinners for Eight to be sure to show up for their anointed dinners.
  • Mystery woman Cindy Reed (who was adorned with a breathing mask because of dust particles) promoted a meeting after next Friday’s meeting for those interested in Early Act and Brent Tayet reported on the Early Act benches being installed at Artondale School.
  • The Raffle was handled ably by Larry Olson and Donna Lormor with someone winning the right to ten free tickets next week. And then Hal Cline made his third appearance before the club when he successfully drew the blue chip for $764 (with President Paul muttering in the background the names of several worthy club charitable projects).
Fines and Happy Bucks:
            John Winslow ably insulted and fined a few, but not Hal Cline who to the surprise of many successfully named the three other couples coming to his Dinners for Eight that night. However, Todd Fletcher contributed a dollar because Cottesmore’s dishwasher had broken down so we had dined off paper plates and cups and plastic silverware. His protests of adding air conditioning to the meeting got him nowhere. Lastly, Annie Arbenz happily contributed to the pot by declaring that she had completed the Canadian Ironman in Whistler, BC two weeks ago which consisted of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and 26.2 mile run in 14 hours 35 minutes. (Don’t think her 9:01 transition time from bike to run was spent in putting on her famous high heels.) Annie, at age 35, became the third active club Rotarian to finish an Ironman, joining Paul Willett, who finished in a slower time at age 53, and this scribe, who was also slower but age 61.
Speaker: Hal Hodgins introduced fellow Rosedale resident Joe Piscatella, a nationally known author on health and the heart. Joe spoke on lifestyle versus how we choose to live with special emphasis on diet, exercise, smoking, stress and attitude. Unfortunately, those in this country have not been doing a good job with the USA ranked 169th country in health, just behind Croatia. While we have 6% of the world’s population, we have 33% of the world’s fat. Now, the average woman weighs 166 pounds and average man 195. He challenged us by inquiring whether we wanted to spend the last twenty years of life in a golf cart or wheel chair. Lastly, he described how he had changed his life style at age 32 to the better as a result of a 95% blockage in his heart.
Adjournment: Promptly at 8:30 am.
Scribe: Al Weaver
Friday (8/10/2018) Alan Weaver 2018-08-13 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (8/3/2018)

Posted by Chuck Cuzzetto
Opening Bell by President Paul Alvestad at 7:30 am, after an unsuccessful attempt to start at 7:10 am. Invocation by Past President Tom Borgen with words about life by Mother Teresa. Pledge of Allegiance (as it has been done since 1954) by Chuck Perry. Song “God Bless America,” by the two Hal’s, Cline and Hodgins, for the heck of it. Four Way Test by Stan Eastberg.
No greeters were observed.
Visiting Rotarians introduced by Coach (Jack Stonestreet), Don Hansen from Tacoma 8 and Bob Anderson from Gig Harbor North. Guests included past member Rick Tunnel and Chris Myers’ significantly better half, Jill.
Opening Comments: President Alvestad reviewed the busy week ahead on the calendar and urged Rotarians to visit the website at GigHarborRotary.org often. (Note from the WebMaster: GigHarborRotary.com is experiencing some problems, and if you have had difficulty accessing the website, that is why. Change your favorites/links to GigHarborRotary.ORG and you should be fine)
Courage Classic: Hal Hodgins indicated that we have five riders participating in this year’s, the 25th ride. They are about $700 short, collectively, of their fundraising goal. Donations can be accepted until August 17, so try to bring your donations next Friday. John Mitchell is again leading the effort for our Rotary stop in Morton on Sunday, August 26. It’ll be the same program as last year and volunteer information will be sent soon.
Galloping Gertie: Bob Anderson from Gig Harbor North Rotary reported that their club has 20 members and is growing. They now meet (starting in September), the first and third Monday’s of the month, 5:00 pm at Herron’s Key. (The scribe was not sure if most of the members lived there). GH North’s big fundraiser of the year is the Galloping Gertie fun run/walk. http://www.galloping-gertie.com All the proceeds go to benefit children programs, especially on the Key Peninsula. They need runners, walkers, and volunteers. Their website is https://gigharbornorthrotary.org/  
Picnic: President Alvestad very briefly mentioned there would be a three-club picnic on September 16, 4:00 pm, near Horseshoe Lake (later he mumbled, his house).
Rotary After Hours: John Eddy reported that the next After Hours would be August 8 at Ocean’s 5. We will have a private area and bowling will be $5.
Wine and Food Experience: President Alvestad reported for Camilla Brocker that the Wine and Food Experience was a success thanks in large part to the efforts of Lee Smith. Lee recruits and coordinates the volunteers for the weekend activities. He has been doing this for many years and would really like someone else to take over.
OysterFest: Late arriver and past president Joyce Taylor encouraged everyone to attend The Shelton Skookum Rotary Club’s OysterFest in Shelton on October 6 and 7. After some thought, she recalled that the oysters were provided by Taylor Shellfish. More information is available at http://www.oysterfest.org/
Birthdays: Walt Paulson led the group singing “Happy Birthday” to 22 (wow) Rotarians and at least three spouses. (Another Note from the WebMaster: please make sure your birthday, and other vital information, is up to date in ClubRunner. If you have difficulty logging in, call or text me at (253) 591-7088, or email at tim@tewilliamslaw.com)
Fines and Happy Bucks: Mr. Chris Myers was the Finemaster this week. He noted that since the crowd was so small, fines would be doubled. Singled out for fines were Rod Ladd, for not having his cell number in Mr. Myers’ Contact list; Walt Paulsen, for an undisclosed violation; Tom Borgen, for an effortless invocation; Cindy Reed, for wearing a mask, insinuating problems with her table; Mel Santos, for being President in the wrong year – this year the President won’t have to pay fines; John Eddy, for RAH; Gary Glein, for competitive bowling prices; and Jeff Harris, as a proxy for Marcia, for having a magic moment executive session Board Meeting. Happy Bucks from Gary Glein for his new Tesla and Cindy Reed to explain her mask and thank Marti Anderson for arranging her trip.
Drawing: Donna Lormor ran the raffle. Dick Vanberg won ten free tickets next week. Bob Ryan’s winning ticket earned him a chance to draw from two chips, with a 50-50 chance to win $614. Bob drew the …………. white chip for a generous consolation price of $15. Next week there will be just one chip (blue, we assume), so the odds are pretty good of drawing the blue chip.
Program: “Hot August Morning - Classic Car Display” and “Jim’s Classic Garage”
Hot August Morning - Classic Car Display” – Walt Paulsen talked about the car display that would be available for members to peruse at the end of the meeting. He thanked the car owners for participating and then noted the cars on display:
Rick Tunnel’s 1959 Corvette
Peter Stanley’s 2007 Boss Mustang
Rod Ladd’s 1980 Porsche
Jim Rieck’s 2003 Corvette
Hal Hodgins’ 1952 MG
Walt Paulsen’s 1962 Impala SS
Gary Glein’s 2018 Tesla
Walt then shared the story how he remarried his ex. (how he bought his car back after he had sold it). Only in Montana!
“Jim’s Classic Garage” – Jim Sullivan, owner of Jim’s Classic Garage and Teaching Museum told his story of restoring classic cars. He also shared two videos recapping his business and involvement with 25 “at risk” youth, teaching the business and passion of Classic cars. He has been at his current 12,000 square foot location for six years. He currently has 10 employees and three days per week hosts 25 students as shadow mechanics. He ships cars around the world, with England and Holland the favorite destinations. When asked which cars were in demand he said, “old jeeps and broncos are hot, mustangs are not.” His favorite car is a 1958 Corvette. He also talked about working on a WW2 “EMW,” made by Eisenacher Motorenwerk. He’s is open weekdays 7:30 am to 4:00 pm and weekends and encouraged visitors. His website is http://www.jimsclassicgarage.com/  
President Alvestad adjourned the meeting early at 8:19 am to allow Rotarians and guests to view the classic cars.
Notes by Chuck Cuzzetto
Friday (8/3/2018) Chuck Cuzzetto 2018-08-05 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (7/27/2018)

Posted by Chuck Perry
Slide show prior to the opening bell. A great slide show with pictures from dinners for Eight, the Mel Wick presentation, and a horse program from the vocation committee. Followed by two slides of 25-year-old club roster pages of Mark Jorgensen and Scott Junge, both looking much younger.
Opening Bell: By Past-President Mel Wick at exactly 7:30 am. Invocation: by Duane Fister. Pledge of Allegiance: by John Ciccarelli; Song: God Bless America, led by Hal Cline and assisted by Cory Coryell. Four Way Test: by Scott Junge. Greeters: None Noted. Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by Coach (Jack Stonestreet), Judy Hosea and Barry Benson. Sneaking in half way through the meeting without introduction was past president Joyce Taylor Gorney. Guests: Dave Freeman’s grandson Evan Margel, Curt Scott, the speaker, Nina Liebner, the returning outbound exchange student, and Brett DeSantis’s two daughters.
Opening Comments: Mel Wick explained that his year as club president came between Marcia Harris and Vicki Hogan. He went on to say that Marcia gave him a club running smoothly and Vicki came in and cleaned things up when he was done. They are both here at the meeting to help Mel run the meeting and to make sure that the meeting goes well with Paul gone on vacation.
  • Returning Exchange Student Nina Liebner: Was introduced by Dick Vanberg. She reported that she came back last month. She had a great year in Italy. She misses Italy and her host family. She is readjusting to life here in Gig Harbor. She is now a senior in high school and is working on college applications and trying to figure out where she will go to school after she graduates. She expressed a sincere thank you to the club for sending her. It was a crazy wonderful year and experience. After things quiet down and school starts, she will have time to come back and give a program and slide show to the club.
  • Rainiers Game: Remember the game is next Thursday, August 2nd.
  • Hot August Morning: Walt Paulson announced next week’s program. If you have a vehicle of particular interest, please bring it next week for display. The meeting will dismiss early for all to go out and view the cars. This is the club’s own little car show.
  • Gig Harbor Wine and Food Experience: Lee Smith announced that the fundraiser is this weekend and starts tonight. There are still tickets left and still time to volunteer. Since Lee is going to be gone next week, he wanted to thank the volunteers in advance.
  • Rachel Project: Jeff Harris announced that the grant for the Rachel Project has been approved. This project will cost $130,000 and will provide the Rachel systems to 55 schools in Guatemala. This will help over 10,000 students with access to information not previously available. Please visit the website for additional information. WWW.WORLDPOSSIBLE.ORG
Fines and Happy Bucks: Mac Pinch was the Finemaster. He started with a joke about the construction on our meeting facility and a fumigation for pink head lice. He went on to ask coach if he remembers when the Dead Sea was only sick? Dick Vanberg was fined for watering Jill Guernsey’s plants while she is in France. Dick responded with “Oui Oui. And Mac said “did you mean wee wee, since you are watering the plants? Brady Buskirk was fined for having a cowlick in his hair. Not only did this collect a dollar, it produced a blush from Brady, Howard Mackert was fined for not knowing which number was bigger; the number of keys on a piano or the number of his siblings? Happy Bucks: Howard Mackert for a road trip to see family, deliver a saddle to a niece and help award scholarships from his uncle’s trust. Also included a sad dollar for a rock to the windshield during the trip. Bob had a happy dollar for an RV trip to Glacier Park with the Pinches. Sammi had a happy dollar for a plane trip to the San Juan Islands, flown by non-other than today’s program presenter, Curt Scott. Marcia Harris was happy as the president of the school board to fill the vacancy on the board with Lori Glover and to hire an interim superintendent, Dr Arch Travers. Hal Hodgins was happy for raising $2500 for the Courage Bike Ride. Bob Lutschg called Mac Pinch’s phone during the fine session, which cost Bob a dollar. The last happy dollar was from Mel Wick. He just finished paying off his ex-wife from 25 years ago. Wouldn’t you know it, her attorney was Vicki Hogan before she became a Judge. That is how Vicki and Mel met..
Drawing: Larry Olson ran the raffle. The pot is $517 and we are down to 3 chips. Randy Spitzer won the 10 free tickets for next week and Bob Lutschg won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. He drew the white chip for $15.
Program: Peninsula Emergency Preparedness Coalition (PEP-C). Curt Scott, the General Chairman of PEP-C gave a great presentation of what PEP-C does and what we have to do to be prepared for an emergency. Please visit their website:
PEP-C’s purpose is to prepare the Gig Harbor, Fox Island, and Key Peninsula areas for potential emergencies. It is not so much if it will happen, but when it will happen. In a real emergency, their saying is YOYO – You’re On Your Own. You need to be prepared to survive for 21 days without help. This is because in a real emergency, help will not come for a long time. A good example of this is the recent hurricane in Puerto Rico. Many areas were without power and services for months. Curt gave a detailed presentation of the most likely issues we may have to face. Fire, storms, earthquake, cyber-attack to the electrical grid, and even a volcano. Planning is necessary and you can become involved. Contact them or attend a meeting to learn what to do to be prepared.
Past President Mel ended the meeting at 8:29.
Notes by Chuck Perry
Friday (7/27/2018) Chuck Perry 2018-07-31 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (7/20/2018)

Posted by Marcia Harris
Call to Order: President Paul opened the meeting with a ring of the bell at 7:30. The invocation/thoughts for the week by Al Abbott; Hal Cline and Randy Spitzer the singing of “My Country Tis of Thee; Pledge led by Hal Cline; and the Four Way Test was led by Peter Glein.
Visiting Rotarians: Coach announced there were no visiting Rotarians and welcomed back Vicki Hogan who has been doing some traveling since her retirement.
Guests: This week’s included Emma’s two sons among others.
Opening Comments: President Paul asked that any slides or PowerPoint presentations be emailed to him by noon on Thursday before the meeting so they can be loaded on the laptop and be ready to go before Friday morning.
  • President Paul is out of town next Friday, so we in for a treat when Past President Mel Wick steps in to chair the meeting.
  • Paul reminded us of the Rainiers game & tailgate party on August 2nd.
  • Don’t forget the Wine & Food Festival next Friday and Saturday. It’s not too late to volunteer to help, and if you did volunteer, remember to show up! There is also time to sign up for the fabulous dining event
  • Duane Fister sent out a draft invocation roster last week. Take time to check it out. You have an opportunity to ‘opt out’, but if you need to do so, please notify Duane by Friday, July 27th.
  • Hal Hodgins reminded us that we have five club members participating in the Courage Classic Bike Ride on August 28th. Our riders are still in need of club member support. Please give your checks made out to “The Mary Bridge Hospital Foundation” to Hal.
  • John Eddy reported that last Tuesday’s Rotary After Hours, outside at the Blend on the “Key Peninsula’ was fun. The food provided by the KP’s Gnosh Food Truck was a hit. (Here’s a new one for your palate: a Ruben Salad. Delish!)
Fines & Happy Bucks: It was announced that fine master Pam Smith is on a LOA this year. Doing the honors this week was Chris Myers. Chris pointed to Walker Allen noticing he was ‘leaning to the left’. John Eddy offered up two truths and a lie. Bob & Christine Lutschg are celebrating their 25th anniversary this week. Next weekend, Randy Barcalow’s #3 son will be ‘tying the knot’.
Raffle: Ben Paganelli gets 10 free tickets next week. Ron Roberts had a chance for the ‘big pot’ and walked away with $15. By next Friday, the pot should top $500.
Club Happenings from the Directors:
  • John Dupenthaler educated us the volunteer opportunities under the Club Service umbrella: membership, mentorships, the sunshine team, fellowship, meeting facilities and meeting technology.
  • Corey Coryell , Community Service meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month at Timberland Bank. The committee’s budget has been allocated with the exception of $16,000. Two projects on the drawing board are: an Angel Guild storage shed and parking expansion at the Orthopedic Guild Thrift Store.
  • Ann Marie reported on a new vocational service project with the Boys & Girls Club involving transformational project mental health. The initial program has selected six, 13 year-old students for the pilot.
  • Rod Ladd provided an international update. Book packing for the Philippines was completed last week. They are currently working on the Raspberry Pi project in Guatemala and looking at a couple additional water projects in Guatemala and Africa,
Program: Reclassification Talk with Al Abbott (Club President 2012-13, Hal Cline sponsor)
Citizen of the world, Al Abbott was born in S. America and grew up in Mexico. After completing a degree in marketing & communications from Texas A & M, Al worked for the government in Laos and elsewhere in the world. After attaining a graduate degree in Art & Design, he worked with several large accounts on both the east and west coast, including Lockheed. After joining a large marketing/advertising firm, he was assigned to the Toyota account, taking him on travels worldwide.
Along the way, he met and married Virginia, a woman with similar background in art, marketing & design (in fact they attended the same college but hadn’t met). Over the course of their careers they opted out of the rat race to start their own business and raise a family. Virginia’s family lived in Gig Harbor; the rest is history. Their move here included establishing Carrot Stick Marketing, supporting a broad variety of firms including client Paul Allen.
Al is very proud of his family, Virginia his business partner, daughter Anika with an amazing voice and musical skill and Turi, a Rotary exchange student to Thailand and now a world traveler. Al, thank you for ‘resharing’ your life with us.
President Paul adjourned the meeting at 8:28.
Scribe: Marcia Harris
Friday (7/20/2018) Marcia Harris 2018-07-24 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (7/13/2018)

