Posted by Robert J Martin on Mar 07, 2018
President Mel getting things off to a good start.  Before the meeting started he played a very nice video about Reverend Billy Graham who passed away Feb. 21st at the age of 99.
Here is our Scribe and Past President Marcia doing the invocation stressing that ALL religions are welcome in the Rotary Family and that gives us strength and credibility.
Not sure what everyone is looking at but it must have been humorous.  Hal asked Todd to help with the singing and he did a great job.
President Mel looks like a one arm paperhanger holding all of the certificates and Bayombong Club banner that Mike presented from our Philippine trip.
Past President Mike holding another certificate of appreciation from the Philippines.  A little embarrassing to receive so many but it was important to the Rotarians in the Philippines.
Melanie telling us about her visit to the Seattle Underground and her Exchange Student visit to Comox, BC.  She enjoyed both very much.
Walt doing the March Birthdays.  We have 3 on March 29th, which is unusual, Sammi McCubbins, Mary Grubbs, and my beautiful bride Jan Martin.
PEN Hal giving us an auction update.  Lots of items but a little shocking to hear only 180 tickets sold.  Turns out that was a typo and it is actually 380, the best ever!
Our long lost Cynthia was back and wanted confirmation of those with 100% attendance.  Sheets were passed for review with acknowledgement coming later.  Great to have you back Cynthia.
Peter's smile is in acknowledgement of the ovation he received for his great procurement job.  He quickly negated that by announcing he was the Finemaster.
Brady was one of his first victims, being fined for his styling gel, mousse, or whatever.
This is the future of Rotary.  Early exposure to service benefits all concerned.  Sound like the 4-Way Test?  Do you have some potential members to bring?
Sharon wanted us to know about the Dragon Boat Flea Market, I assume designed to raise funds for the Dragon Boat program.
Marcia drew the white, but the Harris Conspiracy theorists are alive and well since Jeff and Marcia "seem" to draw more often than the rest of us.
Past President Al introducing our speaker, Kurt Grimmer, who was also our STAR Award recipient.  He also introduced other previous recipients, Pat Schmidt and Alan Anderson being two of them.
Here is the STAR himself, Kurt Grimmer.  He certainly sang praises about Rotary.  Wonder why he is not a Rotarian yet?