Posted by Stan Eastberg
Call to Order at 7:30 by President Mel; Invocation by Duane Fister; Pledge led by President Mel; God Bless America led by Hal Cline, Tony Michaelson, and Mike Pinch; and 4 Way Test led by Richard Schmalz.
Visiting Rotarians announced by Jack Stonestreet and Walt Paulson: Lucas Ladd from Auburn and Ryan Gilhuly fron Silverdale.
Guest of Rotarians: Sue Jensen, guest Al Bucholz; John Fister, guest of Duane Fister; David Holsinger, guest of Sophie Perkins; Rod Tayet, guest of Brent Tayet; and Jeff Barcalow, guest of Randy Barcalow.
Comments and Announcements:
  • President Mel played a video of the celebration by the girls basketball team from Gig Harbor High School following their winning of the State Championship. There was major applause when Maggie Willett was interviewed on screen. Paul Willett then provided an emotional overview of how several of the girls on the team overcame early rejection as basketball players to become state champions. Coach led the newly formed Gig Harbor Girls Cheer Squad (all Rotary Women) in a rousing cheer spelling out TIDES – coach can still blow a mean whistle.
  • Dave Morris introduced Cindy Reed who presented Brett Tayet with his blue badge and thanked him for volunteering to chair the Early Act program.
  • Rotary Exchange student Melanie Meyer reported moving to Marti Anderson’s house as her new host family. She also told of an interesting competition with her American friends involving American versus Swiss candy – I think everyone won. She is playing tennis after school and is planning on helping out at the Auction.
  • Camilla Brocker will be leading the auction effort next year and asked for volunteers to help her on Sunday to call and thank the people who attended this year’s auction.
  • Jennifer Hamilton provided an update on her work with the communications committee involving an update of the club’s website. She is also working on ways to utilize social media to keep in touch on a regular basis with our outbound Exchange students.
  • Cindy Reed reminded us that we will not be hosting an Exchange Student next year but will be supporting the Midday Club with their exchange student – anyone wanting to serve as a host next year, please contact Cindy.
  • Debbie Wittmers, subbing for John Eddy reminded us that Rotary After Hours will be on March 14 at the Green House.
  • Rod Ladd announced a meeting of the International Committee on Monday and asked that any requests for funding for international projects be communicated to him by then.
  • President Mel recognized the work by Al Abbott, Josh and Randy Spitzer on the video produced for the Raise the Paddle portion of the auction.
  • Tom Borgen reported that the Community Service Committee had granted $3,000 to the Skills Trade Program for the building of a small house. He also reported that the Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation had granted $6,000 to purchase a virtual reality welder simulator.
  • Judy Davis, Clinical Liaison with Cottesmore of Life Care invited everyone to an open house and ribbon cutting of their new premier rehab wing. The event is on Thursday, March 15 from 3-6 p.m.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Paul Willett started the fine session with a call for happy bucks. Howard Mackert reported that the IRS has finally recognized the Cars for Change Program so we can now ramp up our efforts. President Mel donated a dollar just to keep the action going. Randy Barcalow announced that he is now back in town and the work projects will start flowing again – he’ll be leading a work party next Saturday (March 17) to build the garden fence. Jan Martin announced that her Dad is 97 years young today. John Lantz is back from one month in Mexico. Jill Guernsey celebrated a granddaughter. Jeanie Simmons reported a successful tree planting work party over the weekend. Spencer Hutchins was fined by Paul for his sweater vests, and Mike Pinch was fined for something to do with Fred Labayen’s Rotary Club in the Philippines finally admitting the first woman into the club.
Raffle: Bob Ryan won the 10 free and Lee Smith won the chance to draw a chip for the $159 pot, but he drew a white chip.
Program: The program, led by Hal Hodgins, was focused on the final preparations for the auction. He reported that we were looking for 380 seats in chairs and had already secured 370 (and still counting) attendees – a record number. We had sought 150 items to auction and have received 161 items. Peter Glein provided an overview of some of the more interesting auction items which are sure to have many bidders. Terry Brown reviewed the plan for set-up and John Winslow reviewed a map of the parking plan. Various questions from the audience were answered by the Auction Committee members and final details for presenting the auction were reviewed. This is a huge effort for the club every year, and it is remarkable how it all comes together with the efforts of so many participants. Hal thanked everyone for their hard work.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30
Notes by Stan Eastberg