Posted by Chuck Perry
Slide show prior to the opening bell. A great slide show of the Wilkinson Farm Fence Project. Followed by three slides of 25 year old club roster pages of J. Harve Stonestreet, “Coach”, Steve Skibbs, and James A. “Jim” Thomas.
Opening Bell: By President Paul Alvestad at exactly 7:30 am. The regular bell was missing, so Paul used a glass and a spoon. Invocation: by Walker Allen Pledge of Allegiance: by Fred Labayan; Song: God Bless America, led by Hal Cline and assisted by Camilla Brocker and Pat Schmidt Four Way Test: by Jan Martin. Greeters: Tim Toerber; Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by Coach (Jack Stonestreet), None introduced, however Coach asked for a ride home after the meeting. Sneaking in half way through the meeting without introduction was Joyce Taylor. Guests: Dave Freeman’s grandson Evan, Peter Glein’s daughter Marty, John Gardia, Karen Robbins and Donna Lee Cole
Opening Comments: President Paul reminded all to sign in out in the hall. With the construction and the temporary entrance it is easy to forget. Paul also had Aerin put up the Rotary calendar. Please check it out on line from the above link..
  • Paul Harris Awards: Bob Martin with the assistance of Ed Lindstrom as “Vanna White” gave out the following Paul Harris Awards, each representing a $1,000 donation to the Rotary International Foundation:
  1. Keith Harris,        PH+2
  2. Mark Roberts      PH+2
  3. Steve Skibbs       PH+3 & 4
  4. Tim Williams       PH+4 & 5
  5. Rod Ladd             PH+6
  6. Jim Good             PH+ 7
  7. Mel Wick              PH+6,7 & 8
During the awards, the fire alarm went off. However this didn’t faze Bob, he just kept talking louder over the alarm.
  • Rotary After Hours: John Eddy announced that the next RAH will be on July 17th, a Tuesday. It will be held at the Blend, a wine tasting venue located in the heart of Key Center. We hope to get a great turnout for this RAH.
  • Pier to Table: Pat Schmidt announced the Dinner, which is Friday, July 27th, from 6 – 10P.M.. This is the first event for the GH Wine and Food Festival. The dinner has tickets available for $150 each (or $125 if you are a GH Rotarian). The food will come from the local Farmers Market vendors, along with fresh Sockeye salmon from Alaska. The location of the salmon catch will be announced at the dinner. All food will be prepared by local GH Chefs from Devoted Kiss. Wine will be served from Willamette Valley Vineyards, Beer from “7 Seas” and drinks from Heritage Distilling. Buy your tickets at Eventbrite.com. A silent auction of 20 items will also take place at the dinner. Gig Harbor Rotary’s very own Chuck Cuzzetto will be the master of ceremonies. If you want to help with the dinner as a volunteer, contact Pat Schmidt or Lee Smith. Volunteers are needed.
  • Star awards: They will be awarded again in February, as announced by Sharon Shaffer. Please start thinking about who could be a great nominee. Forms will be available next month for the nominations.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Paul Willett was the Finemaster. Walker Allen was fined for his ”Where’s Waldo” socks. Kelley Busey was fined for the cities’ electronic speed signs, as an electronic distraction. Bob Martin was fined for his ability to talk over a fire alarm. Paul also found it interesting that the dragon boats actually had a dragon painted on the boat, as he thought it was named after ex-wives. Happy Bucks: Dick Vanberg for 56th wedding anniversary. Todd Fletcher was happy for having two children graduate with degrees from universities. Now all he has to do is get them to “launch”.
Drawing: Donna Lormor ran the raffle. The pot is $407 and we are down to 5 chips. Dave Freemans grandson, Evan won the 10 free tickets for next week and Mark Hoppen won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. He drew the white chip for $15.
Program: Betty Felker introduced this week’s program: “An Authors Story” – Karen Robbins, Author of “Flags Across America” and multiple other children’s books.
Karen has lived in Gig Harbor for three years, having moved from University Place.
Karen Robbins discovered her passion and purpose early in her life as an ice cream lady, Mrs. Claus, a kindergarten/first grade teacher, "Miss Karen" of Romper Room television program (age 24), a clown, Kermit the frog and mother of four sons. She's been entertaining and educating children her entire life. While raising her sons, she started writing in the magazine market. Her first national publication was in Jack and Jill magazine. She still remembers her joy as she screamed around the kitchen. She continued writing in the magazine market, then books in the education and Christian markets. She has over 300,000 copies of books in the world.
Robbins obtained a masters degree in Early Childhood Education, and went on to teach at the University of Puget Sound. She's a "Right brain creative" specializing in creating toys and books for the young child. She created two toys for Discovery Toys and holds a U.S. patent. Karen never plans to retire. Writing and creating books and toys for children is her passion and purpose. Her most recent book was a book of US flag photos that has been a number one Amazon seller. Her co-author on this book is Dale Baskin. She finds this to be funny, as it makes the book from “Baskin and Robbins”.
Robbins stayed and autographed books for those who wanted to purchase a copy.
President Paul ended the meeting at 8:31.
Notes by Chuck Perry
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Friday (7/6/2018)

Posted by Chuck Perry
Slide show prior to the opening bell. A great slide show of the international convention in Toronto. Followed by a couple of slides of 25 year old club roster pages of Paul Willett and Mel Wick.
Opening Bell: By President Paul Alvestad at exactly 7:28 am. The regular bell was missing, so Paul used the cow bell on his new gavel. Invocation: by Duane Fister; Duane also announced that he is putting together a new invocation list. Please read his email coming out this next week. Pledge of Allegiance: by president Paul; Song: God Bless America, led by Hal Cline. Four Way Test: by Fred Labayen. Greeters: none spotted; Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by Coach (Jack Stonestreet), Judy and Tom Hoséa, and another Rotarian that the scribe missed. Coach also noted that he just celebrated his 50th year in Rotary, his 65th wedding anniversary, and his 85th birthday! Guests: Dave Freeman’s grandson Evan, Vickie Rosalie (SP?), and Aerin Ginsberg, President Paul’s intern and also happens to be Brett DeSantis’ niece.
Opening Comments: President Paul introduced Aerin and said that she will be helping him to schedule the meetings agendas. If you have something for a meeting, please email Aerin at rotaryalvestad@gmail.com. Paul also indicated he plans on showing the upcoming Rotary calendar each week as it was posted up on the screen. He had multiple requests from the crowd to increase the font size. If you missed the slide, just go to the link above to check out the calendar on line. Paul also shared some Gateway articles that involved Rotary, with slides of the articles; PHS Tiny Houses with help from GH Rotary, Vaughn 5th grade dancers with support of GH Rotary.
  • Birthdays: Walt Paulson announced the July birthdays and we all sang happy birthday..
  • International Convention: Bob Martin gave a detailed report of the international Rotary convention just held in Toronto. Our club was represented by 11 members and many spouses. One night the club members went out for a great Italian dinner. Another night included a cruise on Lake Ontario with over 100 people from District 5020. There were many great speakers including Laura Bush and Justin Trudeau. Many breakout sessions were held with additional interesting topics. The next international convention is in Hamburg Germany and then in Honolulu Hawaii. Let’s see how many club members we can get to 2020 in Honolulu.
  • Exchange Student Report: Bob Martin’s report on the convention was interrupted by a video chat call from Melanie Meyer, our exchange student that just left and went back to Switzerland. She called David Cather’s phone with video chat. Bob’s report was placed on hold as Melanie said hello to everyone and we all said hello back. We live in an amazing time, when we can video chat live to Switzerland over a cell phone. Melanie reported she is already planning a trip back to visit. Everyone enjoyed hearing from her again so soon.
  • Rotary After Hours: John Eddy announced that the next RAH will be on July 17th, a Tuesday. It will be held at the Blend, a wine tasting venue located in the heart of Key Center. We hope to get a great turnout for this RAH.
  • No Fine Button: Keith Harris auctioned off the no fine button. Bob Martin was the purchaser. No Parking spot was sold, as the parking lot is all torn up with the construction.
  • Wilkinson Park: Randy Barcalow announced a work party for this Saturday morning. Bring ladders and cordless drills.
  • Gig Up the Harbor: Mike Henry announced that this weekend is the “Gig Up the Harbor”, sponsored by the GH Waterfront Alliance. Meet at 9AM Saturday at Skansie Park. Lunch will be served to the volunteers after 3+ hours of cleaning up the town. Please bring gloves and tools.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Peter Glein was the Finemaster. Since we had such a low attendance due to the Independence Day Holiday, he had few victims for fines. However he did extract a few dollars from those attending. Happy Bucks: Annmarie Huppert for the rising star award; Tom Borgen for the installation banquet; and Betty Felker for the upcoming GH Film Festival.
Drawing: Larry Olson ran the raffle. Marti Anderson gets 10 free next week, and Derek Young won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. He drew the white chip for $15.
Program: President Paul was this week’s program. He had a PowerPoint presentation “Strive Towards the Rotary Vision” about the direction of Gig Harbor Rotary for this Rotary Year. The slide show started with a Bruce Lee video. As usual, there were sound problems with the video. This gave Paul his first goal for this year……to get a better sound system that works all the time.
Paul showed the Rotary International Vision statement: “Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.” Through the avenues of service, with the club members and with cooperation of the three Gig Harbor Rotary Clubs, our goal is to exemplify this vision. A series of Objectives have been formulated from the board and club. The 2018 – 2019 Gig Harbor Rotary Objectives were presented as follows, the goals to meet these objectives are being developed:
  • Continue Transparency and Opportunity for Member Input.
  • Continue Frequent Reports from Avenues of Service.
  • Continue Recognition of Members for their Efforts.
  • Continue Autonomy of Avenues of Service.
  • Continue use of Clubrunner for Members Communication for Club Officers.
  • Continue Mentorship Program.
  • Continue Having Fun and Positive Social Interactions.
  • Strengthen Connection Between Club, Interact and Earlyact.
  • Strengthen Member Familiarity With and Use of Dropbox.
  • Strengthen Ties to Other Gig Harbor Rotary Clubs.
  • Strengthen Club (esp. youth) Input into Distributions From GHR Foundation.
  • Strengthen Community Recognition of Efforts Made by GHRC.
  • Explore “Rotary Only” Social Media for the 3 GH Rotary Clubs.
  • Explore Partnership with Other Rotary Clubs to establish Community or University Based Rotaract.
  • Explore Consolidation of Committees/Boards within Club/Foundations.
  • Explore/Examine/Implement/Delay Ideas raised in Brainstorming Session, Club assembly and Survey Monkey.
  • Examine Rule of 85 and Degree of Member Involvement.
  • Complete Efforts of Study Group to Make Recommendations to the Board to:
  1. Revamp Clubrunner and Create a Donor Focused Website.
  2. Develop Endowment Fundraising Strategy/Tactics.
The slide show ended with a BIG BANG slide.
Paul ended the meeting with a ringing of the cow bell on his gavel.
Notes by Chuck Perry
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2018 Installation Banquet

Posted by Robert J Martin on Jul 08, 2018
Fashion maven Dick is adjusting Walker Sandlin's shirt as Walker Allen looks on.  This may be my first double Walker picture!
My and her mother Camilla seem to be enjoying the festivities, and no drink in their hands.  Dick seems to be hogging the camera.
Mike is working hard to get the golf scores organized, and with as many strokes as our team had, that was a lot of work!  The golf tournament was a lot of fun!  Be sure to sign up next year.
Had some First Tee equipment set up along with some of President Mel's advertising.  BTW, has he been fined yet?
This is what I meant about President Mel liking BIG trophies.  His team won the golf tournament and this was the reward.  Do they each get the trophy for 3 months?
One of President Mel's Best Buddies, Fred Couples; so it is no surprise that he might win the trophy.
President Mel's HS graduation picture for the before, with his current picture.  BTW, has he been fined yet?  I think the sales talent was real obvious in his graduation picture, especially with the hair style.laugh Great that President Mel's Mother could be there.  None of my pictures of her turned out unfortunately.
I guess with an attorney taking the Presidency, Mel administered an oath of office to incoming President Paul.  That is a first for our Club.  Some clubs to an oath of office for all incoming officers; glad we don't do it routinely, but with two more attorneys coming maybe it will happen again.
Here Dave is presenting a very elaborate gavel he has created for President Paul; complete with a cowbell.
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Photo Summary of the June 22nd Meeting

Posted by Robert J Martin on Jul 06, 2018
Might want to call this the "Happy Trio".
Former member Jim Castino led us in the 4-Way Test.  They use the same one in Yakima where Jim is now a member.
Does the word "confident" come to mind.  With only one meeting to go President Mel should be confident.
This is Mel's new business.  Still no fine that I know of.  Think he is buying off the Finemasters; not that they could be bought!
Stan Eastberg helped Mel present his two daughters, Kristina and Karen,  and with Paul Harris Fellowships.  Any family members you might want to honor in this way?
Then Walt reminded us how much mell helped with the Courage Classic and Festival of trees for many years.
Don let us know that Mel showed up with tools for Don's mission work in Ecuador.  I don't think any of us were aware of that.
Don reminded us how Mel has always had a hand in most of our local building projects, starting with the Head of the Harbor completed the year before my Presidency.
All of these nice stories to let us know why our Rotary Board decided Mel should be awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award.  Definitely well deserved, and I don't think he is done yet.
Now in fact there was a program presented by Mary Lynn Pannen regarding a cost crisis, caring for the elderly, That is people older than me.
Nice to know that I am "likely" to live to 85, but I am planning for more than that.  If our government doesn't screw it up I think we are OK.
This is Mary Lynn and she advocates the START program.  I think the S and R are the most important: Savings and Realistic goal setting.
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Friday (6/29/2018)

Posted by Alan Weaver
Opening Bell: By President Mel Santos at 7:30 am who presided at his final meeting of his term.
Invocation by Brent Tavet; Pledge of Allegiance by someone; Song “America the Beautiful” led by Dave Gillespie; Four Way Test by Jeff Harris; Greeters – none observed; Visiting Rotarians – none; and Guests David Holsinger; Susan Paganelli; Dave Freeman’s grandson Evan; former Swedish exchange student My Irenheim Jarlhed and her mother Camila Jarlhed; Betty Felker’s husband Bob; Pam Peterson Smith’s daughter Elaine Morgan; Vaughn Elementary School Principal Lillian Page and Vaughn fifth grade teacher Heidi Heistand, and some students; and Kimberly Olson.
Opening Comments: In his last meeting President Mel, obviously tongue in cheek, thanked the membership for the respect which the membership had shown him the last twelve months.
  •  Exchange Student: Swedish exchange student of two years ago My Irenheim Jarlhed was visiting with her mother Camila Jarlhed. My has just graduated high school, her year here putting her back a year, and then either college or a gap year. This August she will attend in Taiwan a Rotary get-together of former Rotary exchange students. When asked what she found most different on her return to Sweden, she said that, “except for herself, everyone else seemed more immature.”
  • Dancing Classroom: An exuberant Betty Felker introduced several members of the Vaughn Elementary School who participated and won the Washington State ballroom dance contest which consisted of several contests over the school year and involving as many as 16 to 18 teams from other schools. One young male dancer said the victory put Vaughn on the map as a dance center. Another said that she “never thought the opposite gender was something she’d want anything to do with”. (Scribe note: Her comment brought down the house!)
  • Courage: Hal Hodgins advised us that five GH Rotary members (Tom Borgen, John Eddy, Randy Barcalow, Debbie Miller and himself) had signed up to ride in the early August the Mary Bridge bike ride Courage, which in its prior life was called the Courage Classic, and that to do so each rider must raise $750 in Mary Bridge contributions. Send money for any or all of the five directly to Hal.
  • Wine & Food Experience: Lee Smith spoke on the Wine Festival scheduled for July 27th to the 29th and his need to find 82 volunteers. This year there might be shirts for those who volunteer. http://harborwineandfoodfest.com/
  • Year End Party: Last year’s president Tom Borgen informed us that today’s golf tournament and installation party for outgoing and new officers for the period July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019 will be well attended.
  • 4th Annual Fourth of July Community Hot Dog Social: As might be expected, Jeff Harris announced that the foregoing Hot Dog Social will be at Gateway Park from 11 am to 2pm. All were encouraged to attend.
  • Scribe Note: With the Cottesmore construction all around, the scribe wonders who will bid on the preferred parking space for July (and presumably the following several months) but he is confident that smooth talking auctioneer Keith Harris will be able to pick someone’s pocket for a goodly sum.
Fines, Happy Bucks and Drawing: John Winslow handled the fines (mostly on president Mel) and happy bucks. He gave one young Vaughn dancer the right to pick the person in the audience who would pay the last $1 fine. After some though the young man pointed at his school principle. Not a good move. A proud Jeff Harris contributed a healthy $5 in honor of his beloved Oregon State Beavers which had won the College World Series the night before by beating Arkansas 5-0. Eric McGinnis handled the Drawing and someone won the right to ten free tickets next week and someone else drew unsuccessfully for the unnamed amount in the pot.
President’s Thank You’s: Since this was his last meeting, President Mel took the rest of the scheduled meeting time (plus a little more) to thank the numerous individuals who helped him make this a successful Rotary year for him. Obviously, his first went to his assistant and right-hand person Debbie Miller who made things happen. With minor exceptions, he thanked groups rather than individuals, listed in no order of importance (except for the first):
                SCRIBES                                                Basket Brigade                  Sip and Stroll
                Fine Masters                                      Dinners for Eight               Youth Services
                Courage                                               Dance at Vaughn              Various Club Officers
                Membership                                      Perfect Attendance        Auction Committee (Hal Hodgins)
                By-Laws (he was serious)              Birthdays                             Raffle
                Web Master (Tim Williams)        Purdy Prison Program    Fireside
                Farmer’s Market                              Rotary Foundation          Various Club Officers
                Foreign Exchange Program           Rotary After Hours          Book Drive
                Securing Speakers
                (The scribe apologizes if he omitted one or more of those groups president Mel thanked.)
Rotarian of the Year Award: As his last official act as club president, president Mel named this year’s Rotarian of the Year to be Ben Paganelli for a long list of activities. Pictures were taken of Ben, his wife Susan and their three children.
Meeting Adjourned about 8:40 am.
Scribe: Al Weaver
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Friday (6/22/2018)

