Posted by Robert J Martin on Nov 03, 2017
Sammi got the meeting going with an invocation.
Glad Hal wasn't standing next to Sammi when he was singing.  There would have been too much color shock for anyone to sing.
Looks like President Mel is pointing out something about the 4 Way Test to Dave.
Now, I really don't think Donny Boy has ever caught a salmon that small.  Maybe he is talking about the size of the smoked salmon pieces.
Melanie in her comfort wear continues to enjoy school and is looking forward to Halloween.
Can you imagine that Dave would be telling us about the Basket Brigade.  If you have never helped, give it a try.
Guess who Lyn's sponsor is?  Not sure why he looks happier than Lyn in having her join the Club.  Maybe she is going to take over all our landscaping projects?
Mark Hoppen sponsored Derek Young and neither look as happy at the Junges.  Great to have them both in the Club.
Tom letting us know we have a new club constitution to adopt to bring us up to speed in the Rotary World.  A little disappointed he is not toeing the line.
Here is Peter, once again after your money, or maybe it was procurements now that the auction season has started.
Our program speaker Dr. Jay Zadkin, a retired oncologist and Sammi's neighbor.  He spoke about cancer in general and breast cancer in particular.  He emphasized the benefit of self exam and although Washington is 13th in cancer incidence it is first in breast cancer diagnosis.