Posted by Robert J Martin on Nov 30, 2017
Walker did the invocation and asked us all to be thankful for living in this country and the bounty it provides.
President Mel trying to make some money cleaning out the closet.  Thought Don Buchanan or Bob Heacox would jump at this fish.
Tom presenting some required Constitution changes followed by Paul Alvestad with By-Laws changes to increase our second VP pool.  Both passed unanimously.
Dave gave us an update on the Basket Brigade and when people could help, the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Over 1400 families to feed this year.  The Basket Brigade will now be under the umbrella of the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation for donation purposes.  Great Job Dave!
Annie reminding us of the Christmas Party at Canterwood on December 16th.  Remember to bring some books instead of a stuffed toy.
Walt is asking for volunteers to set up the Festival of Trees at the Tacoma Dome Convention center.  I know Terry Brown helped out and I am sure there were others.  Thanks for your service!
Ben is reporting on the Worthen Eye Clinic in Key Center.  Ben says you can get your car checked out at the Glen Cove Auto Repair for $20.  Several members testified to the quality of the shop.  The money raised all goes the the Worthen Eye Clinic.
Randy is letting us know that the Estuary Car Port is now completed and involve 263 Rotary man hours which is about half of what it felt like.  Thanks for making this happen Randy.
Guess who drew the blue chip for the second time in a year.  I don't think Jeff has the "Is it fair to all concerned" down.  Although he did say the Olson Foundation would benefit.  Thanks Jeff, but how about letting someone else draw the blue chip?
Mac spread the fines around to Jeff Harris, Gary Glein, Hal Cline, Bob Dragoo, and Camilla Brocker.  And then there were Happy Bucks.  Mac was cut short on time but made up for it by taking program time.  All worked out well though as the program ended at 8:30.
Bob, as Club Foundation Chair, introduced the Program letting everyone know the sole purpose was to get each member to contribute through the Rotary Direct program.  He showed a 2 minuted video on "People in Action" showing examples of what Rotarians can and are doing.  He then introduced Mike Pinch who talked about what we are doing in the Philippines and how the Rotary Foundation has helped.
Mike did double duty in that he also reported the need for volunteers at the KP Food Bank, about 2 hours a week is all.  He reminded us that we have done solar power with computers in rural schools (with a District Community Grant--Foundation money), supplied beds for an orphanage, a new roof for seniors, and raised money for cleft palate surgery.  Not too bad for just one part of our International service.
This is the whole crew.  Jeff Harris informed us of the Raspberry Pi/Rachel computer support in Guatemala, also with Rotary Foundation money; half the money you give comes back to our District and our Club is using it.  Tom Borgen talked about our relationship with Michael Ewen and the Ripple Effect.  With money we have raised and combined with Foundation money we have now brought clean water to 1700 homes and 10K people in about 13 villages in Northwest Guatemala, a very rural and under served area.  I had a number of members who indicated they were touched by the program.  Thanks to our country Chairs and all of you who give.