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Call to Order at 7:30 by President Mel. Invocation by Bob Martin; Pledge led by Hal Cline. Song: Randy Spitzer; 4 Way Test: 
Visiting Rotarians announced by Coach – Cindy Niemi
Guest of Rotarians: _John Gardia, Ken Serber and Ian Ward; Josh Irwin; Jeff Barcalow
Comments and Announcements: two speakers today; Josh was instrumental in the auction video (with Al Abbott) also did video for the Star Awards; Josh recognized for his efforts for his contribution was provided a bonus of $500 to thank him for his service. Tim Williams is putting a week in Puerto Vallarta up for auction for $2250; Ann Marie met with 1st Tee for a golf lesson – guys were great and made the training fun (Meadow Park), provided giveaways during training, showed them the storage sheds where all the gear for the program is stored, looking forward to starting with her first team on April 23rd. Mel is working on setting up a date a Canterwood and will advise us of a date – currently 10 people from our club have volunteered to assist.
Exchange Student Report – Melanie Meyer – Last Friday walked over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge; Sunday the Anderson’s took her to the farmers market in Olympia; Tonight is the talent show at Peninsula HS (she helped plan it); next week going to Mexico for Spring Break. (Hal) She was given a piece of glass from the docent of the Museum of Glass. She has 2½ months before she returns home. May 12th her family will be in town and Rotary will announce a social event for use to get to know them.
Auction Volunteers for 2019 (Camilla Brocker) – recruiting for next year; Will be following up with volunteers from 2018; Peter Glein has been in charge of procurement for the last three years and is requesting help for 2019 (data entry, etc.)
Book Drive (Jan Martin)– turned in numbers on Monday (380 books); need ideas on what to do with some of these books (book sale, donations, etc.)
Toastmasters & Ballroom (Betty Felker) – Thank you letter from Pacific Ballroom Dance. Asked people to raise hands if anyone wanted to build leadership skills, speaking skills or lose weight; she invited everyone to attend meetings at noon at Harborplace. Passed around cards for Ad libbers group, last Thursday of every month.
Fines and Happy Bucks: (Peter Glein) – rolled into happy bucks; Annie celebrated completion a ½ iron man in San Diego; Sharon Shaffer – Kurt Grimmer featured (Star Award winner) in Gig Harbor Living; Sophie Perkins and David Holsinger went on first boat cruise; Randy Spitzer celebrating getting started with choir rehearsals; Bob and Jan Martin leave on vacation;
Raffle: Larry Olson. Randy Spitzer gets 10 free next week; Lee Smith pulled a white chip – no winner!
  • Nicole Comforto – “World Possible” – small NPO to connect offline learners to education about the world (people without internet); thank you for our past support in Guatemala and to provide their story on who they are and what they do, and to show what the donations have been used for. Showed pictures from her visits to Lima sponsored by Rotary when she was studying national education. 52% of the world’s population does not have access to the internet, these are mostly impoverished countries. Education is crucial to supporting mother’s and children’s lives, nutrition, employment, empowerment of women, economic growth and the environment. For every dollar spent on education get about $10 in return on that child’s contribution to the world. Staff was all volunteers until 2014. OER2GO- free websites that work offline created and accessible in multiple languages to deliver education (136 modules); RACHEL – Remote are community hotspot for education and learning which works anywhere the enables devices to access the websites (serves as a wifi hotspot); Chapter program in other countries – gathers local content using RACHEL; first chapter in Guatemala – have already trained 1600 teachers. In Kenya started 2nd chapter bringing RACHEL to 10k students. Have gone as far as Sierra Leone. US program is a recent program used in prisons in 14 states (including women’s prison in Purdy). Total 6 chapters estimate that they have reached of 500k learners using RACHEL. Bob Cairns from Port Orchard Rotary introduced RACHEL in Kenya. Now bringing RACHEL and Chromebooks to schools in Guatemala which is supported by the ministry of Guatemala.
  • Michelle Sabia – “Courage Bike Ride” - Thank you for support over the last 26 years; 9 Pierce county Rotary clubs involved last year; raised $45k last year; all total raised over $300k last year; raising more money and spending less; Cause is for the needs of children; 70% of patients are Medicaid; the Greatest Needs funds are truly a gift from the community; they are gifts that go beyond the medical needs of children. Information provided on the tables with statistics of the children that are helped through this funding; these services cannot be provided without this monetary support; showed a patient (Dawson) who is a recipient of these types of funds who contracted a rare condition from his leukemia treatment. Held a beach volley ball party for him while in the hospital. Got to test out new highly equipped patient bed. Also was able to attend first pitch at a Rainiers game. Will also be at the next ride. Asked that we all think of Dawson when we volunteer. Ride is the last weekend of August. Will be back in Eatonville and Pac Forest; 4 ride options based upon last year’s feedback; (1) 3.75 fat mile ride and run designed for beginners/families/trail riders ($25 fee with no fundraising minimum); (2) Cascade Cruiser – 23 mile (3) Tahoma half century, (4) two day 144 mile Northwest Brew Thru; Maps displayed and also available on Volunteer support is greatly needed – (Hillary Powell) is contact for volunteer coordination and logistics; contact info is at the bottom of the information sheet. $’s are allocated by the Board of Directors to requesting physicians.
Wrap up (Mel) – Rod Ladd announced that he had seven center pieces leftover from the auction and that they are available for purchase for $10.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30.
Notes by Jennifer Hamilton