Posted by Walker Allen
GH Rotary President Mel Santos presiding
Invocation: David Cathers; Pledge: led by President Mel; Song: Hal Cline, Mike Pinch and Randy Spitzer led us in a verse of “God Bless America” 4-Way Test of the Things We Think, Say or Do: Led by Jim Castino
Visiting Rotarians: Jim Castino, Mary Lynn Pannen – Rotary 8
Guests: Oliver and Rocky Pinch – guests of Mac Pinch;(there may have been others but they were not on the sign-in sheet)
President Mel’s Opening Comments:
  • President Mel showed pictures of his new company signs – United Real Estate. (Where’s the fine?!)
  • Paul Harris awards – Stan Eastberg
    • Mel Wick recognized each of his daughters, Christina and Karen, with a Paul Harris Membership. Mel’s friend Donna participated in the award.
  • Mel Wick was asked to remain up front. President Mel announced the Lifetime Achievement Award to Mel Wick. President Mel noted that these awards are only granted when the Board chooses and need not be every year nor only to a single person.
    • Walt Paulsen offered his experiences with Mel Wick:
      • Helping build the hospital in Latvia – a project of the Skookum Rotary Club. He traveled there on six occasions.
      • Heavy involvement with set up and equipping for the Courage Classic over many years.
      • Set up and tear down of the Festival of Trees to benefit Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital.
      • Adamant advocate for fiscal responsibility for the Gig Harbor Rotary Club.
    • Don Rees talked about Mel Wick involvement in local building projects and Don’s project in South America (and Mel showing up with well-used tools while many members came with price-tags still on their hammers). Big equipment was Mel’s forte.
    • Don Buchanan told of Mel’s work on Gig Harbor projects like “Head of the Harbor”. Mel takes Rotary seriously even with his extensive travels and has visited over 150 other clubs, but hasn’t found many others as well balanced as this one.
No Fine Master
Raffle Ticket Drawing
  • who won another 10 Free ?
  • One of Mel Wick’s daughter pulled a white chip and got $15.
Program: Mary Lynn Pannen, CEO of Sound Options – “The Cost of Crisis”
Ms. Pannen formed Sound Options 29 years ago to work with older adults and the chronically ill.
Several factors are contributing to the rise in the cost of longevity. Often families find themselves being “Sandwich Generations” raising younger children and caring for aging parents.
Some of the factors involved in the cost of care:
  • Type of care needed
  • Cost of care
  • Professional services
  • Location of care facilities
  • Duration of care
  • Transitional care
She suggested the START approach:
            S – Savings and Insurance
            T – Treatment in a long-term care setting
            A – Aging in place
            R – Realistic Goal Setting
            T – Time Frame
Big question: What are your end of life preferences?
The advantage of consulting with care management professionals is they know the range of options available, provide help with Elder care coaching for family and creating a Plan of Care.
Meeting Adjourned at 8:35AM
Notes by Walker Allen
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Friday (6/15/2018) Flag Day

Posted by Stan Eastberg
Flag Day Celebration at Skansi Brothers Park – Flag was raised silently (bugler was a no-show) at 7:00 a.m. by Cub Scout Troop 282, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by the Scout troop and God Bless America led by Hal Cline. Before heading into the pavilion for breakfast, Bob Martin took a group picture in honor of our departing exchange student, Melanie Meyer. A pancake and sausage breakfast was then served by the Gig Harbor Kiwanis.
Call to Order at 7:40 by President Mel Santos: Invocation by Duane Fister; and a second Pledge led by President Mel.
Visiting Rotarians: Howard Svigals of the Gig Harbor Midday club.
Guest of Rotarians: A few guests were introduced by their hosts.
Comments and Announcements:
  • President Mel recognized the Boy Scouts (and parents) that performed the Flag raising ceremony and then thanked the Gig Harbor Kiwanis for breakfast
  • President Mel reminded everyone that the meeting on June 22 will be special and will not include time for any announcements
  • Today was the last meeting to be attended by Exchange Student Melanie Meyer as she is headed home next week. Melanie reviewed a very long list of activities she did during her stay in Gig Harbor and displayed a framed bulletin board she made at the AR Workshop last week – she will display pictures of her stay in Gig Harbor on this board as a remembrance of her time with us. She thanked the club for the support she has had throughout the year and noted that “I had an amazing year - I will never forget it”. Cindy Reed presented Melanie with a notebook containing member’s reflections, comments and well wishes which Melanie promised to read on the flight home. President Mel asked for comments from members and several members had very nice things to say to Melanie about her time spent with us.
  • Walt Paulson announced that the annual Hot August Morning Car Show will be at the regular Rotary meeting on August 4
  • The Gig Harbor Kiwanis invited (challenged?) The Rotary Club of Gig Harbor to enter a team in their golf tournament at Madrona Links Golf Course on Friday, August 17 at 1 p.m.
  • Randy Barcalow announced another work party at Wilkerson garden this Saturday from 9:00 to 12:00
  • Betty Felker announced that the dancers from Vaughn Elementary School took the gold medal award at the State Championship. She will arrange to have the dancers come to a future Rotary meeting.
  • Tom Borgen reminded everyone of the Year-End party and said it was time to pay up – see details in the emails Tom is sending to everyone. Talk to Mike Pinch about playing in the golf tournament.
  • President Mel thanked Paul Alvestad for coordinating the Flag Day celebration and noted that Paul needed a few people to stay after the meeting and help with cleanup.
Fines and Happy Bucks: No fines or happy bucks today.
Raffle: No raffle today.
Program: President-Elect Paul Alvestad introduced our speaker, Stephanie Lyle, Director of Gig Harbor History Museum. Stephanie brought a 45 star and a 48 star United States flag from the museum collection as a background for her remarks on the history of our flag and on our Flag Day celebration. A main theme of her talk was on recognizing how important the flag and our oath of allegiance are as symbols of our citizenship. She noted this was especially important when our ancestors immigrated to the United States and is still an essential element in the process of Americanization of immigrant children today. Stephanie reminded us that our flag is a strong symbol for each of us to be a better American citizen.
Meeting adjourned at 8:20
Notes by Stan Eastberg
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Philippine Packing Party

Posted by Robert J Martin on Jun 14, 2018
This is the end result; 5 boxes of books, clothes, and computers on the way to the Philippines.
This appears to be the process; stuffing themselves with lumpia.
Seems to be a universal phenomenon and no one complaining.  Aren't you sorry you missed it?
And this is the culprit/cook.  I think Carina does enjoy feeding everyone!
Philippine Packing Party Robert J Martin 2018-06-14 07:00:00Z 0

Photo Summary of the June 8th Meeting

Posted by Robert J Martin on Jun 14, 2018
Only three to go President Mel.  Maybe Paul will ask you to continue doing the pledge.
Hal decided to do a solo "God Bless America".  Seemed to go OK in that I have heard no complaints.
Coach introducing the visiting Rotarians.  Probably had a good time with Howard Svigals name?
Didn't know President Mel was a fisherman, but he seems to be describing how big the one was that got away.  Either that or he is saying "Who, me?"
Our Secretary, Cynthia Kennedy is handing out the perfect attendance awards for the past year.  Somehow Walt stays a year ahead of me with 34 years.  Lots of folks with perfect attendance and I think that is great.
For once we are getting a check instead of handing one out.  The Waterfront Alliance, Pat as President is handing us a check for $2000. for our work with Sip 'n Stroll.  Lee of course did all of the organizing.
John is bragging about how much fun the Fireside was at the Dunham's.  The location probably had something to do with that.  Our thanks to John and Beth.
Betty reminding everyone that Vaughan Elementary is in the State Dance Competition at Todd Beamer on Saturday.  Glad to hear many of you went to cheer them on!  Vaughan won the State Championship with the Gold medal, and Purdy was third with a bronze metal.
Cindy letting us know that she is soliciting applicants for the student exchange program next year.  My Granddaughter is headed for Chile in August.  You have any family members you might want to encourage?
This is why you should be thinking of someone.  Melanie has only two weeks to go.  This past week she enjoyed the Yearbook signing and the prom and threw in a tennis banquet as well.  She has packed her year and made our year better with her presence.
Pam couldn't wait to get some money from President Mel; and many others as well.
I don't know if Sharon is laughing or screaming about her fine for the Dragon Boat Banner in the Maritime Gig.
Mary and Camilla, our very own farmer's daughters.  Both mentally and physically strong, and growing up on a farm tends to promote that.
Our photographer was so enamored with the program, he forgot to take a picture of Camilla.  When you are a farmer you get to see lots of sunrises and sunsets because harvest is daylight to dark.
This decision was certainly important in our farming community.  Both Camilla and Mary's families were Chevy users and that was true of our family as well.
Our family was red, but middle America was very green with John Deere in Iowa.  I am now green and don't see much difference.
At least we got one picture of Camilla.  The combine makes the family look very small indeed.  The header on this combine is almost twice as long as what we used in the 50's and 60"s.  Glad to see the club exposed to farm life.
Photo Summary of the June 8th Meeting Robert J Martin 2018-06-14 07:00:00Z 0

Farmers Market

Posted by Robert J Martin on Jun 14, 2018
Maybe if I keep my hands in my pockets I won't have to do anything!
What a job!  Sitting and talking.  Do you suppose it was about Rotary or Trivia?
So Pat, does it smell good or look good or taste good?
Farmers Market Robert J Martin 2018-06-14 07:00:00Z 0

Plane-Car-Bike Show

Posted by Robert J Martin on Jun 14, 2018
June 30 and July 1st at Tacoma Narrows Airport there will be a plane, car, and motorcycle show.  In the past we have provided volunteer support, but all that is being requested now is our attendance.  Put it on your calendar!  You all had some nice flyers on the tables two weeks ago.  I couldn't copy it to put it in the Bulletin so I hope your visual memories are good.
Plane-Car-Bike Show Robert J Martin 2018-06-14 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (6/8/2018)

Posted by Marcia Harris
Call to Order: President Mel opened the meeting with a ring of the bell at 7:29. The invocation/thoughts for the week by John Winslow; Hal Cline went solo this week in singing ‘God Bless America; Pledge led by President Mel; and Donna Lormor led us in the Four Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians: Coach introduced visiting Rotarians: Howard Svingales from the GH Midday Club inviting us to sign up for the Margaritaville golf tournament; and also Dan Wilson.
Guests: This week’s guests included Ian from Costless Pharmacy and Todd Evans, among others.
Opening Comments: President Mel shared an update on past GH Rotarian, Dan Rioux who is leaving New York Life and is starting a new business in Austin Texas.
  • Exchange student Melanie Meyer shared with the club that she has less than 2 weeks remaining in Gig Harbor and less than 3 days of school. New American experiences this past week included: the yearbook signing event (they don’t have yearbooks back home; she has a special section of her yearbook with messages from other exchange students); attending the tennis banquet; going to the Prom last Saturday evening and helping set up the Farmer’s Market that she described as “really cute’.
  • Cynthia Kennedy celebrated 2017 with Perfect Attendance Awards. Toppin the list is Walt Paulsen (34 yrs), Bob Martin (33), Scott Junge (25), Chuck Perry (24) and Mel Wick (21). 29 others were recognized with 1 – 16 years. 41 club members with perfect attendance; pretty impressive!
  • Downtown Waterfront Alliance representatives Mike Henry and Lee Smith presented a $2,000 check for the club’s help & support of the Sip ‘n Stroll event. Lee announced that tickets for this year’s Wine and Food Festival in July will be on sale soon.
  • Rod Ladd announced that the International Committee recently awarded $2,000 for the clef palette program; a project initiated by Fred Lebayan’s former club.
  • John Dupenthaler celebrated the success of last Tuesday’s Fireside hosted by the Dunham’s. Thank you John & Beth!
  • Betty Felker reminded the club of the State finals for the Dancing in Classroom, hosted at Todd Beamer High on Saturday. Vaughn Elementary School will be competing. Thanks Betty!
  • Reminder: Next Friday is the Flag Day program, 7a.m. at Skanzie Park in downtown Gig Harbor. Mark your calendar for the baseball game at Cheney Stadium, Aug. 2. ( A fellowship activity which also counts as an attendance make-up)
  • Cindy Reed is recruiting outbound exchange program applicants for 2019-20 school year. Interviews take place next fall. Contact Cindy for more information.
  • Reminder: it’s time to sign up for the year end ‘Mel Roast’, golf tournament and installation dinner, June 29th at Horseshoe Lake.
Fine Master & Happy Bucks: Fine Master Peter Pam Peterson tapped the wallets of several board members. Sharon Shafer donated happy bucks for the new Dragon Boat Banner, carried proudly in the Maritime Gig parade. P.S. The Dragon Boat regained their first place ‘winning boat’ at this year’s race! President Mel was once again fined for missing the Farmer’s Market opening day. Pam also had some interesting slides of John Dunham at a recent Rotary work party. We need to remind you John, that watching other Rotarians work doesn’t count as a ‘make up’!
Drawing: Rod Ladd add gets 10 free next week, and amid groans the Harris mojo returned. Marcia won the opportunity to draw…a white chip this week. (it must be lucky to serve as meeting ‘scribe…the same thing happened the last time yours truly served as scribe).
Program: Mary Grubs and Camilla Brocker – “Farm Raised”
Who else but our in-coming president and ‘farmer’ Paul Alvestad would discover two other Rotarians were ‘Farm Raised’. Both Mary and Camilla were raised on Illinois farms. Their fascinating & often humorous program compared similarities and differences in their growing up experiences. There were lots of ‘fun farm facts’, here are a few:
  • Mary grew up on a family farm as their sole source of family income. The whole family worked the farm. Bartering with neighbors was essential for family survival. They raised cows & grain crops. Income was weather dependent. All her clothes were homemade until she was in high school.
  • Camilla was raised on a large commercial farm with irrigation which made their farm less weather & rain dependent.
  • Both farms’ production included soybeans, wheat, grain, cows & pigs.
  • Both grew up in small rural towns, with no stoplights and what Camilla described as ‘the middle of nowhere).
  • Common Illinois farmer comparisons:
    • What kind of truck, Ford or Chevy? Both grew up with Chevys
    • Is you tractor red or green? Both were raised with green John Deere tractors. (fyi, reds are Internationals).
    • Both were active in youth farming organizations; Mary in 4 H and she was the FFA Sweetheart. Things had changed by the time Camilla grew up; she was involved in 4 H too, but Future Farmers of America membership had opened up to women, which she joined.
  • ‘Farm Raised’ Lessons Learned:
    • Always admit when you messed up
    • Integrity
    • Always forgive
    • Follow through on responsibilities
Thank you Mary and Camilla for a fascinating program with the opportunity to get to know you better!
President Mel adjourned the meeting at 8:32.
Notes by Marcia Harris
Friday (6/8/2018) Marcia Harris 2018-06-12 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (6/1/2018)

Posted by Tom Borgen
Call to Order at 7:25 by President Mel. Invocation by Randy Spitzer. Pledge- President Mel, Song - Arthur Keast, one of our GH High guests sang the Star-Spangled Banner - Great voice! Four WayTest-A mystery person I did not see but heard. Guests of Rotarians; Principal Jessica Rosendahl, teachers and students from Artondale Elementary school and Four students from Gig Harbor High- See below.
  • Special Presentation; McCall Scholarship recipients GH High School.
John Winslow introduced the winners of this year’s scholarships; Matthew Hagen-George Fox College, Arthur Keast-PLU, Joyce Park-Baxter College and Maddie Willett - Cal Poly. Maddie being the daughter of our own Paul Willett. These kids are super talented and well deserving of the scholarships of which the club has given over $1.25 million over the years. Thanks to our great Foundation Team!
  • Artondale Elementary EarlyAct- Brent Tayet of our club has started a new EarlyAct program at Artondale. 12 students have formed the club and they presented their first project- Buddy Benches. The students showed a lot of poise in presenting the concept of the benches which will act as a place to bring students together to play games and have a place to connect in an area outside. It’s part of a Help Kids program at the school they are fundraising. Thanks to principal Jessica Rosendahl, teachers and students involved in Early Act and to Brent for getting it started this year! Also, thanks to Cindy R. for bringing Brent into the club!
  • Exchange Student; Melanie Myers - Had a beach day on the Key Pen. Went swimming? Big day getting nails done for the prom this weekend and last Saturday went kayaking with Hal Hodgins and Tom Borgen.
  • June Birthdays- Where was Walt to do his birthday announcement Gig? Mel stood in for him announcing; Trent Jonas, Mac Pinch, Rich Coyner, Hal Hodgins and Brent Tyett birthdays. Arthur Keast of GH High lead a rousing version of Happy Birthday dear Rotarians.
  • Auction of Parking Spot & No Fine No surprise here Rod Ladd bought the spot. Bob Martin stepped up and won the No fine button.
  • Paul Harris- Bob Martin did an excellent job along with his asst. Ed Lindstrom in presenting Paul Harris awards to; Randy Barcalow-1, John Duppenthaler-1, Ron Roberts-3, Terry Brown-3, John Ciccarelli-3 and wife Sharon with her first Paul Harris (Thanks so much) and Rod Ladd-5. Thanks to all for their ongoing support of Rotary through their generous gifts!
  • Nina Pictures- Betty Felker shared some great pictures of our Exchange student in Italy Nina who is having a great time and will be giving a full report to the club upon her return which is soon!
  • Fireside June 5- First Fireside of the year at John and Beth Dunham’s 5:30
  • Farmers Market- Club is helping kickoff the 2018 farmers market season by assisting at the event Thurs. June 7. Come check it out.
  • Year End Party and Installation Banquet- June 29- Get your tickets now!
  •  Fine Master and Happy Bucks; Paul Willett presiding with a fine on John Duppenthaler - to many syllables in name. Happy Bucks from Jill as she helped Dave Morris find his misplaced car in a shopping center parking lot - Sounds like a memory issue?
  • Drawing- With $259 in the pot Donna served up Ben Paganelli a white chip and sent him packing. Come on back next week!
Program: “Year in Review” Mel Santos and Avenues of Service
Mel lead of the recap with summary of his goals for the year; Transparency, being on time with programs, fortifying the avenue of service committees, maintaining membership (we have a waiting list again) and moving the Public Relations and branding committee up to speed. Great job this year Mel and thanks for all your efforts!!
The Avenue of Service followed with 
-Community Service Brett DeSantis- What a great variety of projects this year, Gateway Pavilion, Wilkerson Farm Fence and Chamber Commerce remodel being some highlights. New Tiny House program with the Pen High school. Little projects count too - $5,000 was given out for projects under $500
-Vocational Service- Richard Schmalz brought it home this year with his team to include new First Tee program, continued success with the prison program, STARS awards, Car donation program support and upcoming Mental Health transformation program
-International- Rod Ladd and team changed lives again with Cleft Palate operations and educational programs in the Philippines, the completion of two water projects in Guatemala as well as Raspberry Pi computers in Guatemala schools.
Youth Services- Dick Vanberg filled in for chair Jeanie Simmons with a recap of the Youth Exchange program, Interact, Early Act, Dancing in Schools, Cub Scouts and YMCA Teen program.
WOW! This club really had an impact this year and we have fun doing it- That’s Rotary!
Meeting was adjourned at 8:30
Submitted by Tom Borgen
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Friday (5/25/2018)

