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Opening Bell: President Mel Santos opened the meeting with a ring of the bell at 07:30 AM.; Invocation by Walker Allen with a message of Thanksgiving; Pledge of Allegiance by president Mel; Song “God bless America” led by Hal Cline assisted by Cory Coryell ;Four Way Test  led by Tom Borgen who left out the “ Of the things we think, say or do”, so it took the club a while to catch up.
Visiting Rotarians: Announced by Derek Young – Hap Brecht and John Guardic
Guests: Randy Barcalow’s son, Geoff; Al Bucholz’ daughter, Sue Jenson; and David Holsinger, a guest of Sophie’s.
Opening comments: By President Mel
  • No meeting day after Thanksgiving.
  • Storage closet is being cleaned out. If you have something in the closet, you need to claim it, or it will be sold or donated.
  • Use ClubRunner only for Rotary announcements and Rotary use. Failure to follow this rule can result in substantial fines and up to a year in prison, or some other appropriate consequences.
  • Exchange Student Report – Melanie Meyer – Report given by Cindy Reed, as Melanie is in Disneyland with the District Exchange Students. Melanie’s Birthday is in January, so think about ways to celebrate. Cindy also announced that the Youth services meeting was right after Friday’s Club meeting.
  • New Club Constitution- Tom Borgen presented a new club constitution which is required due to changes in Rotary International rules and Constitution. A motion to the change was made seconded and passed by a vote of the membership.
  • Bylaws Change- A Club Bylaws Change was presented by Paul Alvestad, to eliminate the prior board service requirement for the Vice President nominee on Club elections. The change was moved, seconded and passed by a vote of the Club.
  • Basket Brigade – Dave Cathers; This is it, the time is here. They will be serving 1426 families this year. To help, he needs you to be at the airport location, Tuesday from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm, and /or Wednesday starting at 11:30 am for basket filling and 1:00 pm for basket delivery until all the work is done.
  • Christmas/Holiday Party December 16th – Annie Arbenz; party is Saturday Dec 16th at Canterwood at 5 pm; Sign up and payment needs to be done on line through the Constant Contact website. You will be able to find the link on the Club Website, or it will be sent out in an email. Each attendee is requested to bring two books to donate. They can be either children’s books or adult books. Oh wait a minute, no “Adult” books. You know what they mean; they need to be appropriate for general reading.
  • Festival of Trees – Walt Paulson. Program has been reduced; we are assisting with setup on  Monday 11/27th, and teardown on Sunday 12/3. See Walt if you can help. .A sign up was passed around.
  • Youth Services Committee meeting- Jeanie Simmons announced that the meeting is next door right after the club meeting.
  • Ed Worthen Eye Clinic -; Ben Paganelli announced that there is a fundraising event for the clinic. It runs from 12/1 thru  12/22. You can get your car checked out for winter driving by Glen Cove Auto Repair, located in Key Center, for $20 or more donation to the clinic. After the announcement, three additional Rotarians endorsed the services provided by Glen Cove Auto Repair.
  • Wollochet Bay Estuary project- Randy Barcalow gave the report on the project that is now done. It required 263 hours of Rotarian time to complete. Our next construction project is to install 700 feet of fencing at the Wilkinson Park community garden.
  • KP Food Bank- Mike pinch announced that a few Rotarians will be needed every three weeks for few hours to help the food bank for distribution of food. Check with Mike for the schedule and to volunteer.
 Fine Master and Happy Bucks:  Mac Pinch – had a short time due to all of the announcements. He still had a few fines for various reasons for Gary Glein, Hal Cline, Bob Dragoo, Camilla Brocker for her husband at a Sib & Paint (aka: Chug and Splat). A few happy bucks were collected and it was time for the Raffle.
Raffle- We are down to 4 chips and up to $472 in the pot. Donna Lormor drew Jeff Harris for 10 free next week, and then Jeff Harris again to draw for the pot. He drew the Blue chip to win the pot. He expects to donate most of his winnings to the Olson Foundation after taking Marcia out for an anniversary dinner.
ProgramBob Martin reports on the Rotary Foundation- (November is Rotary Foundation month.)
The presentation started with a great video on the Rotary Foundation. He reported that the Polio Plus campaign is working. We have 14 cases of reported Polio this year in the area of Afghanistan and Pakistan, down from 32 last year. The club goal for donations to the Foundation this year is $30,000. Last year we were close to $36,000. However donations are down so far for this year. We are 45% thru the Rotary Year and are only at 10% of goal. If you want to get the tax deductible benefit for this year, now is the time to donate. Who knows with Congress looking at tax laws if we will have this available as a tax deduction for next tax year. Due to accounting issues, the Club is no longer including billings for the foundation as part of the billing process. Bob has requested that each Rotarian in the Club signs up for an automatic deduction for their Foundation giving. Forms were available. Please complete the forms and get them back to Bob. He will get them processed.
Mike Pinch gave a report on the Philippines projects that have been helped with funds from the Rotary Foundation. They include: Clef Pallet surgeries, New orphanage cribs, computers in over 50 schools, and a new roof for a homeless elderly facility. This club has 9 members and spouses that are going to the Philippines this year to work on more projects.
Jeff Harris reported on our Club’s projects in Guatemala that have used Rotary Foundation grants. Multiple water projects, providing water to over 1700 homes and over 10,000 people, as well as computer projects using the Rachel computer system for schools.
Tom Borgen gave some closing comments about how we can move the needle in this world with support of the Rotary Foundation.   
Closing Bell- Mel closed the meeting at 8:31.
Notes by Chuck Perry