Posted on Sep 19, 2018
This issue comes to you from sunny Bruneau, Idaho and the Colyer Hereford/Angus Ranch.  Rod will be doing the next 1-2 issues.
Buck had the honor of ringing the Cow Bell to get the meeting started and he did very well, and for all of you Past Presidents, he didn't hit his thumb.
Camilla did a very nice invocation along the lines of "What you sow, so shall you reap" in a very positive sense.
President Paul leading us in the Flag Salute, I guess reminding us of the year past.  He seemed to know all of the words.
Had a trio leading us in God Bless America.  There was mixed feelings about the microphone not working during the song.
Coach did a rousing job of introducing our only visiting Rotarian, Judy Hosea.  Judy announced she and Tom will be leaving for several months to visit the Southeastern US.
President Paul reminding us that we have an event calendar on our website and we should be using  it.
If you have never been, this is a great event that supports many of the non profits in the Shelton area.  You won't believe how many ways oysters can be prepared.  Fun to watch the shucking as well; they are unbelievably fast.
Geoff Barcalow offering Mike 15 computers for Philippine schools.  Definitely a win/win situation and representative of th succcess of Rotary networking.  Thanks for thinking of the Philippines Geoff.
Finemaster Chris should be paid a buck for doing such a great job, but fined two bucks for being a lousy auctioneer.  Buck had two VIP passes for the GH Film Festival and for awhile it looked like they were going to go for $3.00.  But Rotarians came through and they went for $150., The money going for the Prison Foundation.
Can you guess what PE Hal is doing?
Jay did a great job explaining how Pac12 officiating works.  But even with 8-10 pairs of eyes on each play, things are still missed; maybe some league bias involved?  Nice informative program.