GH Rotary President Mel Santos presiding
Note 1:  May 31 is last day for double points for contributions to Rotary Foundation (contact PDG Bob with questions).
Note 2: The installation of Paul Alvestad as Gig Harbor Rotary President for 2018-2019 will be held June 29 at Horseshoe Lake and will be preceded by a very fun golf best-ball scramble starting at noon – RSVP now.
Invocation: Mike Pinch; Pledge: led by President Mel; Song: Hal Cline and Melanie Meyer led us in a verse of “God Bless America”; 4-Way Test of the Things We Think, Say or Do:  Led by Al Abbott
Visiting Rotarians:  Gen. (retired) Stan Flemming, DO from Tacoma Narrows
Guests: Geoff Baccacalta; Brad Theel; Jared Brinkman; MaKenna Peterson; Kristen Ritchie; David Holsinger; Benjamin Stanford; Joy Stanford; Jim Warren; (there may have been others but they were not on the sign-in sheet)
President Mel’s Opening Comments:
  • President Mel opened with a video of Ronald Reagan’s “Memorial Day Tribute – Thank You”
  • Read letter of resignation from PSD Supt. Rob Manahan explaining he has difficulty making Friday morning meetings and will be seeking membership in Gig Harbor Midday.
Reports and Announcements:
  • Melanie Meyer (our Rotary Exchange Student from Switzerland)
    • Moved back to first host family – so feels comfortable
    • Went to the Taylor Swift Concert – her friends in Switzerland are jealous
    • It was a normal week at school
    • Looking forward to the 3-day weekend
  • John Winslow asked the Mildred McCall Rotary Scholarship recipients to introduce themselves:     
    • Jared Brinkman
    • Carly Cashman-DiBiase
    • Makenna Petersen
    • Kristen Ritchie
    • Benjamin Stanford
    • Bread Theel
  • PDG and Paul Harris Campaign Chair, Bob Martin
    • Announced that last week Club Members had contributed $ 5,400 towards the Polio Plus goal and now are at $ 7,200 – so the goal has been achieved – THANK YOU
    • Now we need to reach Pres Mel’s goal of $ 30,000, so please mark any further checks/contributions  to “Rotary International”
  • Richard Pifer gave an update on the “Small Grants” ($500 or less) awarded this past year:
Organization / Applicant
Compassion Summitt seminar held at Boys and Girls Club to support Peninsula School District Staff. Funds used to: purchase supplies for seminar.
None Listed
Communities in Schools
Peninsula School District Staff
Annual Christmas party and gift provided to Foster Children living in the Gig Harbor area.  This is the 11th annual event held at the Wesley Inn.  Gig Harbor Rotary has contributed in the past.
Repeat request sent directly to Committee.
Pierce County Alliance & Wesley Inn.  Requested by: Kathy Heerema & Sue Braaten.
Foster Children
Sr. to Sr. project.  Seniors from Henderson Bay and volunteering with Seniors from Herron Key to assemble 3-day emergency packs.  The packs will be assembled by this team and then distributed through the Food Bank.
Tom Borgen
Henderson Bay Staff John Selfors
Gig Harbor Community Food Bank Recipients.  This project also brings together a mentoring progam in the community.
Gig Harbor Dragons - Jt Purchase of Dragon Costume to be used in parades, community events and fund raising.  Costume is parade style Dragon costume.  Will have Rotary logo and be avalible for Rotary use.
Sharon Schaffer
Gig Harbor Dragons
Gig Harbor Dragons and Penn Met Parks
Boys & Girls Club.Teens to attend Keystone National Confrenence.
Emma Conway
Boys & Girls Club
KeyStone Club
Jt Gift with Altrusa of Gig Harbor. Benefit Youth Center Programs
Pat Schmidt
Red Barn
Red Barn - Peninsula Community
Prime & Paint Arbor at Fox Island Chapel
Walker Sandlin
Fox Island Chapel Preservation Society
Fox Island Chapel
AAUW - Tech Trek Scholarship.
Jill Guernsey
7th Grade PSD girl students week long summer and science camp at PLU.
7th Grade PSD girl students
Purchase books for community library located in Gig Harbor
Wife of Rotarian Linda Glein
Any person choosing to use the community sharing libabray
Gig Harbor Community.
Opioid education and support program for grandparents raising children on the Key Peninsula. Service provided through the KP Resource Center.
Marsha Harris
Children’s Home Society
Key Peninsula Families
Purchase Food & Protein
M. Harris
KP Community Center
KP Residents
Purchase apparel & print posters to organize event. Raise awareness that mass balloon release environmental concern.
B. DeSantis
Individual - Stella Marlo DeSantis / Wild Watch.
Greater GH Community
Purchase summer snacks for Peninsula Schools 60% KP & 40% G.H.
Communities in Schools
Middle School Students
Purchase food for Key Peninsula Food Bank
B. Paganelli
Key Peninsula Foodbank
Key Peninsula Families
Pay for utilities Key Peninsula Council
B. Paganelli
Key Peninsula Community Council
Key Peninsula Families
Rebuild Rotary Arch
R. Barcalow
Gig Harbor Rotary
Gig Harbor Rotary
Pay for utilities Key Peninsula families
M. Harris
Key Peninsula Family Resource Center
Key Peninsula Families
Christmas gifts for children in the Gig / Key Pen area.
Elly Aronson - Local High School Student
Children in GH & Key Pen
Christmas party & gifts for foster kids in the greater Gig Harbor area.
Pierce County Alliance
Children in greater Gig Harbor
Purchase classroom supplies for the CAPE program encouraging young women to enter the fields of science, technology, engineering & math.
E. Worthen
Peninsula Schools Education Foundation
Gig Harbor K-12 female students
Build A Bike
L. Smith
Waste Connections
Key Peninsula Community Center distributed the bike.
Purchase & Install shelving in Key Center Distribution Center
R. Barcalow
Mary Williams / Food for Backpacks.org
Key Peninsula Children & families
Grant for undefined projects the help assist Key Peninsula Seniors to "age in place"
M. Harris
Edie Morgan / Mustard Seed Project
Senior Citizens located on the Key Peninsula
Scholarship funds that gives money to to famalies for early childhood education prior to Kindergarten
Janet Steiner / Curious by Nature
Pre Kindergarten kids in Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula.
Purchase food for Stewart Middle School family night to success in school.
Past Rotarian:  Hillary Bridge
Stewart Middle School / Tacoma
Tacoma students & Families
Christmas gifts for children in the Gig / Key Pen area.
Elly Aronson - Local High School Student
Children in GH & Key Pen
Christmas party & gifts for foster kids in the greater Gig Harbor area.
Pierce County Alliance
Children in greater Gig Harbor
Fireside – John Duppenthaler announced a Fireside on June 5, 5:30 to 7:30 PM at John and Beth Dunham’s home (5805 Reid Drive NW)
2019 Rotary Auction will be the 2nd Saturday in March (March 9, 2019) was announced by Camilla Brocker
My (our Rotary Exchange student from Sweden) will be visiting for two weeks beginning June 25 and staying at the home of John and Beth Dunham (5805 Reid Drive NW)
Fine Master – Peter Glein
Raffle Ticket Drawing
  • Hal Cline won another 10 Free
  • Paul Alvestad pulled a white chip and got $15.
Jim Waddell, PE (retired Civil Engineer, USACE) provided a very informative presentation about the state of declining Orca whale populations and how the declining Chinook salmon stock is affecting the Orcas.  Here are few highlights:
  • Of the Southern Resident Killer Whales (Orcas) there are currently only 26 adult female Orcas of breeding age.
    • Of these, 14 have had viable calves in the last ten years
    • Of these, 5 have had viable calves in the last five years
    • There are 12 adult males of breeding age
    • Of these, 1 known individual has fathered viable offspring (15 currently alive)
  • Resident Orcas chase and eat 1,500 17lb fish per day (80% Chinook)
  • Declining Chinook stocks and smaller Chinook cause Orcas to go to the mouth of the Columbia River in search of Chinook (and compete with seals for food)
  • BPA dams on the Columbia and Snake Rivers interfere with fish migration
  • Electric generation from the dams is less and less financially viable and have to compete with wind energy production.
  • The dams on the Snake River could be “mothballed” and allow fish to bypass the dams for migration could allow more fish to reach breeding areas in Idaho
Meeting Adjourned at 8:35AM
Notes by Walker Allen
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Friday (5/18/2018)

Posted by Chuck Perry
Opening Bell: By president Mel Santos at exactly 7:25 am. Invocation: by Duane Fister; Pledge of Allegiance: by president Mel; Song: National Anthem, led by Hal Cline and assisted by Paul Alvestad; Four Way Test: by Keith Harris and Bob Lutschg; Greeters: none spotted; Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by Coach (Jack Stonestreet), after he had all veterans stand in recognition of Armed Forces Day, tomorrow; Dennis Buschman, Derek Floor, and Denny Wilford.
Guests: Bill Grubbs, John Guardia, Samantha Swayze, Abigail Adams, Dan Gregory, Tom Stanfield, Sally Law, and Sue Jensen.
Opening Comments: President Mel thanked, Marti Anderson for the great picnic for Melanie, and her visiting family from Switzerland. Mel commented on how great their command was of the English language. Mel asked Tom Borgen to report on the annual Gavel dinner. Tom reported that it is planned for June 29th at Horseshoe Lake Golf Club. It will include a day of golf for those who want to play. It will include a roasting of Mel and a transfer of the gavel to Paul. Mel announced the First Tee training event. See his email for the time and place. Mel also shared a thank you letter from Nina Liebner along with photos. Nina is our outbound exchange student currently in Italy. She will be coming home in a little more than a month. She looks forward to giving a report to our club of her great adventure.
  • Exchange Student Melanie Meyer told of her trip up to Seattle with her family to visit all the Seattle attractions, including the Pike Place Market, Great Wheel and waterfront. She also had a great time at the club picnic for her family. She has a dress for the prom and is excited to go. She will be having an English test soon to “certify” her mastery of the English language. This weekend, she is switching host families back to her original family, the Johnsons.
  • Car wash for Polio: Denny Wilford from the Midday Club came forward with two students from the Gig Harbor High School Interact Club to announce the sale of tickets to a car wash to benefit a polio hospital in Africa. Suggested donations for the car wash is $10-20. However if you want to donate more, it would be gladly accepted. The event is on Saturday 5/26, at the Wollochet Shell station. The GHHS Interact Club has about 30 members and they expect all to help at the fund raiser.
  • Polio: Bob Martin reported that the club has raised over $3,200 this month for Polio Plus. He hopes to raise an additional $4,000 in order to meet President Mel’s annual goal for the Rotary Foundation. Remember that the club is matching Foundation donation points for all donations over $100 made this month to the foundation. Bob had a video which promoted that we are “this Close” on Polio eradication. The video wouldn’t play, so please visit this link to see the video: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Bill+Gates+Rotary+This+Close&&view=detail&mid=573A1135D80C62450BD4573A1135D80C62450BD4&&FORM=VRDGAR a second video of bill gates message is at: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Bill+Gates+Rotary+This+Close&&view=detail&mid=5E1C5CE5A6F31C33A76B5E1C5CE5A6F31C33A76B&rvsmid=573A1135D80C62450BD4573A1135D80C62450BD4&FORM=VDQVAP . Both worth watching. The world is down to only 8 reported cases so far this year. Down from 22 in 2017 and 78 in 2016. If you want to participate in a national vaccination day, you better do it now. The opportunity to participate will end soon with the end of Polio.
  • World Possible Donations: Deb Miller announced for Jeff Harris that we are looking for android based phones and tablets to be donated for World Possible. All donations will be completely erased of data prior to use by the program. So do not worry about your data if you donate to the program.
  • Youth Services Committee meeting: Jeanie Simmons announced that immediately following this meeting, the youth Services Committee will meet nest door. Jeanie also wanted to thank Marti Anderson, not only for putting on the picnic, but for donating the use of her house for Melanie’s family for the week that they came to visit.
  • Waterfront Farmers Market: Jill Guernsey reminded that GH Rotary is helping the merchants for the Farmers Market on June 7th. Sign-up sheets are being passed around. Please volunteer.
  • Gig Up the Harbor: Mike Henry announced that this weekend is the “Gig Up the Harbor”, sponsored by the GH Waterfront Alliance. Meet at 9AM Saturday at Skansie Park. Lunch will be served to the volunteers after 3+ hours of cleaning up the town. Please bring gloves and tools.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Chris Myers collected a few dollars from the club. He started with Paul Alvestad for being reelected to the Peninsula Light Board. Paul received 66% approval from the voting members. However, only 17% of members voted, meaning that Paul was reelected with only 11% of the Pen Light member’s votes. We think some politicians would like to know how this can be done. Bob Martin was called out for a name misspell of Bob rather than Rob for today’s program and for something to do with a picture of a prom dress. Bob Ryan was asked about a bed his wife, Meg, was having Dick Vanberg build for them. Mike Pinch was fined for the good of the order. Chris went on to thank Paul for the results of the club survey and brainstorming meeting. However suggestions to improve the club from the survey were great fodder for fines. Hal Cline for a suggestion that we skip the song for expediency. John Winslow for the suggestion we have some projects that don’t require physical participation so that some of the older members could be included. Hal Hodgins for a suggestion that we hire a professional to run the auction. Chris was looking for those that made the suggestion we have projects that include more women and one suggestion that we have less long distance parking at the Friday meetings.
Happy Bucks: Juanita went to a presentation on the local Orcas and found out they may be gone within 10 years. (NO she was not happy that they may be gone) She was looking for people to help with a solution to the problem. Howard Mackert was happy to announce his wife has added a second concert since her first concert has been sold out. Bob Martin was happy to be going to Colorado for 5 days to visit with their two sons and family. John Duppenthaler announced two signups are being passed around for a fireside on June 5 at the Dunham’s house. Buck Frymier was happy to announce the graduation of a class at the prison and the formation of a new class. Peter Glein and his wife are going to Alaska for a month. He was the happiest that they have 100% booked their house out through Air BNB while they are gone to help pay for the trip. Mary Field is happy that she is a Grandma for the first time.
Drawing: Eric McGinnis ran the raffle. John Winslow won the 10 free and Duane Fister won the right to draw from 12 chips for the chance at $212. He drew the white chip for $15.
Program: The Program was presented by Dan Gregory, assistant school superintendent and Kris Hagel, chief information officer for Peninsula School District. Unfortunately, the video portion of their presentation could not be run on the clubs systems. (The reason the club needs our own technical staff.) Please go to the following link to see this portion of the presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1uz54o5n5Cz9x5Kndi5GgwCCAlLDvSEBWVCndHDsallk/edit?usp=sharing .
Dan started with a little quiz: while they tried to get the video presentation to run:
  • Start with a number between 1 and 9.
  • Multiply this number by 9.
  • Add together the digits of your answer.
  • Subtract 5 from this sum.
  • (NOTE if you did this right, your answer should be 4, no matter what number you started with from the 1-9)
  • If your answer is 1, your letter is A; If your answer is 2, your letter is B; If your answer is 3, your letter is C; If your answer is 4, your letter is D; If your answer is 5, your letter is E.
  • (NOTE if you did this right, your answer should be D, no matter what number you started with from the 1-9)
  • Now think of a country that starts with this letter, and an animal whose name starts with the last letter of the country’s name.
  • Most people will have a Kangaroo from Denmark (over half of our club had this answer, I think the rest could not do the math.)
The School district is obligated to make sure that the graduating seniors meet certain criteria as put forth by the State. However the School District feels the need to prepare our graduating students with the skills to succeed in life, and to take advantage of opportunities they encounter in their lives. This requires a skill set greater than the State requirements. A handout of additional life skills was handed out for review by the club. (See the list by going to the link provided) The club rated these skills in order of what they felt necessary to succeed in life. The following is a list of the top five as picked by GH Rotary: Communication Skills; Critical Thinking skills; Personal Responsibility; Teamwork Skills, and Initiative & Self Direction. The Peninsula School District has the goal of getting all of our graduates to be successful with these additional skills.
Notes by Chuck Perry
(Note from the editor: who knows why the answer will always be four?)
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Friday (5/11/2018)

Posted by Alan Weaver
Opening Bell: By president Mel Santos at exactly 7:30 am. Invocation by Chuck Perry; Pledge of Allegiance by president Mel; Song led by Hal Cline and assisted by Annmarie Huppert; Four Way Test by Sophie Perkins; Greeters – none spotted; Visiting Rotarians – none.
Guests: Ian Warren (who introduced himself as “Jeff Harris” but the joke went over most everyone’s head including this scribe’s); Joanne Bucholz and Susan Jensen (Al Bucholz’s wife and daughter); Dave Holsinger (Sophie Perkins’ friend) and Oliver and Rocky Pinch (Mike Pinch’s young sons).
Opening Comments: President Mel thanked Dick Vanberg for presiding over the meeting last Friday while Mel and thirteen others were at the Rotary District Conference in Tacoma. Next week a member from the noon club will be present along with several Henderson Bay students to plug a car wash, the proceeds of which will go to fund polio eradication. Lastly he indicated that our club has so many projects but needs younger workers (which made Peter Stanley and his scribe breathe more easily). At this point Jill Guernsey jumped up to remind all that there will be a work party at the Rosedale street project tomorrow at 9 am.
  • Exchange Student Melanie Meyer told us of her exciting week which included indoor skydiving, attending the two day Rotary District Conference in Tacoma and welcoming her parents Robert and Susie Meyer and ten year old sister Simone from Switzerland to Tacoma. She then introduced all three to the membership. Both parents spoke briefly and sister Simone assured us that in a few years she will apply to be a Rotary Exchange student.
  • Polio: In the absence of Bob Martin, Stan Eastberg made a plea for contributions to the fund to eradicate polio. Contributions of $100 or more made during the month of May will count double towards Paul Harris award status.
  • Guatemala Project: The real Jeff Harris advised the group that the club is in the final stages of securing a global grant of up to $150,000 to place five computers in each of 500 Guatemalan rural schools for basically 4th, 5th and 6th graders.
  • Firesides are back according to John Duppenthaler as one is scheduled for Tuesday, June 5 at the home of John and Beth Dunham.
  • Annual Year End Party: Past president Tom Borgen informed us that on Friday night, June 29th at Horseshoe Lake will be the club’s annual year end golf tournament, party and installation banquet for the new officers for the July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019 club year. Mike Pinch and Tom are to provide much more information at our next meeting.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Handled by John Winslow who fined about ten members (and one nonmember) for various minor transgressions. Two important (at least to this scribe) Happy Bucks were contributed by Paul Willett whose daughter Maddie just received and has accepted) a basketball scholarship to attend Cal Poly SLO and, most importantly, by John Lantz in honor of the polio eradication program because he had contracted polio as a 14 year old while living in Minnesota.
Drawing: Dave Freeman won the ten free tickets for next week and Marti Anderson pulled a white chip to miss a pot of $179, all as handled by Larry Olson.
Program: The Program was led by president Mel who discussed the Rotary District Conference which was held in Tacoma last Friday and Saturday. He was proud of the fact that out of a club of 135 members, 14 (over 10%) had signed up to attend. The club was given two awards, one for literacy (a project headed by Jan Martin) and the other for member retention. The Friday sessions had four different workshops while the Saturday sessions had four amazing speakers: Scotty Smiley (a blind Pasco Iraq veteran), Nancy Hughes (an inventor of a stove which reduced smoke emission), Paul Kingman (an Olympic silver medalist backstroker) and Susan Ershler (a motivation speaker who had climbed the highest peak on all seven continents).
                President Mel then had eight of the fourteen conference attendees give short comments about the conference. Those speaking were Hal Hodgins, Jeff Harris, Annmarie Huppert, Cindy Reed, Tom Borgen, Mark Hoppen, Jeanie Simmons and Cindy Reed.
Adjournment: At about 8:35 am.
Notes by Al Weaver
Friday (5/11/2018) Alan Weaver 2018-05-12 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (5/4/2018)

