Posted by Robert J Martin on Jul 06, 2018
You might call this President Mel's final blow as he rings the bell for the last time as President.
President Mel asked Jeff Harris to do the 4-Way Test, but he snuck in a "Go Beavers" to honor their National Championship in baseball.  Not sure if it meets the "Fair to all concerned" especially if we have any Arkansas grads in the club?
PP Pam introduces her daughter, Delaney?, who has just moved up her with her husband Max and 2 kids.  Definitely makes Grandma happy!
PP Betty got to introduce the Vaughan State Champion dancers.  Think she was a proud as they were.
President Mel really likes big trophies, which you will see in the next story.  This one was not his, however, but belongs to the Vaughan Dance Team.
Here is 4 of the 12 team members who competed against 12-16 teams from other schools and came out on top.  The cool thing is Purdy won the bronze so GH had two of the top three teams.  Either some great instruction or we have kids with rhythm.yes
Here they are with the trophy.  I would have to say Mel looks, might I say, proud.
Hal says we have 5 riders in the Courage; John Eddy, Tom Borgen, Randy Barcalow, Debbie Miller and himself.  Make any contributions to support these riders to Hal, and he will see the donation is credited the way you want it.
Lee is asking for volunteers for our second biggest fundraiser, Sip 'n Stroll which is replacing the original Wine and Food Festival.  Please sign up and make his job easier.
The three faces of My, our Swedish exchange student back for a visit with her mother, Camilla.  My has always had a great sense of humor, quite visual in her facial expressions.  So we had an exchange student presentation even though Melanie was back in Switzerland.
John came well prepared as Finemaster. He made President Mel pay for several imaginary offenses.  Jeff Harris did pay $5. Happy Bucks for the Beavers Baseball success.
Do you think President Mel is satisfied with his year as President?  He is getting ready to thank folks for their hard work supporting him this year.
Does Richard look cool as he receives his thanks for being Vocational Service Chair?  Looks like he is saying "No big deal", but it really was and is.  Thanks to Richard and all those who are not pictured.
Our Club Service Chair, John Duppenthaler, was just a blur getting his thanks from President Mel.
Some Awardees got a hug, as Deb discovered.  She deserved more than that for her work as a Executive Assistant to President Mel.
Then came the biggy as Ben Paganelli was selected by President Mel to be the Rotarian of the Year.  Very deserving indeed.
Very nice that Ben's wife Susan and two of his three kids could be present for this honor.  They look pretty proud as well!  Great end to a great year!  Thank you Past President Mel.