Posted by Robert J Martin on Mar 15, 2018
Now does this look like 370 people having fun or what?  In my mind this was our best auction ever and kudos to Hal and his committee.  There was energy and excitement the entire evening.  Put it on your calendar for next year!
Now this picture of Veronica and Jeff may look posed, but I know Chuck only  photographed  spontaneous happiness and joy.  We all felt this way the entire evening.
These were some vegetable skewers from Morso that were delicious, but there was lots more great food; pulled pork sliders, burger sliders, chocolate covered bacon, crab cocktail with mango salsa, and much more.  You could not begin to eat all of it.  And all of this while you are socializing and bidding.
Chris and Keith had the stage for the live auction and as usual did a great job.  Keith really knows how to work the crowd and keep the bidding going.
Now I don't know if she had the winning bid, but her number is up with authority!
Each year there is a little game at the Auction called Heads or Tails.  This picture shows me using my head and winning the $500. pot.  I am not sure what Juanita was thinking.
We had lots of VIP's at the Auction.  This happens to be District Governor Tom Carroll and his wife Laurie.  Very nice of them to attend since they get so many invitations.