Posted by Stan Eastberg
Call to Order at 7:30 by Past President Dick Vanberg who was substituting for President Mel Santos who was attending the District Training and Conference. Invocation by Howard Mackert; Pledge led by Past President Dick; God Bless America led by Hal Cline and Chris Myers; and 4 Way Test led by Annie Arbenz.
Visiting Rotarians announced by Jack Stonestreet: Joan and Terry Toone.
Guest of Rotarians: David Holsinger; Geoff Barcalow; Kurt Grimmer; Ian Warren; Linda Glein; and Lauren Wittmers.
Comments and Announcements:
  • Walt Paulson, of Barbershop Quartet fame, led us in singing Happy Birthday to our May birthday celebrants.
  • Past District Governor Bob Martin appealed for donations to The Rotary Foundation in support of Rotary’s efforts at eradicating polio from the world. All donations to The Rotary Foundation during the month of May will be matched by points and donations made during the month will be designated for the polio program.
  • Pam Peterson announced that it will be Rotary function day at the Farmers Market on June 7 and she is looking for volunteers to staff the booth on that day. She will provide more information over the next couple of weeks.
  • Mike Henery announced the Gigging up the Harbor effort on May 19th in conjunction with the Downtown Waterfront Alliance. He too is looking for volunteers to help with weeding, bark spreading and general cleanup from 9 to 12. He noted that the Rotary light Pole Park (near the old Key Bank building) is in serious need of attention.
  • Tom Borgen was supposed to announce plans for the annual Rotary year end party and installation banquet on June 29th, but he was not in attendance. More information forthcoming in the next few weeks.
  • John Eddy announced that the next Rotary After Hours will be held on May 9 at the Tides Tavern from 5:30 to 7:00.
  • Rod Ladd announced that there will not be an International Committee Meeting this month.
  • Sharon Shaffer introduced Kurt Grimmer who as our Star Award recipient is entitled to designate a non-profit organization to receive a cash contribution from Rotary. Kurt designated the Downtown Waterfront Alliance as his choice and a check for $1,155 was presented to Mary DesMarais, Executive Director.
  • John Duppenthaler announced that there will be a club Fireside on June 5 at John Dunham’s home from 5:30 to 7:30.
  • Jeff Stillman announced that the Wings and Wheels activities will be held at Tacoma Narrows Airport on June 30 and July 1.
  • Betty Felker spoke again about the Dancing Classrooms Program and the four elementary schools in the Peninsula School District that are participating. She reminded us of the June 9 Finals at Todd Beamer High School in Federal Way featuring Vaughn Elementary participants. Please contact Betty if you are interested in attending as she is coordinating special seating for Rotary members in attendance.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Fine Master Pam Peterson nicked John Dunham for having a new red jeep and then fined Sharon Shaffer for multiple violations (i.e., not turning her phone off, forgetting to introduce Kurt Grimmer as a guest, etc.). Pam made an appeal for confidential informants to help build her book of dirt on people as fodder for more fines – nobody raised a hand to volunteer, but I guess a confidential informant wouldn’t do that anyway. Pam then assessed a fine on guest Ian Warren for letting a 75 year old take the lead in confronting a thief at his store. A highlight of the fine session was a series of pictures taken of Jeanie Simmons at the Rotary Retreat golf tournament – so who among us hasn’t had the experience of picking up golf balls on the ground because we forgot to put a bucket under the dispenser before getting our range balls. Don Rees was fined for a picture taken of him texting at the airport and Scott McVay was fined for a new boat. Finally, Pam showed pictures of the Food Packing party from the District Conference. Past President Dick noted that he had an afternoon shift which consisted of 20 minutes of training followed by 10 minutes of activity before they ran out of the oats they were packing for oatmeal – seems like the right ratio of training to activity for Past Presidents. Happy bucks included: Howard Mackert hawking a new CD and concert tickets for his wife; Mike Henery proud of his daughter’s role in the Peninsula HS musical; Mike Pinch returning a missing garment to Pam from their trip to the Philippines; and Lee Smith talking about a volunteer appreciation event sponsored by the Downtown Waterfront Alliance on May 10 at the Yacht Club.
Raffle: John Dunham claimed the 10 free and Ben Paganelli drew a white chip in the drawing.
Program: Past District Governor Bob Martin introduced our speaker Joan Toone who was speaking on the Fight Against Polio. Joan was a speaker at our club a few years ago and Bob reminded us that Joan puts a face on polio and makes it real through recounting her own experience in dealing with polio at seven years of age. In fact, with the assistance of well-chosen pictures, Joan once again captivated her audience by providing a brief history of polio and the efforts to address this dreaded disease over the decades. Her description of kids having to be put in isolation wards and often into terrifying iron lung machines with no parents, no loving pets and no cherished toys to support them was heart wrenching. She easily brought to life the reality of why people were in full panic about polio when it was rampant. Joan then reviewed Rotary International’s history with polio and the efforts begun in 1985 to eradicate polio from the face of earth. Joan talked about still suffering from a condition known as Post-Polio Syndrome, a condition that presents itself years later for many of those who are afflicted by polio. There is still no cure for polio and immunization is the only way to keep it at bay. Joan tells us that, even today, one child dies every 20 seconds from a vaccine preventable disease. However, due to the heroic efforts of Rotary and many other organizations and governments, the end-game target for polio eradication is the year 2020.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30
Notes by Stan Eastberg
Friday (5/4/2018) Stan Eastberg 2018-05-06 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Picnic!!

Posted by Marti Anderson
We are hosting a picnic for Melanie’s parents to meet her Rotary Family
All Rotary members and their families are invited.  Would especially like to have those that have hosted and entertained Melanie through the year.
It’s a good old American Picnic. 
Sat, May 12.  400pm – 700pm
The Anderson’s  -
                13715 51st Ave NW
                Gig Harbor
Please bring a salad or dessert.  I will be making ice cream
Please rsvp.
Marti Anderson, CTC
Anderson Travel Service, Inc.
Personal Travel Planning Services
253-514-6578 -  fax 
Rotary Picnic!! Marti Anderson 2018-05-03 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (4/27/2018)

Posted by Stan Eastberg
Call to Order at 7:30 by President Mel who was missing his normal coat and tie as he was dressed for a day of golf; Invocation by Ron Roberts; Pledge led by President Mel; the song, America, led by Hal Cline and Peter Glein; and 4 Way Test led by Ed Lindstrom.
Visiting Rotarians announced by Jack Stonestreet: Assistant District Governor Howard Svigal.
Guest of Rotarians: Sue Jensen, guest of Al Bucholz; David Holsinger, guest of Sophie Perkins; Geoff Barcalow, guest of Randy Barcalow; Linda Cohrs, guest of Annmarie Huppert; Tim Toerber, guest of Annie Arbenz, Jean Vanberg, guest of Dick Vanberg; Pat Lantz, guest of John Lantz; Oliver and Rocky Pinch, guests of Mac Pinch; and John Guardia, Ian Warren, Pete Clement, and Pat Delapp, Board Member of The Ripple Effect, and Michael Ewens, our speaker.
Comments and Announcements:
  • President Mel played a video tribute to the life of First Lady Barbara Bush.
  • Rod Ladd is looking for volunteers to sign up for the food packaging project in conjunction with the District Conference. With a target of packaging 50,000 meals, they need lots of help.
  • President Mel announced that he along with 13-14 other club members will not be at the meeting on Friday, May 4 as they will be attending the District Training and Conference. Past President Dick Vanberg will be our substitute President.
  • Rotary Exchange student Melanie Meyer showed pictures of her Spring Break trip to Mexico and reported that her tennis team won their match last Thursday. She also commented on the campaign activities going on at school for the ASB elections – this is all new to her as they don’t have an ASB at her school back home. Melanie will also be attending the District Conference this next week.
  • Annie Arbenz introduced Tim Toerber as our newest member to be inducted. Past District Governor Bob Martin did his usual fabulous job of inducting Tim into the club – Bob’s induction ceremony is the best I’ve seen in 40+ years of Rotary membership. Tim took the microphone for a couple of minutes to let us know he had previously been a Rotarian in the Sunrise club and that his father has also been in Rotary for over 40 years. Tim was also a former Exchange Student in Brazil.
  • Kieth Harris auctioned off the parking space (to Tim Williams for $30) and the No Fine Badge (to Scott Junge for $20 – he promised not to use the time to hawk rhodies).
  • Cynthia Kennedy was introduced to present attendance awards only to be informed by Mel that we didn’t have enough time to do it today and that we’d present the awards at future meetings
  • Randy Barcalow provided an update on the great progress being made by the Wilkinson Fence project volunteers. Randy tried to show pictures, but the laptop was not cooperating today for picture displays.
  • Hal Hodgins is in charge of programs for next year and asked for volunteers to serve on a committee for this work (Dave Gordon and Jeff Harris showed interest).
Fines and Happy Bucks: Fine Master Mac Pinch nailed Tim Toerber with his first fine as a new member and then fined Rod Ladd for the elegant cowboy boots he was wearing on this, his 61st birthday. He got Gary Glein for not wearing any socks and then fined Dave Cathers for poor drawing skills during his presentation last week on fixing nicks in wood furniture. All members of the Dragon Boat team were asked to contribute $1 for their 4th place finish. Happy Bucks were started by Annie Arbenz for 1. Time in Rotary, 2. Help from Lyn Junge with transporting a large and bulky Costco purchase, and 3. An overheard testimonial about how the Rotary Prison Program had totally changed the life of one of the participants. Randy Spitzer is happy about this being concert week for his beloved Cora Voce group, and Rod Ladd contributed $61 in honor of his 61 years on this earth. Annmarie Huppert sang praises for our own Howard Mackert who rescued her from a serious car repair issue, and Scott Junge was grateful for the birthdays of grandchildren.
Raffle: No one claimed the 10 free and Hal Cline drew a white chip in the drawing.
Program: Tom Borgen introduced Michael Ewens to provide an update on The Ripple Effect project. Michael has been a frequent and favorite speaker at this club and we were again mesmerized by his unselfish dedication to improving the lives of people in Guatemala, primarily through extensive water projects that he has been organizing and leading for the past 12-13 years. Of particular interest during this update were the many pictures he showed of the people in Guatemala that he works with and for in the effort to bring clean water to areas that have never had a reliable source of clean water before. According to Michael, these are people who live a simple life (80% live on less than $1 per day) and for whom malnutrition is common (at least 40% of the kids are malnourished). The Ripple Effect is now working with over 20 villages (closely with 9 of them) which impact over 20,000 people. A common theme in Michael’s presentation is how effectively Rotary and The Ripple Effect have been able to leverage donations for maximum benefit to so many people who desperately need the help. His efforts clearly demonstrate the impact we have on people we’ll never meet or even know much about – evidence as good as it gets of the impact of Service Above Self. Michael reminds us that teamwork and community activism are equally important and he describes in great detail the participation by the Guatemalan people in all of the projects he works on. He notes that The Ripple Effect is not engaged in doing a project, but rather that they are joining together with the communities to achieve progress.
Once again, Michael Ewens has demonstrated how the spirit and work of Rotary and those efforts supported by Rotary can make a real difference in the world. His final message to Gig Harbor Rotary is that this group has made a huge difference to people in his neighborhood in Guatemala. “You have changed their lives, not for one or two years, but for generations”.
Meeting adjourned at 8:35
Notes by Stan Eastberg
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Friday (4/20/2018)

Posted by Marcia Harris
Call to Order: President Mel Santos rang the bell at 7:30 AM, Invocation by Jan Martin; Pledge by President Mel; “God Bless America” was led by Hal Cline & Cassie McMurtrey, PHS Interact Club; Cindy Reed led us in the Four Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians: Walt Paulsen welcomed Andy Ritting from the Midday Club joined by Joyce Taylor from the Shelton – Skookum Club.
Guests: Tim & Avery Toeber, Cassie McMurtrey (Interact), Joseph Denton, former member Jim Hansen and Sue Jensen.
Opening Comments: Cassie McMurtrey provided an Interact update which includes a book and shoe drive for the Philippines, currently underway. President Mel announced that 14 club members are registered for the District Conference May 4 & 5, in Tacoma. Possibly a club record for conference participation? He also provided a gentle reminder that all members need to be respectful of speakers/presenters, even if we disagree with the message.
  • Exchange student Melanie Meyer was still in Mexico with two host families. From the pictures she’s posted, looks like a fun trip.
  • Andy Ritting presented a $1,000 Midday Club donation to the Olson Foundation. Mark your calendars: July 20th is midday’s major fund raiser: Golf-a-Rita Ville.
  • Cindy Reed announce an Old Fashion Picnic on May 11th when Melanie Meyer’s parents will be visiting. Still on Melanie’s ‘bucket list’: a speed boat ride, sailing, Paddle Boarding and water skiing. Contact Cindy or Jeannie Simmons to arrange a date.
  • Jill Guernsey & Randy Barcalow need Wilkinson Fence Work Party volunteers tomorrow, Saturday April 21st from 9:00 – noon.
Fines & Happy Bucks: Marcia Harris used Lee Smith’s no fine button to provide some Friday morning exercise: standing up for Lee Smith, Peninsula Light Board Candidate followed by another stand up exercise, reminding the few who haven’t yet voted in the Peninsula School District Bond Levy, to cast their ballot by April 24th.
Fine Master Paul Willett celebrated ‘Pot Day’. Since the intended ‘finee victims’ weren’t present, Hal Cline became the designated victim, bestowing on him a lei, a bag of munchies and an official pot hat. Does that make Hal a ‘pothead’?
Lots of happy bucks from Paul Alvestad, Dave Gordon, Buck, Mike Pinch & Howard Mackert. T
Drawing: Rod Ladd gets 10 free next week. Al Abbott’s ticket was pulled for a chance to chance to draw to draw the blue chip and he did! A happy Al went home with an extra $331.
Two Programs:
 Dave Cathers: ‘How to Fix Furniture Dings’ Dave provided many practical tips on how to restore those occasional dings in our favorite wood furniture. Tip # 1: Less is more. Then consider whether wood or veneer, the depth of scar and how to seal the repair (depends on the finish). Fixing furniture dings can require a lot of work (sounds like a guy thing for escaping to the garage). Dave concluded with a final secret, (he assured us is not an “old wives” tale), mayonnaise works!!
Thanks Dave for the practical information. Please do a follow up program on what to do when about dings/scratches on plastic furniture. 😊
Mel Wick:: Reclassification Talk”
Mel provided a very interesting reclassification talk about his family history, interesting factoids about his biography, and many major highlights of our club history. Here are a few highlights of what we learned:
  • Mel’s family history in the Tacoma/Gig Harbor area started with the immigration of his Norwegian grandparents in 1904.
  • After graduating as the first Wilson H.S. graduate class (along w/Gary Glein) and a few bumps along the road, Mel achieved a Civil Engineering and Master’s Degree from the University of Washington.
  • In the course of his fast track career at PacCar, Mel purchased his first rental unit in 1966.
  • The rental purchase marked the beginning of a very successful transition into real estate and property management.
  • 1984 marked the year when Mel joined Rotary ‘for all the wrong reasons’.
  • The club’s first big service project was funding & construction of the ‘Head of the Harbor’.
  • The 1989 R.I. annual conference in Portland changed Mel’s Rotary commitment. After Portland, Mel was no longer a club member, he became a ‘Rotarian’.
  • Early 1990’s, Joann Roberts & Lorraine Green launched the Courage Classic spaghetti feed support for Mary Bridge child sexual assault program.
  • The 2000 Latvia hospital project was another landmark in Mel’s Rotary life. The Latvia project created a new club energy & interest in international projects.
  • In his 35 years as a Rotarian, Mel has visited more than 150 other clubs. His experience qualifies him as a expert, when he states: the Rotary Club of Gig Harbor is THE BEST.
  • Mel concluded his reclassification talk by encouraging all members to attend an international conference (opportunities this June in Toronto and 2019 in Germany).
President Mel adjourned the meeting at 8:34.
Notes by Marcia Harris
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Posted by Robert J Martin on Apr 18, 2018
Conundra Robert J Martin 2018-04-18 07:00:00Z 0

Traveler(s) of the month

Posted by Robert J Martin on Apr 18, 2018
Hal was complaining that the churches in Milan were so "rundown".  I guess he has great expectations.
He said this "little arch" was just outside their AirB&B room.
Not man made, but just as spectacular is this Fresno sunset that Rod sent in.  Some may say it is the best thing in Fresno.
Traveler(s) of the month Robert J Martin 2018-04-18 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (the 13th)(4/13/2018)

Posted by Jennifer Hamilton
Call to Order at 7:30 by President Mel. Invocation by Bob Martin; Pledge led by Hal Cline. Song: Randy Spitzer; 4 Way Test: 
Visiting Rotarians announced by Coach – Cindy Niemi
Guest of Rotarians: _John Gardia, Ken Serber and Ian Ward; Josh Irwin; Jeff Barcalow
Comments and Announcements: two speakers today; Josh was instrumental in the auction video (with Al Abbott) also did video for the Star Awards; Josh recognized for his efforts for his contribution was provided a bonus of $500 to thank him for his service. Tim Williams is putting a week in Puerto Vallarta up for auction for $2250; Ann Marie met with 1st Tee for a golf lesson – guys were great and made the training fun (Meadow Park), provided giveaways during training, showed them the storage sheds where all the gear for the program is stored, looking forward to starting with her first team on April 23rd. Mel is working on setting up a date a Canterwood and will advise us of a date – currently 10 people from our club have volunteered to assist.
Exchange Student Report – Melanie Meyer – Last Friday walked over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge; Sunday the Anderson’s took her to the farmers market in Olympia; Tonight is the talent show at Peninsula HS (she helped plan it); next week going to Mexico for Spring Break. (Hal) She was given a piece of glass from the docent of the Museum of Glass. She has 2½ months before she returns home. May 12th her family will be in town and Rotary will announce a social event for use to get to know them.
Auction Volunteers for 2019 (Camilla Brocker) – recruiting for next year; Will be following up with volunteers from 2018; Peter Glein has been in charge of procurement for the last three years and is requesting help for 2019 (data entry, etc.)
Book Drive (Jan Martin)– turned in numbers on Monday (380 books); need ideas on what to do with some of these books (book sale, donations, etc.)
Toastmasters & Ballroom (Betty Felker) – Thank you letter from Pacific Ballroom Dance. Asked people to raise hands if anyone wanted to build leadership skills, speaking skills or lose weight; she invited everyone to attend meetings at noon at Harborplace. Passed around cards for Ad libbers group, last Thursday of every month.
Fines and Happy Bucks: (Peter Glein) – rolled into happy bucks; Annie celebrated completion a ½ iron man in San Diego; Sharon Shaffer – Kurt Grimmer featured (Star Award winner) in Gig Harbor Living; Sophie Perkins and David Holsinger went on first boat cruise; Randy Spitzer celebrating getting started with choir rehearsals; Bob and Jan Martin leave on vacation;
Raffle: Larry Olson. Randy Spitzer gets 10 free next week; Lee Smith pulled a white chip – no winner!
  • Nicole Comforto – “World Possible” – small NPO to connect offline learners to education about the world (people without internet); thank you for our past support in Guatemala and to provide their story on who they are and what they do, and to show what the donations have been used for. Showed pictures from her visits to Lima sponsored by Rotary when she was studying national education. 52% of the world’s population does not have access to the internet, these are mostly impoverished countries. Education is crucial to supporting mother’s and children’s lives, nutrition, employment, empowerment of women, economic growth and the environment. For every dollar spent on education get about $10 in return on that child’s contribution to the world. Staff was all volunteers until 2014. OER2GO- free websites that work offline created and accessible in multiple languages to deliver education (136 modules); RACHEL – Remote are community hotspot for education and learning which works anywhere the enables devices to access the websites (serves as a wifi hotspot); Chapter program in other countries – gathers local content using RACHEL; first chapter in Guatemala – have already trained 1600 teachers. In Kenya started 2nd chapter bringing RACHEL to 10k students. Have gone as far as Sierra Leone. US program is a recent program used in prisons in 14 states (including women’s prison in Purdy). Total 6 chapters estimate that they have reached of 500k learners using RACHEL. Bob Cairns from Port Orchard Rotary introduced RACHEL in Kenya. Now bringing RACHEL and Chromebooks to schools in Guatemala which is supported by the ministry of Guatemala.
  • Michelle Sabia – “Courage Bike Ride” - Thank you for support over the last 26 years; 9 Pierce county Rotary clubs involved last year; raised $45k last year; all total raised over $300k last year; raising more money and spending less; Cause is for the needs of children; 70% of patients are Medicaid; the Greatest Needs funds are truly a gift from the community; they are gifts that go beyond the medical needs of children. Information provided on the tables with statistics of the children that are helped through this funding; these services cannot be provided without this monetary support; showed a patient (Dawson) who is a recipient of these types of funds who contracted a rare condition from his leukemia treatment. Held a beach volley ball party for him while in the hospital. Got to test out new highly equipped patient bed. Also was able to attend first pitch at a Rainiers game. Will also be at the next ride. Asked that we all think of Dawson when we volunteer. Ride is the last weekend of August. Will be back in Eatonville and Pac Forest; 4 ride options based upon last year’s feedback; (1) 3.75 fat mile ride and run designed for beginners/families/trail riders ($25 fee with no fundraising minimum); (2) Cascade Cruiser – 23 mile (3) Tahoma half century, (4) two day 144 mile Northwest Brew Thru; Maps displayed and also available on Courage.org. Volunteer support is greatly needed – (Hillary Powell) is contact for volunteer coordination and logistics; contact info is at the bottom of the information sheet. $’s are allocated by the Board of Directors to requesting physicians.
Wrap up (Mel) – Rod Ladd announced that he had seven center pieces leftover from the auction and that they are available for purchase for $10.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30.
Notes by Jennifer Hamilton
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Friday (4/6/2018)

Posted by Chuck Perry
Opening bell at 7:29 A.M. by president Mel Santos; Invocation by Fred Labayan; Pledge by President Mel; Song: “My Country Tis of The”, led by Hal Kline, Al Abbott, Chris Myers, and Cory Coryell; and the Four Way Test led by Bob Martin.
Visiting Rotarians: introduced by Walt Paulson; Larry Trelevin, Tacoma 8.
Guests of Rotarians: Sue Jensen, Hillary Bridge, Ian Warren, Jeremiah Saucier, and Geoff Barcalow.
Presidents Opening Comments: A sign up sheet for 1st Tee training class is being passed around. If you sign up to help teach, you will also be required to pay a $25 fee for a State Patrol background check to work with the kids. The class will be in the next two weeks. If you didn’t get your name on thee list, just give President Mel a call to get signed up. Also announced: Dinners for Eight first hosts should be done, as the April hosts should now be scheduling for their dinner.
Banner Exchange: Donna Lormor presented two banners from Clubs she visited while recently in Thailand; Chang Mai Phuping and Rotary Club of Chang Mai. Donna went on to tell the story of how she met her Thai Rotary Friends while in the hospital on her last trip to Thailand. Afraid that this was turning into the program, clapping started and ended the story.
Exchange Student: Melanie Meyer gave her report of the week. She went to a Sounders soccer game, had an Easter Brunch and an Easter Egg Hunt, (she felt like a little kid again), it was fun, and she reported that all of her tennis games for the week were cancelled due to rain.
April Birthdays: Walt Paulsen announced all the April birthdays and the cub sang Happy Birthday to the lucky members.
Community Projects: Randy Barcalow reported that last Saturday the final fence posts were installed at Wilkinson Farm. He also reported that the Chamber of Commerce project is moving forward.
KP Pavilion Project : Jeff Harris showed the club a large photo montage of the KP Pavilion that was to be presented to Tim Keolker as a thank you for all the work he did for the project. Tim is a master builder and oversaw the construction of the pavilion. Jeff also asked that the club all stand up to support the Peninsula Schools in the upcoming bond election.
International Committee: Rod Ladd announced that the international committee has a meeting on Monday 4/9/18. The meeting is at the Ladd-Pinch international headquarters on Rosedale.
Fine Master: John Winslow dealt out some fines for the week with a lot of humor: Peter Stanley for his phone ringing and is it the truth; Donna Lormor – do you need more time?; Corey Coryell and Dick Vanberg for not having their January dinners for eight yet; Auction picture thumb drives out for 3 weeks and not turned in: Mel, Paul, Peter G. and almost Allisha McVey – however Scott McVey turned it in during the fine session; Coach for 35 years in Gig Harbor Rotary with a 4/1/83 start date; Happy bucks by Dave Gordon for 48th anniversary and Chuck Perry for 35th anniversary – 4/2/83, the day after Coach joined the club.
Drawing: Eric McGinnis ran the raffle with 10 free next week going to Mel Wick and Rod Ladd getting to draw for the $282 pot. Lucky for everyone else Rod drew a white chip and the pot will grow next week.
Program: Corey Lopardi – “Rotary Visibility” Corey is the District Chair for Club Support dealing with publicity and marketing of Rotary and our Clubs. He gave a presentation on the “Rebranding of Rotary” with changes to the logo and the “people of Action” program. You can get more information by going on the internet to: Rotary.Org > My Rotary > Member Center > Brand Center. Many of the changes have to do with trying to let the World know who and what Rotary is. This Rotary International branding change was started after the 2012 Survey by Siegal & Gale showed that 60% of people had heard of Rotary, however only 20% knew what Rotary did. Not all of the Club members agreed with what the findings were and what changes are being made to the Rotary brand image. However this is a Rotary international project and is being rolled out internationally. So this scribe wants to remind the Club members not to shoot the messenger, he has taken his time to inform our club of decisions made at the international level.
Notes by Chuck Perry
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Friday (3/30/2018)

Posted by Walker Allen
GH Rotary President Mel Santos presiding; Invocation: Duane Fister; Pledge: led by Charlie Miller (Debbie Miller’s granddaughter) and by President Mel’s granddaughter; Song: Hal Cline led us in a verse of “God Bless America”; 4-Way Test of the Things We Think, Say or Do:  
Visiting Rotarians: Sabrina Dawn Shattuck, West Linn, OR – (working on Shelter Box project)
Guests: John Guardia, Guest of Ben Paganelli; Sue Jensen, Guest of Al and Joanne Bucholz; Sophie Alvestad, Guest of VP Paul Alvestad; Geoff Barcalow, Guest of Randy Barkalow; Evans Calas, Guest of Annie Arbenz; Reid Morris, Guest of Dave Morris; (there may have been others but they were not on the sign-in sheet)
President Mel’s Opening Comments:
  • President Mel announced that training for “1st Tee” volunteers will be held soon and had signup sheet circulating.
  • The City of Gig Harbor gave the club (including our Interact chapter) a “Certificate of Appreciation” for planting 344 trees in the park.
  • There will be a fun golf outing at Alderbrook prior to the Officer Retreat
Reports and Announcements:
  • Melanie Meyer (our Rotary Exchange Student from Switzerland)
    • Melanie is on the Peninsula High School Tennis team that has been having many matches
    • Their fund raising efforts have been very successful and have raised enough money for new uniforms.
  • Danielle (Dani) Hastun (our Rotary Exchange student from Argentina 6 years ago) thanked everyone for the hospitality – especially those who came to the reception at the home of Juanita Carbaugh.  She has graduated from the university and now works for an international foods company as a human resources specialist.
  • PDG and Paul Harris Campaign Chair, Bob Martin
    • Announced that Club Members have contributed $19,564 towards the $30,000 goal for the year/
    • Announced that there have been 5 new cases of wild polio – all in Afghanistan.
  • Recognized new Paul Harris awards:; Tim Williams (+3); Bob Ryan (+2); Steve Skibbs (+2); John Mitchell (+2); Jan Martin (+2)
  • Work Parties – Randy Barcalow
    • Wilkinson Farm posts need to be installed
    • Chamber of Commerce office renovation projects – many opportunities for “hands on” work by Rotarians
  • History Rocks Event – Jennifer Hamilton
    • Featuring WWII years – she is looking for veterans and relatives to learn about their recollections. 
  • Book Drive and Literacy Award – Jan Martin
    • Over 300 books have been collected (of which 78 went to the Philippines libraries we support) and collection continues (President Mel would like each member to bring 4 more!).   They need books for teenagers.
Fine Master – Chris Myers
Raffle Ticket Drawing – Donna Lormor
  • Hal Cline won another 10 Free
  • Bob Lutchg pulled a white chip and got $15.
Program:  Mayor Kit Kuhn spoke about “The Mayor’s Agenda”. 
  • Urged us to check out the new, robust website
  • Has goal of extreme transparency
  • Has met with each staff member
  • Managed to retain District Court and prevent some staff loss
  • Goal of “moratorium” is to bring coordination of infrastructure and new building
  • Need for growth in both commercial and residential
  • Heavy emphasis on maintaining the “culture” of downtown
  • Suggested high-rise (up to four stories) would be appropriate for the old Fred Meyer and Main and Vine stores
  • Discussed purchase of Haub (triangle) property
Meeting Adjourned at 8:30AM
Notes by Walker Allen
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Friday (3/23/2018)

Posted by Jennifer Hamilton
Call to Order at 7:30 by President Mel. Invocation by Spencer Hutchins; God Bless America led by Hal Cline. Pledge led by Mel. Four Way Test by ?
Visiting Rotarians announced by Coach: none
Guest of Rotarians: Sharon Schaeffer introduced several members of the Gig Harbor Kayak Racing Team.
Comments and Announcements:
Mel announced an adjustment to the day’s program to allow former foreign exchange student, Daniela Hastun, who was here six years ago, from Argentina. Mel also provided feedback from the previous week’s speaker who shared his appreciation to the RCGH and how impressive the interest and enthusiasm of our members was expressed.
Exchange Student Report – Melanie Meyer – Melanie described her latest involvement and activities at Gig Harbor High, described a recent outing with Jennifer Hamilton to the UW Boat House for the Boys of 1936 Tour (pictures were projected on screen) as well as a wonderful trip to Victoria. She had a wonderful time volunteering at the auction which was a unique experience for her. She also announced that she was selling tickets in support of her tennis team as a fundraiser breakfast at Applebee’s. Please contact Marti Anderson if interested.
Visiting Exchange Student - Daniela provided an update on her experiences since she was sponsored by the RCGH six years ago. She expressed her great appreciation for what Rotary has done for her, stating “being here makes my heart feel complete.” She also described her current job working for a large international candy manufacturer in Argentina. A dinner was planned in her honor at Juanita Carbaugh’s home. Details were sent by email for those who wanted to attend.
Guatemala Water Project – Tom Borgen provided an update on the status and showed pictures of two of the villagers carrying cistern tanks on their backs to take to the village (a 45 min hike uphill since there was no other way to transport them!). The tanks will be set up by the houses to catch water off the rooves so that they can have water during the dry season.
Wilkinson Fence Work Party – Randy Barcalow provided an update confirming that great progress was made putting up posts and emphasized that the average age of volunteers was 70! On Saturday 3/24, the Chamber of Commerce floor repair begins.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Mac Pinch – Auctioneer Keith Harris auctioned off a NO Fine button for $55 to Lee Smith; a prime parking spot in front of Cottesmore was also auctioned off to Rod Ladd for $50! Nice work Keith! Mac fined Spencer Hutchins for being a socialite at Costco; and Dave Gillespie was fined for his ponytail
Raffle: Larry Olson.
Program: Alan Anderson from the Gig Harbor Kayak Club – Alan provided a spectacular short film about the growth and transition of the GHKC from a small “Parking Lot Team” to a now large and highly competitive national ranking team. He has sites on sending members of the team to the Olympics! He also provided information regarding the upcoming Paddler’s Cup, a 3 day event at which members of his team will compete against the RCGH Dragon Boat team on 4/22. A kick off party will be held that Friday, April 20th. On Saturday, April 21st the Narrows Race will take place (for serious athletes). For more information, go to www.Gigharborpaddlerscup.com . Vendors will also be on site downtown.
Wrap up (Mel)Rod Ladd announced that he had seven center pieces leftover from the auction and that they are available for purchase for $10 each.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30
Notes by Jennifer Hamilton
Friday (3/23/2018) Jennifer Hamilton 2018-03-26 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (3/16/2018)

Posted by Tom Borgen
Call to Order at 7:25 by President Mel. Invocation by Dwayne Fister. Pledge- President Mel, Song-Dave Gillespie- Dave brought the guitar and a Woody Guthrie song, “This Land is Your Land” Four Way Test- Tom Borgen
Visiting Rotarians; Coach announced Greg Gillis, our next Dist. Gov visiting from Canada.
Guests of Rotarians; Jeff Barcalow brought his two cute little daughters; he is son of Randy Barcalow, Mac Pinch brought his two cute sons Rocky and Oliver. Sofie brought David Holsinger, David did a great job helping out Saturday putting in fence poles at Wilkerson Farm, thanks David! Dave Morris Introduced guest Christal Chiu, the development officer for the Tacoma Rescue Mission who is holding their annual “Hope Givers” breakfast 3/20. Al Bucholz’s daughter Sue Jensen is a regular guest.
  • Rotary Auction- Mel played the inspiring video of our club’s projects and programs produced by Josh Sherwin, Al Abbott and Randy Spitzer that was shown at the Auction for the raise the paddle. Auction leader Hal thanked his team for putting on a GREAT event and fun was had by close to 380 guests. No final numbers yet but the gross could be close to $150,000!
  • Wilkerson Farm Work Party- Now that Randy is back the project is ramping back up to finish the fence around the community garden. Work party 9-12.
  • Greg Gillis- Our District Governor elect introduced himself, spoke of the progress Rotary is making in the district and thanked Bob Martin-past DG for inspiring him to take on the challenge of running one of the largest Rotary districts with 90 clubs.
  • Annie’s Arbenz- President Mel announced that Annie’s father passed away recently and read a short tribute by Annie, our thoughts go out to Annie and her family.
  • Fine Master and Happy Bucks; Pam took great pleasure in taking photos of various club members at work and having the club guess what they did, a favorite being a photo of a person sitting with their feet on their desk at work,
  • so that’s what bankers do, Richard P.? Happy bucks from Al Abbott, new dragon boats are in and Juanita Carbaugh who is happy Gary is feeling a lot better.
  • Drawing; Hal Cline won ten free, Ben Paganelli drew for $183-No Cigar!
Program: Colin Carr- “A view from the Cockpit”
Sammi McCubbins introduced Colonel Colin Carr an Air Force Academy graduate with 25 years in the Air Force, who heads up the C17 Cargo Flight Simulator training at Joint base Lewis-McChord.
Colin put on a very educational and entertaining presentation of all aspects of training pilots to operate the massive C-17 military cargo planes using high technology flight simulators. The planes burn 14,000 lbs of fuel per hour, so the cost savings along with safety and the variety of procedures that can be practiced using simulators makes it a very effective and efficient means to train pilots. The night vision training, air drops and the midair refueling were just a few of the procedures covered. The video of the air drop of cargo using parachutes was a highlight especially learning that they can now be guided to the ground. Thanks to Colin and our Military for all they do for our Country.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30
Submitted by Tom Borgen
Friday (3/16/2018) Tom Borgen 2018-03-20 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (3/9/2018)

Posted by Stan Eastberg
Call to Order at 7:30 by President Mel; Invocation by Duane Fister; Pledge led by President Mel; God Bless America led by Hal Cline, Tony Michaelson, and Mike Pinch; and 4 Way Test led by Richard Schmalz.
Visiting Rotarians announced by Jack Stonestreet and Walt Paulson: Lucas Ladd from Auburn and Ryan Gilhuly fron Silverdale.
Guest of Rotarians: Sue Jensen, guest Al Bucholz; John Fister, guest of Duane Fister; David Holsinger, guest of Sophie Perkins; Rod Tayet, guest of Brent Tayet; and Jeff Barcalow, guest of Randy Barcalow.
Comments and Announcements:
  • President Mel played a video of the celebration by the girls basketball team from Gig Harbor High School following their winning of the State Championship. There was major applause when Maggie Willett was interviewed on screen. Paul Willett then provided an emotional overview of how several of the girls on the team overcame early rejection as basketball players to become state champions. Coach led the newly formed Gig Harbor Girls Cheer Squad (all Rotary Women) in a rousing cheer spelling out TIDES – coach can still blow a mean whistle.
  • Dave Morris introduced Cindy Reed who presented Brett Tayet with his blue badge and thanked him for volunteering to chair the Early Act program.
  • Rotary Exchange student Melanie Meyer reported moving to Marti Anderson’s house as her new host family. She also told of an interesting competition with her American friends involving American versus Swiss candy – I think everyone won. She is playing tennis after school and is planning on helping out at the Auction.
  • Camilla Brocker will be leading the auction effort next year and asked for volunteers to help her on Sunday to call and thank the people who attended this year’s auction.
  • Jennifer Hamilton provided an update on her work with the communications committee involving an update of the club’s website. She is also working on ways to utilize social media to keep in touch on a regular basis with our outbound Exchange students.
  • Cindy Reed reminded us that we will not be hosting an Exchange Student next year but will be supporting the Midday Club with their exchange student – anyone wanting to serve as a host next year, please contact Cindy.
  • Debbie Wittmers, subbing for John Eddy reminded us that Rotary After Hours will be on March 14 at the Green House.
  • Rod Ladd announced a meeting of the International Committee on Monday and asked that any requests for funding for international projects be communicated to him by then.
  • President Mel recognized the work by Al Abbott, Josh and Randy Spitzer on the video produced for the Raise the Paddle portion of the auction.
  • Tom Borgen reported that the Community Service Committee had granted $3,000 to the Skills Trade Program for the building of a small house. He also reported that the Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation had granted $6,000 to purchase a virtual reality welder simulator.
  • Judy Davis, Clinical Liaison with Cottesmore of Life Care invited everyone to an open house and ribbon cutting of their new premier rehab wing. The event is on Thursday, March 15 from 3-6 p.m.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Paul Willett started the fine session with a call for happy bucks. Howard Mackert reported that the IRS has finally recognized the Cars for Change Program so we can now ramp up our efforts. President Mel donated a dollar just to keep the action going. Randy Barcalow announced that he is now back in town and the work projects will start flowing again – he’ll be leading a work party next Saturday (March 17) to build the garden fence. Jan Martin announced that her Dad is 97 years young today. John Lantz is back from one month in Mexico. Jill Guernsey celebrated a granddaughter. Jeanie Simmons reported a successful tree planting work party over the weekend. Spencer Hutchins was fined by Paul for his sweater vests, and Mike Pinch was fined for something to do with Fred Labayen’s Rotary Club in the Philippines finally admitting the first woman into the club.
Raffle: Bob Ryan won the 10 free and Lee Smith won the chance to draw a chip for the $159 pot, but he drew a white chip.
Program: The program, led by Hal Hodgins, was focused on the final preparations for the auction. He reported that we were looking for 380 seats in chairs and had already secured 370 (and still counting) attendees – a record number. We had sought 150 items to auction and have received 161 items. Peter Glein provided an overview of some of the more interesting auction items which are sure to have many bidders. Terry Brown reviewed the plan for set-up and John Winslow reviewed a map of the parking plan. Various questions from the audience were answered by the Auction Committee members and final details for presenting the auction were reviewed. This is a huge effort for the club every year, and it is remarkable how it all comes together with the efforts of so many participants. Hal thanked everyone for their hard work.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30
Notes by Stan Eastberg
Friday (3/9/2018) Stan Eastberg 2018-03-12 07:00:00Z 0

Friday (3/2/2018)

Posted by Marcia Harris
President Mel opened the meeting at 7:27 with a Life of Billy Graham video clip.
Call to Order at 7:33, Invocation by Marcia Harris; Pledge by President Mel; “America the Beautiful” was led by Hal Cline & Todd Fletcher and Chuck Perry led us in the Four Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians: none
Guests: The Pinch ‘boys’, Ann Marie’s father Steve Gunderson, Al Abbott & Sharon Shaffer guests: Kurt Grimmer, Josh Sherwood, Alan Anderson & Missy Hill.
Opening Comments: President Mel shared that $1,000 was donated by our club for the District conference for a conference project. Mike Pinch shared that 11 returned safely from the Philippines where Rotarians replaced a roof on a retirement house.
  • Exchange student Melanie Meyer shared the highlights of the past two weeks which included a Seattle Underground tour, followed by a trip to Comas with other Rotary exchange students where she enjoyed participating in Canadian winter sports. This past week classes resumed and she has joined the Peninsula High School tennis team.
  • Walt Paulsen helped us celebrate the 10 Rotarians with March birthdays.
  • Hal Hodgins announced that 329 auction guests are registered. The last date to register is Tuesday, March 6th. If you have guests joining you who did not register as separate individuals through the on line system, please urge them to get in touch with Rod Ladd before the auction to enter their credit card numbers; it will help expedite their check in process Saturday night. There are six available VIP parking spaces at the event venue; Keith Harris auctioned off three spaces. The lucky winners were: Bob Ryan, Bob Martin and Don Buchanan.
  • Auction procurement is completed. Thank you: Peter Glein & auction team captains.
  • Cynthia Kennedy is wrapping up the perfect attendance recognition for 2017. A preliminary list was passed around for double checking.
  • Jeannie Simmons reminded the us of the March 3rd tree planting at Granville Park. Start the morning at the GH Civic Center, 8 a.m. for a pancake breakfast sponsored by Henderson Bay students. Don’t forget to bring your shovels. This is a three club event with the intent to plant a tree to represent each member of the 3 clubs.
  • Sharon Shaffer announced a Gig Harbor Dragon Boat Flea Market, today and Saturday at the old Peninsula Gardens location.
  • Don’t forget to sign up for the District Conference in early May (in Tacoma). The club will reimburse members for the registration fee.
Fine Master & Happy Bucks: Fine Master Peter Glein tapped the wallets of: Brady, Sharon, Tony, Don B, Mel and Rocky Pinch.
Drawing: Two Key Peninsula Rotarians held this week’s lucky tickets. Peter Stanley gets 10 free next week, and amid groans the Harris mojo continued. Marcia won the opportunity to draw…a white chip this week.
Program: Star Award Winner Kurt Grimmer
Mr. Gig Harbor, Kurt Grimmer was introduced by Al Abbott & Sharon Shaffer. After showing the Star Awards video (Thank you Josh Sherwood!) Al and Sharon recounted many of Kurt’s contributions/volunteer investment in the Gig Harbor community including: Downtown Walking Tours, Dragon Boats, Pen Mett Park Commissioner, Started the Super Business Group and the Waterfront Alliance. Kurt followed up, thanking the Club for the Star honor and recognizing other previous Star awardees: Pat Schmidt and Alan Anderson.
John Diones, Peninsula Auto Group (supporter of Children’s Home Society, Boys & Girls Club and Fish Food Bank) and Robin Malich (CIS supporter and volunteer at Henderson Bay HS) were the other two STAR awardees, nominees by the other two Gig Harbor area Rotary clubs.
President Mel adjourned the meeting at 8:34.
Notes by Marcia Harris
Friday (3/2/2018) Marcia Harris 2018-03-06 08:00:00Z 0

Friday (2/23/2018)

Posted by Alan Weaver
Opening Bell: By Peninsula Interact President Cassie McMurtrey at exactly 7:30 am. [Scribe Note: In the absence of President Mel Santos, today’s meeting was very successfully run by Peninsula High School’s Interact Club, so much so Mel should worry about his job security. Other Interact students participating in the meeting were Tim Poe, Geni Schwesinger, Richard Winslow and Julie McMurtrey. They needed virtually no assistance from Mel’s assistant Debbie Miller.] Invocation by Annmarie Hubbert. Song “My Country Tis of Thee” led by Hal Cline and Interact’s Julie McMurtrey. Pledge of Allegiance by Interact'’ Geni Schwesinger. Four Way Test by Interact’s Richard Winslow. Greeters: The five enthusiastic Interact students mentioned above. Guests were Evangeline Taret, Tim Toerbar, Jeremy Bueloh and Bill Whitacre, who were all introduced, and, lastly, Sophie Perkins’ longtime friend DAVE HOLSINGER (who usually is successful as he was today in not being introduced, but the scribe caught sight of him) . Visiting Rotarians: If there were any, they successfully hid from this scribe’s view.
  •  Interact’s Presence: President Cassie explained why the Interact Club was running today’s meeting and that John Winslow was the club’s contract with Peninsula Interact. She then briefly listed the Interact’s past and future projects, all of which were extensive.
  • Parking Stall Auction: Keith Harris auctioned off the March parking stall for $45 to Rod Ladd who paid a generous $50.
  • Rotary Auction: Auction chairman Hal Hodgins reminded us that we were eight days away from our annual auction. Ticket sales lieutenant Rod Ladd said that 248 tickets had been paid for, about another 52 tickets had been committed but the club wished another 80 tickets be sold so as to push the total number of attendees to 380. Peter Glein reported that all of the auction items had been received (about 50% came in just last week). John Duppenthaler made a pitch for volunteers to set up and then take down tables at the event.
  • Altrusa’s Empty Bowls: Pat Schmidt reported that the Empty Bowls project had garnered about $14,000 which will go to the Boys’ and Girls’ Club and the Red Barn for meals for the youthful members.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Although Fines are usually more interesting than Happy Bucks, such was not the case today as there was no time for fines. The good news on Happy Bucks is that Annmarie Huppert’s wrist is not broken from a fall from horse riding last week, just badly strained. On the bad news side Rod Ladd’s motor home is out of commission for several weeks because of a meeting the motor home had with a stationary semi-truck.
Drawing: Someone won ten free tickets to next week’s drawing and, of course, Jeff Harris won the right to draw for the pot. He was unsuccessful this time but it makes this scribe wonder why he even buys tickets when he walks in the door. This scribe’s only consolation is that whatever Jeff takes home is immediately donated to some worthy charity. Nice to have people of such caliber in the club.
Program: Two part program today.
Knowledge Bowl: Speaker Johnathon Bell, a twenty-five year teacher with the last twenty years at Peninsula High School where he is presently teaching history and acting as faculty advisor for many of the school’s clubs, spoke on his favorite club, the Knowledge Bowl. Of “competitive teams” in the school, the Knowledge Bowl team has by far the most successful. Peninsula High School has placed in the top ten in the state out of 140 +/- teams for all but one year in the last fifteen. It is a “no cut” sport of teams of four persons and is very similar to the TV show Jeopardy except the show has three individual contestants while the Knowledge Bowl has three teams of four. To demonstrate how the game works, he set up three tables which the scribe will call Keith Harris’s table, Ron Roberts’ table and the front table. (Ron improved his table’s chance of winning by moving Bob Ryan, who had once been a participant on the real Jeopardy show, from the scribe’s table to his table.) The speaker then read five esoteric questions which his school team had answered correctly earlier in the month and virtually nobody in the audience could understand. But Bob was the only one that correctly answered a question without assistance (the front table was disqualified because of assistance provided by President Cassie). The speaker was quick to point out that the students were using knowledge which they had acquired in other Peninsula High courses, not just his.
Youth Services Committee: Jeanie Simmons, the head of the Youth Services Committee, explained what that committee did by having members describe separate facets of its work. Cindy Reed advised up that in the future the club will only be selecting outbound local Rotary students and hosting foreign Rotary students in odd numbered years (such as 2019). In odd numbered years (this year) those functions will be handled by the Mid-Day Club. Betty Felker spoke on the short but intensive student selection process (which might be called “granting paid scholarships”) in the fall as well as on the entirely separate dance education program which has been so successful. Dick Vanberg spoke on the communications to and from with outbound students and foreign students.
Adjournment by President Cassie at 8:35 am.
Notes by Al Weaver
Friday (2/23/2018) Alan Weaver 2018-02-24 08:00:00Z 0

Friday (2/16/2018)

Posted by Walker Allen
GH Rotary President Mel Santos presiding; Invocation: Jeff Harris; Pledge: President Mel; Song: Hal Cline and Howard Mackert led us in a verse of “God Bless America”; 4-Way Test of the Things We Think, Say or Do: Betty Felker
Visiting Rotarians: Don Buchanan announced that there were no visiting Rotarians
Guests: John Guardia, Guest of Ben Paganelli; Sue Jensen, Guest of Al and Joanne Bucholz; David Holsinger, Guest of Sophie Perkins;(there may have been others but they were not on the sign-in sheet)
President Mel’s Opening Comments:
  • President Mel showed photos of the team at SeaTac heading for the Philippines, including PDG Bob Martin (and his granddaughter Olivia, from Spokane, and soon to be a Rotary Exchange student), Jan Martin, Larry Olson, Pam Smith Lee Smith, Mac Pinch, and Mike Pinch (Carina is already there).
  • It is very important for all Club Members participate/contribute in some way to the success of the Auction. If someone is unable to attend, it is suggested that a cash contribution be made via John Mitchell (and let your Team Captain know).
  • Next Friday, the Interact Club will conduct the meeting during the absence of President Mel.
Reports and Announcements:
  • Melanie Meyer (our Rotary Exchange Student from Switzerland)
    • Last Friday she attended a Rotary Exchange Student Leadership Conference where they dressed as aliens (gold leggings, etc.)
    • Attended a Dinners 4 8 with prominent Youth Exchange Committee Members
    • On Valentine’s Day her host mother Deborah Krishnadasan prepared a breakfast of heart-shaped French Toast plus strawberries
    • They don’t do these celebrations in Switzerland
  • Rotary Auction – Hal Hodgins
    • The Ronda Mackert Concert has been set as September 23 for the Auction.
    • The masterpiece, “entry table” by Dick Vanberg was displayed. (to this note-taker, it looked like a ¼ round “birdseye maple” entry table – absolutely magnificent!
    • “Big Board” status – we’re slightly ahead of last year, but we need to reach the goals.
    • Bottles of wine are needed for the “Wine Toss” – a couple of bottles from each member are still needed – drop off at Juanita Carbaugh’s office or bring this coming Friday
  • Gateway Park Pavilion Project – Jeff Harris
    • Jeff shared pictures of various stages of the building
    • Recognized Keith Koelker for his tireless work on the Pavilion Project – including his artful post anchor base designs
    • Recognized Don Rees for the use of his shop and equipment for preparation of the wood for the pavilion
    • Recognized the efforts of numerous Rotarians in the staining and decking preparation.
  • Blue Badge Promotions – Dave Morris
    • Jennifer Hamilton
    • Camilla Brocker
  • Altrusa’s “Empty Bowls” event – Pat Schmidt
    • Held Saturday, February 17 at the Boys and Girls Club
  • Peninsula Schools Dance Program– Lillian Page, Principal of Vaughn Elementary
    • Ms Page came to thank Gig Harbor Rotary for their support of the dance program because:
      • It gave some children a chance to learn manners and customs they might not have a chance to learn otherwise.
      • It has made a huge difference in their behavior at school
  • Film Festival – Betty Felker
    • Hard to believe this is the 10th year
    • The 72-Hour event is back
  • Youth Services Committee – Jeanie Simmons
    • Attempted attendance/participation bribery – offering donuts at the meeting following our regular meeting
    • The meeting was held in Harbor Place (not sure if there were any donuts left since several Members were observed rushing to attend – very tricky Jeanie)
    • Important program that has brought us many delightful exchange students.
Fine Master – Chris Myers
  • Apparently wanting to alleviate President Mel’s chagrin at being repeatedly fined, the Finemaster quite generously provided President Mel with an envelope containing 20 crisp new one dollar bills. Apparently President Mel would have none of it, so he immediately put the $20 into the fine cup.
Raffle Ticket Drawing
  • Jim Rieck won another 10 Free (as a result of his 10 free last week)
  • Marcia Harris pulled the blue chip and won $387.
Club Assembly conducted by President-elect Paul Alvestad. We were assigned to groups based on a colored “chip” handed out as we came into the meeting. Each group was asked what we liked about our Club meetings, didn’t like, what could make them more interesting, what changes would we like to see (there was a suggestion that the Harris’ (Jeff and Marcia) be ineligible for further “winnings” .
Meeting Adjourned at 8:30AM
Notes by Walker Allen
Friday (2/16/2018) Walker Allen 2018-02-20 08:00:00Z 0

Friday (2/9/2018)

Posted by Chuck Perry
Opening Bell: Rung precisely at 7:28 am by President Mel. Invocation: by Duane Fister. Pledge of Alliance: by President Mel. Song: God Bless America led by Hal Cline. Four Way Test: Led by Dick Vanberg. Greeters: None noted.
Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by Coach: Sabrina Dawn Shardlk, Tom Jaffa, Don Daniels, Sally Smith, and Bill Salina.
Guests of Rotarians: Rocky Pinch (guest of Mac Pinch), Tom Toerber (Annie Arbenz), Reed Morris (Dave Morris), Sue Jensen (Al Bucholz), Dave Holsinger (Sophie Perkins), and Jeanette Murphy. Mayor, Kit Kuhn and wife Kathy Kuhn.
Opening Comments: President Mel announced that the GH Rotary received an award from the GH Waterfront Alliance. Mel proceeded to give this award to Lee Smith as the lead chair in the Sip and Stroll and the GH Wine and Food Fest. Mel then introduced the new Gig Harbor Mayor, Kit Kuhn and his wife Kathy. Kit made several comments: The new Mission and Vision statement is now on the City website; Looks like the City is going to keep its municipal Court; the City is partnering with many organizations for a sports complex and parks in Gig Harbor North; He is in the office about 60 hours a week and everyone is welcome to his open door.
  1.  Exchange Student Report: Melanie Meyer is at a leadership conference in Tacoma today. It was announced that Melanie’s family is planning a trip here to visit. Melanie is also scheduled to attend a dinners for eight.
  2. Former Exchange Student Daniella: John Dunham announced that Daniella is coming to visit on March 17th. He expects to have a party for her. More information will follow about the party and how to RSVP.
  3. Sip and Stroll: Lee Smith announced that the Sip and Stroll scheduled for tomorrow (2/10/18) is sold out with 535 tickets. A few tickets will be available at the door. It was noted that the Gig Harbor Waterfront Alliance has many Rotarians involved with their board. Their outgoing President is Pat Schmidt and incoming President is Mike Henery, both Gig Harbor Rotarians.
  4. Bylaws Vote: Tom Borgen presented a new set of bylaws for approval by the Club. Prior to even doing his presentation, there was a motion and a second to approve. Tom had to slow things down and gave his presentation as to why the changes and a summary of the changes. The motion to approve was then made by Debbie Wittmers seconded, and approved by unanimous vote of the club. Tom then thanked the members of the bylaws committee for all the work put forth on this project; Tom Borgen, Paul Alvestad, Hal Hodgins, Pam Peterson-Smith, and Debbie Wittmers. Should anyone have any concerns or additional changes that they feel need to be made, that can be done. A review of the bylaws will be made each year by the bylaws committee as spelled out in the new bylaws.
  5. Paul Harris Awards: Bob Martin gave out Paul Harris awards to the following club members:
    • Chuck Cuzzetto                   +1
    • Peter Glein                            +1
    • John Dunham                      +2
    • Pam Peterson-Smith           +3
    • Sherlyn Iverson                    +1
    • Chris Myers                           +2
    • Stan Eastberg                       +6
    • Duane Fister                         +6
  6. Rotary Auction: Auction chairman Hal Hodgins reported on the forthcoming March 10 auction. We are now in full auction mode. Get your tickets today, get your donations today, and bring your wine for the wine toss next week. We started early for the planning, however we continue to procrastinate on ticket sales and procurement. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get it done this week!!!.
  7. Star Awards: Sharon Shaffer proudly reported that we had great attendance and a terrific Star Awards dinner last Friday. Thank you all for attending and helping make it a great event.
  8. Altrusa Empty Bowls: Pat Schmidt announced that the Altrusa annual event is February 17th, 11A.M to 2P.M. at the Boys and Girls Club. Please plan on attending. All the bowls are made by local artisans and the soups are made by 14 local restaurants. All funds raised will be used to support food and feeding programs for the youth of the Gig Harbor / Key Peninsula area.
Fine Master and Happy Bucks: Handled by Mac Pinch, who handed down a few fines. He first asked Mayor Kit Kuhn if it was OK to fine the President. With lots of help from the crowd, Mac was given the go ahead to fine Mel. Ivan Gorne was fined for his long invocation last week. Pam Peterson was fined for an auction donation of a rent-a-husband. Mac had questions if there were any restrictions of the services provided by this rent-a-husband? He can fix things, but can he nail things or screw things? Imaginations ran wild about what this rent-a-husband could do. Brady Buskirk was fined for a picture that looked like he and his wife on the front of Gig Harbor Magazine getting married. Jeanie Simmons was fined for a bag full of “hooch” under her table. Due to time constraints, it was determined that we would skip happy bucks, only to have three happy bucks announced. Paul Willet’s daughter, Maddie, hit a 1000 point career level with GHHS basketball. Walt Paulson announced Valentine serenades were available through the Barber Shop Quartets group. Give him a call to arrange. Mike Pinch was happy for a $200 donation by Ed Lindstrom’s wife, Barbara, to go to the women’s Rotary Club in the Philippines for their projects. .
Drawing: Eric McGinnis handled the drawing. I believe Jim Rieck won ten tickets for next week and Pam Peterson-Smith won the right to draw a chip. She drew a white chip for $15.
Programs: Sally Smith and Don Daniels of the Lakewood Rotary put on a presentation about a District 5020 service project. This project is in conjunction with the District Conference on May 3, 2018. The project is to package 50,000 meals for local food banks and the Food Lifeline. The project needs $13,000 and 14 people to complete. They are looking for volunteers and financial support. President Met said he would bring the financial request to the board and will collect names of volunteers.
Richard Schmalz introduced Jeannette Murphy, who spoke to the Club as the first Prison Scholarship recipient. Jeanette has been out of WCCW for over a year. She said that the re-entry class from our program was the best to help her prepare for release and success in the outside. She felt that the interview practice and life skills taught were very helpful in her success. She is now working two jobs and is trying to give back to society. She is working with a professor on a program to teach inmates for data entry on a program for Museums. This program is setting up a data base for museums nationwide for all the displays and assets that they hold and have available. The program will help inmates for employment and job skills as well as make museums better able to serve the public. Many questions were answered and Jeanette was given a Hip-Hip Hooray for her accomplishments. The club was reminded to sign the graduation certificates for the most recent class, on their way out of today’s meeting.
Closing: Meeting closed at 8:30 am.
Notes by: Chuck Perry
Friday (2/9/2018) Chuck Perry 2018-02-13 08:00:00Z 0

New Member Proposal

Tim Toerber has been sponsored by Annie Arbenz to be a member of this club. Tim's classification is aviation services. The first date of publication is February 11, 2018. Any comments should be referred to Annie Arbenz and/or Dave Morris within 10 days of the first date of publication.
New Member Proposal 2018-02-11 08:00:00Z 0
Something to Think About Robert J Martin 2018-02-09 08:00:00Z 0

Photo Summary of the Feb. 2nd Meeting

Posted by Robert J Martin on Feb 08, 2018
Ivan gave a nice overview of what an invocation might be and then finished with his own invocation.  Very informative and helps keep things in perspective.  Thanks Ivan.
Hal & Dave did a God Bless America duet and there was some attempt by club members to follow.
President Mel is looking awfully comfortable.  I think Debbie should add a little surprise to the agenda.
Sophie was introduced by Coach so she could introduce visiting Rotarians.  They both did a marvelous job.
Mark Woodman from the Puyallup RC was peddling some "all you can eat" crab tickets.  Hope some of you "crabbed" some.
Melanie went to the boat show in Seattle and had a Swiss dinner prepared for her.  She will be gone next week attending a leadership conference.
Walt doing the February birthday and there were not many, but then it is a short month.  Yours truly was numero uno on the first of February.
Lee has Sip 'n Stroll under control.  If you are not working, I hope you bought some tickets.
Lee donated $55. for the parking stall.  I didn't have the heart to tell him he will be gone to the Philippines for half of the meetings.
Here is "Auction Hal"  giving us a progress report.  He would like to see more progress.
Pam did a great job with fines reminding us we are a vocation based organization.  I was impressed with how well the questions were answered.  The depressing part was the most common occupation was law.  I think insurance, real estate, and banking were not far behind.
President Elect Paul introducing our program, The Italian Dream, presented by Paul Spadoni.
Paul is clearly passionate about his Italian heritage and was fun listening to him.
Photo Summary of the Feb. 2nd Meeting Robert J Martin 2018-02-08 08:00:00Z 0

Photo Summary of the January 26th Meeting

Posted by Robert J Martin on Feb 08, 2018
Rod did a great job with this picture.  Betty's name and function is on the screen right above her head.
President Mel is happy to get another meeting on the road.  And he is on the downhill side.
Randy needs to find the blue line, either that or duck.  Pat doesn't need to duck.  I am sure the singing was great!
Sharon with one last plug for the STAR Banquet, which was sold out.  It was a fantastic event; thanks Sharon.
Melanie enjoyed her Birthday week in spite of finals.  She had some kind of theater experience.
PEN or 2nd VP Hal continues to plug the auction.  He is showing a little anxiety as ticket sales and procurement lag somewhat.  I know we will all come through but let's save Hal some anxiety and do so more quickly.
Pink showed up at our meeting in the guise of Donna Lormor.  Very exciting!
I am sure the smiles relate to the story of what Cindy was doing with that finger when it was injured.
I wonder if Brent was one of those Norwegians Paul fined.  If I understand President Trump correctly, we, Norwegians should be paid to be here.  I would be happy with a Norwegian tax rebate.
Richard, as Vocational Service Chair did the program and it was excellent.  The following slides give you some idea of the scope of what his committee is doing.  Thanks for your hard work Richard.
Photo Summary of the January 26th Meeting Robert J Martin 2018-02-08 08:00:00Z 0

Annina Liebner, our Outbound Exchange Student to Germany

Posted by Dick Vanberg on Feb 08, 2018

Sorry I haven't sent anything for a while now I have been terribly busy with the end of your school semester! I what to let the club know I am participating in most of my classes now and am contributing to the class work.

Over the holidays I met both sides of my host family for Christmas dinner and New Years!

I also have been skiing with my family as well. I enjoy it very much and would love to continue to get better.

We had a meeting with all the exchange students in our district and had a "cook off" my friends and I cooked s'mores over the fire for all my friends and there family.

I also visited Milan to help my brother move into a new apartment and we were able to see the church of Milan.
I hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday and I hope to hear from the club soon! Please pass this along to the other club members!


  Annina Liebner
Annina Liebner, our Outbound Exchange Student to Germany Dick Vanberg 2018-02-08 08:00:00Z 0

Friday (2/2/2018)

Posted by Alan Weaver
Opening Bell: Rung precisely at 7:30 am by President Mel Santos and without introductory music.
Invocation by Ivan Gorne (actually it was not a traditional invocation but an extremely interesting summary of the history, type and use of an invocation). Pledge of Alliance by President Mel. Song God Bless America led by Hal Cline and David Gillespie. Greeters: None spotted.
Visiting Rotarians: Mark Woodman (Downtown Puyallup).
Guests of Rotarians: Oliver and Rocky Pinch (guest of Mike Pinch), Tom Toerber (Annie Arbenz), Sue Loiland (Emma Conway) and John Guerdie (Ben Paganelli).
Opening Comments: Next week’s meeting will start ten minutes early (7:20 am) because of presentation by the Lakewood Rotary for two of its projects. Visiting Rotarian Mark Woodman, present president of the Downtown Puyallup club, announced that two upcoming events: a March 23 crab feed and March 7 Boy Scouts of America Breakfast.
  1.  Exchange Student Report: Melanie Meyer reported that in the past week she had gone to the Seattle Boat Show and had a homemade Swiss dinner with a prior host family. Next week she will be missing in action as she will be attending a student leadership conference.
  2. February Birthdays: May must have been a slow month as we only had six February birthdays.
  3. Auction Parking Space: Auctioneer Keith Harris talked Lee Smith out of $55 for a month’s parking.
  4. Rotary Auction: Auction chairman Hal Hodgins reported on the forthcoming March 10 auction in that to date the club has received $9,000 for corporate sponsorships (of goal of $45,000), has filled its goal of having ten restaurants for the event, and has procured 29 items (of goal of 125) for the silent auction) and 6 items (of 22) for live auction.
  5. Star Awards: Sharon Shaffer proudly reported that for tonight’s Star Awards dinner there are 79 members and spouses signed up when the goal of our club attendance had been only 60.
Fine Master and Happy Bucks: Handled by Pam Smith who announced the good news that a survey of our members’ occupation revealed that the most popular occupation of our members was lawyer (of whom there are thirteen). Drawing: Larry Olson handled the drawing in which Lee Smith will have an extra ten tickets next week and Dave Gordon was not successful in drawing for $130.
Program: Program chairman Paul Alvestad introduced fellow Peninsula High graduate Paul Spadoni, a now retired high school journalism teacher at Peninsula, who gave an extremely interesting (to a non-Italian) speech on his grandfather who came from Italy to the State of Washington in 1902 and settled originally in Clay City (located half way between Eatonville and Lake Kapowsin) and later brought his wife to this country. He was first described as a peasant, then laborer and later engineer. In 1946 the family started the business Spadoni Asphalt in Gig Harbor. Many years ago Paul and his wife sent their daughter as a Rotary Exchange Student to Poland for a year. After retiring from teaching in 2010 he and his wife slowly began visiting Italy more and more until now they spend three or four months a year there and have purchased a small home in the town of Montecarlo. That is the small central Italian city in which his grandmother was born and in which many of his relatives have lived since the thirteenth century. He and his wife are now fluent in Italian and he has traced the ancestry of many, many relatives.
Closing: Meeting closed right on time at 8:30 am.
Notes by Al Weaver.
Friday (2/2/2018) Alan Weaver 2018-02-05 08:00:00Z 0

Friday (1/26/2018)

Posted by Tom Borgen
Call to Order at 7:25 by President Mel. Invocation by Better Felker. Pledge- President Mel, Song- Hal Cline, Randy and Pat let the song. Four WayTest- by the person standing closest to the banner who could read? Mel did find one.
Visiting Rotarians; Barry Benson- A great friend of the club from Tacoma 8. Barry is amazed at the number of Tac 8 members who have defected across the bridge to our club over the years.
Guests of Rotarians; Tim Toerber (Annie’s friend) and next on list to be inducted into the club as a new member. Tim previously belonged to Tacoma Sunrise. By the way he oversees the flight scheduling going in and out of Seatac, should be a great classification talk!
  • Exchange Student; Melanie Myers- Has had a fun birthday week, even though our b-day cakes are not quite the same as they are in Switzerland. Her weekend included a movie party with friends. The fun was tempered this week with the fact she had semester finals and was happy to see them over!
  • Rotary Auction- Auction leader Hal and team provided an update. 98 tickets sold to date so please purchase online or get help from Rod. Procurement team captains should be contacting you. Mine just called me while I was writing this up so I know Dr. John and other captains are “dialing for items.” Let’s give the auction team the support they need to make things happen! It’s going to be a fun event!
  • Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation Election- Ed Lindstrom, representing the foundation board held the election for the two open board spots. Peter Stanley and Dave Gordon, both current board members were reelected to the board and ran unopposed.
  • Star Awards- Coming up Feb 2; Sharon says there are over 75 members signed up and thanks everyone for the support in honoring others for their work.
  • Sip and Stroll- Coming up Feb 10, Lee says they expect to sell out the 500 tickets. Check your email if you signed up to work the event for details.
  • Youth Exchange; Jeanie explained our club and Midday are going to move to an every other year format in hosting an exchange student. Both clubs will work closely together as the change is made. John Dunham also mentioned Daniela our previous exchange student is planning a trip to Gig Harbor.
 Fine Master and Happy Bucks; Paul Willet-Took great pleasure in fining Pres Mel against his objections he was exempt, fining all the Norwegians in the club for Trumps remarks about we need more Norwegians in the country and I think should have fined himself for explaining how to fish in Donkey creek. “Look for the silver things swimming upstream and not the brown round things going downstream”, in reference to the sewer plant being upstream. Good advice Paul!
Program: Richard Schmatz- “Vocational Service”
 Richard did a great job on this presentation! A great example of a younger member stepping up as a new Avenue of Service committee chair and board member this year and really making things happen, for this we thank you Richard! Vocational Service continues to evolve within Rotary and the Club. As Richard stated vocational service It’s really working to help others using the respective skill sets and vocations of the members. It can take the form of everything from helping member Howard Mackert establish the Cars 4 Change program to providing refurbished vehicles to those in need of transportation, The new “First Tee” program, The Prison Reentry Program classes, scholarships and mentoring to assist the women at the Purdy Prison to the Stars Awards the committee puts on every year to honor others in the community who exemplify “Service above Self” in helping others and the community. The committee is beginning to plan for next year so bring yourself and ideas to the next meeting and join the fun!
Meeting adjourned at 8:30
Submitted by Tom Borgen
Friday (1/26/2018) Tom Borgen 2018-01-30 08:00:00Z 0

Friday (1/19/2018)

Posted by Marcia Harris
President Mel called the meeting to order promptly at 7:30.
The meeting’s scribe took extensive & detailed meeting minutes which sadly disappeared between Gig Harbor & Lakebay, so this report will be brief and missing many great details.
Important Announcements/Reminders:
GH Rotary Foundation Board Just a reminder, the Club will be voting on candidates for the Foundation’s Board.
AUCTION 2018 Peter Glein reminded us that auction items and sponsorships are needed NOW! For those who have difficulty with procurement, a $500 check will take care of your guilty conscience. Rod Ladd has auction tickets available. The goal is 375 attendees; please invite your generous friends and fill a table. Remember, it takes the whole club to assure another successful G.H. Rotary Event!
STAR Awards The last day to save your place is Friday, January 26th. The date is February 2nd, 5:30 pm at Canterwood. Sign up on-line, only $35/person; if you have questions or need help, contact Sharon Shaffer.
Sip & Stroll Lee Smith reminded the club of the February 10 event in downtown Gig Harbor. This is a joint project with the Waterfront Alliance. Lee could use help with a few more Rotarian servers at the businesses. Tickets are still available…get yours now!
Raffle: As to the drawing, there were no lucky Harris winners this week, although another Mr. Lucky, Lee Smith had one of the tickets. When all was said & done, a white chip was pulled, so the pot continues to grow.
Program: The highlight of the morning was Bob Ryan’s explaining his program appearances on Jeopardy a few years ago. He competed on four programs and walked away with over $35,000 (Well , that’s really not the TRUTH.) The program was taped in September, aired in November and the check arrived in January, minus Uncle Sam’s share.
Winnings aside, Bob gave us a look at Jeopardy, providing very interesting behind the scenes details. Bob described the entire process, beginning with how he was selected to participate, to being asked to bring 3 changes of clothes for his 4 appearances. Thanks Bob for a very interesting program, with a new appreciation of how ‘brainy’ you really are!!
Adjournment President Mel rang the bell, adjourning the meeting at 8:30.
Notes submitted with an expectation to be fined on Friday, by Marcia Harris
Friday (1/19/2018) Marcia Harris 2018-01-24 08:00:00Z 0

Polio Update

Posted by Martin on Jan 21, 2018
Polio this week as of 17 January 2018

We had 22 cases last year, 14 i